101 Best Air Fryer Recipes

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Your weight loss goals are all set and you are ready to cut down on calories, but you are missing those fried quick bites. Well not just snacks, but eating oil-free food means sticking to steamed ones and it gets frustrating because your taste buds demand something crispy and drool-worthy!

Buy an air fryer right now and welcome guilt-free meals that aren’t deep fried but just as tasty! If you already have one, here is a chance to figure out what wonders it can do.

From crispy nuggets and crunchy midday snacks to juicy meat sides and even mouth-watering desserts that you could relish, it can make ’em all.

So scroll down and check out 101 Best Air Fryer Recipes and plan every meal with extra zeal!

101 Best Air Fryer Recipes

1. Eggplant Parmesan

Via Pinchmegood

Eggplants are yummy delights for those who avoid meat and if you have an air fryer at home, make this delicious air fry recipe consisting of eggplants, tomato sauce, and melted cheese. The eggplant slices are breaded and air-fried which turns them golden and ready to serve. 

2. Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

Via Dashofmandi

If you hate olives, you would change your mind after this recipe.

Stuff the olives with blue cheese and air fry them. Serve them with a delicious dip like roasted garlic aioli and everyone will love it! 

3. Korean BBQ Cauliflower Bites

Via Thedeliciousspoon

If you are looking for a spicy snack tossed in hot and sweet Korean BBQ sauce, buy some cauliflowers right away. This vegetarian delight is the perfect starter to relish right before you dig into the main course. 

4. Curly Zucchini Fries

Via Adventuresofanurse

Having exotic vegetables on your plate is very satisfying and the feeling is amazing when you can have healthy fries! Say no to carbs and switch to curly and tasty zucchini fries served with a delicious dip.

5. Crispy Artichoke Hearts

Via Kleinworthco

This five-ingredient finger food is both healthy and delicious and you can pair it with yummy dips and soda for a complete meal. All you have to do is air fry canned quartered artichokes dredged in panko breadcrumbs with some seasonings—pretty simple!

6. Quesadillas

Via Cookitrealgood

To make this low-effort dinner, you will need refried beans, cheddar cheese, and flour tortillas. Serve it immediately as it is or with a topping of your choice.

7. Tater Tots

Via Colleenchristensennutrition

Air fryers are so far the best thing to make tater tots crispy and crunchy—you won’t get the same results if you bake them. You can either make plain tater tots or add shredded chicken and cheese into the grated potato mix.

8. French Fries

Via Pipinghotcurry

We have a unique attachment when it comes to homemade dishes and who doesn’t love crispy homemade french fries? Take a break from the McDonald’s ones, and try out these air fryer french fries with a delicious dip. You will surely love it! 

9. Mozzarella Sticks

Via Clubchefman

Whenever I have a craving for a cheesy snack, I turn to these delicious cheese sticks. These are made with all vegan ingredients and you air-fry them to make them fat-free. 

10. Crispy Onion Rings

Via Thetypicalmom

We checked out zucchini fries before, let’s switch to our homie onions! When cooked properly, onion fries taste delicious and crispy. An air fryer would do the job right—just spray the onion rings lightly with olive oil after placing them in the air fryer basket. 

11. Halloumi Cheese

Via Happyveggiekitchen

If you have said no to animal protein recently, you can fulfill your cravings and protein needs with a halloumi cheese delight. Air fried halloumi is healthier than fried ones and you can eat this for lunch, dinner, or simply as an appetizer. 

12. Gluten-free Green Tomatoes Fry

Via Airfryerfanatics

Give your regular sandwich a delicious touch and replace those red tomatoes with air-fried green ones. Some breadcrumbs, flour, and buttermilk will do the job and yes, the recipe is absolutely gluten-free! 

13. Classic Tomato Bruschetta

Via Cadryskitchen

Bring home this healthy appetizer from Italy and say no to oily fries. These tomato bruschettas would be loved by kids and they can also be served as part of the main course. Make the crostini in the air fryer for a healthy dish and serve it with dips of your choice.

14. Vegan Taco Crunch Wrap

Via Spabettie

Wraps and tacos go hand-in-hand and we find them on our lunch or dinner menu almost every week. Bring them together and you will have a homemade vegan crunch wrap supreme. Also, it is air-fried so don’t worry about the fat and oil. 

15. Juiciest Cheeseburger Patties

Via Colleenchristensennutrition

Burgers are undoubtedly our go-to food for almost every hangout and snacks parties. However, if you want a healthy burger recipe, here is the juiciest burger patty recipe that could be done in air fryers. Try this out and enjoy a guilt-free burger. 

