31 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Wreaths

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Wreaths have always had, for me, the combined power of evoking festivity and good cheer. In recent times, however, they have also morphed into rather more elegant items of decoration- that can be hung from door knockers even when festivals are nowhere near the corner.

This shift, I believe, has been brought about by a more minimalist trend in how wreaths are fashioned- with less of the gaudy baubles that adorned them in earlier times.

A fun way to ring in fall in the house is by fashioning a few wreaths- large and small, bright and dull. Of course, there are a few reliable ‘fall’ cliches to rely on to make them decidedly autumnal. This article is about the same- 31 different DIY ideas for fall wreaths, easy on the eye, and on the pockets too!

1. Corn Husk Wreath

Via Marthastewart

Autumn is a time when the corn crop flourishes, and as a result, so does universal consumption of that childhood delicacy- corn on the cob. Upcycle the husks, by weaving them together to form a wreath.

Using a length of wire as the framework is a good idea, as it gives the wreath some much-needed solidity. Choose husks that have been just discarded, so they are all similar shades of pale green.

2. DIY Halloween Wreath

Via Lollyjane

Craft a wreath that puts together all the identifiable elements of Halloween- black cats, orange pumpkins, and a scary face or two.

It is pretty easy to DIY this wreath- all you need is good sewing skills and yarn/paper in orange and black.

3. DIY Pinecone Wreath

Via Apieceofrainbow

Put the fallen pine cones in your backyard to good use, by weaving them together in a wreath!

This dark brown wreath is not a great example of what one calls ‘clever recycling’, but also serves as just the right herald of fall.

Added bonus? The dark brown wood tone goes very well with all kinds of home decor.

4. DIY Acorn Wreath

Via Youtube

As with the pine cones, acorns are easily available to come fall. All one needs to do is scoop them up and put them together in the form of a wreath. Add some twine or wiring for a stronger framework.

One can also decorate the wreath further, by painting the acorns or using fairy lights to jazz it up.

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5. DIY Picture Frame Wreath

Via Aubreeoriginals

A wreath that is also a picture frame! There are many ways to make this wreath representative of autumn- using leaves with fall colorings to ornament the sides of the frame, making paper pumpkin cutouts, and using stencils to letter the edges with keywords that remind one of fall.

Added bonus? You get to display your favorite picture as part of the wreath!

6. Book Leaves Fall Wreath

Via Thistlewoodfarms

Upcycle an old book that you are not likely to peruse, and use the pages to create fall leaves. Fall leaves, as I am sure you already know, tend to have distinctive shapes. They are medium-sized and have serrated edges.

Once your book leaves have been cut the right way, string them together around a circular wire and voila, you have yourself a book wreath.

7. Fall Candy Wreath

Via Youtube

Autumn is the season for candy collection. One can amass an enviable collection, all in the space of a single night (Halloween, of course). Putting the candy in a wreath is an idea that is to me both ingenious and very fun.

And it goes without saying that any lone candy that falls out, is yours to keep.

8. Floral Wreath (Seasonal)

Via Thespruce

A floral wreath, in my experience, rarely goes wrong. It is akin to an old, dependable friend but one who can be reinvented with the passage of time.

Give a floral wreath a season twist by incorporating exclusively fall flowers and autumnal leaves- all of them in varying shades of orange, red, and brown.

9. Harvest Wheat Wreath

Via Gluesticksblog

As an homage to harvest season, this simple yet elegant wreath is only wheat and straw- lush and luxuriant stalks of it.

The extra decoration is always welcome- whether it is string lights, sequins, or a simple ribbon for a touch of whimsy.

10. Fall Flora Wreath

Via Artsychicksrule

A wreath which consists of dried fall fruits and flowers. They make a medley of delicious smells and vibrant colors and is guaranteed to make the wreath stand out in just how autumnal it is.

11. Fall Leaf Wreath

Via Designimprovised

A predictable wreath, some might say, but arguably the best at invoking the true flavor of fall. This wreath is composed entirely of fall leaves of all sizes and in varying shades of red, orange, and yellow.

The only downside to this gorgeous wreath is that the leaves do not have a long shelf life, and the wreath has to be replaced before long.

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12. Eucalyptus Wreath

A fragrant idea for a fall wreath- eucalyptus leaves are quite easy to source, are attractive to look at, emanate a calming, scented odor and do not noticeably shrivel up when dry.

