41 Best Back to School Organization Ideas

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It’s back to school time already! After a long and relaxing break, a new school year can seem daunting. It’s difficult to fall back into the academic routine after the lazy days of vacation.

A new school year means several details to underline. From organizing books, backpacks, extra-curricular activities to the minutest of stationery, it all seems like so much work! Well, bringing all of this in place and giving everything a proper destination can be the solution.

Simply put, you’ve got to be organizing everything! Organizing things will make every day of school a pleasant experience without much fuss.

Most of us like staying organized. However, when school starts, we’re bewildered where to start from. Kick start your ‘back to school’ time of the year with these amazing and best organization ideas.

41 Best Back to School Organization Ideas

1. Binder For School Paper

Via Simplestylings

All those papers that come back home from school need some storage. Leaving these papers in drawers or piling them up on countertops doesn’t work.

This makes it difficult to find them when needed. These binders help the students in properly organizing all their school papers. This school paper clutter organization idea is superb!

2. Command Centre and Backpack Holder

Via Delightful Order

This organization system works for you, as well as your family! Come back from school and hang the bag on this holder, then use the command center to write up all the important tasks for the day and relax! This idea is perfect in all ways.

3. Paint Chip Calendar Organizer

Via Honey We’re Home

It is so much easier to have a visual reminder of your tasks. If there’s anything you need the most for a perfect school beginning, it is this! These paint chip calendars help you be punctual and schedule your precious time productively.

4. Mini Homework Station

Via The House of Smiths

The benefit of a homework station is you have everything handy! You don’t need to waste time searching for stationery or looking for books. Everything is organized and in one place. Looks neat and tidy!

5. Clothes Organizer

Via Hello Central Avenue

Every day can be a struggle if you can’t find what to wear. The clothes to be worn at school need to be organized. These organizers make it easy as you fold the clothes and store them in this canvas bin!

6. Lunch Box Hanger

Via Delightful Order

It’s such a great idea to deck up all the lunchboxes in one place – easy to find, store, and obviously looks organized. Mornings can be rushed, especially if you get up late. Preparing for your take away meal gets fussier if lunchboxes go missing. Check out this lunchbox organization idea for more!

7. Chores Chart

Via Delightful Order

This chores chart makes the organization process a lot easier. Every task that needs to be done is written on this chart. All you’ve got to do is checkmark them on completion. This will make tasks less boring and more organized. As a bonus, you’ll feel super satisfied at the end of the day!

8. Homework Nook

Via The Organized Housewife

Somehow, we all end up taking our homework to the dining table. Isn’t the reason obvious? We can instantly grab something to eat! Well, this nook has been designed to be close to a dining room. This means you can deck up your stationery and paper here while continuing to work on the dining table!

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9. School Supplies Organizer

Via iHeart Organizing

This organizer keeps the stationery supply nice and separate. The best part, it’s a dollar store find! Nothing gets mixed up and indeed makes it look neat. This organizer is so helpful in maintaining the stationery. Make sure to check out this back to school organizer!

10. Highlighter Labels

Via Studying Hard

Highlighters are extremely important while studying. They help us make studying more precise and efficient. Highlighting the important points makes studying easier. Through these labels, you can designate the purpose of every highlighter.

11. Behind The Door Bookshelves

Via The Painted Hive

Well, this one is an easy DIY organizer. This bookshelf is a surprise behind the door! This is especially useful if you’re short on space. Now finding your favorite novel or school books gets easier. Also, it looks neat and maintained.

12. Erase Clipboard

Via The 36th Avenue

Back to school chaos can be overwhelming! However, if you organize it prior to the beginning of school, it just gets easier. This school chart is made on a clipboard and can be reused. It’s an easy solution to hectic planning!

13. Library Book Basket

Via Blue Is Style

This basket is helpful for keeping the library books separate from other books. Usually, we mix up the two it gets chaotic when it’s the time to return them. With this basket, you don’t need to worry much. Innovate it by adding your creativity through a label!

14. School Lunch Organizer

Via Uncommon Designs

Making lunch at the crack of dawn is no one’s favorite thing to do! However, whining about it won’t get us anywhere. It’s best to organize everything to ensure quick fixes. Making lunches will be a breeze now!

15. Ziplock Baggie Clothes Organisation

Via The Sunny Side Up

This clothes organizer avoids all the drama. It’s easy and practical. Organize your daily wear for the week, all at once! You can use these to store your socks, headbands, or any other accessories. All you have to do is grab this ziplock bag and get started for the day without any fuss.

16. Homework Caddy

Via Home Stories A to Z

Add a little organization to your stationery through this homework caddy. When it’s homework time, it’s always a good idea to have everything in one place. We’re always looking for something – a sharpened pencil, pen, or a glue stick that isn’t dried out. Add this homework caddy to your study table to stay organized!

17. Crayon Holder

Via Sugar Bee Crafts

This crayon holder is made from mini veggies can! It’s an interesting way to innovatively reuse the cans. Storing crayons of each hue separately gets easier now! This is a simple DIY that will surely help you organize better.

18. Time Management Clock

Via Mommy Moment

Time management is an extremely important skill, but time flies when you’re having fun! With this DIY organizer, you can get the best out of those 24 hours. This clock looks super adorable and is easy to put together.

19. Printable Binder

Via Shining Mom

There are so many free printables designed for binders. You’ll find some for students, parents, and teachers too! These binders make learning fun and easy for all. This will surely help you add to your organizational skills.

20.  Days Of The Week Clothes Tag

Via The Charm It Spot

It’s always better to plan ahead and avoid future nuisance. With clothes, most of us are indecisive. Save your time by plugging these tags onto your clothes and get going for a fresh start! Remember, they are best when printed on cardstock paper.

