41 Best Christmas Party Dips

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Besides the gala celebration vibes all around the month, the festival is much awaited by all the foodies out there. Whether you’re a gourmet chef or just an amateur like me, you must be fond of trying out thrilling and finger-licking delicacies.

If you’re hosting a get-together or a party this Christmas, you must take a serious note of the options on your menu. After all, it’s the key to a successful event! Alongside preparing exciting appetizers, you must add in some soothing and tasty dips. 

From cheesy to healthy to decorous, we’ve curated a list of 41 best Christmas party dips that would leave everyone wanting more. Go ahead and take a look! 

41 Best Christmas Party Dips

1. Ultimate Spinach Artichoke Dip        

Via Delish

Provide your guests with something healthy yet toothsome. This ultimate spinach artichoke dip, straight from nature’s lap, can comfort your taste buds like a pro. The quirky combination of fresh spinach and luscious cheese makes this dip uniquely mesmerizing. 

2. Vanilla Pomegranate Yogurt Dip      

Via Pillsbury

Pair your fruit salads and raw veggies with this refreshing pomegranate dip. This will be perfect for the people following a strict diet even during the holiday season!

3. Chocolate Churro Dip      

Via Thecandidappetite

I’m pretty sure you’re planning on including churros to your dessert menu. You absolutely must because we’ve got a tailor-made chocolate dip that you can have with the churros. It’s going to be over within seconds!

4. Inside-out Veggie Dip     

Via Tasteofhome

It’s difficult to convince kids to consume veggies. However, with these inside-out veggie dips, they’ll happily dig into their veggies without making a deal about the icky-taste. The green and red of the cucumbers and tomatoes is perfect for your Christmas meal too. 

5. Cherry Christmas Dip     

Via Cincyshopper

If you’re looking for a dip to make at the last minute, this one’s for you. Prepare this luscious cherry Christmas dip to sway your guests with its visually appealing look and taste. It can be served with crackers and pretzels. 

6. Warm Cheese And Spicy Pecan Dip    

Via Southernliving

Prepare this warm, gooey cheese and spicy pecan dip with a little bit of effort and a whole lot of love. The twist of crunchy spiced nuts is like a cherry on top of the cake.

7. Warm Pimiento Cheese Dip    

Via Countryliving

Pacify your guests with this palatable warm pimiento cheese dip and stall them until dinner is served. Although the dip seems a bit ordinary, you and your attendees will love it. 

8. Chocolate Cake Fruit Dip    

Via Willcookforsmiles

If by any chance you couldn’t make a chocolate cake for dessert, this chocolate cake fruit dip is here to your rescue. It’ll be ready to serve within a few minutes and taste exactly like a full-fledged chocolate cake. 

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9. Peppermint Mocha Cheesecake Dip    

Via Crazyforcrust

This peppermint mocha cheesecake dip is supposedly the easiest way to pull off a cheesecake dessert. It’s blended in with the indulging flavors of peppermint mocha to soothe your taste buds. 

10. Crab Rangoon Dip     

Via Spendwithpennies

I’m presenting you with a hot and creamy dip loaded with crab. This delicious crab rangoon dip is something that you can’t miss out on this holiday season. Serve it with crackers and chips. 

11. Caramelized Apple & Bleu Cheese Spread     

Via Landolakes

You ain’t human if you don’t like caramelized things. Thus, we’ve got a caramelized apple and bleu cheese dip to satisfy your taste buds. Include it to your party menu and your guests will keep coming back for more. 

12. M&M Brownie Batter Dip Recipe

Via Twokidsandacoupon

Make this M&M brownie batter dip which looks super festive. It requires just a few ingredients but you and your guests won’t get enough of it! This dip is that good.

13. White Bean Dip With Parsley Oil    

Via Foodandwine

There’s no way anyone can turn down this creamy white bean dip with parsley oil. An added plus of this dip is that you can make it way before and store it in your refrigerator. Let the dip come up to room temperature before serving.

14. Ham And Cheese Dip    

Via Thefoodcharlatan

Think of ham, now think of cheese, and now think of them put together. Sounds delicious, right? I’m already drooling over this irresistible ham and cheese dip. Try it out and entice them all. 

15. Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip     

Via Foodfolksandfun

Get ready to be the talk of the town this holiday season by making this gingerbread cheesecake dip. It’s simple to make and looks visually appealing. 

16. Baked Biscuit Wreath Dip     

Via Delish

Nothing says Christmas like a wreath, right? It might take a little bit of effort to make this baked biscuit dip but the result will leave you amused. Plus, it will ameliorate the flavors of your subtle appetizers to the next level. 

17. Easy Christmas Appetizer “Hummus Wreath”     

Via Twohealthykitchens

For a successful party night, you must comfort all your guests irrespective of their eating choices. Hence, we’ve got this easy Christmas appetizer “hummus wreath” for you vegetarian guests. This will definitely win over their hearts. 

18 . Hot Crab Dip     

Via Thesuburbansoapbox

Here’s another crab dip for you! A pinch of heat and the luscious chunks of crab make this spread extremely desirable. The gooey texture is such a crowd-pleaser—get ready to receive a lot of praises.

19. Cranberry Jalapeno Cream Cheese Dip     

Via Sparrowsandlily

Even if you’re not a fan of cranberries, you’ll fall in love with this cranberry jalapeno cream cheese dip. This finger-licking spread won’t stay for long at your table. Save some for yourself beforehand :-P. 

