12 Smell Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Smell Amazing

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A bathroom is a place where we freshen up and it is impossible if it smells bad. The odors affect our moods and a bad odor can spoil our mood in the morning itself.

All in all, you need your bathroom to smell amazing at all times. You can make your bathroom smell like a spa easily and without using harmful chemicals too.

In this article, you will read 12 pocket-friendly hacks to make your bathroom smell amazing so let’s go.

1. Using Cotton Balls

You don’t need much stuff. Just a few cotton balls, a jar, and just a few drops of essential oils for this hack and you will be satisfied with the result.

The fragrance will last up to 24 hours. I like this hack because you can personalize the fragrance.

2. Using Toilet Paper Roll 

Yes, toilet paper roll can make your bathroom smell fresh.

Use this hack and you will be surprised with the results. Using this hack, you can make your bathroom smell fresh with every use of your toilet paper.

3. Toilet Bombs

Toilet booms are similar to bathtub bombs you can make it easily using baking soda, essential oil, citric acid, and water. I’m sure you’ll have these things at home to make toilet bombs. If not these things are easily available at a reasonable rate.

Make your own DIY toilet booms now.

4. DIY Decorative Air Freshener

You don’t need to use those ugly air fresheners that are available in the market. Make your own decorative air freshener like artificial flowers or a cute mason jar etc that complements your interior. 

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You can make an air freshener that matches your interior and smells amazing.

5. DIY Poo Puri

Use this DIY poo puri before using your washroom. It will remove nasty odors while you use your washroom and make your bathroom smell fresh after you are done using too. It is pocket-friendly and natural.

Make a DIY poo puri in 3 simple steps with things available at home.

6. Try Using Toilet Brush

Your toilet brush may be the reason for your bathroom smelling. As it’s used to clean the toilet bowl it has a lot of germs and bacteria on it. it’s probably the dirtiest tool in your washroom.

Cleaning a toilet brush is a one-step thing and you can clean it with detergent or bleach whichever is available.

7. Use Lemon

I came across this hack when I was searching for uses of lemon around the house. I have used this hack to make my bathroom absorb odors and make your bathroom smell fresh with just a few lemon and apple cider vinegar.

With my experience using this hack, I must inform you that it is a short time fix you need to change the slices in like every 2 to 3 days.

8. Trash Can Deodorizer

I don’t think I need to remind you why is cleaning your trash can important and all. So let’s get to the point you can eliminate these nasty smells and deodorize your trash can in our bathroom with just a little baking soda.

9. DIY Odor Absorber

This is just your thing if you don’t like strong fragrance this hack will give you a subtle fragrance and a fresh feel.

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Take a small cute jar little baking soda your favorite fragrance and make an odor absorber Paint the jar from outside to make it look good and match with the other stuff.

10. Vinegar In The Flush Tank

If you think that the reason your bathroom is smelling is the flush tank or the toilet bowl use vinegar and it will remove the smell and keep it fresh for long.

Flush the vinegar in a few minutes if you let it sit for long it may corrode the material and we don’t want that.

11. Eucalyptus In Shower

Really with a bunch eucalyptus of in your shower and the steam or hot water not only eliminate nasty odors and freshens your bathroom it also provides aromatherapy. 

Personally, I loved this the bath is very relaxing and refreshing and you don’t have to do much just take a bath and all nasty odors are gone and your bathroom smells amazing.

12. Homemade Air Freshener Spray

Making air fresheners at home are cost-efficient and has shown better results than the air fresheners we buy. I like making it at home because I can use my favorite lavender oil. You can use vodka or rubbing alcohol too.

These were 12 hacks to kick nasty odors out of your bathroom and kick start your day with a bathroom smelling like your favorite spa. 

You don’t require to put much effort or money for an amazing smelling bathroom.