50 Christmas Snowball Cookies

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A white Christmas is absolutely necessary for the winters. Imagine making a cute little snowman family, hurling a slew of snowballs at your annoying cousins who come over, making snow angels in the snow. Unfortunately, snow barely graces the ground, where I live. And to make the best out of the situation, I just make some Snowball cookies. 

Yes! They are a thing and will complete your white fantasy

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about them being yellow. These are completely edible and mouth-wateringly delicious.  

50 Christmas Snowball Cookies

1. Pistachio and Cherry Provolone

Via Womansday

Nothing blends better than cherry and pistachios. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also mouth-wateringly delicious. They hardly require a lot of fancy ingredients 

2. Chocolate chip snowball cookies

Via Sugarspunrun

You can never go wrong with some chocolate chip cookies. Made with a no eggs recipe and just six ingredients, this will turn you from a sous chef to a full-on baker.

3. Buttery snowball cookies

Via Livewellbakeoften

These snowball cookies are deliciously buttery and have pecans filled in it. Hence this is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table as a joyful hint to the fa la la season around the corner. 

4. Simple Snowball cookies

Via Tammileetips

If you just want to go with something simple and a mess-free dessert then this dessert is the one for you. These simple snowball cookies are delicious and have been flavored with good old vanilla and some almonds. 

5. Peanut butter Snowballs with icing

Via Delish

Peanut butter is the perfect transition between fall and winter and these peanut butter snowball cookies with some icing on the top will be a lifesaver. Top with some festive sprinkles, and you get yourself a simple and nut-ilicious dessert. 

6. Shortbread snowball cookies

Via Atreatsaffair

These cookies are exactly like shortbread but in the form of cute little snowballs. These bite-sized desserts are so addicting, I can eat about a dozen at one go.

7. Walnut snowball cookies

Via Cookinglsl

Nothing screams Thanksgiving more than some delicious little walnut snowball cookies. But don’t confine it to your Thanksgiving table, you can easily bring this to your Christmas gathering. They are so sinfully tasty. 

8. Almond snowball cookies

Via Eatingonadime

If there is one dry fruit I love, its almonds. They are so crunchy and salty, and they remind me of everything warm and cozy. Folded in with some classic dough to make snowball cookies, I can barely keep my hands off them

9. Mint chocolate chip snowball cookies

Via Momontimeout

These mint chocolate chip cookies will give you all the Christmas feels with their green insides. They are so delicious even the grinch will pop some in his mouth. Keep reading to find out how to make some red velvet cupcakes so that you can have your red and green festive fantasy. 

10. Lemon snowball cookies

Via Debbiedebbiedoos

Lemon snowball cookies give you a sweet flavor with a tangy twist. They are perfect if you want to change the classic ingredients and add some lemon to play with your taste buds. 

11. Red Velvet Snowball Cookies

Via Thekitchenismyplayground

These red velvet snowball cookies are the perfect cop-out if you don’t want to make a huge cake but also make something festive and delicious. Paired with some colorful sprinkles, these are heaven. 

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12. Chocolate Snowball Glaciers

Via Delish

These are a little unique than the generic snowball cookies and will give your dessert table a fun little twist. They are also perfect for gifting purposes. 

13. Roly Polies

Via Countryliving

With some ta cookie dough as a base and some folded hazelnuts, these snowball cookies give you a new taste palette with the same festive flavors. My grandmother loves these so much. 

14. Cinnamon Snowball cookies

Via Thespiffycookie

Want something cool for your dessert table, but tired of the classic Christmas flavors. Well, it’s never too late to make some cinnamon and pecan flavored snowball cookies. 

15. Hazelnut snowball cookies

Via Anitalianinmykitchen

These soft, nutty and buttery cookies melt right in your mouth. Nothing like some hazelnut snowball cookies paired with some hot chocolate. This gives me all Christmas feels. 

16. Jam filled snowball cookies

Via Christmascookiesblog

These snowball cookies are soft and flaky and have a delectable surprise waiting for you, as you bite into it. If you make them this year, you’ll be making them every festive season for the rest of your life. You’ll be that addicted. 