16. Avocado Fries

Via Girlwiththeironcast

Avocado is no doubt a super-healthy fruit with tons of goodness. Double coat it with breadcrumbs and relish the crispy fries with some creamy dips.

You can spray the slices with avocado oil or even olive oil after placing them in the air fryer basket.

17. Vegan Zucchini Lasagna

Via Cadryskitchen

Who said vegans cannot enjoy this all-time favorite dish that originated in Italy? This lasagna is layered with sauce, tofu ricotta, basil, and spinach and will be ready in just 30 minutes with the help of an air fryer. 

18. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Via Pipinghotcurry

These crispy and healthy snacks can be a side dish to absolutely anything. After seasoning the potatoes, you can roast them in the air fryer with ease and your dish is ready to be served! 

19. Vegan Fried Ravioli

Via Cadryskitchen

A fried appetizer seasoned with basil, yeast, oregano, and garlic is something that you cannot avoid. These vegan ravioli are covered with panko bread crumbs before they enter the air fryer, and served with a marinara dip.

20. Cheese Chilli Tater Tots

Via Cadryskitchen

Give a spicy twist to regular tater tots by adding a topping of chili and cashew queso. This recipe is both vegan and gluten-free and air fryers do justice to it.

21. Italian Style Tofu

Via Fatfreevegan

Tofu is one of the most popular vegan ingredients and it tastes pretty good as well. Give it an Italian touch with soy sauce, oregano, basil, and black pepper, and air fry it. It can be served as a side or used as a filling for vegan wraps. 

22. Carrot Fries

Via Cookitrealgood

Carrot fries are healthy treats that can be served as a delicious side or an appetizer. This air fryer recipe has a cooking time of 30 minutes and it tastes amazing when served with a spicy mayo dip. 

23. Loaded Sliced Potatoes

Via Cadryskitchen

Be the greatest hostess for your guests and surprise them with beautiful pieces of sliced potatoes. After air-frying them, decorate them with cashew cream and green onions. You can also top it with bacon bits if your guests love it.

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24. Corn Tortilla Chips

Via Familyfoodandtravel

Skip the calories associated with deep frying and enjoy air-fried corn tortilla chips with this air fryer recipe. Tortilla chips are something we enjoy on a movie binge and also during hangouts, and this is a healthier way to do that! 

25. Kale and Potato Nuggets

Via Diannesvegankitchen

Are you missing chicken nuggets? Here is a healthier, vegan, and low-fat option for you. These kale and potato nuggets are air-fried and you can spice it up with delicious seasonings before you enjoy it with dips. 

26. Stuffed Peppers

Via Cadryskitchen

Here’s a delicious vegan dish where pepper is stuffed with yummy rice, sauteed veggies, marinara, veggie sausage, and Italian spices. You can air-fry the peppers before you fill them, then fry them again before serving them with green vegetables or side salads. 

27. Brussels Sprouts

Via Frieddandelions

Here’s an easy vegan dish of crispy Brussel sprouts dish to serve at your family dinner—the kids will love it too. Since they are air-fried, weight watchers won’t have to worry about calories. 

28. Crustless Mini Quiche

Via Cadryskitchen

This amazing vegan quiche breakfast recipe can be done in your air fryer with minimal effort. The quiche is filled with tofu, cashews, red bell pepper, onion, kale, and seitan bacon—yum!

29. Falafel

Via Strengthandsunshine

Falafel is no doubt a very popular healthy snack loved all around the globe. There’s no need for oil as this is an air fryer recipe and weight watchers can rejoice on that note! 

This recipe is also vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-free!

30. Cajun French Fry Po’Boy

Via Diannesvegankitchen

A fancy dish that can be served at a snack party or a movie night, the french fries in this po’boy are made in an air fryer to avoid oil. Assemble the sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, and your favorite greens to get maximum deliciousness. 

You can even layer the fries with mushroom gravy to make the sandwich extra tasty.

31. Sweet Potato Tacos

Via Cadryskitchen

Tacos are a tasty dish that can be passed off as a quick snack or included in a big meal. Fill them up with sweet potatoes fried in an air fryer, yellow onions, and black beans, and devour them!

32. French Toast Sticks

Via Colleenchristensen

Experts say that breakfast should be the heaviest and the healthiest meal of the day and this French toast recipe ticks all the boxes. You don’t need a toaster anymore, the air fryer would give you light, crispy, and delicious French toast!

