25 Best Patio Plants

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Want to utilize the vacant space in your courtyard? If yes then put on your shoes and gloves because it’s time for some gardening! What else could be a better way to use that space than planting some green friends over there!

Plants not only provide us with fresh and clean air, but they also facilitate the setting for a good mood and vibrant energy. Besides, they turn out to be the best surroundings for people sitting in your courtyard or balcony or let’s just say in your living room as well.

Some plants can be exclusively used to fulfil this genius purpose. They require low maintenance and would be comfortable going on your bank balance too.

Let’s just head right over to find out the best patio plants to turn your empty area into a lush green meadow!

25 Best Patio Plants

1. Lavender

Lavender ( Lavandula ) is a perennial plant that requires a significant amount of sunlight to grow. Therefore, it’s best suited if you’re planning to try out gardening this summer.

Lavenders can be planted in a container or pot. It survives best when watered taking breaks in between. They not only beautify the whole place but also work as a mosquito repellent. 

2. Strawberry

Who doesn’t like eating strawberries! Now if I tell you to grow strawberries in your patio, it would be a great idea. 

Strawberries can survive in the shade as long as they receive a minimum of six hours of sunlight. They require enough watering, especially during the fruit-bearing season.

They are proven to be efficient decorator plants plus they can help you prepare a face mask as well!

3. Cherry Tomato

Let’s admit that cherry tomatoes are possibly the cutest patio plant you can have!

They are available in different varieties such as red, yellow, orange etc. Generally, patio plants don’t require much care and maintenance, but cherry tomatoes need to be watered twice a day and should be kept in a sunny area.

But they are worth all the efforts they demand and enhance the beauty of your open space. 

4. Rose

Rose is the most common type of plant you will get to see in the patios around. They deodorize the whole space they’re planted in. Roses usually require a significant amount of sunshine except for few that are happy in the shade.

Best part? They don’t ask for much watering unless the soil isn’t sandy. You can also try making different things with the roses in your backyard. 

5. Eggplant

Mini eggplants are the most commonly used breed of eggplant in patios. Eggplants don’t require much water to grow you can just shower them twice a week, and that’s it! 

They must be kept under sun for at least six hours a day. They can be an exciting patio plant and are also competent to make a way into your dinner menu! 

6. Cuphea

Cuphea is a beautiful perennial plant that is available in various colours- purple, orange, pink, yellow, white and red ( sounds like the whole of a rainbow ). 

These can be easily planted in a container and are generally grown in sunlight. They need to be watered until their soil becomes well moist. Once their soil gains moisture, they can survive in the shade as well.

7. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s trumpet is known for its beauty and elegant flowers. Although, it is poisonous if consumed directly by humans or plans. It typically grows in shady regions.

If the soil is well fertilized and drained, it can be put in the shade to grow at a natural pace. Angel’s trumpet is believed to be poisonous, so it’s necessary to build them under proper surveillance. 

Their beauty and low maintenance tendency are what makes it a part of this list.

8. Bamboo

Bamboos turn out to be an excellent choice for the patios. They can be grown well in pot containers and in gardens too. They are comparatively less demanding and don’t require much sunlight.

Moreover, you just need to water them once a week. Here’s a fun fact: Bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than other plants. Sounds like a legitimate reason to opt for a bamboo patio!

9. Mandevilla

Mandevilla plants once they fully grow, become a sight to behold. They are the most common choice for the patios these days as they don’t ask for much.

Their sunlight requirement is as minimal as it could be and can survive well in the shady area. They must be watered till the soil becomes moist and in winters you can go long without watering them.

10. Coleus

This is another subtle option available for you to decorate your patio. Coleus grows best in the containers and not on the ground. You need to water them just to avoid dry conditions, and they proliferate in the shade. 

They invite another little guest to honour you patios – butterflies. Butterflies are easily attracted to coleus; therefore, enhancing the face of your patio.

11. Begonia

You can plant your begonia in a pot and keep them in a place so that they get a moderate amount of sunlight. They have leaves structured in a way that can store water for more extended periods, so they don’t ask for frequent watering.

They require well-fertilized soil, especially the liquid fertilizers in the time of planting them. Afterwards, they’re not much demanding.

12. Lantana

Lantanas can be a potential member of your patios. You must water them once a week until the soil gets well-drained. They require at least six hours of sunlight so that their colourful flowers which are an eye feast could blossom perfectly.

