100 Cheap and Easy Rustic DIY Home Decor Ideas

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In a world full of stylish and mod furnishes, why not opt for some “beauty in simplicity”? There is a large number of rustic home decor ideas that you can use to give your place the unadorned classy look.

However, today’s Rustique Collection is quite expensive to get. Simple stuff can be complicated to make huh? BUT, when you truly want something, nothing can stop you from gettin’ it! Let’s be dramatic – save some money and DIY your own rustic collection. 

No, It is not a huge deal to craft your own rustic stuff. All you need is some raw material, equipment, patience, motivation, and a little effort. Move on to get some cheap and easy DIY ideas for your home!

100 Cheap and Easy Rustic DIY Home Decor Ideas

1. Headboard

Give your bed this earthly look by crafting your own rustic headboard. You can use regular pine and cut it into a simple rectangular shape with a saw. Don’t go for fancy cuts – simplicity is the key. Finish it with coats of the stain that suits your bed.

2. Pallet Wood Planter

Via theinspirationboard

Perfect rustic planter for your tabletop! Take 4 strips of wood and nail them in a rectangular box shape. Don’t forget to cut them into perfect shapes. Finish it off by coating the wood with a stain of choice. Place beautiful jar plants in the box and admire your hard work!

3. Love Sign

Via hymnsandverses

Rustic love! Take a finished wooden board and paint it white or silvery-white. Outline the word “love” and stick some jute rope along the word using a mixture of corn starch, wood glue, and water. Show it off in your bedroom!

4. Mason Jar Rope Lanterns

Via madeinaday

You can make jute lanterns or jars, or both! Take the jute twine and insert two gold rings such that they act as support to the jute handle on both sides. Wrap the twine around the head of the jar. For the handle, make a tough plait with another jute and insert silver rings on both ends. Connect the rings and you’re ready!

5. Farmhouse Style Hanging Plant

Via thriftyandchic

Take a rectangular wooden board and coat it according to your wall paint. Hang wire baskets on it and display small pot plants in them. This will look beautiful in the living room or bedroom!

6. Twig Frame

Via hgtv

Give your photo frame a twist using a bunch of twigs! Use wood glue to stick the twigs on the borders of the frame. Break the twigs according to the length of the frame borders and enjoy the vintage look.

7. Wood Round Ring Holder

This is wonderful for organization as well! You can get a wood round for a few dollars from the store or cut your own. Get a bunch of gold hooks and drill them in the wood round. Use a marker to mark the hook spots. Display your ring collection on it!

8. Burlap Table Runner

Via onsuttonplace

Cover your table with burlap if you don’t feel like anything! All you need to do is measure your table, cut the burlap accordingly, and iron it. Of course, clean it well before covering your table.

9. Rustic Family Frame

Via cottageinstincts

Keep your eye on this adorable family frame! Cut the wood in a long, rectangular shape, keeping spaces for the photos. Nail glass in each space to insert the photos. Add to your creativity by hanging wooden letters to form the word “FAMILY” or any other word that holds meaning for your family.

10. Wooden Hanger

Via funkyjunkinteriors

Get a simple wooden board, nail some hooks, and use it in your kitchen to hang mugs or other utensils. To make it easier, get a board that has gaps in between where you can simply hang S hooks instead of nailing!

11. Driftwood Mirror 

Via sustainmycrafthabit

This one takes the rustic twig frame to the next level. You need a round mirror and round plywood that’s relatively bigger. Use wood glue to stick the mirror on the plywood. Get a bunch of driftwood pieces and attach them to the frame of the mirror using wood glue or small brad nails.

12. Wooden Greeting Sign

Via momslifeboat

Welcome your friends with this greeting sign! Take two long wood blocks and nail rectangular wood pieces on them to form a wooden board. Burn some sides (especially where the wood is cracked) to add to the beauty. Outline the big letters on the board and paint them.