33. Vegan BBQ Soy Curls

Via Cadryskitchen

If you are looking for a spicy vegan appetizer that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, try out these vegan soy curls. Serve the soy curls with a bowl of potato salad and other greens and it would taste heavenly. 

34. Portobello Mushroom Pizza

Via Fatfreevegan

If you hate mushrooms, you might change your mind after enjoying these delicious vegan appetizers. Cook the mushrooms without oil in an air fryer, stuff them with shredded zucchini and your favorite veggies, and return them to the air fryer.

Serve them with hummus and enjoy!

35. Fried Pickles

Via Strengthandsunshine

If you’re craving a sour, crispy, and healthy snack, fry up some pickles in an air fryer. They can be served as an appetizer too along with a mayo or chili dip. 

36. Crispy Tangy Reuben Rolls

Via Spabettie

A tangy addition to the lot, these Reuben rolls are a different version of the OG Reuben rolls—these ones contain jackfruit instead of chickpeas. You can pair them with a Thousand Island Dressing after frying them until crispy and golden brown in an air fryer.

37. Sweet Chilli Tofu

Via Frieddandelions

Here’s a delicious tofu recipe that’s a good alternative for sweet chili potato if you want to avoid carbs. This one is also oil-free! Yes, it is a delight for weight watchers as you can air fry the tofus and enjoy it without guilt. 

38. Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

Via Cadryskitchen

Sandwiches are generally everyone’s favorite, why not serve an eggplant version next time? Make this eggplant parmesan sandwich by frying up the eggplants in the air fryer and top it with basil, cheese, and marinara. 

39. Hush Puppies

Via Strengthandsunshine

Another gluten-free, allergy-free, vegan quick bite is here to make your day and fill your tummy. They can be made in the air fryer and you don’t have to worry about fat or carbs, just season them according to your taste and enjoy the crispy and fluffy balls.

40. Delicata Rings

Via Colleenchristensennutrition

Delicata is a type of winter squash and is also known as peanut squash or Bohemian squash. You can make these Delicata rings in the air fryer and serve them as an appetizer or a quick snack. 

41. Toasted Coconut French Toast

Via Strengthandsunshine

If you want a change in regular french toast, here is a tastier and healthier option for you. This gluten-free, vegan dish can be the perfect breakfast dish and since it’s air-fried, there’s no oil involved as well. 

42. Vegan Chicken(Cauliflower) Waffles

Via Strengthandsunshine

Enjoy these chicken-like fried cauliflowers without any cruelty and oil with these vegan air-fried crispy cauliflowers. They can be served with fantastic dips and weight watchers can relish this dish without worrying about extra pounds and gluten. 

43. Bagel Pizza

Via Cadryskitchen

These tasty and easy-to-make bagel pizzas can be served in 10 minutes! Add toppings of your choice before popping these mini pizzas in the air fryer and don’t forget the cheese!

44. Nutty French Toast

Via Chicvegan

Giving regular french toast a fancy makeover, this vegan nutty dish with oats, nuts, and flaxseeds is going to make your breakfast super-tasty. The toast can be made in an air fryer and served with juices. 

45. Cheesy Beef Empanadas

Via Delish

One of my favorites from the lot, this cheesy meat pastry is a traditional dish of Mexico and is loved throughout the globe. Air-fry the pastries to reduce oil content and enjoy it with mayo dips or salads. 

46. Sweet Chili Chicken Wings

Via Erhardtseat

Are you missing your chicken wings order but trying to reduce the calorie intake? Your taste buds will go on a roll with this amazing homemade sweet chili chicken wings recipe. The wings are prepared in an air fryer to make them low fat and tossed in soy sauce and sesame oil,

47. Whole Chicken

Via Littlesunnykitchen

If you are trying to avoid the oven and serve a healthy dish for the family dinner, air-fry a whole chicken with this recipe. With soft and juicy insides and crispy golden skin, your rotisserie-style chicken will be ready with minimal effort!

48. Honey Lime Shrimp

Via Sweetpeasandsaffron

These honey-lime shrimps could be served with tacos or salads as a full meal. You can whip up those frozen shrimps in your air fryer in minutes—marinate them for 30 minutes first and then transfer them to the air fryer basket. 

49. Air Fryer Steak

Via Cravingtasty

If you want that golden brown color for your steaks every time, use your air fryer to cook them. You won’t get that smoky flavor or grill marks, but you will surely love the soft and tender meat which is cooked to perfection!

