21 All White Room Decor Ideas DIY

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Want to renovate your home with minimalist furnishings? In love with an all-white decor? 

We have got the right answers for you. White can make anything and everything elegant whether it be bedroom furniture or wall art or vases, simply anything! Easy, fresh and modern, make a statement with these amazing all-white DIY ideas and showcase them with pride. 

The list of 21 All White DIY Room Decor Ideas is here to fill you with choices and ideas. 

21 All White DIY Decor Ideas for Room

1. All White Vanity

Via Moneycanbuylipstick

If you live in a typical city apartment, where space is limited and you have to be smart about every decor ideas, you must know why multifunctional furniture is your savior. In this one, we will be talking about an all-white vanity, adjusting right in the corner of your bedroom. 

Take a small desk or your nightstand would do the job, place a glossy mini mirror and a pretty stool. Stools would be preferred over chairs as they can be pushed under the desk and therefore, more space-saving! 

2. Cotton Centerpieces 

Via Throwntogether

I would bet that you have never used cotton as a centerpiece for your table decors. With this easy and inexpensive DIY, you can make an amazing centerpiece that would cost you less than 10 dollars. 

For a rustic farmhouse style or coastal decor, you would need faux cotton stems, glass bottles, and jute ropes to make this elegant masterpiece. You can also personalize it in your own way, after all, you have every right to do that!

3. Elegant Paper Flowers 

Via Maisondepax

You might have guessed till now that this DIY is very easy to replicate and makes a good gardening DIY. A scissors, papers and glue gun would be enough to make these amazing giant paper flowers. 

You can choose the size according to your space and trust me, they will always make you feel heels and champagne every time to you would stop for a look! 

4. Candle Lampshades 

Via Goodhousekeeping

If you do love to adorn your dining table with lampshades, this DIY is for you. Get this unique candle lampshade done with a wine glass, scrapbook papers, LED lights and tapes.  

All you need is a template to trace it down on a white piece of paper and join the pieces together. So, are you ready to add some pop to your living room? 

5. Transforming White Walls 

Via Housebeautiful

Do you have a fresh white background in your studio apartment? Want an easy decor for them? You can pair them up with mixed up natural materials together with some white washed furniture.  

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Natural materials could include jute lamps, wool rugs, pendant lights, planters and many more. You see, creativity has no limit!

6. Paint The Floors White! 

Via Housebeautiful

Want to try something unique and challenging? Paint the floors white. Yes, why just the walls when we can make the floors matching as well?

Don’t forget to add contrasting furniture in this case, with black curtains or sheets for an eye-catching look. Why wait? Let’s paint them white!

7. Dotted Walls 

Via Shopsweetthings

Multicolored dots can be very attractive when framed with a white background. This easy DIY appreciates that beauty and can make you believe how beautiful they look. 

Take a white, glossy paper and then dot it out! To be careful with the dimensions, you can use parts of potatoes and add that organic touch to it. Did you get yours done yet? 

8. Canopy Tents 

Via Thriftyandchic

Want to surprise your daughter with something extremely elegant and special on her birthday? Renovate their reading tents and make a gorgeous nook. 

Buy a curved curtain rod and lace curtains to add that princessy look. You can also hang a chandelier or some paper pompoms and LED lights to complete the set-up. This thrifty and cheek DIY can be the perfect gift!

9. Fabric Ottoman


Did you ever think of making a customized ottoman with 15 towels and cotton fabric? This easy DIY will guide you to make a white, printed and comfortable ottoman.

You would also need a sewing machine and iron to prepare the outer cover, which can be personalized with any design. So, the next time you binge-watch a series, you would have your favorite ottoman right at your feet!

10. Paper Ornaments 

Via Howaboutorange

Just like those giant paper flowers, you can also make white paper ornaments within minutes. Whether make a classic porcupine ball or some 3D decorating items, this DIY is for all. 

You need to cut out circles using a CD or templates and then just curl and stitch! Easy, right? 

11. Paper Shell Chandelier

Via Designsponge

Chandeliers always manage to amaze me, whether by its shape of aura or I don’t know what. I just love those dramatic vibes and the way it transforms a simple LED bulb. 

