21 Awesome IKEA Nightstand Hacks

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In the world of modern interior designs, old-fashioned nightstands have taken a backseat. So much so that, many people forget to upgrade their old nightstand to match their renovated decor theme. You may even not have a nightstand for yourself. 

But it is a useful piece of furniture especially at the bedside where you need to keep utility items like mobile phones, alarm, books, etc. before sleeping. So, you’re looking to buy a new nightstand that complements your interiors. Of course, not for the money that stores are asking for as it just doesn’t seem worth paying hundreds of dollars for such a small piece of furniture.

What if you could remodel your old and inexpensive IKEA nightstand into a breathtaking masterpiece that adds to the charm of your interior design? You would be getting just that in this article. Apart from that, these 21 nightstand hacks are quite easy to make at home with minimum use of labor. So let’s check out the best DIY nightstand makeover hacks.

21 Awesome IKEA Nightstand Hacks

1. Art Deco End Table

Via markmontanoblogs

Redefine the boring Ikea nightstand by remodeling it into this gorgeous variation. This exclusive design gives your bedroom an art deco kind of feel. The black and white accents used in painting this nightstand adds out a bold statement to your decor. You would need to pay special attention to its finishing to use it as an office table too.

2. Modern Industrial IKEA Nightstand Hack

Via Remodelormove

If you want to match your nightstand with your modern interior decor, this dresser makeover is apt for you. The metal framework in front of the nightstand along with the metal drawer knobs adds a touch of sophistication to this remodeled dresser. The white paint complements the luxurious decor you aim to have. Fixing a wooden tabletop on this nightstand will convert it into a spacious dresser ideal for storing all your bedroom accessories.

3. Floating Storage Nightstand

Via Shanty2chic

If you want to be the trendsetter among your friends and relatives, this has to be your ideal start. Show them the way with this useful yet out of the box floating nightstand. The space within the nightstand will help you keep your favorite bedtime novel or even the fabric bin. The top is spacious enough for you to keep an old fashioned lamp along with a flower pot to complete a natural look.

4. Colorful Nightstand

Via Anikasdiylife

Tired of watching those old fashioned and bland nightstands that should look good only in your grandfather’s bedroom? Check out this youthful DIY nightstand. The honeycomb maze pattern expresses the nature lover in you and you can fill in your favorite colors in the mazes. Additionally, it costs quite less to a makeover that boring nightstand into this vibrant dressing table. Place your favorite Marvel character’s dummy to top it all.

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5. Rustic Copper And Wood Nightstand

Via Kristymurphy

Spent hundreds of dollars on the interior design of your bedroom but forgot to match it up with a new nightstand? You don’t need to buy a new one as this exciting tutorial helps you remodel your IKE nightstand into a beautiful copper and wood design with minimal fuss. Both the cost as well as the efforts put in this makeover are minimal. Moreover, there are 4 different color combination suggestions in this tutorial to choose from.

6. Rast dresser To Bedside Table

Via Armelleblog

Are you one of those who love to lay in the bed all day while reading books, doing makeup, and work from home all day? This nightstand cum dressing table would be the ideal foil for your needs. Apart from that, it gives your bedroom a luxurious look with its golden drawer hooks on white painted housing. It’s quite easy to make and you can match it with most kinds of interior designs.

7. RISSNA Nesting Tables

Via Brit

If you love to explore the world of interior decor and check for the latest trends in interior designs, you know how the internet has gone gaga over copper and marble. The two materials are now being used extensively in most modern interior designs. So why not match up your nightstand with the trending decor? This copper cum marble nightstand is surely going to seamlessly blend into your marble bedroom decor and the two shelves are spacious enough to keep utility items within your hand’s reach.

8. Sugar Cloth Table

Via Sugarandcloth

If you hate to spend your hard-earned money on basic bedroom furniture, this tutorial is exactly your kind. This inexpensive yet gorgeous carved nightstand can match your style statement at a steal (bargain is too light a word for this gorgeous piece). Your favorite books lined up by a flower pot in the carving makes this nightstand one for the pictures.

9. Triple IKEA Rast Hack

Via Remodelormove

Kids can’t have enough space to keep their toys, stationery, and accessories. No matter how big your nightstand is, your kids will still scatter their toys around because they just can’t fit in. But what about this triple column nightstand? I bet this would be enough for two or more kids, forget one. Moreover, the rainbow cutout and other vibrant decor items over the wall give this room a breathtaking look. You can additionally keep your shoes below this dressing table to make it a complete utility storage spot.