13. Wood Pumpkin Stand

Via thefrugalhomemaker

Wooden pumpkin stand?! Cuteness overloaded! First, make a wooden board using rectangular wood pieces. Outline a pumpkin shape on it and cut the board accordingly. Make a box for the plants and nail it to the pumpkin. Top it off with a wooden stem. Lastly, paint it pumpkin!

14. Toilet Paper Holder/Shelf

Via diyshowoff

Take your toilet paper holder up a notch by crafting this holder/shelf! Simply cut a wooden block into a small shelf and nail a toilet paper holder below it. Coat the shelf matching your bathroom wall.

15. Bathroom Storage Unit

Via homedit

Don’t you desire a specific space for the toilet equips? If you do, DIY this rustic cabinet! Cut and polish wooden pieces and nail them together to form this cabinet. Add a toilet paper holder on one of the shelves. Best to keep the cabinet beside the toilet (‘cause it got the toilet paper, duh)

16. Mason Jar Pallet Holder

Via skinnymeg

Is organizing makeup a BIG task for you? All you need to do is build a wooden pallet and drill mason jars on it with pipe fittings. Next time you put on makeup, don’t forget to put your stuff back in the jars!

17. Rope Trash Can

Via twoityourself

Yup, you read that right. Why keep your trash can from being rustic? Wrap jute rope around the trash can. Use a glue gun to stick the rope. This Pottery Barn look costs you only a few bucks!

18. Rustic Bath Cuddy

Via ehow

Do you want to enjoy some wine or read a book in the tub, without worrying about the water? Make a rustic bath caddy! Nail two woodblocks on either side of the board such that the length between the blocks is less than the width of the tub. Place your caddy and enjoy a relaxing bath.

19. Exquisite FLUSH Sign

Via cherishedbliss

Sometimes, a reminder to FLUSH can be necessary for certain people! For this, you can either buy or make a wooden plaque. Nail metallic letters to it and hang it above the toilet tank.

20. Wooden Framed Bathroom Mirror

Via cherishedbliss

Looks like a frame, and is just as easy to make! Frame your mirror with wood to add some class to your decor. Cut the wood into a frame, and simply use a staple gun and wood glue to attach it to the mirror.

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21. Pallet Utensil Holder

Via funkyjunkinteriors

Make this pallet for your kitchen to hold the utensils. DIY this pallet by nailing wood strips to woodblocks. Drill the hooks for holding the utensils. Next, build a shelf and screw it to the pallet. Easy peasy!

22. Wood Box Centerpiece

Via lovegrowswild

Another wooden box centerpiece! This one comes with handles. Craft it the same way – cutting, polishing, and nailing. Finish it by nailing handles on either side and paint the box white. Decorate with beautiful jar flowers.

23. Bark Candle Holder

Via lovegrowswild

Fall special! You need naturally shedding or dead tree bark for this. Finding that can be a problem, but other than that, this is as easy as it gets. Simply glue around a scented candle and then tie a jute twine bearing acorns around the bark. Finish it with a faux berry sprig to bring the look together!

24. Milk Can Coffee Table

Via lovegrowswild.com

This is the next level of creativity! If you have got a big milk can somewhere lying, use it! First, make the wood tabletop. Outline a circle on the wood and cut it. Nail the tabletop on the milk can through the lid of the can. Show off your creation in the living room!

25. Rustic Pet Bed

Via shanty2chic

Your visitors will be in awe after seeing this! Use different sized wood pieces and nail them together to form this rustic bed for your pet. Add a soft blanket for your pet’s comfort.

26. Rustic Metal Planter

Via littlehouseoffour

The metal planter is available at the dollar store. The DIY part is to make it appear rustic. All you need is a mixture of salt, vinegar, and Hydrogen Peroxide to make the planter look more aged. Glue faux greens in the planter and display it as a centerpiece.

27. Wall Mounted Wooden Arrows

Via littlebrickhouse

While it doesn’t have a specific use, it can easily stand out among other stuff. No, you don’t need high skills to bring this shape. Gather some wood pieces, outline the arrow shape on each, and cut them. Nail each to the wall in alignment with each other. You can even burn some parts of the surfaces to add to the beauty.