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50. Crab Cakes

Via Crumbtopbaking

Bring these Maryland-style crab cakes to the dinner table and earn loads of compliments. Some basic ingredients like mayo, onion, eggs, and seasonings would be enough to make these super flavorful air-fried crab cakes. 

51. Bang Bang Chicken

Via Munchkintime

This dish has a super unique name and it gets done in less than 30 minutes! Dip bite-sized chicken pieces coated in bang bang chicken batter and fry them in the air fryer till they are completely cooked through. 

52. Turkey Bacon

Via Crumbtopbaking

With unseasoned, candied, or peppered varieties, this turkey bacon is prepared using an air fryer and it can be the perfect filling for sandwiches. A healthier alternative to pork bacon, turkey bacon can be served at breakfasts or brunches. 

53. Crispy Popcorn Chicken

Via Erhardtseat

Popcorn chicken is a household snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere! Bread tiny chicken cubes and then air-fry them until they are crispy and golden brown on the outside—serve them with a sauce of your choice.

54. Air Fryer Salmon 

Via Crumbtopbaking

Give a break to roasted salmons for now and try air-fried ones. They are healthier and when the fillets come out of the air fryer, they are crisp, flaky, tender, and juicy! Serve it with mayo and greens to make it a wholesome meal. 

55. Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass

Via Jzeats

One shouldn’t shy away from experimenting with new things in the kitchen and this Chilean sea bass is something you should definitely try. You can cook the fish at home with an air fryer until it is tender, brush it with miso butter sauce, and air fry it a second time.

Serve it with rice and some veggies.

56. Bacon Wrapped Avocado

Via Delish

Anything wrapped with bacon is delicious and here is a healthy snack to satisfy your taste buds. The bacon turns a regular avocado slice into something drool-worthy—wrap the avocado slices with it and air fry them until they are cooked to perfection.

57. Quick Shrimp Fajitas

Via Littlesunnykitchen

A classic Mexican-style shrimp dish can be made in 10 minutes or less to impress your guests at dinner. Cook the shrimp and vegetables in the air fryer, assemble them with tortillas, and top with fresh pico de gallo, zesty lime crema, and fresh avocado slices. 

58. Chicken Meatballs

Via Crumbtopbaking

A juicier version of chicken popcorns, these meatballs would surely satisfy your tastebuds and it takes less than 30 minutes to make them. These quickies are seasoned with a herb and spice blend, and air-fried until they are brown.

59. Golden Fish Fillets

Via Littlesunnykitchen

These golden fish fillets are air-fried until the insides are juicy and the outsides are crispy and golden. Cover the fillets with seasoned breadcrumbs and air fry both sides until they are fully cooked.

This dish can be served with homemade tartar sauce and lemon wedges. 

60. Ham and Egg Pockets

Via Tasteofhome

These ham and egg pockets are decked with protein and they are air-fried to ensure no extra calories. They can be served at breakfast or to satisfy a quick craving.

61. Salmon Patties

Via Crumbtopbaking

We checked out a recipe with salmon fillets, now here are salmon patties for your burger treats. Just a combination of fresh salmon, almond flour, and basic seasonings would be enough to make these delicious patties and they are air-fried which makes them healthy. 

62. Cinnamon Rolls Bacon

Via Recipesfromapantry

Give a fancy twist to the classic cinnamon rolls by adding bacon to the filling. Perfect for special occasions and holiday brunches, these rolls come with an irresistible aroma and make the perfect sweet treat. 

Cook the rolls in an air fryer to make them healthier.

63. Antipasto Egg Rolls

Via Delish

To help you make low-calorie egg rolls, here is an air-fried option where you can enjoy the deliciousness without carrying the guilt of extra calories. The total cook time for 3 rolls would be 1 hour and they will be totally oil-free! 

64. Crispy Turkey Croquettes

Via Tasteofhome

A filling of mashed potatoes, cheese, and juicy turkey would make anyone drool and the happiness doubles when it is low in calories. Air-fry the croquettes to make them crispy and oil-free. They can be served hot with a sour cream dip.

65. Chicken Fajitas

Via Littlesunnykitchen

A dish that would take about an hour if you are deep frying can be completed in minutes with this air fryer recipe. These flavorful chicken fajitas are low-fat and low-carb items, which is a perfect treat for weight watchers.  

You can serve them with tortillas, guac, or whatever you prefer!

