50 Best Christmas Dinner Recipes

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The happy and jolly Christmas festivities are finally nearing and we have so much to do! In the rush to get everything done, it often becomes difficult to take care of all our tasks and one forgets to enjoy this magnificent time.

From gifts and decorations to spending time with family and friends, everything is beautiful, so why compromise on your Christmas dinner?

One of the most important part of a successful Christmas is the wonderful food. I know it’s difficult to come up with new ideas every year, so here are 50 amazing Christmas dinner ideas to help you out and make this time truly wonderful.

50 Best Christmas Dinner Recipes

1. Maple Glazed Ham

Via Recipetineats

Some maple, sugar, and taste additives like oranges, mustard, and cinnamon can help prepare the perfect glaze. A well-done salty ham with a light spice content and glaze can make this dish a ravishing one!

2. Roast Turkey With Lemon And Garlic

Via Bbcgoodfood

With lemons, garlic and onions and a fun salt mix(and the Roast turkey of course), a perfect dish can be created. Tasty and delicious, this dish can be the center of attention of your Christmas dinner.

3. One Pot Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole

Via Jocooks

To rid you of the trouble of doing many dishes and to let you enjoy a tasty meal, a one pot recipe is highly recommended. With cheese, broccoli, rice, salts and spices, this perfect dish can be created and enjoyed.

4. Cripsy Leaf Potatoes

Via Rasmalasia

With thinly chopped potatoes and a seasoning of salts and spices, a very fun and colourful dish can be created for your Christmas dinner. This can be a side dish, as well as the main course for the night.

5. Wild Rice Soup

Via Acouplecooks

An amazing addition to an organic and healthy Christmas dinner would be this wild rice soup. Being completely vegetarian and organic, this dish is pretty unique and would definitely be responsible for a perfect dinner.

6. Barbecue Times

Via Taste

A great addition to Christmas would be an Aussie-inspired barbecue with glazed hams, prawns, drinks, and a lovely dessert. This is an elaborate and unique lip-smacking dinner plan indeed.

7. Cranberry Pecan Brussel Sprout Salad

Via Avirtualvegan

This side dish-main dish combo for this Christmas would be wonderful. This cranberry pecan brussel sprout salad along with a creamy orange cinnamon dressing is a perfect Christmas dinner dish.

8. Whole Roasted Chicken And Veggies

Via Tasty

A wonderful chicken and veggies combo is a perfect dinner dish that’s easy to make. This lovely recipe can be made for a large gathering as well, with easy 8 ingredients and 10 steps!

9. Following Traditions

Via Hellofresh

A simple traditional Christmas dinner would be beautiful. From Brussel sprouts to turkey wings to pigs in a blanket, this is the perfect Christmas dinner for each and every person to enjoy with friends and family.

10. Pigs In A Blanket

Via Lilluna

With a total cooking time of only an hour, this side dish with just two ingredients is an easy must-have for every dinner.

11. A Simple Whole Meal

Via Studenteats

This Christmas dinner, if you want to go for something more simple but beautiful, make this whole package of a meal filled with simplicity and humble joy. With ten ingredients and salts and spices, this meal can provide satisfaction and happiness.

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12. Roast Turkey And Bacon With Potatoes

Via Bbc

Instead of making the traditional roast turkey, make this spendid dish of roast turkey and bacon. The bacon roasted along with the turkey and served with a side of sauces and potatoes makes a wonderful Christmas dinner.

13. The Christmas Dinner Burger

Via Thefoodcharlatan

If you want to try something new, innovative, and unique, why not go for this simple but modern burger? Of course, with a festive twist! This can make a perfect dinner and will be ready to eat in only an hour and a half!

14. A Whole Meal

Via Biggreenegg

An extravagant yet simple dinner meal plan to follow is definitely this one. This dinner consists of a cocktail of grilled prawns with avocado, tomato and lime cream, stuffed turkey with herb salt, and a chocolate pie with bilberry mousse. Yum!

15. Rosemary’s Christmas Chicken

Via Mrfood

A wonderful chicken recipe has to be one with a hint of rosemary. This herb has quite an influence over a good Christmas dish. Easy ingredients and comfortable methods make this an exquisite dish.

