50 Christmas Cupcakes

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Festive cupcakes are the heart and soul of Christmas! Fighting with your family for different frosting colors as your ambitious lot tries to make the best cupcake; showcases true holiday spirit. While we love decorating, we usually run out ideas after making the generic Christmas tree and hat. Now while I can’t bake at all, the one thing that I can do is decorate! You can easily make your cupcakes look as if you got it from a fancy bakery downtown. 

I present to you 50 different and unique ideas that will look so scrumptious and perfect that Santa might stuff all of them down his throat at once. 

50 Christmas Cupcakes

1) Cupcake wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

Who knew you can make a wreath out of cupcakes! But it is possible. Arrange all your cupcakes in a circle and start piping green frosting over them in the manner of a wreath. You can also add leaf-shaped sugar cookies or cutouts to dress it up. No matter how hard you look, you will never find a more scrumptious wreath. 

2) Candy Cupcakes 

Via Countryliving

Who doesn’t love candy, and if you mix that with cupcakes BOOM! You have the ultimate pairing. Not only are these delicious, but they are also very simple to decorate and look unbearably cute. Decorate the tops with some festive colored M&M’s and marshmallows. To add leaves, you can add pressed Laffy Taffy leaves!

3) Gingerbread man to the rescue

Via Bakedbyrachel

We all love cute tiny gingerbread men. Imagine them topped over brown sugar cupcakes with a dash of cinnamon. Frosted with some creamy white frosting, these cupcakes will be the star of the night. These little gingerbread men will give all the bakeries in the town a run for their money.

4) Christmas light cupcakes 

Via Delish

If you have Christmas lights all over your house who’s stopping you to put some on your cupcakes as well. But these will be completely edible. Just pipe a spiral of black frosting over your white one and decorate with colorful M&M’s. We love a cohesive moment!

5) Mint Grasshopper cookies

Via Lecremedelacrumb

We love a little dash of mint on Christmas and these cupcakes will bring you just that. The sweetness of the cupcake with its minty frosting will play with your taste buds and will leave you wanting more. Add some chocolate chips on the top and you have a holy trio. This fluffy and creamy frosting is all you need this Christmas.

6) Reindeer cupcakes

Via Halfbakedharvest

What can be better than a cart pulled with reindeer cupcakes? These festive cupcakes are all you need on Christmas Eve. They are fairly easy to decorate and will outshine all other desserts at your family dinner. Don’t forget to leave some for Santa and his Reindeers 

7) Candy cane oreo cupcakes

Via Yourcupofcake

Nothing screams Christmas more than candy canes, mix them with Oreos and you have a drool-worthy dish. This differentiates it from the classic candy cane cupcakes and gives it a milky new twist. With Oreos folded in the netter as well as the topping, you will never get enough of these babies. 

8) Vanilla Cupcakes

Via Delish

No matter what you say you can never go wrong with a classic vanilla cupcake. Vanilla is almost synonymous with Christmas. It adds that sweet taste to your holiday and is perfect to have some in the morning as you open all your presents 

9) Peanut butter Pretzel Cupcakes

Via Bakerbynature

If I describe all the deliciousness packed in this small cupcake, I’m going to need a whole new dictionary. There are so many desserts incorporated in this there is no way your mouth doesn’t water. These cupcakes are chocolate-covered, has peanut butter mixed with the smooth and creamy cheesecake, and topped with a pretzel.

10) Snowman cupcakes

Via Cookingclassy

There is nothing I love more than making multiple snowmen all around my backyard. Olaf could have a whole family with the amount I make every year. And when I can transfer that onto a cupcake is when I know its truly a white Christmas. Reese holiday bells as its cap are my favorite touch

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11) Hot chocolate cupcakes

Via Spoonfulofflavor

Midnight hot chocolate cupcakes are my favorite. I love holding that warm chocolaty goodness in my hands as I bring in the Christmas. Well, this year you can have a hot chocolate party with some cupcakes as well. These are so cute and tasty and on-brand. A perfect companion to your hot cup. 

12) Polar bear cupcakes

Via Hungryhappenings

White fluffy polar bears are so white and fluffy and you wish you saw some in your backyard. I mean not literally, but you can have a polar bear on your cupcake. Because all of us cant pull up to the north pole, we can bring the north pole to us 

13) Apple pie cupcakes 

Via Delish

The smell of apple pie wafts in almost every other household during the Christmas season. What can be better than an apple pie!? A cupcake with apple pie stuffing! This cupcake gives you the best of both worlds

14) Red velvet cupcakes

Via Thecookierookie

You can never go wrong with red velvet cupcakes. They are an absolute classic and can be a staple in your household when the festive season comes knocking. These cupcakes give you that rich sophisticated flavor and are very easy to make. 

15) Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes

Via Delish

We all know nuts with chocolates are all we need and Ferrero rocher gives us just. Imagine that but in a cupcake. This will fulfill all your nutty chocolate fantasies as it is filled with Nutella on the inside and has a Ferrero rocher on the top. 

16) Eggnog Latte Cupcakes

Via Lifeloveandsugar

There are two types of people. Those who love eggnog and those who don’t. If you are an eggnog lover like me, you will love this cupcake. Mixed with its latte frosting, this cupcake is basically what I have for breakfast when the holiday seasons starts approaching. 

17) White chocolate peppermint cupcakes

Via Thecakeblog

As we discussed earlier, a dash of peppermint is always more than welcome in the Claus season. Add white chocolate to the mix, and you will be left salivating. White chocolate not only complements the flavors of peppermint perfectly but also provides a wonderful color palette. 

18) Snickerdoodle cupcakes

Via Thecakeblog

You can never go wrong with good old snickerdoodle. Transfer the sweet and spiced flavor of snickerdoodle into a cupcake and that is all you need for the holiday season. Topped with some brown sugar frosting this fluffy little cupcake will serve you all the Christmas feels

19) Creme Brûlée Cupcakes

Via Delish

I’m not a Masterchef but I know how to make some mean cupcakes. And I can also add the flavor of Creme Brûlée in it. Now that’s what I call sophistication mixed with comfort. Enjoy the Creme Brûlée on the top and dig in to bite into the cupcake. 

20) Grinch cupcakes

Via Bakedbree

Green cupcakes always look grinchy and cute. You can easily make these cupcakes to further enhance your color palette or if you want to manifest your feelings for the holiday season. Paired with the red velvet cupcakes mentioned above, this will give you the classic color scheme

21) Scrooge Cupcakes

Via Womansday

Scrooge is only allowed on your dining table if he is decorated on cupcakes. This Scrooge cupcake line up is all you need this season. You and your family can go all out and even have a competition on who makes the best Scrooge

22) Black Forest Cupcakes

Via Thecakeblog

Instead of having a black forest cake try something new and make a black forest cupcake this year. This is a fun little twist on a well-loved classic. The cherry filling inside will have you smacking your lips for days

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23) Snowflake cupcakes 

Via Glorioustreats

We all wish for a white Christmas, so why can’t we bring that into our kitchen. We all have a new appreciation for snowflakes, especially after Frozen. These beautiful looking cupcakes are almost too amazing to eat

24) Peppermint Mocha

Via Bakerbynature

Peppermint is such a versatile flavor that it can be mixed with anything to further alleviate the flavor. Coffee is one of such things. I mean who doesn’t love a medley between peppermint and coffee. You are going to love this if you love coffee as much as I do

25) Cannoli cupcakes

Via Delish

I’m sure you all love cannoli. And if you’re reading this blog you obviously are a fan of cupcakes. But have you ever tried mixing the two? Sounds weird at first but trust me these two in one dessert is all you need on your dining table after scarfing down your festive dinner. Because more is more

26) Kahlúa Cupcakes

Via Delish

It honestly does not better than Kahlúa. If all of you in your family are of age then this is the perfect cupcakes to back. This cupcake has Kahlúa in the batter, ganache, and the frosting as well. This cupcake has to be one of my top personal favorites. 

27) Raspberry hot chocolate cupcakes

Via Yourcupofcake

I’ve already elaborated on how sinful the hot chocolate cupcakes are, but add raspberry to it and you have a deadly combo. This cupcakes is aesthetically pleasing and gives you a marshmallowy surprise when you bite into it

28) Elf snowball cupcakes

Via Womansday

Elves are the cute little helpers that are welcome everywhere. They will look unbearably cute over your coconut drizzled cupcakes. You can easily make these at home and relive your childhood days again

29) Snow angel cupcakes

Via Thecakeblog

If you want a break from the generic festive flavors and decorating, this the perfect cupcake for you. With a dollop of whipped cream on top, this new cupcake will tingle your tastebuds

30) Chocolate Cherry Amaretto Cupcakes

Via Thesprinklefactory

A little liquor never hurt anybody, and if it’s Amaretto then I’m all in. These chocolate flavored amaretto cupcakes are perfect for your soiree. Topped with a cherry, it’s heavenly

31) Pumpkin spice with cream cheese

Via Goodhousekeeping

If it were up to me I’d have pumpkin spice cupcakes all year round. Topped with some amazing smooth cream cheese frosting, they are perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

32) Muddy buddy cupcakes

Via Chelseasmessyapron

Every self-respecting chocolate connoisseur knows what muddy buddy or puppy chow is. Imagine that but on a cupcake. It will be a chocolate trifecta and we are here for it

33) Eggnog and Spiced Rum

Via Bakersroyale

Bet you never thought of mixing eggnog with spiced rum, but it is perfect. They superbly balance the taste so that your cupcakes have the perfect flavor. We all know that you can’t let the festive season pass without having a boozy cupcake. 