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21. Mason Jar Organizer

Via Meatloafandmelodarama

The collection of pens and pencils keeps growing every year. Finding a place for their storage is a task. This mason jar school supplies organizer is of great help! You’ll have a clear idea of your wide collection and no problem looking for what you need.

22. Lunch Prep Organizer

Via What Moms Love

With school activities keeping us busy, it gets a bit tough to keep a check on other important things like meal prep. These lunch organizer baskets and zip lock bags assign what needs to be cooked when – perhaps making things easier!

Check out meal prep recipes.

23. Art Supply Organizer


Organizing the art supplies in their designated place is so helpful. The time that is spent in vain looking for these supplies gets avoided easily. This organization idea is something you’re surely looking for this academic session

24. Desk And Bookcase Organizer

Via Walmart

This desk organizer from Walmart comes with four convenient cubbies and pull-out drawers. It is a desk along with a bookcase, so you can organize your books in the designated compartment. No more wasting time searching for books!

25. Woven Stair Basket

Household Essentials ML-5647 Seagrass Wicker Stair Step Basket with Handle | Natural Brown

Getting home from school comes with odds and ends. Throwing your stuff on the floor (or the stairs!) is an everyday thing, and the mess can get out of hand very quickly. Use this basket to organize the mess and make school days easier!

Check it out on Amazon.

26. Portable Homework Station

Via Uncommon Designs

Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry your homework station almost anywhere? Well, this is a DIY organizer that is super fun to make! From sitting in the green parks to anywhere around the house, this organizer will help you manage your tasks at your own pace.

27. Chalkboard Organizer

Via Wayfair

This chalkboard organizer offers a reliable place to keep all the go-to essentials. From car keys to must-check mail. You can also write important reminders and keep the tasks in check. This has multiple benefits for the upcoming academic year!

28. Portable Charging Station

Via Amazon

This is a must-have product if you have multiple devices you need to charge. School tablets, laptops, and other devices can drain quickly when you’re studying hard. This organizer can be helpful for a couple of devices at once!

29. Containers For Storage

Via Leader Pubs Asha

These small little containers can contain almost anything. Store your school supplies or even accessories in these compartments. Not only does it become easy to store but to organize as well! Added benefit? You don’t need to spend much!

30. Sunrise Clock Alarm

Smart Wake-Up Light LARKKEY Sleep Aid Digital Dual Alarm Clock with 7 Colored Sunset Simul ation and FM Radio,WiFi Controlled Compatiable with Alexa and Google Home

Waking up early morning after a long break can be a task. This sunrise clock alarm is here for your rescue! It is compatible with Alexa and Google – enjoy the benefits of this innovation. After all, a hand free snoozing is a great thing!

Buy it on Amazon.

31. File Organizer

Via Leader Pubs Asha

These file organizers can also be used to store your homework. Buying five of these will last you for a whole week. It gets easier when you sort your homework for each day. This will also help avoid confusion and help stay organized for the rest of the year!

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32. Wall Angles

Via H2O Bungalow

These wall angles look so presentable and organized. Fixing them in front of the study table makes a lot of tasks easier. You will clearly see where everything is placed. No more cluttering of belongings with this easy organizer!

33. Clothespin Word Notes Clip

Via H2O Bungalow

These clothespins can be transformed into note clips in no time! Evidently, the school season means lots of papers coming back from school. These pins are really needed in terms of sorting them as per their schedule. Pins according to urgency can help you keep organized!

34. 10- Piece Desk Collection

Poppin 10 Piece Set Fresh Start Desk Collection (Aqua)

Colour coordinate the holders and make homework more organized. This 10 piece desk collection is a great way to organize school supplies and looks beautiful on your desk. You will be eager to sort all your homework soon when everything you need will be at your fingertips!

Buy it on Amazon.

35. Giant Chalkboard

Via H2O Bungalow

This giant chalkboard updates you with all your tasks in one place. Not only is it fun to write on, but this chalkboard is also a great way to organize your to-do list. Guess what? You don’t need to buy this one, as you can DIY! It’s easy to make too.

36. Tree Branch Coat Holder

Via H2O Bungalow

This aesthetic coat holder is best for organizing school goodies. As soon as you come back from school, drop in your important reminders or mails, and relax. This also helps to develop a sense of discipline in terms of organizing.

37. Colourful Day Organizer

This colorful day organizer makes organizing fun! Each day has an assigned color and easy stacking up of things. Make sure to check this one out and keep organized for the year!

Buy it on Amazon.

38. Bench With Coat Hooks

Via Walmart

This beautiful bench organizer helps you keep your backpacks, hats, courts, and boots in place. Every school morning is a rush if they aren’t found on time. With this bench organizer, things become easier.

39. Art Supplies Shoe Organizer

Via Laura’s Crafty Life

Since there are a lot of art supplies flooding through school activities, organizing them is important. If there’s not much space in your house, this organizer is your best bet. Follow this organizer idea and get going for school!

40. Paper Organizer

Via iHeart Organizing

Yet another paper organizer! With those endless piles of papers, we surely need several and unique ways of organizing it. This school paper organizer will stack them easily for you! Check out this organizing idea.

41. Snack Station

Via Apartment Therapy

Last-minute hunting for snacks leads to unhealthy choices. Why rush when organizing is the key? This snack station helps you get healthier in terms of choice of food. This idea of organizing saves a lot of time too!

Organizing plays a key role during the school days. Lack of organization has an impact on our mental health and makes every day a fuss! Why not make organization your secret weapon for this school year?

After all, the first day of school sets the tone for your classroom for the entire year. These amazing back to school organization ideas will surely make every day productive. 🙂