51 Cheap and Easy Fall Porch Decor

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It’s all cozy, it’s all fragrant, it’s all aesthetic and on top of it, everything is orange – take a look around and you’ll realize fall is finally here! It’s time to indulge in all our favorite things like cozy blankets, pumpkin dishes, and apple pies. Most of all, it’s an excellent time to switch things up and redecorate your surroundings.

While you may have been busy prepping your home with fall-themed DIYs and expensive showcases to impress your guests, an important part of your house may have been overlooked. Have you thought about the front porch? If the entrance isn’t welcoming fall, you haven’t done your fall decor right.

To make things easier for you, we have covered a comprehensive list of various decorations that include inspired wreaths, pumpkin decorations, hay bales, burlap banners, and everything else that’s special about fall. You can go all-out with a rustic theme or opt for something more minimal and modern. The list has ideas for both small and large front porches, so stop making excuses and get your front porch ready for fall right away!

51 Cheap and Easy Fall Porch Decor

1. Create Outdoor Table Toppers

via southernliving

Add some freshness to your front porch table by adding some succulents, mosses, and pumpkins. These plants are easy to care for and add much-needed liveliness to an otherwise lackluster front porch during the fall season. It also provides a great spot for evening tea and fun with the family.

2. Rustic Decor with Old Door

via yellowprairieinteriors

Bring the farmhouse to your front porch by strategically placing an old farm door along with other fall decor items like pumpkins. The door will act as a vignette and be the centerpiece around which you can place an old chair, some orange cushions, a mat, and an old tin flower pot. What a wonderful idea!

3. Welcome Sign and Corn Cobs

via thewoodgraincottage

Fall is all about natural rustic decorations. Consider placing a plank that acts as a welcome sign on your front porch. Place some pumpkins and corn cobs around it to add some fall colors. You can experiment a lot with the flower pots and plants – make them interesting by mixing up fresh and dried ones!

4. Black And White Welcome Rug

via curatedinterior

Rugs look pretty traditional and old-fashioned – exactly the type of vibe we need during fall. Welcome your guests with a retro monochrome rug, coupled with pumpkins and fall trees around. Add a matching wreath and your decor is complete!

5. Fruits and Flowers

via savvysouthernstyle

Bring colors to your front porch by adding a hanging basket full of apples and lots of vibrant flowers around. Play around with red and yellow hues but don’t forget the orange color of the season. The barrel-shaped wooden flowerpot improves the aesthetic of the entrance and ensures a warm welcome for all your loving guests.

6. Pumpkin on Stairways

Via Onsuttonplace

Add differently shaped pumpkins of various shades of blue and white if you have stairs on your front porch. You can also place some marigold plants, dollar store faux pumpkins, and some aesthetic yellow barn light with a comfy couch or chair to spend your afternoons relaxed!

7. Purple and Deep Reds on Walkway

via jennakateathome

The material used to create the front of the stairs says a lot about their longevity. The rock and stones used here look rustic and provide an ideal space for decoration. Use a color palette of red and purple to make your fall decor with the primary orange.

8. Orange Lanterns

via designimprovised

Consider placing some fall-themed cushions and pumpkins over white yard benches and creating a colorful setting. The orange lanterns look so cute and unique while the light green pots perfectly complement it. The bench acts as the perfect spot to lounge around and enjoy the season!

9. Create A Summer Style Setting

via housebeautiful

Your porch can look unique and ready for fall with just a few different additions. The cobalt blue carpet with the hanging plants here adds warmth to the atmosphere. The orange foliage of plants and soft cushions make it a cozy arrangement. The unique usage of blue for fall decor will definitely make heads turn!

10. Decorate the Hay Bale

via designimprovised

A hay bale is an excellent sign that fall is finally here. Capitalize on the hay bale’s aesthetic by placing decorative items and ornaments on it instead of placing them on the ground. Use anything natural or faux like corn, pumpkins, and pine cones to create the perfect porch for fall.

