31 Cheap and Easy Fall Decor DIY Ideas

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Autumn is back with us, and as always, the season is a treat to be experiencing. It’s so predictable yet welcoming. And many of us just wait for the fall to set in so that we can start welcoming it into our home.

No, that doesn’t mean randomly scattering leaves or pumpkins in the house.

We are talking about a host of creative ideas that people on the internet are sharing for the Fall season. The 31 ideas that we are listing today will effectively bring the Fall to your home but won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The best thing is it won’t take you long to prepare them either.

31 Cheap and Easy Fall Decor DIY Ideas

1. Tinkerbell Dust Pumpkin

Via Amazinginteriordesign

If a regular crafted orange pumpkin doesn’t match the feel of your room, it’s time to take things up a notch. Take a look at this magical pumpkin, which will particularly please the nocturnals. The image of Tinkerbell will also bring nostalgia to most of us. The guide is easy to go through, and you might be surprised how easy it is to bring the effect.

2. Floral Monogram

Via Homeyohmy

Wall decor ideas might seem limited, but you can do so much with limited resources. Take a look at this letter-shaped Floral monogram. And the design is quite versatile. You can put in your favorite two liners through these alphabets and give you room a messy look.

3. Dollar DIY Tree

Via Passionatepennypincher

Natural is the new cool, and this tree-like structure looks as gorgeous as they come. Moreover, you won’t need to be an expert and make it all neat. The twine will look; however, you stick it, and you can twirl it in various fashions.

4. Floral Pen Pots 

Via Toriejayne

My writing desk changes from absolutely serene to a tough-to-cleanup-mess in minutes when I’m out of ideas. But these pretty pen pots surely help me calm my nerves. They also blend well with my room’s decor and looks great on Instagram stories.

5. Dollar Tree Rope Vase

Via Toriejayne

You might come across a lot of accessories on gift stores that seem so inexpensive but are actually quite costly because of the exclusivity. This tree rope vase is one of the simpler crafts you can make from even waste products. 

6. Sticky Notes Calendar


Are you bored of watching the same calendar on your desk throughout the day? Try this calendar built entirely out of sticky notes. You can use various combinations and set your decor matching to the walls of your room.

7. DIY Mirror Boxes

Via Toriejarie

These mirror boxes are super useful to not only store items but also grow your favorite succulents. People hardly use mirror items in their decor, and this is your chance to be unique.

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8. Turn Trash Can into Oversized Planter


Yes, the planter in this picture is made up of a dollar store trash can that costs less than $10. Explore your storeroom and see if you can find some reclaimed wood to stick on the exterior of the box. The can will look great around the doorways with flowers welcoming you back home.

9. Pinecone Garland

Via Abeautifulmess

You can layer multiple garlands in this way and make your room serene as the peaceful fall comes up. It would look great with other fall garlands too. Hang them on transparent walls instead of those having photo frames for an uncluttered look.

10. Gold Studded Pumpkins

Via Notjustahousewife

If the word glamorous defines you the best, here is a fall decor idea that fits your ideology. But it won’t actually cost you much. These gold studded pumpkins look great with luxurious furniture and photo frames despite being made in a fraction of their cost.

11. Pumpkin Votives

Via Southernliving

Guests are about to arrive, and you haven’t really prepared your Fall decor? Use a rustic plate, some votives, tea lights, and pumpkins to make this exciting table or mantel decor. It exudes the Autumn vibe without taking much time or accessories.

12. Fall Apple Centerpiece

Via Southernliving

Fall isn’t only about the pumpkins. The green apples look just as soothing, if not more. And you won’t need a full day to do it. The linear fruit basket takes only about ten minutes and an assortment of greens to complete.

13. Rusty Burlap and Yarn Fall Wreath

Via Craftsunleashed

Wreaths are cozy and warm decor items that add elegance to any room. You can use this one on empty walls or locations where you require a rusty look. It can be around the garage or the doorway. You can also put this one opposite to the dining room window for a calming feel.

14. Chalk Painted Pumpkins

Via Andersonandgrant

Do you ever wonder how people can paint items to look even more natural than they once were? Well, this tutorial teaches incredible dry brushing techniques to decorate your pumpkins in gorgeous shades of grey. Moreover, the chalk paint is readily available at low prices in local stores.

15. Confetti Pumpkins

Via Madeinaday

Not everybody goes gaga over understated decor. Are you looking for something glittery and sparkling in your seasonal fall decor? Then this confetti fall pumpkin can be the disco lights you were looking to add to your interiors. And confetti looks even more attention-grabbing than regular glitters.