28. Jute Love

Via funkyjunkinteriors

Another “love” sign that you can make using a pallet! Make the pallet first (or buy one) then glue the jute twine in the word “Love”. The difference is that the backside of the pallet is the front here, which kinda makes it more rustic, and comes with a handle!

29. Twig Letters

Via thehappyhousie

Fall brings along a bunch of twigs. Collect them to make a giant Twig letter! Buy a white wood letter from the store and glue numerous twigs on it. That’s all it takes to make a statement decor piece!

30. Be Grateful Sign

A pallet sign! Remind yourself and everyone around you to “Be Grateful” by crafting this beautiful rustic signboard. Nail the woods and paint the words, and spread positivity!

31. Jute Twined Lamp

Via amyallender

Are you bored with your old regular lamp? Just give it a rustic touch by tying jute all around the lampstand. Use wood glue to keep the twine intact.

32. Wooden Mail Sorter

Via foxhollowcottage

Don’t keep your mail lying all around. Instead, craft this wooden mail sorter using a whitewood board and wood strips. Keep the longboard aside and cut the rest in triangles, narrow strips, big and small rectangles. Do some nailing and gluing and you’re done! You can even add some hooks at the bottom to make it multi-purpose.

33. Jute Ball Lantern

Light up your lawn using these Jute Ball Lanterns! Blow up some balloons to the desired size and drape them with jute twine. Use a mixture of glue, cornstarch, and warm water to keep the twine intact. You can leave a space on top to insert a bulb or skip it if you wanna wrap around twinkle lights later.

34. Rustic Terracotta Pots

Via pinkwhen

Give the terracotta pots a rustic touch! The aqua color makes them look lovely. Paint the pots in a dirty way and enhance their rusticity by tying a jute twine around them.

35. Double X Console Table

Via remodelaholic

An item of farmhouse furniture is a must in a rustic home decor list. You need to shape three wooden shelves and coat them as desired. For the X, divide the shape into four parts and outline each on a wood. Glue them together to form the X and then paint them. Make four Xs and nail each to the shelves.

36. Hanging Mason

Via thehambyhome

Oh no, Mason is no person! It’s the jar people. Use a small block of wood and drill hose clamp to hold the Mason jar. Hang this up to add rusticity to your room!

37. Reading Wood Planked Wall

Via grayhousestudio

Reading books in a rustic place gives a different feeling. If you can’t turn your entire house rustic, then select a spot best for your reading and nail a wooden board to the wall there for giving it the rustic vibe. You can even build a shelf to store books, as well as to sit on!

38. Curtain Rods

Via maisondepax

Make your curtain rods rustic as well! Before cutting, measure the diameters properly. For the rod, use a wood dowel and cut it in a length that’s bigger than your window. Get wooden brackets and shape the circle as per the rod head. Grit, stain, and wax to get the final rustic look.

39. Reclaimed Curtain Hooks

Via oliveandlove

Why leave the bathroom curtain rod? Take some reclaimed wood, drill a few hooks for the shower curtain, and you are done!

40. Memo Board

Via littleglassjar

Make a rustic memo board! Use a hardwood board and paint it white to form the backing. Staple a chicken wire to the backing and finally, frame it with wood strips. Add hangers on the wire and the memo’s ready!

41. Wood Striped Wall

Via tarynwhiteaker

Not only wood wallpapers, but actual wood can also be striped on the wall! Choose a wall that’ll be best suited for the wood strips and nail them there. This look is unique!

42. Wine Holder

Via paperblog

Make a wooden ladder, or repurpose an old one. Modify it with holders for the wine bottles and display your prized possessions in the way they deserve to be – like they’re being celebrated!

43. Bathroom Caddy

Via jennasuedesign

Build it above the toilet to store the toiletries. You’ll save some bathroom space too. All you need is long and narrow wood strips. Make sure the strips are wider than the toilet tank. Nail or glue them in the shape of a ladder. Hang wire basket and done!

