20 Beautiful Hanging Houseplants that are hard to kill

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Spent thousands of dollars and still not satisfied by your interior decor? You might be missing the natural touch in your home. Hanging plants on your walls and windows can add to the elegance of your interiors and make it look serene. Whether you love a vibrant ambience or a plain and classy look, hanging plants will be a great addition to your home.

Not only do they look great, but they are also NASA-accredited air purifiers making the air around you a little less toxic and more refreshing. Moreover, they are quite inexpensive if you know the right place to buy these plants resulting in a win-win situation. The list of benefits doesn’t end here, though. 

You might be surprised to know that these plants are a one-time investment as they only require sporadic watering and maintenance to live for a long time. These hard to kill hanging plants are a must-have for every home. You can choose from these 20 breathtaking options that we have curated keeping in mind that they last longer and require low-maintenance.

20 Beautiful but Hardy Hanging Plants for your home

1. String of Pearls

An eye-catching hanging plant, String of Pearls would quickly become the highlight of your living room decor. The marble shaped pear-like stands of String of Pearls look breathtaking in daylight as well as at dawn. Don’t overwater this plant since it likes to dry out between watering.

Best way to hang – Pot it in a traditional basket and choose soil that drains well to keep them alive longer. A ceiling rope hanger around the edge of the room or on the balcony looks the best.

2. Peace Lily

If you’re one of those procrastinators who forget watering your plants often, Peace Lily is the ideal hanging plant for you. As the name suggests, it literally provides you with peace by showing you when it needs water. Its arms flop down when thirsty, which will make you feel like it’s your pet. Another interesting fact about Peace Lily is that it grows back through watering even after all its leaves have fallen.

Best Way to Hang– Keep it in a rather large pot attached with strong ropes with the ceiling.

3. Rosemary

Your mornings will be enlightened with the Rosemary plant hanging in your bedroom due to its refreshing aroma. They’re another good news for the self-proclaimed chefs as you can use Rosemary leaves as a seasoning on top of your delicacies. 

Best Way to Hang– Keep it in a traditional pot hanging near the balcony or a sunlit window as it needs surplus sunlight for food. Try to keep the soil moist for long periods to make it live long.

4. Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Don’t get scared by the devil in the name. The large hearty leaves of this creeper add a delicate touch to your living room decor. While it looks as lively as other hanging plants, it’s excellent for the first-timers as it requires minimal light and water to stay alive. A low-maintenance hanging plant is going to be one of the best things you’ll buy in your house.

Best Way to Hang– You can keep it in a regular pot in areas of your home that look dull due to the absence of windows around. The vibrant green leaves will brighten up those corners immediately impressing your guests too.

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5. Boston Fern

The long branches of Boston Fern can grow down to the knees in a concise while. If you’re striving for a tinge of nature amidst the city lights in your home, Boston Fern is the right hanging plant for you. The generous proportions of leaves coming out of this plant will add a botanical display to your room.

Best Way to Hang– The long and crowded branches of Boston Fern renders the pot’s look useless. You can sow it in a small basket and hang it around a window. This plant requires regular watering and thrives in humid conditions making it an ideal option for your bathroom.

6. Asparagus Fern

The green colour of Asparagus Fern is excitingly refreshing and a delight to watch while kicking on the day. It’s effectively indestructible and requires very low maintenance. It’s not recommended to hang around children or pets though. 

Best Way to Hang– The leaves of Asparagus Fern are poisonous, and you’d be better off hanging it on a tall ceiling or areas unreachable to your children and pet.

7. Bromeliad

Do you want to add a vibrant touch to your dull living room? What about a glazy pink and green creeper hanging on your walls? Bromeliad is a very low-maintenance creeper that takes a considerable time to grow full length. The vibrant colours of its flowers is definitely a standout, and so is its ability to grow without soil. 

Best Way to Hang– Mount them with a hanger on the walls of your living room to add an exotic touch to your home.

8. English Ivy

Do you live in areas that experience cooler climes? You don’t need to be worried at all. While most plants grow faster in warm sunlight, English Ivy loves the cold climate. The vine-like growth of English Ivy will definitely be a pleasant sight in those chilly mornings.

Best Way to Hang– Use an earthen pot to sow English Ivy on the ceiling. The plant grows fairly fast, so keep it in a place that is not crowded with obstacles. Keep it in cool areas away from windows as it is not very fond of sunlight.

9. Peperomia

The little round leaves of Peperomia look great when they are kept at the side table or the dressing table. The hanging variety of Peperomia is a little hard to find but extremely easy to maintain. The ornamental vegetation of Peperomia is a delight to watch in almost any corner of the house.

Best Way to Hang– Keep it in a sophisticated Bone China pot hanging to the living room or bedroom to add a jewel to your decor.

10. Air Plants (Tillandsia) 

You must be wondering what really does an air plant mean. The witty ones may have guessed that these plants get most of their nutrients through the air. You don’t need to put fertilisers in the soil and water it regularly in these low-maintenance plants. The Air Plants with silver foliage look absolutely magical with their hard leaves.

