20 Smart Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Hacks

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Cleaning your own bathroom is definitely a task for some people, they just can’t go about doing that one task. But if you are like me and can’t tolerate dirty bathrooms (Yes I have OCD and that too of 2 categories which are cleaning and ordering) so it is very difficult for me to see a dirty place and not clean it.

Bathrooms are an essential part of your day as you start your day from your bathroom. So a good clean bathroom will ensure that you are ready to kick some asses out in the real world. Now let’s look at the simple techniques or steps that you should follow in order to get a “Monica tidy bathroom” in your life.

20 Smart Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Hacks

1. Creating a Checklist

First and the foremost important thing before cleaning the bathroom is creating a checklist. Mention all the things that you need to clean right from the toilet to bathtub, sink to tapes, shower head to curtains, etc.

After that, write the things that you will require to clean the bathroom. Obviously, I have done that job for you and made your life easy. So these are the things which you will need to clean your bathroom, which is as follows:

Lemon, Borax, Tea leaves, Oranges, Salt, Gloves, Baking soda, Alka settlers tablets, Paper towels, Baby oil, Nail paint, Cleaning cloth, Vinegar, Duster.

2. Removing unnecessary items

There are a lot of things in your bathroom that might block you or create a barrier while cleaning, like shampoo bottles, soap, brushes, etc. Remove all of them and keep it aside in a bucket or wherever you feel comfortable. Also keep all the other things like stools, clothes, slippers, etc out of the bathroom. This will make sure you do your job quickly.

3. Remove Water Spots

Water spots are unavoidable at places where water is constantly flowing. For example, shower, sink, etc. To remove them rub lemon over the areas where you find water spots.

The citric acid present in the lemon acts as a good antibacterial cleaner. This will easily remove those spots and take care of the unwanted smell as well. Still, if you are not able to get these spots, apply some shaving cream or soap and then clean it.

4. Dusting and cleaning the Toilet

Basically it’s just not the toilet seat that is dirty, it is the whole toilet set! So the first thing you need to do is to dust the toilet and then clean its surface.

The second step is to clean the toilet thoroughly to get rid of the germs. For that, you need borax and vinegar. Pour the borax and vinegar into the toilet and let it be there for some time. Flush after 15 minutes for a “germ-free” toilet.

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Also, I would like to share one of my personal experiences where I flushed the remaining cold drinks into the toilet. The next day when I went to use my washroom it was sparkling clean. Not just kidding it was shining. I would recommend using the leftover aerated drinks at your house party to get a sparkling white toilet.

Cleaning was never so easy, what do you think? 

5. Cleaning the Bathroom Mirror

Black tea should be used to get the desired results on the mirrors. One of the best mirror cleaner around the house and using it is pretty simple. Filter the tea leaves and fill the black tea in a sprinkler.

Sprinkle the black tea on the mirror and let it be there for few seconds or so. Sprinkle some clean water and then clean the mirror with a cloth.

6. Cleaning the Sink

Again lemon is a great cleaning agent. For cleaning, you have to follow simple steps. First, cut the lemon into two halves and clean the whole sink including the tap with this.

After lemon juice has covered the whole sink, let it be there for a couple of minutes. Then apply some soap on a sponge and clean the sink to perfection.

7. Prevent rusting

All the objects in the bathroom that are made of metal start rusting after some time. The smell of a rusting metal is the worst, I personally hate it a lot!

In order to remove the rusted metal, I spray some WD-40 on them and it is very effective on metals. Then I apply transparent nail polish on them wherever possible. This creates a protective layer on the metal object so that it’s not exposed to air and water and hence preventing it from catching rust again. Apply nail paint on a monthly basis for the best results.

8. Clean your Bathtub

Lemon would have been a great option for cleaning the bathtub, but it is pretty big compared to a sink so cleaning using lemon will be a difficult task. So grapefruit or orange would be a great choice due to the presence of citric acid.

Now cut an orange into 2 halves and rub salt over them. Clean half the bathtub with one-half orange and the other half with remaining orange. Rub the areas with stains properly. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes and then wash with clean water.