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44. Painted Terracotta Pots

Spice up the terra cotta pots from the store by painting them with multiple colors. Aqua, white and green – good combo! You can use them as side pieces and plant faux greens or real ones.

45. Inexpensive Shelving Unit

Via abeautifulmess

Craft storage racks with wood too. You need blocks of Poplar, bar clamps, paint, wood glue, drill, and screws to make this DIY. Glue the woodblocks in the shape of a stair. Use the clamps to keep them intact until the glue dries. Drill some screws, paint, and tada!

46. Tassel Placemats

Rustic doesn’t necessarily mean “wood”. It also refers to something simple and plain. Sew this tassel placement using colorful fabrics and a sewing machine. For the tassel, wrap the yarn around a hardcover piece until it becomes a small bundle. Then tie on the top and take it out. Again, tie on the top to form a mini head and cut the loop from the bottom.

47. Monogrammed Cheese Board

Via bakedbyjoanna

A cheese board is rustic too. But, have a little fun with the board by burning a letter of your choice on it. Screw a hot stamp of your choice letter to the wood-burning tool and imprint the letter on the board. Top it off with twine and a tag.

48. Marbling Shakers

The salt and pepper shaker can be boring. Twist it a little by marbling on its surface! Touch the surface of the water with the nail paint and use a stick to spread the paint on the water (such that it looks like a marble). Dip the shaker and you get a simple but not so boring shaker!

49. Plant Stand

Via mountainmodernlife

You can slice a wood piece for this or get the thing from the store. Break the cloth hangers and screw them in the wood. You get your crafted plant stand!

50. Draping Vase

Via countryliving

It’s getting cold – knit some sweaters for the vases as well! It adds a hint of rusticity to them. Go for the white wool, as the others won’t give you a rustic feeling.

51. Blanket Ladder

Via infarrantlycreative

You don’t have to get the expensive Pottery Barn ladder, make your own instead! Get some wood strips, coat them well, and nail ‘em together.

52. Rope Throw Basket

Via lydioutloud

Turn the regular dollar store laundry basket into a rustic one by draping it with jute twine. Use hot-glue to keep the jute intact.

53. Love Sign With Flowers

Don’t curse me! This love sign is different! It has a mason jar attached to it with pretty flowers. Try it out!

54. Farmhouse Dining Table

Via rogueengineer

Convert the dining table into a wooden one. You can change the entire thing or only the tabletop into the wood. The top is a well-polished pallet (you can get it from the store too!). The legs are painted white. The overall look is rustic and beautiful.

55. Floral Crowned Deer Head

It’s a weird beauty. If you’re into unusual stuff, this rustic DIY is perfect for you. You can get the deer head from the store and decorate it with faux flowers. It is the perfect cross between morbid and beautiful.

56. Log Candle Holders

Via martysmusings

You need a thick bark like Walnut’s for this holder. Drill a hole in the middle of the bark to place the candle and display this craft on a tray. Surround it with greens and red berries.

57. Wood Burned Picture Frame

Via craftylittlegnome

Turn the simple wood frame from the store into a burned DIY frame using the burning tool. Finish it with a walnut colored wood stain.

58. Three Tier Wood Stand

Via personallyandrea

Cut the log into three circular slices (you can get them from the store too). Use glass candlestands and wood glue to make the stand. Nail wooden cabinet knobs on the base.

59. Swivel Stools

Via housebeautiful

Add rustic stools under the countertop using hinges. Get the wood slice, stain, and coat it well. Attach the slice with hinges. There you have it!

60. Rustic White Terracotta

Via thewhimsicalwife

Not just aqua, the white lime powder can give the terracotta an aged look too. Make a mixture of the powder and water and coat the pots with it for an unmatched rustic decor.

61. Wood Wall Ruler

Via paintedtherapy

It’s best to keep a height ruler nailed to the wall. It’s convenient and looks amazing. Make one using a long wood strip, scale it using a yardstick and mark the units.