17. Russian tea cakes

Via Theadventurebite

The Russian tea cake is another name for snowball cookies and these ones are absolutely delicious. This classic Russian recipe will have you salivating for days. You can easily customize it by swapping the nuts for some dried berries or fruits. 

18. Traditional Newfoundland snowball cookies

Via Lordbyron’skitchen

While all the other snowballs cookies mentioned above are covered in powdered sugar, this one has a sweet twist. These cookies are covered with shredded coconut and the insides are warm soft and creamy.

19. Low Carb Keto Snowball cookies

Via Resolutioneats

Want to keep your amazing figure for the rest of the year, or if you’re just on a strict meal plan, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some snowball cookies. These low carb keto ones are just as delicious. 

20. Key lime Snowball Cookies

Via Momontimeout

These delicious snowballs are just made with five ingredients. Can you believe that!? These will be the easiest and tastiest snowball cookies to eat. Excuse me while I go and eat some right now. 

21. Double Chocolate Snowball Cookies

Via Crazyforcrust

You can never have too much chocolate. If you want to play it safe, or if you are just a chocolate lover like me these are perfect. They will be a hit in every single dinner you host. 

22. Coconut snowball cookies

Via Foodiecrush

This snowball cookie is the love child of summer and winter. Who says you can’t bring some summer and the hot sun to your dessert table. These chocolate snowball cookies with some white chocolate are the ideal switch up. 

23. Cranberry Orange Snowball Cookies

Via Thegoldlininggirl

Cranberry and orange is a legendary pair during the holidays, so why not just make snowball cookies with them. It doesn’t get more festive and interesting than this. 

24. Chai snowball cookies

Via Goodmorningamerica

Martha Stewart sure knew what she was doing when she was making these. We all love chai and it fits perfectly with your other Christmas desserts but stands out at the same time. 

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25. Cream Cheese Snowball Cookies

Via Letsdishrecipes

If I could, I’d eat cream cheese all day every day for the rest of my life. It’s just so delicious. But, they go well with everything, not just cheesecakes. Try making these cream cheese snowball cookies and thank me later. 

26. Pumpkin Pie Snowball Cookies

Via Beautyandthefoodie

Chuck your generic time-consuming pumpkin pie out of the window and make some of these delicious bite-sized snowball cookies. Who says you can just have pumpkin spice during fall?

27. Lime Coconut Snowball Cookies

Via Fivehearthome

Bet you never thought of pairing lime and coconut before. I know it sounds a little crazy. But trust me! Topped with some lime zest, these are going to be the best thing you’ll ever have this winter. 

28. Vegan Red Velvet Snowball Cookies

Via Rawmazing

Just because you’re vegan, doesn’t mean you can indulge in some desserts. These red velvet snowball cookies are completely vegan and so delectable you will never have enough. 

29. Christmas Snowball Cookies

Via Therebelchick

These cookies are so aesthetically pleasing, I can’t resist making them each festive season. The best part is that they are super easy to make. Decked with some Christmas sprinkles, you don’t want to miss out on them!

30. No-bake Orange Snowball cookies

Via Heatovento350

If you are hopeless when it comes to baking, don’t worry I got you covered. These no-bake orange cookies are super easy to make and they give the illusion that they are professionally done. It possibly couldn’t get better than this. 

31. Chocolate Kahlua Snowball Cookies

Via Makeitgrateful

Your Christmas is absolutely incomplete if you don’t have a single boozy snowball cookie. These are going to be perfect for the adults’ table and are aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

32. Peppermint snowball cookies 

Via Momotimeout

There is no world in which you can have a Christmas without having a candy cane dessert. Peppermint is one of the undercurrents of Christmas and these peppermint snowball cookies are absolutely mint-licious. 

33. Lime and Macadamia Nuts Snowball Cookie

Via Familytabletreasures

Lime and Macadamia nuts are a holy pairing and when macadamia nuts are folded in a deliciously soft and creamy batter, with some lemon zest on the top. You can never say a no. 

