51 Sweet and Chic DIY Gift Basket Ideas

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DIY gifts are always leading in the personalized gifts category and are the epitome of creativity. You can not only depict your feelings for your friends and family in the most unique way but also surprise them with functional gifts. It’s even better if you have DIY gift baskets on your mind to thrill your loved ones on a special occasion,

Gift baskets are very popular gifts as they can be modified according to the occasion and recipient. Now, your first step would be to choose the theme before you shortlist the items. Whether it’s a present for your sibling, friend, or even a heartwarming surprise for Mother’s day, your grey cells will surely figure out the best!

To help you with the selection process, we have put together a vivid list of sweet gift basket ideas. From beautiful housewarming baskets to mimosa baskets, there are some great ideas here.

So scroll down and check out 51 Sweet and Chic DIY Gift Basket Ideas and be ready to surprise your loved ones!

51 Sweet and Chic DIY Gift Basket Ideas

1. Morning Mimosa Basket

Via Thediaryofadebutante

Tired of having those good old wine brunches in winter? Try out this mimosa basket for a change. This DIY gift box contains fresh fruits, champagne flutes, fresh bottles of juice, and some seasonal decor with a message tag. 

Get a beverage tub that suits the occasion.

2. Lemon Gift Basket

Via Sugarandcharm

Choosing the best gift basket is tricky but it is not a tough job. Once you figure out the theme, everything is easy-peasy. This lemon gift basket, for example, contains simple lemon-flavored goodies with a beautiful bouquet.

The hamper can be gifted to anyone, irrespective of the occasion, and they would love it! 

3. Teatime Gift Basket

Via Blessedbeyondcrazy

If you have a tea-loving pal, this is the perfect gift basket with a cute mug. The beautiful jute basket has iced tea, green tea, and other aromatic relaxing tea packs for the ultimate refreshing experience. Put some cookies, biscuits, and cutlery and your friend would have the best time no matter what.

You can also include some coffee packs in the set and make it extra delicious! 

4. Wine Gift Basket

Via Flouronmyface

Just like the statement photo frame here, you have to chill a little with some wonderful wines and have a great time. If you want to make your loved ones have a similar experience, surprise them with a wine basket. Add some cheese and dark chocolate to make it extra special.

5. Box of Shortbread Cookies

Via Countryliving

What can be a better gift than a basket of sweetness? This awesome DIY gift basket is full of healthy shortbread cookies and they can be homemade. For the decoration, grab a small tin box, cover it with colored chart paper or simply paint it, and attach some ribbons.

You can make it extra special by adding a message tag,

6. Moscow Mule Basket

Via Bakerfarmhouse

A spicy combination of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, you have the delightful Moscow mule basket to make your loved one’s day. Imagine greeting your loved ones with a cocktail kit amidst a festive vibe!

Add Moscow mule mugs, a knife and a cutting board for the limes, a lime squeezer, and other essential items required to make this cocktail.

7. Cheesy Gift Basket

Via Playswellwithbutter

Attention all the cheese lovers, we have the ultimate gift basket to take your taste buds on a ride! Packed in a wired basket, you will have red wine, crackers, and lots and lots of cheese in this.

Coming to the assembling, your first job would be to fill the base of the crate with tissue papers and give a height to it. Next is all about filling the goodies one by one and voila, your cheese basket is ready to impress! 

8. Coffee Basket

Via Thebellevie

Now that we’ve looked at something the cheese lovers act head-over-heels for, let’s take care of the coffee fans now. You have three easy ways to make the ultimate gift kit for coffee lovers.

The basket consists of coffee, cookies, doughnuts, and a spectacular coffee mug with custom engraving to bring a personalized touch. Everything is packed in a white, hollow tub and it looks stunning. 

9. Cheese and Sausage Gift Basket

Via Flouronmyface

Are you looking for a great Christmas basket under 20 dollars? This one has cheese and sausage rolls paired with crackers, dipping pretzels, and spicy mustard. Every canned food item has a shelf life of more than a year and this food basket is a failsafe option.

10. Orange-Cardamom Marmalade

Via Countryliving

A preserved marmalade is a croissant and English muffin’s best friend and let’s say it, nothing can beat these pairings. If you are looking for fascinating winter gifts, make one of these orange marmalades and pack it with juicy oranges in a bamboo basket.

It can be preserved for up to 1 year when stored in a canned jar and guess what? Your friends and family can enjoy it with buttered toast or goat cheese for an entire year!   