16. Christmas Veggies

Via Jamieoliver

Another one for the vegetarians! A simple yet exquisitely delicious dish with potatoes, onions, carrots, and everything nice, this is the dish to make during Christmas for a healthy and amazing dinner.

17. The Christmas Lamb

Via Bestrecipes

With chicken and turkey, the Christmas dinner must have a lamb! Try out Matt Moran’s family lamb recipe to make your Christmas dinner brilliant.

18. A Capon Christmas Dinner

Via Sortedfood

A beautiful Capon Christmas dinner should be the way to go this Christmas. This is a wonderful easy, sweet, salty, and spicy combination of flavours. It tastes as good as it looks!

19. A Unique Christmas Dinner

Via Geraminlabrie

Ham with spicy glaze, creamed corn casserole, romaine and asparagus salad, scalloped potatoes- need I say more? This is definitely a perfect dinner for a perfect Christmas.

20. Pinnekjøtt – Traditional Norwegian Christmas Dinner

Via Scandikitchen

Mostly eaten in the West Coast but gaining popularity everywhere rapidly, this Norwegian Christmas dinner is the perfect one to make if one is in the mood for trying out new things. A savoury piece of lamb along with some mashed vegetables is bound to taste heavenly.

21.Tortellini Soup

Via Sensibus

Another traditional dinner you should try out is this simple but exquisite tortellini soup. This is a popular dish in Italy, especially during Christmas. This must be tried at least once!

22. Christmas Dinner Wellington

Via Bbcgoodfood

This is a perfectly balanced recipe with green veggies, meat, eggs, with the sweet touch of cranberry sauce as well. As it’s a make-ahead meal, you’ll be able to fully enjoy it on Christmas!

23. Christmas Confetti Pasta

Via Delish

A linguini and shrimp inspired pasta creates a beautiful atmosphere of love and harmony. This dish is easy to make with bell peppers and salt and spice toppings. It’s guaranteed to taste amazing. Try something different this Christmas!

24. Mexican Christmas

Via Joyfullymad

Easy to make guacamole, cranberry sangaritas, skillet burritos and Mexican rice is a perfect traditional dinner than will make your Christmas memorable.

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25. Vegan Mushroom Wellington

Via Deliciouseveryday

If you’re a vegan or someone who wants to try something new, why not go for this mushroom wellington recipe this Christmas? It’s easy to make as well as delicious!

26. Holiday Roast Goose

Via Bhg

Not in the mood for chicken or turkey this Christmas? Make this wonderful holiday roast goose which is sure to be a hit!

27. Green Beans And Pomegranate

Via Delicious

This simple dish of green beans and pomegranate molasses is sure to leave you stunned. All you need are a few simple ingredients to make this dish. The red and green colours are definitely festive!

28. Lemon Herb Roasted Potatoes

Via Rasmalasia

This is another amazing side dish or light main course for Christmas. These super tasty and delicious potatoes with herb seasoning is sure to wow your family and guests.

29. Ham Cheese Spinach Puffs

These are usually eaten at brunches, but can also be an amazing side dish for a beautiful Christmas dinner. These ham cheese and spinach puffs are light and bring joy and satisfaction with every single bite.

30. Christmas Pizza Wreath

Via Motherandbaby

With a total making time of only twenty-five minutes, this is the perfect side dish for a perfect Christmas. Decorate it with some basil leaves, mozzarella balls, and cherry tomatoes to get that Christmas vibe!

31. Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast And Sausage Stuffing Loaf

Via Lavenderandlovage

As the name suggests, these dishes consisting of turkey and sausage are simple yet extravagant at the same time. You can have a simple yet memorable Christmas dinner with these dishes.

32. Cheesy Celeriac Leek Rosemary Gratin

Via Bbcgoodfood

The combination of cheese, celeriac, leek, and rosemary forms quite a delicious dish. This dish will surely do great at your Christmas dinner party.

33. The Christmas Nut Roast

Via Naturallysassy

This dish will be a great addition to a vegetarian Christmas dinner. This nut roast contains mushrooms, peppers, carrot, vegetable stock as well as tomato puree. Definitely drool worthy!