34. Nutella stuffed Snowball Cookies

Via Lifemadesweeter

Need I elaborate more!? The title says it all. I am not even kidding when I tell you I can have dozens of these in a single day. This is such a sinful pairing, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

35. Gluten-free snowball cookies

Via Mamaknowsglutenfree

Are you lactose intolerant? Or just conscious about your health? Well, you can be mindful of that but enjoy it at the same time. These gluten-free snowball cookies are made just for you. Pass it along to some of your gym friends as well!

36. Raspberry Almond Snowball Cookies

Via Cookingclassy

I am here to bring your red and white Christmas fantasy to life. When your whole house has a dream, why should your desserts be excluded? These snowballs just scream Christmas. By taste and by design. You’re welcome. 

37. Resse stuffed Snowball Cookies

Via Crazyforcrust

Incorporate your favorite candy with your favorite dessert. I didn’t know I needed some Reese stuffed snowball cookies in my life until I had one. I have literally not been able to stop since then. 

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38. Sprinkle Snowball Cookies

Via Inkatrinaskitchen

There is nothing wrong with going with the good old classics. Not only are they very easy to make, but they are going to be a success at every party. These sprinkle cookies perfectly fit the description above. They are also amazing for gifting purposes. 

39. Grinch Snowball Cookies

Via Thesoccermomblog

The Christmas of the Grinch is the life of every festive party (ironic I know!) Hence it only makes sense if you have some grinch snowball cookies on your dessert table. 

40. Swedish Snowball Cookies

Via Contemplatingsweets

These crunchy snowball cookies introduce a fun little twist to the classic snowball cookies. Packed with some Swedish pearls inside, it gives it a nice unique taste. 

41. Lavender snowball cookies

Via Norwoodlavenderfarm

Everything tastes better when you add some lavender to it. They will fit right in your soiree. While being very sophisticated, they are very easy to make and tastes heavenly. 

42. Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookies

Via Ingoodflavor

Pistachio is quickly becoming a part of my Christmas staples list. Mixed with some chocolate chips they give a sweet and savory flavor and I’m living for it!

43. Southern Pecan Butterballs 

Via Thecountrycook

You can never have too many pecans. Especially in the festive season. If you don’t want to do something as tedious as baking a pecan pie, just make dozens of these pecan butterballs. Not only are they easy but you can quickly make a huge amount. 

44. Coconut Cherry snowball cookies

Via Madetobeamomma

Cherries are a must for the fa la la season. Paired with some coconuts they taste divine in these snowballs. Definitely a favorite in my house, year after year.

45. Goan Snowball Cookies

Via Mydiversekitchen

These snowballs will give your Christmas an Indian touch. Made with some ghee these Goan snowball cookies are a huge hit in South India. They taste very rich and creamy!

46. Toffee Snowball Cookies

Via Cupcakesandkalechips

These snowball cookies are perfectly chewy and crunchy and will be a hit especially at the kid’s table. My little brother adores these cookies. 

47. Hot Chocolate Snowball Cookies

Via Jamhands

I hog these cookies especially when we are having a family bonfire night. They are perfect for each and every occasion. You can never go wrong with a hot chocolate flavored snowball cookie. 

48. Brownie Snowball Cookies

Via Eatingonadime

Turn the generic brownies into some snowball cookies. They look so much more festive and eye-catching! And the best part is that they can be made in under 20 minutes. 

49. Amaretti Snowball Cookies

Via Shelovesbiscotti

The title says it all. They are sinfully delectable and will be an awesome addition to your dessert table. You can also leave some out for Santa.

50. Matcha Snowball Cookies

Via Kirbiecravings

Not only do they bring something different to the dessert table, but they also give an organic green color. You don’t have to use any food coloring and that is just amazing.

My stomach is ferociously grumbling after writing about these scrumptious, mouth-watering snowball cookies. This versatile list is all you need to bring some joyful Christmas Spirit within your kitchen. Now excuse me while I go and stuff my face with some of these cookies.