Make a paper shell chandelier with white wax papers resembling capiz shell. You would also need parchment papers, glue and spray paints to make the basket ready. Hung them up using a planter basket in your dining room and show off in style. 

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12. Desk Accessories 


If you are in love with white, I don’t blame you. It is so peaceful and soothing to the eye and can calm our brains. So, why not decorate our work desks with white accessories? 

Buy some mismatched white containers of varying size, embellish them with golden sprays, threads or twines, and taddaa! Your desk is now transformed! You can also wrap some threads around those containers for some extra color block effects. 

13. All White Kitchen 

Via Housebeautiful

If you love to cook, the kitchen can be your favorite place. Make them stand out by garnishing an all-white kitchen! You would need white cabinets, white tables and white walls for this one. 

Personalize the entire location with decorative items like lamps, candles and wall arts (make sure they are white too). Amazing, isn’t it?

14. White Ribbon-Trimmed Curtains 


As the title suggests, white curtains can be very elegant, but let’s face it, they are not feasible. Well, we can make them so by adorning them with trimmed ribbons and colorful threads. 

Add some sass to those white curtains with pompom trims and save them from getting dirty. I mean, they would still get dusty, but that won’t be unappealing to look. You can use white curtains with full pride now! 

15. Bulletin Headboard 


Just like those wine crates display box, you can also use bulletin boards for jewelry display. The only difference would be these are meant for your bedroom and not living room. 

Take a homasote board and cover it with a grass-cloth wallpaper. Use spray adhesives, spray paints, glue and packing tapes before drilling the liquid nails in it. While an all-white board would look the best, you can always choose some other color. 

16. Desk Supplies 

Via Buildbasic

We know how important and efficient those desk supplies are as they keep all our stuff organized. We can make desk supplies with the color of innocence following this easy DIY. 

The structure would have a spinning base and few compartments for storage. Just some wooden base, rulers, saw and of course, white paint and your work are done. This DIY is an inspiration from Pottery Barn that would not dig a hole in your pocket. 

17. All-White Plant Wall 

Via Housemixblog

I have a whole collection of indoor plants and I have always loved their presence. With this DIY, you can make an entire wall out of those plants in your bathroom. 

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You need to build some slabs of white marble or white-painted wood at different heights and place those innocent plants one by one. Don’t forget to paint the pots white using sprays as they are long-lasting. I am so excited to think about the whole green and white combination!

18. Wine Crate Display Boxes


Why always trash those cheek crates of vino when they can be recycled? Turn them into attractive jewelry display boxes and show off your collections in style. You can also use vintage Cola crates for this one.

You would need two wooden wine crates, your hardware box, craft glue, sandpaper, and acrylic paint to complete this wonderful home decor item. It not only helps in organizing your stuff but also acts as a striking decor piece. 

19. Faceted Vase 

Via Ohhappyday

If we are talking about home decors, how can we forget vases? presenting unique faceted vase to transform your tea tables. 

You would need cardstock, glue, scissors, and scoring tools together with a template of the design of your choice. This all-white DIY is everything and elegant! 

20. Foldable Craft Table

Via Coolcreativity

We have always appreciated foldable furniture because of their efficiency, isn’t it? This DIY is for the craft enthusiast who loves creativity. A foldable craft table will de-clutter your home space in seconds and would also help you with your crafting. 

You would need a wooden structure, hardware toolbox and white paint for this one. Make sure you are careful with the measurements and nothing else could go wrong. Happy crafting! 

21. Clay Photo Holder


Are you bored with those wooden photo frames? It is time that you can upgrade from basic photo frames to some unique, modern photo holders. This DIY enables you to use white polymer clay as your gentle photo holder. 

Make a fist-sized ball out of the clay, use gauge wire to make two hearts, one front and one back and then gently push the remainder of the wire into the top of the clay ball. Use this easy project idea and put your memories on display with some extra glamour!

Before concluding, I would like to remind you that white is not only the color of innocence but also an emblem of sophistication and peace. Do keep this in mind and trust yourself, nothing would go wrong and you will create something stunning. Get busy with these fun DIYs now!