They work as a natural mosquito repellent, and a large number of attracted butterflies is a bonus.

13. Caladium

If you’re looking out for another low maintenance plant, then caladium can be the right choice. They can stay happy in the shady region except for some of the varieties.

Usually, they don’t require much water unless the soil is moist, but some of the sun-loving species do require frequent watering. They’re also known as ‘the heart of Jesus’ and can be toxic to your pets so keep them away.

14. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is quite versatile and can adjust in any kind of soil and light conditions. Although, you must avoid exposing them to scorching afternoon sun.

They require a moderate amount of water on sunny days, and you should feed them with fertilizers after a certain period. You can grow them in any container or pot. Their colourful flowers invite hummingbirds.

15. Creeping Thyme

Creeping thyme or mother of thyme can be planted in a light-textured soil which is well-drained. They require a moderate amount of sunlight ( mostly shade ). You must water them only till their soil becomes moist but avoid over draining.

You must be patient with the creeping thyme as it may take up to a year to grow or blossom.

16. Blueberry Bush

Blueberries are quite expensive and seasonal, but we still love to eat them. So why not plant them in your patio! You just need to go and buy out some ‘dwarf blueberries’ and plant them in a container with acidic soil and acidic fertilizers. 

Also, you must put them in a place where sunlight prevails for at least half of the day. They need to be watered frequently during the growing season.

17. Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet potato vines are lush green herbs that can be planted in your patio and make it look a little more soothing. You can freely keep their pot in a sunny area and water them frequently during their growing season.

They mostly thrive in well-drained and fertilized soil. Make sure to keep your baby dogs away from them as a sweet potato vine may not be generous to them.

18. Nemesia

Nemesia is a “colourful” choice to be exhibited in your patio. They generally grow during the winter season in frost-free regions and need enough time under the sun. 

You will need to water them to keep the soil well moist but make sure not to let the water be clogged in the pot. Plus you will need to fertilize them during the growing season. 

19. Pentas

If you’re looking for a “charming” friend to settle them in your courtyard, then this one’s for you! Pentas can easily survive exposure to the sun during most of the time in a day. You can plant them in your gardens as well as in a pot.

You must water them frequently to get the best colours out of them and feed them with fertilizers once in the growing month.

20. Hibiscus

You can plant hibiscus in pot and garden both. Make sure the soil is not very sandy and water it regularly during the growing season.

Hibiscus is the most popularly acclaimed flower which is grown in the patios. It is attractive to both humans and pathogens, including butterflies.

You might love to know that the dry hibiscus is considered to be an edible matter in Mexico.

21. Ornamental Pepper

Peppers are mostly spicy and are flavourful to use in Mexican delicacies. Besides, they are a hunky-dory choice for your patio. You can plant an ornamental pepper in a container or pot.

You can set them freely under the sun for about three to four hours a day. It is advisable to place them on an east or west-facing side. They grow best in moist soil. So you need not water them every day!

Make sure never to taste them as it is because these little ornaments are strong enough to make you lose your senses.

22. Canna

Cannas are gorgeous looking flowers that bloom during the onset of summers. You will have to choose a durable pot or container to plant them as they grow quite tall. 

They ask for a moderate amount of sunlight and water. The soil must not be dry but also not water clog the pot.

You can freely let your baby dogs and cats around this plant as they’re pet-friendly and love to play with them!

23. Gardenia

These white-coloured flowers look captivating and will beautify your patio. You can plant them in a small to a medium-sized pot and keep them indoors or outdoor where there is no direct sunlight. However, morning and evening sunlight are beneficial for their growth.

Make sure to plant them in a soil rich in organic matter and water them infrequently just enough to keep the soil moist.

Gardenias are believed to signify purity and gentleness.

24. Boxwood

As the name suggests, you can plant boxwood in a box-shaped pot or container of medium size. It consists of mostly shrubs, so you need not water them every day.

You will have to water them frequently in dry seasons only. Keep them under the sun as they’re happy to grow when exposed to sunlight.

The oil extracted from the wood of the boxwood plant can be used to treat arthritis, epilepsy, fever, wounds, and so many other diseases.

25. Million Bells

You can plant a million bells in your patio in a pot or a container, but they need enough space as when it reproduces in large numbers. Put them under the sun and keep their soil acidic and moist.

You must feed them water every day during hot days. Once grown, it will display you a rainbow of eye-soothing colours and will make your patio look like a garden!