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11. Welcoming Farmhouse Look

via anightowlblog

Opt for a farmhouse-style setting that adds warmth to your front porch without compromising on the aesthetic. Place some wooden lanterns along with country-style benches, pumpkins, and some burlap cushioning to finish it off.

12. Add Different Types of Lighting

via blesserhouse

Different kinds of lighting exude different vibes and create contrasting moods. String lights add a bit of playfulness to the setting while lanterns provide a sophisticated and elegant feel. Add different options of lighting on the front porch to achieve the desired vibe and get ready for the outdoor fall parties!

13. Add an Abundance of Pillows

via justagirlandherblog

Pillows and cushions boost the comfort quotient of your area. But more than that, you get the opportunity to play with several designs and contrasting colors. Use this to your advantage and create the right mood for the season with your favorite colors and textures.

14. Make it Metallic

via freshmommyblog

Lend some lustrous shine of metals to your neutral and dull spaces. The black and silver distressed flower pots and lanterns boost your aesthetic game and allow for the perfect background for all your social media fall photoshoots.

15. Add Vintage Furniture

via themerrythought

Furniture with vintage accents can add a strong rustic appeal to simple black and white spaces. They add character and some natural elegance which is an important part of the front porch decor. Pair a round table with a rustic rug for an old-fashioned look that is sure to earn some compliments!

16. Create a Monogram Rug

via h2obungalow

Give your guests something to look at before they enter your humble abode with a monogram rug of your own. It’s a lovely craft to create on the weekend with the trendy polka dots to add liveliness to the mat. It adds a touch of personalization to your space and looks beautiful overall!

17. Put a Bow on Your Pumpkins

via fynesdesigns

Dress up your pumpkins for the fall party with a bow. Yes, it may sound absurd but looks absolutely adorable. Buy different colors of pumpkins and place them around some hay bales with ribbons on the plum centers. You will be surprised by how much difference can be made by the smallest effort!

18. Put Plants in Pumpkins

via 17apart

Pumpkins are a staple for fall decor, but that means everyone would be using them. To stand out, you need to find creative ways to use pumpkins in your decor. For the front porch, you can make flower pots out of your pumpkins. Choose autumn flowers and plants for a natural and unique look.

19. Tobacco Basket Wreath

via countryliving

The combination of orange, hunter-green, and yellow strikes so well in this tobacco basket. There are some faux gourds and Mongolia leaves for the green accent while a magnolia garland frames the window. Natural decorations last through the season and are cost-effective too.

20. Soft Colour Palette

via hgtv

Here is a patio idea to create a warm atmosphere with light to neutral colors spread around. The plaid pillows along with the soft color palette of the faux sheepskin pillows match the seasonal vibe well. The soft colors are also a treat to the eyes!

21. Use Neutral Colours Instead of Orange

via craftberrybush

It isn’t necessary to use vibrant orange and yellow colors to welcome fall. You can use a look like this one that would last your Thanksgiving too. The neutral colors and lots of white flowers add a bit of class and elegance that sets the tone right from the entrance.

22. Place a Large Seasonal Banner

Via Etsy

Let it be evident if you want to, especially if you have enough space, that fall has finally arrived! It shows your love for the season and adds a solid backdrop for your fall ornaments, plants, and pumpkins. The pretty wooden sign doesn’t cost much, although you can also create it yourself with a little time and effort.

23. Create Fall Windsocks

via iheartcraftythings

Some colorful cardstock paper and acrylic paint can go a long way in creating these exciting crafts for the porch. If you are looking for a fun craft to do with your children, consider this catchy and vibrant option that exudes fall vibes and looks stunning.

24. Marquee Pumpkins

via karaspartyideas

Add some glow and light up your pumpkins by adding some marquee lights over them! Faux pumpkins would last year after year and the addition of lights would make up for them even if they become dull. Cut the marquee letters reading fall and place some yellow lights through the perimeter. That’s all you need for this gorgeous setup!

