31 Bullet Journal Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

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If your life seems to fall apart without daily and weekly planning, a bullet journal would be an indispensable asset to you. If you haven’t tried one yet, you should consider it to set things right. A bullet journal keeps you motivated, helps you keep a track of your to-do lists, and focuses on whatever is important to you. But that’s not it! You can also use it in a variety of ways for self-reflection and growth that might seem challenging otherwise.

It helps you stay motivated and collected since everything you need is in one place. Besides, knowing how far you’ve come and how long you need to go achieve your goals is an amazing tool to keep your determination going. The journal can adapt to your current situation and is customized to your needs. Check out these 31 genius bullet journal ideas to see the difference it makes!

31 Bullet Journal Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

1. Sleep Tracker

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Caught up in an upside-down sleep cycle? Well, sleeping adequately isn’t enough. The lack of a proper sleeping schedule can still leave you feeling tired throughout the day. Create a cute sleep tracker like this one and you may find out patterns that emerge. Knowing about the issue further helps in countering them. All you need to do is fill in your entry when you start sleeping and when you wake up.

2. Chronodex Graph

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The Chronodex graph is an excellent way to keep track of your time and visualize upcoming events. The colorful segments look so are pleasing to look at! You can assign different kinds of tasks or activities to each color. This way, one look will instantly let you know about your motivations throughout the week. All it takes is one or two hours and some crayons to make this wonderful Chronodex bullet journal spread.

3. TV Show Tracker

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Have you ever spent a weekend knee-deep into a new show, just to forget where you left it off the next week? You might spend hours browsing around for a new show to watch or trying to remember a friend’s special recommendation. A TV series tracker might be the answer to your prayers! Spend a few hours making this tracker. Log in the web series and TV shows that are on your watch list and your work here is done. As you speed through the episodes and the seasons, you can note your progress here. Once you finish a show, just scan through your bullet journal to know what’s next!

4. Meal Planner

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Stop panicking over what to make for dinner and forgotten grocery lists! This amazing bullet journal meal planner is going to be your new best friend. Whether you’re following a diet plan or have little time for groceries, this would help you out. Put up small sticky notes for what you’re going to make each day of the week. Add a bigger one for a weekly shopping list and you’re done!

 5. Unique Circular Tracker

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Sure, there are many unique journal designs popular among netizens. But most of them require a lot of pages and intricate details that can become too inconvenient to handle. Use a space-saving circular design especially if you have a lot on your plate for the month. This spread will give you a beautiful and productive overview of your busy month in just one glance!

6. A Year in Pixels

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If you’re looking to cut out toxicity from your life and embrace positivity, it’s important to track your mood and understand what triggers the ups and downs in your mental health. Track down your trouble points with this simple yet colorful tracker. At the end of the year, you will have an organized idea of how your mindset affects your days.

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7. Goal Grid

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If you have bigger dreams to achieve and want this year to finally change your life, short-term goals are crucial. Create a large plan that consists of shorter practical targets you can achieve daily. It might look tough but the road is surely realistic when you can track your progress every morning.

8. Brain Dump

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Your head is home to unlimited million-dollar thoughts, especially when you’re an artist. If you can keep a track of all your ideas and thoughts, they will serve as inspiration later on. Keep a brain dump journal with you that collects everything. No matter how small an idea, it can translate into something special if you manage to retain it. And what better way to do that than in a cute little space dedicated to your brain dump!

9. Level 10 Life

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Tracking various aspects of your life and analyzing them is crucial for holistic growth. If you want to achieve growth in all parts of your life, create a level 10 life tracker bullet journal spread. The diagnostic tool can keep you motivated to pay attention to all areas of your life by helping you reflect on your progress, goals, and purpose in a rounded fashion.

10. Gratitude Log

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Gratitude is the key to a happy life as it helps you appreciate what you already have. In the materialistic world, you can easily forget the luxuries and love you already have. Get rid of love deprivation by writing all the things you are grateful for at the end of each day. It’s a quick task that ensures long-term happiness.

11. Stop Forgetting Birthdays

The first year of college can be tough. New projects, assignments, lots of extracurricular activities events, and of course friends. I can’t imagine going through it all without keeping a journal! Stop the embarrassment of forgetting the birthdays of the friends you leave behind after high school. Keep the simple yet valuable journal in your backpack so you never miss another special day!

12. Grid For Tracking Daily Habits

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Try to fill squares of daily habits every day. From waking up at the right time to ending the day on a good note, you should circle all the good habits you follow throughout the day. For habits that you think are needed to be followed at intervals, outline when you plan to execute them and later fill the box when you complete the task. The planner can help you become the person you want to be and evolve quicker than you’d imagine.

13. Simple and Impactful

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Not a fan of crafting fancy bullet journals? Don’t let that come in the way of sorting the complexities of your life. Here is an impactful bullet journal that would help improve your planning and analysis.

A bit of patience might be needed at the start but you can reap rich dividends later! You can opt for a smaller journal if you would like to carry it around as well!

14. Minimalist Bullet Journal

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Sometimes minimalist and functional spreads can make room for peaceful and creative thinking rather than cluttered layouts. Here is a minimalist bullet journal setup with the intelligent placing of goals, months, tasks, and more. You can mold this kind of functional design into your favorite templates and get a journal that works for your personal goals!

15. Memory Bullet Journal


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Go for a majestic bullet journal with fond memories of the previous months or years. You can add quick notes for occasions and always remember the important moments of life. You can also choose to do it vice versa and jot down what you need to do in the upcoming months. The journal is very attractive and will inspire you to use it.