34) Cookie Dough stuffed cupcakes 

Via Delish

I love cookie dough so much I could just eat it without baking it. But you know what I love more? Cookie dough stuffed cupcakes. These two just blend together perfectly

35) Carrot cake cupcake 

Via Delish

Carrot cake is seen on almost every other family dinner table but, why not make it better? You can make them bite-sized and add your frosting of choice on top. A win-win situation if you ask me 

36) Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Via Delish

The festive season is always flavored with the undercurrents of cinnamon. And cinnamon toast crunch is one of the best cereal to exist on Mother Earth. So why not mix them both

37) Fireball cupcake

Via Delish

This fiery red cupcake will give you all the Christmas feels. This will literally and metaphorically light up your Christmas. This is one of the best boozy cupcakes to have at your dinner table. And the best part is that it’s very simple to make

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38) Champagne Cupcakes

Via Delish

While I love the hard liquors in cupcakes, I appreciate a touch of elegance as well. These champagne cupcakes are perfect for having at your New Year’s Eve gala. The delicate decoration just elevates it.

39) Campfire cupcakes 

Via Delish

I love roasting marshmallows by the campfire as soon as the winter sets in. While I love cupcakes, Smores come a close second. And hence these campfire cupcakes are all you need this festive season. Top it with some marshmallows and it’ll be perfect

40) Polar bear paw cupcake

Via Delish

We already made polar bear cupcakes earlier, so to switch things a bit this polar bear paw is perfect. Use an oreo as the main ball of the feet, and small M&M’s as the toes. These will look so cute on the kids’ table 

41) Cranberry Vanilla  Cupcakes

Via Thereciperebel

Nothing screams Christmas more than this cupcake. This vanilla cupcake with delicious cranberry filling as you bite into it, topped with some white chocolate will combine all your festive flavors in one.

42) Matcha Cupcakes With Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting

Via Ilonaspassion

There are plenty of red cupcakes but you always have to use food coloring for making cupcakes. Well, not this year. These glorious green cupcakes are colored with the use of matcha and are scrumptious. Topped with cream cheese they are tea-licious.

43) Boozy Pecan Pie

Via Delish

Pecan pies are a staple for thanksgiving, but this time leave the boring pecan pie for the oldies and some booze to your pecan pie cupcakes to give it a fun little twist. So you’ll not miss out on the pecan pie, but you will love it even more 

44) Pink Cupcake Wreath

Via Thecakeblog

If you’re not interested in the traditional wreath we mentioned earlier, just make it pink. Because we make pink cupcakes on Wednesdays. Pink is definitely a unique holiday color but not so unique that it sticks out like a sore eye.

45) Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

Via Delish

You can have a strawberry cheesecake cupcake at any occasion. It is highly versatile and will be a big hit in each and every party of yours. To make it more festive you can decorate it with some strawberries and green cupcake liners.

46) Nutter butter cupcakes

Via Fivehearthome

This cupcake will truly taste your decorating capabilities. This one store-bought cookie presents you with three different ways in which you can make it cute and Christmas themed

47) Ice cream Sundae Cupcakes

Via Delish

You can never have too much ice cream. If you think frosting your cupcake is too mainstream just top it with ice cream. It takes half the effort and looks super cute. Not to mention you get to have ice cream

48) Santa cupcakes

Via Goodhousekeeping

You can simply not name Christmas cupcakes without having a Santa cupcake. No matter how mainstream it is. Its Christmas after all. While this one looks complicated to decorate, trust me it isn’t. Also, the batter is made with a simple pound cake batter

49) Markle Sparkle Cupcakes

Via Delish

We all know the royal wedding was the wedding of the season. So why not add it to your cupcakes as well. These royal cupcakes bring about an air of sophistication while being absolutely delicious.

50) Cranberry Orange Cupcakes

Via Tasteandtellblog

Cranberry and orange are a legendary combo. So why no bring it to the cupcake world. While cranberry is a festive fruit, orange brings something new and refreshing to the table.

The cupcakes mentioned above are all you need to celebrate this festive season with a BANG! There is something for everyone, from boozy cupcakes to traditional cupcakes. Paired with the festive decoration you will leave all the bakeries in your town in the dust.

These are the combinations we thought will suit the best, but you can obviously mix and match the decorations and cupcakes. Maximize your creativity!

Happy bake-days!!