9. Cleaning the marble floor

You will need vinegar and borax for this task. Borax is really effective on all the surfaces that are made out of marbles. Simply clean the floor with a mixture of borax and vinegar. Once done, mop the floor with water, and your bathroom is as good as new.

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10. Unclogging the Drain

The major challenge in cleaning the bathroom is the drains. But, there is an easy solution to clean and unclog the drains – Alka seltzer.

Yes, you read that right. Just drop some Alka Seltzer tablets in the drain and pour some vinegar over it. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then pour boiling water over it. Drains are not clogged anymore!

11. Cleaning the shower heads with vinegar

None of my shower heads were in great condition because I didn’t know how to clean them and there is this dirt residual which doesn’t go even after cleaning them. One easy way of getting rid of this dirt is to tie a bag around the showerhead with vinegar in it.

The vinegar acts as a cleaning agent, being acidic in nature it kills the germs and other harmful substances. Remove the plastic bag after 15 minutes and then wash it with water. Your showerhead will be as good as new.

12. Cleaning the carpets, Towels, and Bathrobes

Once every week I make sure that I clean my carpets, towels, and bathrobes to ensure they are germ-free and they don’t stink! To clean them, simply put them in a washing machine separately. (i.e all the carpets together and all the bathrobes together etc). Then dry them under the sun and they are ready to go again.

Drying them under the sun is important as Sun act as “natural sanitizer” which gets rid of any microbes present. The best part it doesn’t shrink your clothes as well as saves you money by not using electricity.

13. Cleaning the Faucets

Baby oil has proven to be the best shine restorer for the faucets. Simply apply some drops of baby oil on the faucet and rub it all over with the help of some cotton balls. Let it stay overnight and don’t wash it away. That’s it, your faucets are all sparkling in the morning waiting for you to use them. 

14. Baking soda + vodka for Grimy spots

My God! How to get rid of these grimy spots? This is one constant question we ask ourselves every time while cleaning the bathroom.

Baking soda and Vodka mixture is the answer to those grimy spots. Just spray the mixture on the spots and wipe to get clean and fresh bathroom walls. It’s as simple as that.

Baking soda and vinegar together is a very active mixture that quickly works on the stains and germs very effectively.

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15. Drying the damp Bathroom

After all the things are clean there are obviously some corners which are wet and you need to give it a final touch. To dry the damp bathroom sprinkle salt on the wet area and let it soak the water.

Then with a broom or cloth, wipe the areas containing salt and switch on the exhaust. Salt helps to deep clean some areas which are not accessible to human touch or other objects.

16. Cleaning the shower curtains

Put the shower curtains in a bucket containing hot water and salt. Keep it there for a few hours and after that let it dry in your backyard under the sun. This process should be done after washing the curtains in your washing machine to avoid the smell.

17. Clean the Mop and Toilet brush

Obviously, after cleaning your bathroom and toilet your mop and toilet brush are full of dirt and germs which you need to get rid of.

Put them in a bucket containing hot water and salt. Let it sit for a few minutes and then remove and let it dry.

18. When the exhaust gets exhausted!

It’s very obvious that the exhaust fans need separate care sessions. To do that you need to clean it on a regular basis (preferably weekly) by removing all the dust from it. Regular servicing of the exhaust is also necessary so that it operates efficiently. 

19. Always run the exhaust

Whenever you leave the bathroom after a bath or after using your toilet make sure you switch on the exhaust. This will make sure your bathroom isn’t damp & all the unnecessary smell leaves the bathroom.

20. Always keep your bathroom tidy

Make sure that you have a separate box or a bucket to collect your used clothes so that you can wash them away together. I personally use a bucket because my clothes are mostly wet as I sweat a lot. So to avoid the mess I always use a bucket as it is very easy to clean it afterward. 

All the other objects like brush, toothpaste, etc. should be kept on a holder. Also, make sure that you keep a paper tissue packet in your medicine cabinet so that you can instantly clean anything that comes to your attention.

If you follow these 20 easy steps properly then you will always have a fresh and tidy bathroom and cleaning it won’t be a dreaded task anymore. Now I’m pretty sure that your bathroom is a “Monica tidy bathroom” and if Monica was a guest at your place, she won’t hesitate to use your bathroom AT ALL!

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