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11. Snow Day Survival Kit

Via Thediymommy

No, you won’t be gifting some woolen clothes and bedsheets to spend a cold winter day with this basket. The survival kit is more concerned about your sweet and warm desires like a hot cup of cocoa, or maybe some chocolate cookies.

One of the best Christmas gifts, this set consists of mason jars, cookie cutters, crushed candy canes, homemade hot chocolate mix, and sugar cookie mix. Told you, it’s all about pleasing your taste buds! 

12. Gardener’s Gift Basket

Via Themerrythought

If you have a garden-lover in your life, it is time to surprise them with the ultimate gardening gift basket. It has got essentials like gloves, hand cultivator, trowel, plant mister and whatnot. You can also include some seeds, peat pots, air plants, and a gardening book to help them with new planting ideas.

13. His-Hers Gift Basket

Via Abeautifulmess

Add some oomph to a regular coffee gift basket with some stunning coffee mugs and a personalized touch. Stuff a basket full of cookies, coffee packets, straws, and customized mugs for a couple. You will need letter stamps, a black ink stamp pad, a black porcelain marker, and an arrow stamp. And of course, some coffee-related goodies!

14. New Mama Gift Basket

Via Ourcraftymom

Heading to a baby shower soon? Try out this DIY new mama gift basket and ditch baby gifts this time. Being a mom is one of the most fascinating things in a woman’s life and you can surely make her postpartum days easy with new mom essentials.

Grab a gift basket and fill it with supplies like nursing essentials, chocolates, scented candles, bubble baths, and even gossip magazines because she deserves to take some me-time. 

15. Homemade Ketchup Baskets

Via Surlatable

No matter how good the brand is, nothing can match the goodness and taste of homemade ketchup. You can make a barbecue lover’s day with these smoky, and rich tomato flavors, all packed in the best possible way. Add crisps, ready-to-make french fries, hot dog packs, and more in the gift basket too. 

16. Paper Lover’s Gift Basket

Via Damasklove

Why just wine, mimosa, fruits, and coffee? Some people also need some pampering with dairies, notebooks, storage solutions, and so much more. There are tons of yummy office supplies like calendars, mini journals, pens, and even gift tags.

Complete the decor with a beautiful flower bouquet and make the receiver happy! 

17. Coffee Gift Basket

Via Lifestyledbysam

Here’s another coffee gift basket because just one is not enough! I guess it is quite easy to make a coffee-lover happy because what is more special than a black coffee or cappuccino? Add some high-quality coffee grounds, creamer, coffee syrup, coffee mugs, cookies, and top it all with a giant bow.

18. Bundt Cake Basket

Via Darlingdoodles

A perfect wedding favor and housewarming gift, this bundt basket has a subtle grey theme with funny printables, napkins, and spoons. The best part is the bundt cake pan which is the basket here. Let’s surprise someone with nothing bundt joy with this bundt basket!

19. Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Via Roomfortuesday

Mothers are no less than angels and we all want nothing but the best for her. Check out this amazing Mother’s Day kit for her full of essentials packed in a showy wooden basket. You can be more creative with it and fill it with her favorite things.

20. Sangria for Friends

Via Fantabulosity

After those breakfast mimosas and wines, we have this delicious sangria gift basket. What’s special about this gift is that all the sangria ingredients like wine, cranberries, limes, etc. are packed in a drink dispenser. 

21. Flavoured Salt Basket

Via Countryliving

This is something that might be the showstopper because it’s so unique and you don’t see gourmet salt gift baskets every day. From porcini salt to lime-ginger salt, there are many great recipes and are super easy to follow. Pack them in a beautiful jar and surprise your loved ones with these salty flavors! 

22. Bloody Mary Basket

Via Thediaryofadebutante

Fill a wooden bucket with lots of veggies, a Bloody Mary mix, and their favorite vodka and you are all set to surprise them with this fascinating cocktail wonder. Don’t forget other essentials like celery stalks, rimming spice, olives, and napkins.

23. Breakfast Gift Basket

Via Curlyqpaper

An amazing basket full of pancake mix and syrups would be a great way to start the day. You can make the pancake mix with love at home and pair it with a nice bottle of champagne and other essentials to complete this beautiful breakfast kit. 