Put together all these points in favor of this aromatic plant- and you have yourself a wreath that can stay up on your door for months. Assuming that it is safely shielded from inclement weather.

13. Bark and Twig Wreath

Via Youtube

A wreath made out of the wood from fallen branches, this wreath is sturdy, solid and lends a rustic feel that is entirely natural.

14. Chalkboard Wreath

Via Twelveonmain

A wreath fashioned around a chalkboard, so you can write down your thoughts about fall every day.

15. Paper Leaf Wreath

Via Polkadotchair

A leaf wreath made entirely out of paper- and glitter and glue and color.

16. Embroidery Hoop

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

This hack puts to use an old embroidery hoop- and refurbishing it by draping colorful yarn, autumnal leaves (real and faux), and dried berries that emanate faint smells of this chilly, yet crisp season.

17. Hydrangea Wreath

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

A bold and beautiful floral choice for a wreath, but one that is perfectly in line with what autumn stands for. These large, luxuriant flowers are sure to jazz up your front porch and elicit unanimous approval.

18. Autumn Berries

Via Gardentherapy

Autumn berries in a wreath, held together by a foam form for the framework of the wreath.

19. Vintage Tray Door Wreath

Via Twelveonmain

Recycle an old tray (preferably one with interesting carvings) and use it to create an original and unique wreath.

You can choose to decorate the tray with bits and bobs that are representative of autumn, or add chalkboard paint to the flat surface and have fun writing reminders that autumn is not too far away!

20. Mini Pumpkin Wreath

Via Onsuttonplace

Faux pumpkins, woven together in the form of a wreath makes for the perfect fall decoration and an appropriate indicator that this is the month of Halloween.

Adding birch wood to the wire framework is another good that, if implemented, will only up the ”fall’ ante.

21. Apple Wreath

Via Thewoodgraincottage

Autumn is all about apples- apple picking, bobbing for apples, and.. apple wreaths? Even though the real fruit might not be a suitable contender for a wreath, the faux version certainly is. Buy yourself a number of fake apples, and make a wreath out of them for an extravagant, lush finish.

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The color is completely the individual’s prerogative.

22. Cotton Blooms Wreath

Via Runtoradiance

Up-cycle an old and threadbare wreath by adding cotton flowers to the sides. These cotton flowers are very easy to craft, and can be made by using the spare cotton everyone has stuffed in a random drawer in the house.

These cotton blooms are whimsical, delicate reminders of fall.

23. Cotton & Dried Leaves Wreath

Via Birchlane

This DIY project involves the liberal use of cotton, and dried leaves of every color, shape, and size. You might even add bits of dried bark or twigs for a more rustic appearance.

24. Burlap and Pine Cone Wreath

Via Consumercrafts

As synonymous as pine cones are with the advent of fall, burlap sacks (yes, the ones that hold the pumpkins) are too! And what better way is to use them both, than in a wreath?

This tutorial involves the skillful melding of two items synonymous with autumn, to create one perfect wreath.

25. Braided Wreath

Via Hoosierhomemade

This tutorial incorporates burlap but braided. The intricate braiding lends the wreath an extravagant look and feel, that can really make your door look quite amazing.

The same tutorial can be followed using a different medium- twine, or repurposed yarn.

26. Laurel Wreath

Via Craftberrybush

A wreath made out of every usable part of a plant- leaves, twigs, the stem and its skin, seeds, faux hydrangeas for a floral touch, and even bits of the bark.

27. Button Wreath

Via Youtube

A wreath made out of buttons strung together in a shape reminiscent of fall- a pumpkin, a broomstick, or even a steaming cauldron of some unnamed potion.

28. Corkscrew Wreath

Via Youtube

Put discarded corkscrews to good use by weaving them together in the form of a wreath.

29. Frosted Leaves Wreath

Via Frugalflourish

Use metallic spray paint on a faux leaf arrangement to turn the wreath into a gorgeous, sparkling ornament fit for the most lavish of parties.

30. Candy Corn Wreath

Via Womansday

A wreath made entirely and only out of candy corn.

31. Hydrangea Fall Wreath

Via Theturquoisehome

Hydrangeas, in my opinion, are the perfect fall flower. And what better way to incorporate fall into one’s home than fashioning a wreath out of hydrangeas?

And there you have it, the seeming end to an article about 31 different DIY fall wreaths. Seeming, because the possibilities do not end here- they are truly endless and open to customization as per each individual’s whim and choice.