62. Cedar Centerpiece

Pretty easy – it’s whatever you want it to be! You can get the wooden block at the store as well as the pinecones. Fill the jar with white cedar and pinecones.

63. Mason Jar Storage

Add a rustic feel to your bathroom too! Nail a wood strip to the wall and attach mason jars to it. Store toiletries, make-up, meds, or other stuff in them. Just be careful of the weight the jars can bear.

64. Wall Vase

This adds so much to your decor. Coat a wood strip and spray paint it white. Use a small coffee bottle as the vase and attach it to the board with the hook. Display pretty little faux flowers in it. It’ll look cute beside a signboard.

65. Wood Lantern

I think this is the most rustic one can get. Its beauty in simplicity is undoubted! Cut, shape, and stain the wood strips. Then glue them together in the lantern shape.

66. Woodbox Centerpiece

Similar to the previous wood boxes but this one comes with jute handles. So, if you want pure rusticity, go for this woodbox! Decorate this centerpiece with candles and faux greens.

67. Branch Photo Ladder

Via creativeambitions

If you got a ‘ready to be spot’ somewhere, place this photo ladder there. Gather some tree branches and make the ladder with wood glue. Drill holes in the branches to screw the S hooks for the photo frames. Decorate further with faux berries.

68. Repurposed Message Center

Via mycreativedays

Use that old wooden board kept somewhere in your garage and transform it into a DIY message center! Take a photo frame, remove the glass, and attach a corkboard to it. Cover the cork with burlap. Paint the wood portion with chalkboard paint and attach the frame to it using hinges.

69. Wood Candle Sticks

Via mycreativedays

Transform the old, wooden table legs into candle stands! A bit of shaping, coating, and painting is all you’ll have to do.

70. Wood Bench

Via mycreativedays

Wood, saw, paint, and nailgun are all the basic supplies we need to make a wooden bench. The rusticity lies in the paint – paint it white in a messy way such that it looks old.

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71. Barn Wood Arrow

Via mycreativedays

3D Arrow for your wall! Draw the arrow shape on a piece of barn wood and cut it out. For the 3D effect, attach the remaining barn pieces behind the arrow.

72. Pallet Wood Organizer

Via mycreativeday

Use pallet woods to make the wooden boxes. Coat them well and nail each box to wooden strips to make the ladder. You can paint numbers on each and organize stuff!

73. Faux Mantel

Via mycreativedays

Not everyone has a mantel. If you don’t wanna go for the real, expensive one, then craft this faux mantel! Use the fancy tops of old dressers or buffets to nail on the wood. Paint the whole thing white and nail it to the wall.

74. Wooden Clock

Via gatherandflourish

Why leave the clock behind? Give it a rustic twist by changing its board into a wooden one. The clock hands should seem rustic too.

75. Shoe Storage Bench

Via jaimecostiglio

You can get the regular bench and add rusticity to it using pallet wood boxes. Make the pallet wood boxes and fix them under the bench. A perfect shoe storage space, isn’t it?

76. Rustic Windmill

Via craftberrybush

Wondering how on earth will you ever get this look? Simple! Use aluminum sheets for the blades, a big plastic lid for the center, and dowels to attach the sheets, Some cinnamon spray and brown paint will form the “rust” easily! Follow the tutorial here.

77. Repurposed Paint Can

Via knickoftime

Use the old paint can and transform it into a rustic plant pot. Paint the surface to get the rustic look and hang it on the porch hook. Display beautiful flowers in it.

78. Paper Flower

Via diyncrafts

Did you know old book pages can give a chic rustic look too? Cut pieces from old book pages and fold them. Glue the bottoms together and stick a button on it. Hang the flower up in some plant (looks good!).

79. Branch Lamp

Via designboom

Hang the light bulbs on a tree branch! Get a branch having three to four sections divided somewhat in a circular manner. Hang some small light bulbs on each section. It’ll look like a rustic chandelier!