34. Smoked Salmon Canapés

Via Redonline

Smoked salmon and cream cheese served on crispbread? This dish tastes as good as it sounds. Give it a try if you’re in the mood for something different this Christmas.

35. Sticky Port Gravy

Via Bbcgoodfood

A wonderful addition to a good Christmas dinner would be this sticky port gravy. This consists of soy sauce, dried mushrooms as well as umami and will definitely enhance the flavor of any roast you’ve prepared.

36. White Forest Meringue Roulade

Via Bbcgoodfood

White chocolate, cream, and cherries help form this exquisitely delicious dessert. It adds a humble yet bold touch to Christmas and is truly lip-smacking!

37. German Christmas Goose (Weihnachtsgans)

Via Thespruceeats

Goose is the preferred choice of fowl along with duck, for festive occasions. Being easy to prepare, this is a great traditional addition to the perfect Christmas dinner.

38. Roast Vegetable Salad

Via Jamieoliver

This is a perfect dish for all vegetarians and certain meats can be added to it as well. Drizzle it with some olive oil and serve it as a side dish at your Christmas dinner.

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39. The Christmas Meatloaf

Via Justapinch

A meat roll made of different meats, Swiss cheese, and veggies is guaranteed to taste delicious. This dish is easy to make and fun to eat and enjoy. Go ahead and make this on Christmas!

40. Christmas Ornament Cheese Balls

Via Fivehearthome

With an easy forty minutes making time and eight ingredients, this dish will be a sweet and creamy traditional addition to your Christmas dinner.

41. Thai Red Curry Roasted Spatchcocks

Via Donnahay

Roasted spatchcocks served with coconut curry sauce and lime wedges is the perfect dish to make if you want something traditional yet daring. Go ahead and serve this, and be ready to receive compliments!

42. Charred Sweet Potatoes With Toum

Via Bonappetit

An amazing dish with well-done sweet potatoes with a honey glaze, this is something you need to try this Christmas. Topping it off with some sea salt and nigella seeds and this is bound to be a great side dish.

43. Yorkshire Pudding

Via Food

This is an easy traditional dish with a total making time of only thirty-five minutes. Cap off your Christmas dinner with this simple yet tasty Yorkshire pudding.

44. Christmas Miracle Pasta

Via Foodnetwork

A beautiful Christmas pasta is a must for the perfect dinner. Mixed with beautiful meats and veggies, the perfect dish for the holidays is ready.

45. Portugeese Style Chicken Drumsticks

Via Donnahay

This is another traditional dish that can be served at your Christmas dinner. Trying out new and exquisite dishes makes you unique and different! This dish is spicy and salty and zesty, all in all, simply amazing.

46. The Ultimate Chicken Fingers

Via Bettycrocker

This is the perfect dish for all chicken lovers and can be prepared in a very short time. This truly is the ultimate dish for a fabulous Christmas dinner, and is simple and extravagant at the same.

47. Citrus Pudding

Via Bbcgoodfood

This dessert is a combination of sweet flavors with a zesty touch. It includes lemons, carrots, cherries, fruits, and almonds- a perfect end to a perfect Christmas dinner.

48. Tart Christmas Tarts!

Via Coop

Christmas could use a good dessert or two, wouldn’t you agree?! With easy ingredients and easier methods of making, this dish is a good addition to the perfect Christmas dinner.

49. Tropical Fruit Trifles

Via Realfood.tesco

What better dessert to have at your Christmas dinner than layers of variety, taste, color, and fun?! Make these tropical fruit trifles with whipped cream, meringues, brownie/cake layers, and fruit layers this year. This extravagant but simple dish is sure to be the center of attraction at your dinner.

50. Cranberry Apple Pear Vegan Crumble

Via Avirtualvegan

This dish is really special! Tart cranberries, sweet, soft pear with buttery toppings, all baked to perfection give this dessert a different and pleasing look. I guarantee that this will be a crowd-pleaser!

We have finally reached the end of this list consisting of 50 amazing dishes that can be served at your Christmas dinner. This list can truly be of help when you’re not sure what to whip up on Christmas. Make sure to try out some of the given recipes and spread some joy!