Best Way to Hang– Hang them almost anywhere away from the windows since they can get damaged from the wind. Hanging them on pebble-shaped pots provide an island-like ambience to your room.

11. Ficus (Figs)

Another one for the newbies, Figs are easy to maintain and only require sporadic watering. You don’t need to put them under direct sunlight to help them grow. The variegated varieties of Ficus are hard to find but equally hard to resist if you do find them with your local gardener.

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Best Way to Hang– These creepers need support to stay alive, so you need to put the pot near windows that provide support for the plants to grow. Despite tying them to the ceiling, they can grow as long as the ground.

12. String of Bananas

Do you like to amaze your guests with out-of-the-box decor but want to stick to natural ways? You can try String of Bananas creepers in your home. The leaves of these plants look like bananas and are quite catchy, to say the least. You would feel quite comfortable with these plants at home since they require hardly any maintenance. Just water them once every two weeks, and they will be good to go!

Best Way to Hang– This plant can grow in various directions, so you need ample space to let these plants show their true potential. Hang them with a ceiling rope in a pot and keep them in a warm and bright area. Avoid placing them near windows to avoid direct sunlight. Bedrooms and living rooms are the best places to hang them.

13. Dichondra Silver Falls

While hanging plants are a sign of life and make your home more alive, some people want something more than that. If you wish to some dazzling stuff to enhance the decor of your home, these silver-green foliage cascades are your best bet. They leave a stunning trail of silver on their leaves through the distance they grow, which makes them an irresistible option among hanging plants.

Best Way to Hang– Hang them on a wooden basket in dry areas like the living room or the bedroom. Avoid hanging these plants near the kitchen or in the bathroom as they deteriorate in humid conditions.

14. Spider Plant

Many of us are afraid of insects are spiders are arguably the scariest of them. The same can’t be said about Spider Plants which look breathtaking in daylight. The outward curves of the leaves are a treat to watch, and the Spider Plants also filter toxins. They help keep the air fresh in your room which may make you fall in love with them. It’s actually better to love a plant than a human because it comes with zero expectations and a complete delight.

Best Way to Hang– The best place to hang spider plants is the kitchen or the living room since its air eliminates toxins from its surroundings. Put it in a hanging basket and place it near the kitchen window. Try to protect them from direct sunlight to make them last longer.

15. Chinese Money Plant

A plant that suits the elite and sophisticated. The coin-shaped leaves are the testimony to the kind of class you try to stamp upon the world. It’s not that this one is not for the middle class, but it suits the sophisticated interiors with their minimalistic design. These plants are quite low-maintenance since they require watering just once a week and even less at times.

Best Way to Hang– Try to avoid direct sunlight and place them in a trendy basket that provides a botanical touch. An interesting fact about Chinese money plant is that you can replant the rotten leaves and offshoots of this one.

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16. Fishhook

The grown leaves of Fishhook resemble the shape of a fish, which perhaps adds more biotic life to your already refreshing home. If you care a lot about interior decor, invest money in a triangular wall hanging. They are susceptible to damage under direct sunlight, so it’s advisable to keep them away from direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Best Way to Hang– Place the bottle in a traditional pot and either keep it on a side table or hang it using a high vertical hanger on the ceiling. If you live in cold areas, it’s quite hard to find a hanging plant that suits the climate, but this one is the right option for you.

17. Lipstick Plant

I was quite amused the first time I heard of this plant. You would have thought it can be an ideal plant for a romantic evening. Indeed, it would add a dash of elegance to your dining room with its beautiful red flowers and large leaves. Candlelight dinners at home are all about the ambience and having a Lipstick plant at home would make it all the more picturesque.

Best Way to Hang– They look best in a traditional wooden basket hung on the ceiling near the window. You need to keep the top layer of the soil dry and feed them with direct sunlight to make them last longer. 

18. Monstera

A Monstera plant is quite exclusive with people rarely using them as creepers in their home. The holes in the leaves add an out-of-the-box touch to the large-leaved plant. They grow up quite fast and can become longer than you would like in the bedroom. They are best placed in large rooms near the windows. You just need to water them weekly which makes them a great option for those having a busy lifestyle.

Best Way to Hang– Monstera hanged on a macrame hanger provide an exquisite look to your decor. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and overwatering which may hinder their growth.

19. Watermelon Peperomia

A must-add to your hanging plant collection, Watermelon Peperomia thrives in warm climates. They don’t grow overly long which makes them a great option to hang near the coffee table. Additionally, they love dry soil and only need watering once every two weeks. The lazy heads or the busy heads would love to have Watermelon Peperomia in their homes.

Best Way to Hang– Hang them in a pot in a stable diamond hanger attached to the ceiling. They look good at all times of the year and don’t require much sunlight, just a cosy warm atmosphere for you and your plant.

20. Prayer Plant

Leaves of prayer-plants have a complex texture mixed with shades of green that makes for an attractive appearance. Your guests are bound to stop and praise the beauty of these hanging plants. Additionally, these are quite low-maintenance, needing a small amount of water now and then. They can sustain elongated periods of dryness, making them a durable investment.

Best Way to Hang– They are lightweight plants so you can them using a rope and an old pot enhancing the natural aesthetic of your home.

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