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25. Place Leaf Decals

240PCS Fall Leaves Window Clings - Thanksgiving Maple Decorations Autumn Decals Party Decor Ornaments

Fallen orange and yellow leaves are the most aesthetic decor items that define fall. If leaves don’t fall on your front porch, you can paste these decal leaves on the windows to display the Fall vibe. They use static cling to stick and hence won’t scratch the window.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Fall Festival Signs

via lydioutloud

Give your guests an insight into what is in store for them! These festival art signs are so easy to create and display the activities you have planned. Get creative with the names you write on these signs and use bright colors and different lettering styles to tie everything together!

27. Easy Fall Porch Decor

via makinghomebase

An inexpensive and minimal front porch decor can also look very attractive, especially when you have a slim porch. The orange and white faux pumpkins look so refreshing with yellow plants behind. Don’t forget to keep a lantern, hay bales, and anything else you have that reflects the fall season.

28. Flower and Fruit Wreath

via bethbryan

Wreaths are easy-to-craft natural decor items that look great on front doors and porches. Try hanging a fruit wreath and a flower wreath side by side like this one to add some freshness and natural vibrance to the porch. You can also stuff the area like a fruit market for a seamless look.

29. Grand Outdoor Fall Decor

via thecountrychiccottage

Here is a complete and grand decor idea for the front porch that covers all aspects. The left and right have similar elements that balance each other out with a garland enclosing the front door to top it off. The usage of bright and vibrant colors results in a perfect warm welcome!

30. Vintage Fall Decor

via attagirlsays

If you have some vintage furniture covered in dust in your storeroom or garage, consider creating this classy rustic style. The shades of aqua, dusky green, and black in this setup contrast so well with each other looking like a treat to the eye.

31. Limelight Hydrangea Wreaths

via hearthandvine

The limelight wreaths on the front door are well complemented by natural decorations on the porch. The focus is on the greenery here and putting a couple of pumpkins on the stuffed side for a bit of vibrance isn’t a bad idea!

32. Tiny Porch Decor

via redcottagechronicles

Decorating small porches can be a challenge because you don’t want to end up with a look that seems uncomfortable or cramped. Opt for a simple yet attractive decor style as shown here. It will take a couple of hours and with some creativity, you can use the limited space intelligently.

33. Witch Crash Parking Porch

via thatswhatchesaid

Why stick to the plain old decoration? Create something entertaining and funny like inverted witchcraft and matching decorations! This would invite a good laugh and it doesn’t take too much money to create it either. The broom and socks make it all the funnier and this will be adored by all your guests!

34. Serene Fall Porch Decor

via elledecor

Create a simplistic front porch decor with lots of white that defines elegance. Keep an old plastic chair or a metallic one with a classy orange-leaved plant as shown here. It creates a simple and unified look, and adds so much class to your porch!

35. Duke Manor Fall Front Porch

via dukemanorfarm

Add some vibrant pop colors along with a touch of nature with hay and burlap for this sophisticated look. The blue-colored table takes the spotlight, enhanced by the white pillars and old lamps around. You can also play with contrasting colors to achieve a royal look!

36. Traditional Fall Porch

via houseofhawthornes

An old leaning chair is the attraction of traditional porch decor. Keep things simple by adding dried leaves, pumpkins, and a lot of flower pots around. Make sure to include many different elements of choice, or just a stray chair might look out of place and boring!

37. Charming autumn Farmhouse


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If you have a large porch and are looking to create something grand, here is a gorgeous and charming idea with pre-lit hats. The ornaments combine Fall and Halloween decor for a fantastic look.

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38. Big Pumpkin Welcome Mat

BULING Custom Door Mat Halloween Theme Evil Pumpkin Pattern Indoor Non-slip Rubber Entrance Rugs for Bathroom 31.5"(L) x 20"(W) Inch

Your well-lit porch decoration should have a large welcome rug to let your guests enter in style. On both sides, place flower pots, pumpkins, and signs that display the games that you have organized. Propane tank pumpkin lanterns look very impressive too.