24. Fresh Popcorn Kit

Via Countryliving

Probably the simplest of the lot, this popcorn kit is going to make your loved one’s movie nights more wonderful. Besides having a bag of kernels and textured napkins, it has coconut curry seasoning to top it off.

Don’t worry, you have the recipe to guide you through and anyone would love to taste these sweet and savory pieces of kernels. 

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25. Crock-Pot Basket

Via Tonyastaab

Okay, we will talk about the gifts later, please divert your attention to this stunning crockpot which is also the gift basket here. One of the best ways to gift a crockpot to someone, you can tie ribbons around it and make it presentable.

If you know their favorite delicacies, choose the ingredients accordingly and they will love you for the effort. 

26. Gamers Gift Basket

Via Thedatingdivas

The love of your life might be obsessed with gaming even if they won’t admit it. And of course, they need to replenish their bodies while gaming. Let them enjoy those adrenaline-filled hours with some delicious snacks on the go and they won’t stop thanking you.

The basket could be a birthday gift or a thoughtful festive treat.

27. Rosé Wine Gift Basket

Via Savvyhoney

You have guessed it right, everything is either rose-flavored or rose-themed here since the star of this basket is Rosé wine (which is pink in color). It is packed with a rose-colored wine tumbler, rose-colored napkins, pink bath salts, and a mini Rosé wine and chocolates.

From Mother’s day to housewarming and bridal showers, this would be the right choice for many occasions!

28. Picnic in a Basket

Via Yourmarketingbff

Some people might think that picnic baskets are a cliche but they are the center of attention when you go on a day trip near the lake, right? How about gifting a well-equipped one to your mother or someone in the family? You guys can take a day off and enjoy yourself in a picnic zone with tasty sandwiches and shakes.

29. Christmas Sundaes

Via Bloomdesignsonline

Let’s talk desserts now. If you love ice cream, you know how delicious sundaes are when you have the right ingredients. Surprise children and ice-cream lovers with this sundae kit full of sauces, cones, sprinkles, and much more.

You can even get the ice cream delivered to them separately and let them enjoy delicious sundaes.  

30. Sports Gift Basket

Via Hoosierhomemade

If you have a baseball fan around and you want to surprise them with this surprise bucket of sports-themed supplies, go ahead! Besides the sports gear and themed t-shirts, you can make it extra special by adding match tickets to it. Don’t forget to include some snacking essentials too.

31. Pedicure Gift Basket

Via Laurascraftylife

Self-care is extremely important no matter how busy you are and you can always show your love and care to someone with this pedicure gift basket. It is full of pedicure supplies like nail files, nail polishes, etc, and the best part would be the slippers which are serving as the gift basket here. How unique! 

32. Cozy Gift Basket

Via Prettyprovidence

If you were missing the plush blanket in that winter survival kit we checked out before, here is another cozy option. This gift basket consists of hot cocoa, a puzzle, some tissue papers, and everything required to help someone unwind for the day.

Make a bunch of these and make sure your friends and family stay warm this winter. 

33. Spa in a Jar

Via Thegunnysack

Self-love is very important no matter what, and what could be a better way to pamper yourself than a rejuvenating spa session? You don’t need tons of supplies or hours of assembling to make the ultimate spa kit, a jar is enough to store the necessary supplies.

From face cleanser and hair treatment packets to bath bombs and chocolate truffles, it’s all about pampering the people you love with this gift set. 

34. Welcome Home Bucket

Via Justmakestuff

Gift baskets are extremely popular when it comes to occasions like Christmas, housewarming parties, and wedding favors. So, if you are going to visit a new house pretty soon, this welcome kit would be the best way to honor the hosts.

It includes basic hardware stuff like nails, extension cords, screwdrivers, etc. to make it easier for the family to adjust to their new house. Everything is beautifully assembled in a galvanized bucket and you can add the final touch with colored ribbons. 

35. Spa Basket for Moms

Via Diynetwork

Whether it’s about the last few days of pregnancy or early motherhood, a mom needs to look out for her health because the baby needs her. If you are visiting her on her birthday or going to the baby shower, surprise her with these fuzzy slippers, bath salts, and gentle soaps to relax and rejuvenate.

You can even gift her a bottle of non-alcoholic beer or wine and celebrate the new phase of her life in style!

36. Rustic Gift Basket

Via Angelamariemade

Do you know how amazing it is when you include plants, flowers, or anything close to nature in a housewarming gift basket? This gift basket checks out all the boxes for a rustic gift and is filled with essentials. The DIY wood sign which is complemented by the black and white dish towel looks super awesome.