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16. Nature-Inspired Monthly Spread


Bring the liveliness of leaves and flowers to your journal! Create a beautiful bullet journal spread like this to start your month the right way. It’s an excellent motivational space to achieve your goals for the month. You’ll learn how to deal with negativity by adding a monthly mantra. Once you follow it religiously, switch to the next mantra and you’ll reach your potential sooner than you think!

17. Repeating Tasks and Events

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Your routine can seem redundant and boring when you have to repeat tasks day in and day out. Still, this boring part is necessary at times for work and in your personal life. Keeping track of how long you’ve come with an exciting planner like this one can push you to do the hard yards and stay competitive for long.

All the bright-colored slips seem like a prize when you’ve gone through the month. You can even assign yourself a reward at the end for an extra push!

18. Budget Spread

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Whether you are struggling to save a fortune or can’t control your expenses, this bullet journal can help. Keeping proper track of your current and upcoming expenses can let you analyze and see where you can cut costs.

The intelligent ideas also suggest a way of debt elimination which can come in handy for people struggling with EMIs.

19. Work-Life Balance Journal

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If creating a bullet journal for work and personal goals can be overwhelming, go for something well-segregated like this. It just lets everything set up smoothly. You get enough space to jot down the progress at work and to write down your personal goals, thoughts, and more on the other side. Anything that seems important to you can go here!

20. Birthday Bullet Journal Tracker


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Keep a track of the birthdays of friends and family! Pre-plan everything by making these birthday bullet journals. The one-page spread is pretty simplified yet attractive. The usage of different colors on the color wheel helps group people easily. Maintain it once or twice – you’ll start relating birthdays to colors and remember them without help next time.

21. Self Love Bullet Journal


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Daily affirmations can eliminate toxic thoughts and motivate you to do great things. Affirming what makes you unique and going back to it every day will allow you to be content with yourself. If you tell yourself something regularly, you will start believing it. You can also add personal quotes and moments in this self-love journal and keep believing in yourself.

22. Monthly Review


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The end of a month is a good time for introspection and self-reflection. Still, you may forget critical things and give too much importance to recent events without a review journal. Create one at the start of the month and start listing out the improvements you set out to make, what works for you in the month, and what doesn’t.

This way, you’ll be able to track your progress, as well as have a better understanding of your habits and mindset.

23. Cleaning Calendar

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The corners in your house can become an irreparable mess if you keep procrastinating your weekly clean-up sessions. This can make cleaning before the holidays a challenging job. A simple cleaning bullet journal spread will help you out!

It lists all the activities you need to do on different days to relieve yourself of the occasional 6-hour deep cleaning. It also ensures your humble abode is always ready to warmly welcome your guests!

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24. Bookshelf in Bullet Journal

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Do you keep forgetting the books you needed to read after the current one? Well, spare a day and add a bookshelf to your bullet journal. You’ll remember all the books that you have wanted to read for a long time creatively.

You can also fill in the names after you read a book to know your reading collection and perhaps be proud of it.

25. Birthday and Gift Tracker

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Losing track of all the presents you need to buy and the parties you need to attend? Here is a simple setup to help you stay organized! The funky lettering and the minimalistic colors pair together beautifully on paper.

This one has sections for gifts and wrapping as well, which means you’ll never panic about a last-minute gift again! You can make the tracker as simple or as detailed as you like.

26. Yearly Tracker

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Take time to reflect on how the year went after tracking all the important incidents, improvements and goals achieved or forgotten at a glance in your bullet journal. It’s simple and minimalist, which is needed after all the madness of Christmas and New Year.

It’s the time to be patient and set yourself for another long haul – this year a glance journal is the right place to kickstart!

27. Attractive List Based Journal

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If you’re a sucker for an attractive drop-down list like me, you’d love to maintain this bujo. It contains everything you need, scattered yet very neat. The use of dotted paper makes it aesthetic as well as easy to read and analyze.

It can take a while to draw and color all the tiny details but the result is definitely worth it! Anyone will be amazed when you jot down your to-do list here instead of a boring notebook.

28. Bill Tracking and Subscriptions

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Not everyone can afford to have a personal accountant. But you can opt to have a bill and subscription journal to keep track of all your transactions. Tracking subscriptions keeps everything functioning as you don’t forget to renew or cancel anything.

You’d also understand how much of your income you’re spending on various bills and channelize them in better ways from the next time!

29. Weight Loss Tracker

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A bullet journal that tracks all the parts of your diet plan, workout, and more is a must to track your progress.

The measurements you take help keep you motivated because otherwise, results can be hard to spot when we look at ourselves every day. Keep a track of measurements so you can push yourself to achieve higher.

30. Neon Pink Work Journal

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Pace up your workflow with a flowery bullet journal spread that can de-stress you at work. The pink and neon colours add the much-needed oomph to an otherwise dull, work-ridden piece of paper. You can segregate various tasks easily and ensure you meet all your deadlines and targets at a glance.

31. Autumn Bucket List

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If you savour the delicacies of Autumn and wait for Fall the whole year, you’d love to create this bucket list. Be ready for Fall to have a pumpkin spice latte or completely re-decorate your front porch. There’s so much you can do, so keep a track of all your ideas so you can save money and enjoy the relaxing season of Fall.

These were some functional and creative bullet journal ideas. You can always tinker with the content and customize your journal to your needs. Remember, there are no rules! Whatever works for you and makes your life easier is good enough.

Create a weekly, monthly or daily bullet journal according to preferences and raise your planning game to achieve holistic growth.