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20. Caramel Rum Fruit Dip    

Via Landolakes

This rum-flavored caramel fruit dip is going to rock at your party. If you’re hosting an exclusive party for adults, add some rum instead of just rum flavoring. It’s going to be a hit.

21. Peppermint Cheesecake Dip    

Via Foodfolksandfun

Peppermint is known to escalate the festive vibes due to its flavorsome nature. This dip is crispy, snappy, and super easy to prepare. In a nutshell, it’s everything you expect from a festive delicacy. 

22. Sweet Onion And Bacon Dip    

Via Southernliving

This sweet onion and bacon dip provides an apt assortment of the smokiness of bacon and the richness of onion. Besides, it’s cheesy chewiness will make your guests savor it this Christmas. 

23. Christmas Crack Dip     

Via Homemadehooplah

Get experimental with this eclectic Christmas crack dip. It includes everything that you love about festive food—creamy chocolate, salty crackers, and much more. Give it a shot and see for yourself. 

24. Pomegranate Guacamole    

Via Justataste

Complement your Christmas party appetizers this year with this pomegranate guacamole. This fruity twist in your favorite tangy, smooth, and spicy dip is a combination that you never knew you needed. And it looks pretty festive too! 

25. Christmas Tree Dip    

Via Tasteofhome

Impress your guests with a fancy bowl of Christmas tree dip. This aesthetic dip tastes as good as it looks. Besides, it’s a viable option for your vegetarian guests. Go ahead and try this explosive delicacy this year.  

26. Chili’s Queso     

Via Lecremedelacrumb

If you’re interested in incorporating the goodness of spices to your appetizers, try a hand at this chili’s queso. You can prepare this easily in your crockpot.

27. Christmas Cookie Dip    

Via Thecozycook

This clear, creamy, and cheerful Christmas cookie dip is here to accompany your favorite snacks this holiday season. Sprinkled with love and colorful crumbs, it’ll create a sweet explosion in your mouth. 

28. 2-minute Peppermint Fluff Dip    

Via Thepinningmama

You read that right, a 2-minute peppermint fluff dip can be your go-to dip this Christmas. Warning: Your dietician might not approve of it, but hey, your taste buds definitely would! This dip truly deserves a try. 

29. Cheesy Lasagna Dip     

Via Snacksandsips

Let’s agree that every day is a cheat day during the Christmas season. Having said that, we present you with a cheesy lasagna dip that would coerce you to cheat on your diet plan 😉

30. Seven-layer Cranberry Cobb Dip    

Via Foodnetwork

Another wholesome recipe for the cranberry lovers out there—a seven-layer cranberry cobb dip. Needless to say, it’s loaded with festive vibes and flavorful ingredients. 

31. Scallion Olive Party Dip Christmas Wreath      

Via Ericasrecipes

Ditch the conventional dip plating style and switch to this offbeat presentation. This scallion olive party dip Christmas wreath is not only eye-catching but also packed with flavors. 

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32. Banana Pudding Dip     

Via Melissassouthernstylekitchen

Banana pudding has to be the most sought-after dessert of all the times. Therefore, a banana pudding dip will equally be loved and admired by your guests this Christmas. 

33. Strawberry Fruit Dip Recipe     

Via Themoodyblonde

Combine this strawberry fruit dip with your favorite appetizers and shoo away those strict diet plans this Christmas. The mixture of lime and strawberry is just heavenly—and it just takes 4 ingredients to create this dip!

34. Herbed Goat Cheese Dip     

Via Countryliving

Prepare this light and delicious herbed goat cheese dip for your guests—they’re going to love you for it. Garnish it with lovely green herbs or you can even use sprinkles for a colorful look. 

35. White Cheddar And Cranberry Dip     

Via Littlebroken

Bring this delicious combination of white cheddar and cranberry to life by preparing this superb dip. Serve it with the crackers at your party and let everyone indulge in its wholesomeness. 

36. Red Velvet Cake Batter Dip     

Via Jensfavoritecookies

We know your taste for red velvet develops around Valentine’s day but go ahead and try out this dip this Christmas. Serve it at your party with crackers or fruit—or both! 

37. Wine-spiked Cranberry Cheese Log     

Via Myrecipes

Incorporate the elegance of red wine to the fruitiness of cranberries and pour it over some gooey cheese. Oh, this is already blowing my mind. Make this drool-worthy dip that you can also use as a topping for your best-loved dessert, or just serve it with crackers—anything works!

38. Healthy Avocado Cilantro White Bean Dip    

Via Peasandcrayons

Don’t leave your vegan friends feeling left out at your party! You better prepare something for them too. Try this healthy gluten-free avocado cilantro white bean dip and spoil them (and yourself) for good. 

39. Keto Cheese Dip    

Via Lowcarbyum

Here is a low carb keto cheese dip to suit everyone’s taste buds and diet plans this Christmas. It’s full of flavor and is best enjoyed with vegetables and chips. 

40. Eggnog Dessert Dip    

Via Letsdishrecipes

Make this fluffy and creamy eggnog dessert dip to end the meal on a sweet note. It’s a quick recipe that won’t take much time but its taste is going to linger in everyone’s mouths. 

41. Frosted Sugar Cookie Dip  

Via Homemadehooplah

Please the crowd with this amazing frosted sugar cookie dip. Serve this with cubes of pound cake to wow your guests. It’s illegal to have a Christmas party without such a fluffy dip (apologies for the bummer). 

Dips are a remarkable addition to your party menu and do a great job of stalling your guests till the main course is served. So even if you’re not a ‘dip-person’, you shouldn’t miss out on these. Make sure you try of the recipes that have caught your eye. Merry Christmas!