66. Air Fryer Ribs

Via Izzycooking

Buy some baby back ribs from the meat store and get ready to glaze them with your homemade barbecue sauce. The ribs are air-fried to ensure they are healthy, and they’ll leave your tastebuds wanting more.

67. Deviled Eggs

Via Recipesfromapantry

An ideal serve as party appetizers, these deviled eggs are combined with sour cream and onion flavor and they’ll be an instant hit. This protein-packed snack is low in carbs and is gluten-free as well. 

68. Spicy Chicken Taquitos

Via Delish

This is so far the best taquito recipe I have ever come across and it takes less than an hour to prepare it. You can air fry the taquitos to make them healthier and less oily. Serve them with salsa and some sour cream. 

69. Scotch Eggs

Via Foodhussy

This protein-packed snack is a combination of sausage and eggs and super crunchy. Make them in an air fryer and serve with a honey mustard dip.

70. Crispy Chicken Legs

Via Recipesfromapantry

Whenever we hear chicken legs, the concept of deep-frying comes in, but let me clear the air. Chicken legs can be air-fried too and they will be just as crispy and super delicious. Serve them with your favorite dips and enjoy!

71. Crispy Chicken Tenders

Via Delish

Get these chicken tenders ready to serve in 10 minutes or less without deep frying. They’ll be extra golden and crispy and you can serve them with a honey mustard dip or ranch dressing.

72. Popcorn Shrimp Tacos 

Via Tasteofhome

Chicken popcorns are usually our go-to snack, so let’s switch to shrimp popcorns for a while. Enjoy air-fried shrimps with tacos and pair them with cabbage slaw to make a full-fledged meal. 

73. Beef Wellington Wontons

Via Tasteofhome

Perfectly seasoned lean ground beef wrapped in wonton wrappers and air-fried with no oil would surely pass for a healthy snack. Serve the dish with dips and relish every bite. 

74. Pork Chops

We are aware of the deliciousness that comes with pork chops, and the joy doubles if you can enjoy the low-fat version. These air-fried pork chops will make your taste buds happy without any guilt, and is a must-try! 

75. Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Via Thefoodhussy

An entree or an appetizer, these bacon-wrapped scallops will be ready in minutes and they can be air-fried to make them less oily. Add some barbecue sauce to enhance the flavor and you have an amazing dish ready to roll! 

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76. Sweet and Sour Pork

Via Tasteofhome

A recipe with pineapples, soy sauce, and air-fried pork would surely interest you if you enjoy sweet and sour dishes. Pair it with white rice and green veggies to make a wholesome lunch. 

77. Chicken Kabobs Recipe

Via Recipesfromapantry

The Asian chicken kabob dish deserves every praise. You don’t need a grill to make this one, an air fryer would be enough to do the job. Serve them with greens and enjoy the delicious Asian flavors. 

78. Fish Tacos

Via Foodtasticmom

We love tacos, we love fish, and a combination of both would be heavenly. Air-fry white fish and serve it on tortillas, salsa, and mayonnaise and experience all the flavors bursting in your mouth.

79. Shrimp Po’Boy Sandwich

Via Recipesfromapantry

This sandwich is full of New Orleans flavors and you can cook the shrimps of this classic southern dish in an air fryer. Assemble them in buns and top them with sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, and anything that catches your fancy!

80. Best Chicken Parmesan

Via Thetypicalmom

A cheesy, tender chicken treat that’s crispy on the outside is something we can devour and enjoy every day. Instead of deep-frying, go for air-frying these delicious treats topped with marinara sauce and cheese.

81. Rib-Eye Steak

Via Allrecipes

A fancy meat delight, this delicacy had Montreal steak seasonings to make it drool-worthy and is air-fried, so it’s perfect for weight-watchers. Serve it with some greens and enjoy it as a full meal.

82. Shawarma Cornish Hen

Via Recipesfromapantry

The recipe is slightly different from the usual whole chicken one as it comes with a special Shawarma seasoning. The treat comes with a Middle-eastern touch and your family would surely enjoy it. 

83. Garlic Herb Turkey Breast

Via Delish

Just like those chicken breasts, you can also enjoy soft and juicy air-fried turkey breasts without any hassle. No more stressing over roasted turkeys for Thanksgiving, your air fryer is here to the rescue! 

84. Air-fried Bacon

Via Delish

These crispy bacon strips are the perfect example of how crispy and crunchy air fryer results are and you cannot deny the golden-brown colors as well! Serve it with a green salad or eggs sunny side up to make a wholesome meal. 