16. Fall Leaf Tree

Via Madeinaday

Is your porch filled with crisp and dry Fall leaves? You don’t need to dust them all away. Instead, you can make this super easy yet gorgeous fall leaf tree with it! The tutorial is well explained, and the tree looks great even in other decor themes than Fall.

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17. Autumn in a Jar

Via Styleburb

Instead of crafting a host of small decor items, you can use a large jar to fill up everything autumn has to offer. It would contain all the colors. You can add real leaves and flowers, but faux plants will be ideal as they don’t rot or lose sheen. You can also store a handful of dry fruits in here to complete the dryness autumn comes with.

18. Falling Leaf Block

Via Goodgollyginger

Quilting squares are a beautiful place to show off your decor themes. Every guest just has to come and notice these quilts, but only when you have something on them. Moreover, it’s one of the few things you can decorate in and around your dining room. It will take about 2 hours or even less if you are an expert at sewing.

19. Dainty Doily Pumpkins

Via Ilovetocreate

You can turn Faux pumpkins into several different kinds of accessories. This dainty doily pumpkin with intricate detailing is an inexpensive yet calming piece of accessory. Moreover, this one is a kid’s play and nothing more. It would hardly take 30 minutes or so to complete it.

20. Candy Corn Button Art

Via Repeatcraftafterme

Button arts are an old fad, but you’d certainly not have known how to fit it in your fall decor. And you would create this marvelous piece of wall hanging with old frames, burlap, and button! The cost wouldn’t be higher than a packet of the french loaf, I guess.

21. Monogram Twig Letters

Via Thehappyhousieporch

It’s Fall season again. And with the calm and soothing vibe, it also brings loads of twigs and leaves in your backyard. Here’s a smart idea that helps make good use of the twigs. Moreover, these twigs can fill a lot of space around the yard for parties and other functions.

22. Ombre Wine Bottles

Via Brit

Empty wine and liquor bottles after crazy Halloween nights can leave you with a tiring task of cleaning up. But you can now use these bottles to great use in your fall decor. The mix of orange and yellow shades mainly looks so exciting and easily blend with the Fall theme.

23. Flowers Blossom Branches

Via Thecraftingnook

Roses on dry twigs exude such a serene vibe that can enhance any photograph you take around your home. Product photoshoots, as well as portraits, look so amazing with these paper flowers in the background. And you can make this everlasting by using paper flowers that would never fade away!

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24. Glitter Acorns

Via Titicrafty

Add a lot of glitters or keep them natural with just a sprinkle to these acorns to bring in the Autumn charm to your room. These bring in a very rusty look and cost nothing more than pennies. Choose glass jars or wooden bowls to keep them for an inexpensive piece of fall decor

25. Potato Stamped Wreath

Via Lookwhatimade

Do you remember the potato stamps you used in your childhood? Here is a quick hack that can make you a beautiful fall decor accessory. Use the stamping technique, as discussed in the tutorial. Using yellow and orange paints will blend them in your fall decor, but you can always bring in contrasts as you wish.

26. No-Sew Placemat Pillow

Via Mycouponexpert

You don’t need big bucks or a lot of hard work to make this no-sew pillow. You’d only need a few cheap items from the Dollar store to bring the Autumn vibe to your bedroom. And you won’t need to take help from granny and can surprise your parents with it too!

27. Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Sign

Via Jamirayvintage

Are you tired of watching orange pumpkins everywhere? Break the monotony by using this exquisite pumpkin sign that provides the vintage feel. It would enhance the background for your social media stories besides filling up negative wall space in the hall.

28. DIY Farmhouse Inspired Decor

Via Youtube

Decorating the exterior of the house as well as the area around the lobby can be time taking. You typically need to have large accessories that can stand out in tons of space. Here is an excellent Farmhouse style decor that fits the Fall theme. Moreover, they have used cheap Dollar store items in this tutorial.

29. Fall Pom Pom Ottoman

Via Papernstitchblog

You can either make your own pom-poms as discussed in the tutorial or use pom-poms bought from the market. These warm decor items bring a natural and welcoming feel to the decor. Moreover, you won’t need to put together too many things and fill up your room with several of these quickly.

30. Fall Painted Pumpkins

Via Womansday

Bring your doodling skills to the fore and make these cute little pumpkin balls that will look great around lamps and fairy lights. They have used a luxurious gold and cream combination, but you can also customize it as per the color of your decor and walls.

That was quite an amalgamation of perhaps just three things- pumpkins, maple leaves, and orange-colored items. It is quite overwhelming to see how people can come up with tons of creative ideas with little accessories. So what are you waiting for? Give these ideas your special touch and gear up for the fall.