Buy it on Amazon.

39. Pumpkin Topiaries

via betweennapsontheporch

Topiaries may seem like an old-fashioned idea but fit perfectly in a Fall style porch. Create some exotic pumpkin topiaries and place them around flower pots, big and small plants, lamps, and a vintage wreath. The classic yellow lanterns above just make the aesthetic Instagram-worthy at night.

40. Slipcovered Chairs

via elledecor

Covering your chairs can make them ready for a scrumptious meal on your front porch. The beige slipcovers make the dining feel more comfortable, and the overall setting of wooden covered chairs is perfect for the autumn vibe we’re looking for!

41. Citrus Coloured Throws

via elledecor

Opt for a chic styling with draped throw blankets in the color of the season – citrus! Try to choose shades that match or complement your paint color and the plants around for a unified look.

42. Floral Painted Pumpkins

via thepioneerwoman

Have fun with the pumpkins by painting flowers on them that look mighty impressive. It displays your effort and will make your neighbors envious. Put in some special effort for the masterpiece that will be in the center of the porch, and your little DIY project is complete!

43. Basket Wreath

via thepioneerwoman

Here is a not-so-common wreath idea to impress your guests this fall. The basket with faux leaves and blooms adds liveliness to the surroundings. This looks particularly good on a modern porch with glass doors, as it balances the cold elements perfectly.

44. Harvest Sign

via jenniferallwoodhome

Shout out that Harvest is here with a vibrant harvest sign painted in the brightest shade of orange! It’s a pretty simple and fun craft you book your weekend for. The metal pots with orange blooms around complete the intriguing design.

45. Rustic Fall Sign

via thefrugalhomemaker

Rustic decorations suit the Autumn season and this sign looks ideal for wall decoration around the porch. The lanterns, fun activity signboard, pumpkins, and flower pots under it complete a masterful design. It won’t take more than a couple of hours and is a good craft to do with your children!

46. Fall Porch Decor Displays

via prudentpennypincher

For a small porch, you would love a little package like this that displays the vibe of the Fall season without taking much space. It includes some glowing string lights, pumpkins, and hay on a wooden crate, welcoming fall perfectly from a tiny but beautiful space. Check out DIY ideas for string light.

47. Black And White Porch

via loveoffamilyandhome

If you want something unique and need to shy away from the generic orange color, opt for a black and white themed decoration with checkered mats, monochrome faux pumpkins, and a checkered wreath. It provides a modern look that you are unlikely to have seen before even as an inspiration.

48. Complete Fall Crate Display

via grayhousestudio

Another excellent DIY idea for a small porch, this design consists of everything modern. It is a good mix of contrasting yet complementary colors like blue and yellow pots, green vases, wooden crates, and pumpkins. Top it off with a classic black lantern and your perfect setup is done!

49. Harvest Wheelbarrow

via foldedgingha

Make use of the wheelbarrow in your garage by decorating it with all the Fall items. Put in a set of differently colored pumpkins, dried leaves or fake blooms, and corn cobs. You may opt for painting the wheelbarrow for a modern look or let it remain in its rustic and farmhouse style.

50. Vintage Ladder

via ourvintagehomelove

Make a customized ladder and place a hay bale in front of it for a naturally aesthetic front porch setting. The dried leaf plant and a garland made of orange dried leaves complete a very cozy aesthetic. It suits both modern and traditional houses and provides a farmhouse-style touch in the city.

These were some of the most exciting fall porch ideas you can choose from. Try to tinker with different color combinations but ensure that your central theme revolves around the Fall season. You can be very rustic, all-natural, and be highly customizable. Just remember to put in the effort to make an instant impression for the Fall dinner and afterparty photos!