37. Wine of the Month

Via Thecreativebite

Based on the concept of wine of the month, this fascinating gift basket is all about making the best wine package for a wine lover.

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It includes a collection of 12 affordable and higher-range products based on the favorite flavors of the recipient. You can always choose the wine bottles depending on your budget and stick tags of every month on each bottle and enjoy!

38. Selfcare Gift Basket

Via Therisingspoon

Selfcare baskets don’t need any occasion to be gifted—they are very thoughtful and display your love and care for the recipient.

You are free to be creative once you are done taking inspiration from this idea. If you know the recipient loves a certain product or needs something, make sure to add those.

39. Get Well Soon Basket

Via Mellymoments

Yellow is a cheerful color and exudes positive vibes. Gift this to someone who is down with flu or fever lately and cheer them up with lemon juices, scrubs, and candies. 

40. Polka Dot Coffee Mug Basket

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Buy one of those big and showy coffee mugs from the dollar store and turn it into a special gift basket to surprise your loved one. You are free to choose the theme and fillings—chocolates and coffee would be a great combination to fill the mug, just a suggestion! 

41. Hot Cocoa Delight

Via Thetomkatstudio

Everyone longs for some hot and delicious cocoa during those cold and cozy winter mornings and this DIY basket would be the savior. So gift your loved one a crate full of hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate syrup, and customized mugs.

42. Holiday Food Gift Basket

Via Liagriffith

Winter snacks are always on demand when you know you will be snowed in during those cold months. A cozy bucket of gourmet food items or small-batch pantry staples can fix any mood no matter what. Get this fascinating sweet delight for your loved ones this winter and let them enjoy the snow while staying warm.

43. Housewarming Gift Basket

Via Howtonestforless

Here’s one more housewarming gift box to make the hosts extra comfortable in their new home. This pretty tote has everything—from kitchen cleaning essentials like soaps and towels to basic cleaning supplies like brushes, air fresheners, and so much more—it’s like a treasure trove.

Again, you are free to add as many tools and supplies as you think they will need. 

44. Tackle Box Craft Kit 

Via Mamapapabubba

How can we forget gift baskets for kids? Take a break from regular cookies baskets this time and make them overjoyed with this colorful collection of craft supplies. From ribbons and sketch pens to glue sticks and brushes, it has got everything a child would love to own.

45. Pretty Housewarming Basket

Via Bewhatwelove

Housewarming gifts can be tailor-made in tons of beautiful ways and the host and hostess are always very happy to receive them. The mason jar here adds some flair to the good old gift basket concept and contains daily essentials such as kitchen towels, measuring tape, a mini hammer, etc.

46. Slippers Basket for Men

Via Prettyprovidence

Men too love to get pampered and that’s why you should gift the man in your life nicely packed slippers. It has got fabulous snacks and some sweet delights that he would love. 

47. Surprise for Teachers

Via Seevanessacraft

Our teachers have made us who we are today and even a thousand thank yous would be less. Why not surprise them with the perfect gift box and show our gratitude? You can be as creative as you want with it and it would be even better if you know your teacher’s favorite snacks.

48. One More Teacher Gift Basket

Via Chefindisguise

Teachers deserve lots of appreciation from us and hence, I have added one more stunning idea for you. There are wooden crates for the rustic feel, there is a small blackboard in the background, a lantern, and a metallic bucket.

Use styrofoam hearts of blue, green, and white to make the display better, and then fill it with your teacher’s favorite gift items. 

49. Game Night in a Tin

Via Thediymommy

Are you up for a family game night? Well, this pretty basket has got you covered with all the delicious essentials. It has popcorn, board games, cookies, and so much more, all packed in a statement tin box.

50. Toast and Jam Basket

Via Damasklove

Some homemade bread, whipped up strawberry preserve, and delicious butter—drooling already? Now think of a gift basket loaded with all these. Yes, nothing could be a better breakfast delight than this gift basket and it is a great gift for any occasion. 

51. Themed DIY Gift Basket

Yes, the title is generic because we are talking about some easy ways to make your own themed DIY gift basket. Whether it’s a housewarming, baby shower, or bridal shower, this guide is all about making a stunning homemade basket for your loved ones. You just have to put some extra thought and be creative. 

Pick the ideas you like the most from this lot and you will be earning yourself tons of smiles and thank-yous!