80. Branch Coat Hanger

Make the coat rack rustic as well! Make a wall hanging wooden box first. Then glue/nail twigs in it to make it a coat hanger

81. Branch Rack

Via duneha

Go fully rustic and hang up all those clothes on a big driftwood branch. Find a spot that’s suitable for the branch in the room and Kaboom!

82. Herbs And Spice Jars

Via gardentherapy

Growing some fresh herbs and spices in your home is gonna benefit you for sure. Make this jar planter for growing ‘em. Cut the wooden slice and hang the jar on it with wires.

83. Rope Vase

Via thecottagemarket

Giving a touch of rusticity to any item is quite easy. Get the vase and drape it with jute rope. See? Easy!

84. Burlap Vase

Via thecottagemarket

Not only jute but draping with burlap also gives rusticity to the vase. Go for the one that looks the best at your place!

85. Bark Pencil Holder

Via topdreamer

Get a thick bark and drill holes in it. What else? Nothing! Told ya giving the rustic look is quite an easy job.

86. Rustic Box Shelf

Via kparkerdesign

What’s a box shelf? It’s a box that acts as a shelf! Make a box out of wood strips and paint it according to your wish. Hang it up and you get your shelf. Therefore, box shelf.

87. Rustic Shelf

Via ashadeoftea

It’s just a simple modification. Get the brackets and spray paint them with bronze. Now get the wood board and stain, coat, and paint it to match your wall. Fix the two and done! It’ll cost you much less than the store ones.

88. Jute Basket Planter

Via 52flea

The jute basket can also be used to grow plants, but it’s better to plant the faux ones. The real ones can be a bit troublesome. Get a jute basket and attach a hard base to it. Hang it up!

89. Rustic Flower

Via diyncrafts

Another flower that you can make out of old book pages. Fold the papers, attach each flower to twigs and display them in a small vase. No maintenance needed!

90. Grapevine Wreath

Wreaths can be an all-season thing! You can either make the entire wreath or get one from the dollar store and modify it with cotton, fall berry sprig, and burlap for hanging.

91. Flower Ball

Via diyncrafts

Even flower balls can be made out of old book pages! Fold and twist and glue, that’s all you need to do! Display it in a mini vase and add to the rusticity with jute twine.

92. Rose Ball

Via diyncrafts

You can make a rose ball if you didn’t like the previous paper flowers. Make the petals and glue them together to form the roses. Top it off with mini white faux flowers.

93. Paper Flower Frame

Via diyncrafts

Get a rustic frame and glue the big paper flower to its glass. What an unusual idea! The flower alone looks good too so the frame part is fully your choice.

94. Paper Wreath

Via diyncrafts

I swear it’s the last book page craft! This wreath is made out of old book page cones. Use the regular foam wreath, cover it with colorful paper, and attach the cones.

95. Pallet Plaques

Make the pallet wood out of wood strips. Then convert the pallet wood into photo frames! Not at all tough, right?

96. Chalkboard Frame

Via knickoftime

Farmhouse style! Get plywood and furring strips to make the frame. Paint the frame white to enhance the rusticity, and the middle with chalkboard paint. Display a jar plant on it.

97. Jewelry Holder

Reuse the old photo frame to hold the jewelry. Drill the frame on a wood board, attach wires, and hang your pieces of jewelry.

98. Sunburst Mirror

Via thriftyandchic

Cut the wood into small triangles, coat them well and form the sunburst shape. Attach a small, round mirror in the middle.

99. Pallet Wall Decoration

Via followthesprinkles

This adds so much cheer to any room. Use the pallet to hang jars on the wall. You can either plant flowers to decorate or use them as storage.

100. Wall Kraft Paper

Via lizmarieblog

Use some kraft paper to make this wall hanging roll. Write a thoughtful/motivational quote on it, sew it in the roll form, and hang it up as a constant reminder.

There you have it! A list of 100 ideas to choose which one will look good at your place and is easy to make. Get the stuff and dive into work!