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10. Wooden Crate Nightstand

Via Elahtree

Don’t know what to do with your discarded wooden crates or used liquor crates? Turn one into this fantastic floating nightstand in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t cost more than your slippers and still lets you stand out of the crowd. Moreover, you can match the color of its paint with your wall paint or wallpaper. Floating nightstands are the new cool and why not make one for yourself when it costs that less?

11. No-Fuss Nightstand

Via Poppytalk

As the title suggests, this one is particularly for the minimalists out there. If subtlety is your cup of tea and you want to maintain minimum decor and maximum negative space in your room, try this no-fuss nightstand. This cheap decor item is a style statement that screams out your simplicity. Hang an inverted light bulb over the nightstand to light up the aesthetics of your room.

12. Sophisticated Side Table

Via Hunker

Are you a fan of antiques and love the vintage fashion decor? This side table turnover is surely for the grandfather inside you. The goths and the Shakespeare lovers would love to have such a sophisticated vintage antique in their bedroom. Place a vintage portrait or an antique painting along with a long candle stands to complement this old-fashioned stand. Of course, it takes a bit more time and muscle to create it but it’s worth every minute.

13. Play Kitchen

Via Mommodesign

Are your kids staining your shelf with their mischievous experiments too often? Build them a fun stove and burner of their own using a simple step stool IKEA nightstand! Let them do their experiments in their own space and your little girls will surely fall in love with this large kitchen-style toy table.

14. Rolling Desk

Via Inmyownstyle

This spectacular desk is much more than an ordinary nightstand. It’s ideal for both the workplaces and the bedroom. It’s hard to find such versatile furniture and the well-segregated draws make it all the more useful. You can keep your stationery, makeup items, accessories, and even some evening snacks within this professional night table. Of course, it takes a bit more than usual labor to build up this nightstand. You would need to extensively use the drill to create this masterpiece.

15. Mobile Vanity

Via Polkadotchair

This utility cart turned vanity van is a makeup blogger’s dream. Keep it as nightstand near your bed, take it to the dresser for makeup and the bathroom for those final touchups. The wheels attached to this cart make it your personal vanity van all day round. This blogger has additionally attached a bin to keep her hot tools too. You can change the labels to medicines, stationery, etc. As per your requirement.

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16. Vintage Inspired Island

Via Oliverandrust

Turn an ordinary wheeled cart into this exotic nightstand using a few add ons and some intelligent painting. The marble top adds a dash of elegance while the gray coating blends luxurious touch into it. It retains its utility as a spacious nightstand that you can also use in the kitchen to place mobile items you need to move. Take your cooked dishes to the dinner table in this cart and cover it with a white cloth for a hotel suite look.

17. Fabric Wrapped IKEA hack

Via Dorseydesigns

This one is not for the lighthearted and the minimalistic. Add a dashing pop of color with a funky fabric covering this utility nightstand. This gorgeous makeover doesn’t take more than an evening to complete. Place a light-toned plant over this nightstand to complete a stunning design.

18. Rustic Industrial Nightstand

Via Cherisedbliss

This rustic nightstand oozes class and is not for those college kids there. You need to be a man to own this kind of professional design and match its class! Sobriety has its own charm and this nightstand testifies that. Moreover, it doesn’t cost a lot. Just some simple planks of wood are enough to create this marvelous nightstand.

19. Marine Blue Dresser Hack

Via Cleverlysimple

Blue and white are the colors apt to describe the Captains in you. This bright blue nightstand incorporating fabric looks stunning on a plain white wall. Place a few steel decor items like alarm clocks, silver photo frames, and lamps to match the silver drawer hooks. It’s also quite spacious for you to store your valuables, Captain!

20. Wood Shims Rast Hack

Via Houseofhepworths

Here is an oak textured nightstand for the nature lovers out there. It’s a piece that doesn’t attract the eyes to itself but rather oozes a sense of calmness into the atmosphere. The low profile of this gorgeous nightstand would have a lot of eyes fixated to it for sure. Place some beautiful plants on top of it and place the stand near the windows to complete the natural look.

21. Nightstand With Driftwood Legs

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

Short on space but looking for a little side table to keep a lamp or those party speakers? Why not try this stunning piece of creativity that blends a useful tabletop with driftwood legs. This will look great in your beachside home or seaside inspired room decor. Place a few pebbles on top of it to complete a relaxing beachside look.

From the nerd style nightstand to the spacious one, from the minimalistic floating nightstand to the vibrant kid’s kitchen table we have tried to cover designs catering to all your needs. You can experiment with these designs and give them your own touch-up to display your style.