85. Thanksgiving Turkey

Via Delish

Skip the oven this Thanksgiving and treat your guests with air-fried turkeys. This recipe would surely help you serve the most delicious turkey this time. 

To caramelize it, rub melted butter, dijon butter, and maple syrup on the turkey before returning it to the air fryer for a second time.

86. Easy Pork Schnitzel

Via Tasteofhome

This pork schnitzel can be the perfect appetizer or entree when you are hosting a fancy dinner or a special weekend night. The items are air-fried and they are oil-free! Serve it with a delicious dill sauce.

87. General Tso’s Chicken

Via Cookinglight

This classic recipe is an amazing Chinese takeaway that’s loved by many and you don’t have to do any deep-frying. This air-fried dish can be served with rice or with tortillas.

88. Mustard-crusted Pork Tenderloin

Via Allrecipes

A cup of Dijon mustard, pork tenderloins, and some herb and spice seasonings would yield a fancy appetizer or side dish. Cook everything in the air fryer, even the potatoes and green beans, and serve them along with the juicy pork

89. Beignets

Via Allrecipes

Beignets can be made using modified silicone egg-bite molds and dusted with sugar to make the perfect sweet dish. Air-fry them to avoid extra oil and calories.

90. Basic Hot Dogs

Via Allrecipes

Prepare this all-time popular snack for movie night or as an appetizer for a party. You can enjoy an air-fried hot dog to avoid the guilt and it tastes amazing as well. Serve it with ketchup, mustard, and other condiments.

91. Banana Muffins

Via Cookitrealgood

If you think you cannot work on desserts with an air fryer, you are wrong! You don’t need to rely on the oven to make these soft, flavourful, and delicious muffins. This quick and easy recipe is also a great way to use ripe bananas that are lying around. 

92. Baked Apples with Walnut

Via Theleaf

Baked apple is not something we hear every day, but this recipe will not disappoint you. This easy dish has an apple stuffed with caramelized walnuts, yummy! It’s made in an air fryer and has a calorie content of 139, which is a bonus for weight watchers. 

93. Doughnuts

Via Cookinglight

If you want to enjoy some sweet doughnut treats without the guilt, this air fryer recipe will make your day. Glazed with the goodness of sugar, it is a perfect sweet delight!

94. Brownies

Via Cookitrealgood

Brownies are the perfect comfort dessert, thanks to their deliciousness and texture. They are also the saviors for those sudden midnight cravings. Use an air fryer to make brownies that are soft, chewy, and fudgy and I am sure your family will love them! 

95. Easy Air Fryer Muffins

Via Colleenchristensennutrition

Here’s a 3-step recipe to a perfectly fluffy and sweet treat—these muffins can be served as dessert with ice cream or just to satisfy a sudden craving. Add blueberries, chocolate chips, or whatever you feel like to the batter.

Don’t forget to rotate your muffins every 5 minutes when it is in the air fryer and everything else is good. 

96. Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Via Cookinglight

These cinnamon sugar-coated fried dough sticks will be light and crunchy at the same time thanks to this air fryer recipe. Also, make a rich chocolate sauce as a dip for your churros.

97. Banana Dessert Bites

Via Thisoldgal

An easy and quick peanut butter treat, this banana dessert recipe will stimulate your taste buds to the max. They are little packages of creamy, sweet pillows and you can enjoy them without oil as they are air-fried! 

Serve them warm with a scoop of ice cream.

98. Broiled Grapefruit

Via Allrecipes

Here’s another sweet delight that would get ready in the air fryer. Serve this broiled dessert with a cinnamon sprinkling on top to accentuate the tangy flavor.

99. Banana Bread

Via Cookinglight

This might look like a cake, but it a homemade bread without extra fat. Loaded with banana flavor, this is an amazing evening or post-dinner snack.

Add toasted walnuts on top before cooking it in the air fryer and serve it with fruits or a smear of butter.

100. Bagels

Via Cookitrealgood

Are you looking for a yeast-free bagel recipe? You have just crashed into these three-ingredient, super-soft air fryer bagels and there is no turning back. And it only takes a few minutes for these bagels to be done and they will also have a lovely color and crust. 

101. Peach Hand Pies

Via Cookinglight

Use a store-bought pie crust for this and air-fry it right after you have filled it with fresh peach or thawed frozen peach and enjoy this flaky dessert!

Now that I’ve spoiled you with so many special air fryer recipes, I am sure you are excited and can’t wait to try out your favorite ones. There are guilt-free and happy days ahead of you!