31 Coastal DIY Home Decor Ideas

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Living by the beach is an underrated, unadulterated pleasure. Sure, you get a lot of sand in your clothes. And in your shoes. But that is a small price to pay for the many benefits that a coastal location offers.

When I think ocean, I think bamboo cane furniture, cotton upholstery, and beaded curtains. And while it is not always possible to build a home by the sea, it is possible to bring the ocean into your home.

How? The answer is deceptively simple- coastal home decor. And, this does not always have to burn a hole in your pockets- there is a way to make implementing coastal decor in your homes budget-friendly. DIY-ing it, of course!

31 Coastal DIY Home Decor Ideas

1. Color-Dipped Bar Stools

Via Homedit

Paint your existing bar stools with acrylic paint- in a trendy and functional way, or in careful disarray of paint splatters.

This will not only add a pop of color to the room but also add a touch of coastal atmosphere to the proceedings.

2. Braided Rope Mirrors

Via Curbly

Braided rope decorations are a common sight in coastal cities and towns, second only to cowrie shell mirrors.

It is very simple to turn a standard mirror into a braided rope one- all one has to do is come equipped with a supply of superglue, cardboard, and rope lengths. The braiding can be quite complicated for some of the designs, so be sure to start with the simpler ones first.

3. Rope Table Mats/ Coasters

Via Purplehuesandme

Another way to use rope decorations in the house, rope table mats or coasters are the perfect ideas when you want a touch of the coast, without overdoing it.

4. Anchor Printed Wall

Via Abeautifulmess

What better way is there to symbolize the sea in one’s home than by having an anchor printed on the wall? Exactly what the title suggests, this DIY trick involves printing an anchor on the wall- preferably in a color that will show up against the color of the wall.

Inexpensive wallpaper? Quite right.

5. Jute Stool

Via Designsponge

Beachside bars often boast a dizzying array of fabric stools- some made of rough-hewn rope, some made up of jute, and some that are emblazoned with interesting designs on silk or cambric.

Of the above, jute stools are perfectly simple to DIY. All you require is an old stool and a quantity of woven jute.

6. Jute Mats

Via Shelterness

Why stop at stools alone? Jute mats are another great DIY hack and can add chutzpah to any room.

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7. Sailor’s Knots

Via Bungalowblueinteriors

Another classic figurative representative of the ocean, sailor’s knots are plenty easy to execute and can be used as innovative doorstops around the house.

All this trick needs is a length of rope and dexterous fingers.

8. Sea-themed prints on a shower curtain

Via Atticlace

If you live away from the sea, the shower is quite possibly your only link to the ocean. or, at least, to a semblance of it.

And while shower curtains might not exactly be a ship’s unfurled sails, they can be close. Print your shower curtains with anchors, naval seals, palm trees, or anything else that might remind you of the ocean.

9. Whitewashed Box

Via Organisedclutter

Up-cycle an old box to make it into a treasure trove of oceanic memories. The possibilities are endless- cowrie shells, pine cones, grains of sand that have now formed the foundation of the box.

And as a finishing touch, paint the box a faded white to accurately reflect the pristine glow the coastal sun bathes everything in its vicinity, in.

10. Ship Helm Wreath

Via Mountainmodernlife

No better wreath idea if you are looking to add touches of coastal decor in your household. The layout, in itself, is very simple- it is a wreath designed to look like the helm of a ship.

Hang it over the door of your bedroom, or even better, as a guiding light upon your front door.

11. Scattered Rope

Via Marthastewart

Rather an unusual decoration, and not for everyone. But quite the success for those who have an eye for this particular arena of rope-shaped decorations.

12. Photo Frames

Via Amberzondotcom

Photo frames are always a great way to represent any underlying decoration theme that you are trying to achieve, and when it’s the beach, the possibilities are plentiful and interesting.

Paint, decal, cowrie shells, silver sequinned add-ons- these are all ways to make your photo frames look coastal.

13. Rope Vases

Via Stylemepretty

There is no going overboard with nautical decor when a rope is involved. The proof? DIY Rope Vases.

14. Pom Pom Curtains

Via Abeautifulmess

In line with the coastal theme, are pom-pom curtains. And when one puts their mind to it, eclectic curtains do seem to be a fixture in coastal homes.

These DIY -able curtains are both attractive and surprisingly omniscient of the ocean. Adding pleats only makes them look more striking.

15. Rope Shelving

Via Homedepot

I was not exaggerating when I said that rope is overused in coastal decor, and rightly so. Rope shelves are another DIY hack that produces good results.

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The upside is that it is a functional structure that can help maximize storage space in the house.

16. Starfish Pencil Holder

Via Youtube

In the absence of an actual ocean to gaze at and admire, brighten up the insides of your home office with inanimate versions of sea creatures.

Case in point, a starfish pencil holder that makes for a simple, fun DIY project.

17. Seashell Art

Via Grandmaisfun

A way to put to the test one’s crafting skills, as much as it is a way to add coastal charm to a room. Or the porch. Or the backyard. That is the beauty of seashell art- one can implement it in any and every corner of the house, without the concerned art in question looking out of place.

18. Gold-Leaf Seashells

Via Attagirlsays

If gilded shells sound fancy to you, your estimate is correct. They look fancy, too.

This DIY hack, I must admit, is a personal favorite. Not only for the end results which are far more extravagant than the project itself would let you believe, but also because of the actual process involved. Which is both simple and yet wholly engaging.

The finished products can be used in any part of the house- atop the vanity, glued to a mirror, or strewn around casually on the mantelpiece.

19. Sand-Filled Votive

Via Yesterdayontuesday

A votive filled with sand and glass-filled pebbles goes a long way. This project also requires a minimum of actual effort and is perfect for those who are not great at crafts.

20. Driftwood as Decor

Via Alamodemaven

The beach automatically translates into driftwood logs, both attached to and separated from the actual tree. Add to that the smell of brine, and you have yourself a veritable beach.

The key to this DIY project(s) is to use driftwood in conjugation with one’s existing furniture. Several ways to do the same, some more extravagant than the others.

21. Sea Glass Mosaics

Via Sandandsisal

Sea glass pebbles on a patterned tray- what could be prettier?

22. Painted oars

Via Ramblingrenovators

A super statement piece even without a love of the ocean- painted oars can brighten up the dingiest of spaces. What’s more- they can be emblazoned in a variety of patterns and designs- quotes, even. All of this while also upholding a nautical theme.

23. Shell Planters

Via Yesterdayontuesday

Shelled planters for your succulents. All you need for this easy DIY hack is glue and a selection of monochrome or virulently colored shells.

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24. Flag Garland

Via Blog.consumercrafts

A combination of nautical flags and Hawaiian heritage, flag garlands are the way to go when decorating an indoor bar. Of sorts.

Or, the porch on the morning of a brunch or just your room if the yearning for the ocean happens to get out of hand.

25. Straw Lampshades

Via Architectureartdesigns

Straw is synonymous with the sea- think straw hats, roofs, sunshades, and umbrellas. And while straw near the sea is quite frankly essential(the coastal sun is scorching more often than not), it is also entirely possible to add straw to the interior decor.

Straw lampshades are my favorite implementation of the same-they are not too large so as to command all of one’s attention, and yet are noticeable in the decor.

26. Anchor Marquee

Via Simplestylings

A marque spells olden times and visions of lost grandeur. And an anchor marquee would swiftly turn the reminiscence into one happening inside a sumptuous ship- with barrels of the best mead, swashbuckling pirates, and a stormy sea.

27. Pirate Flag

Via Mydesigninthechaos

A homage to the days of sea robbers, a pirate flag is not a half-bad decoration for the household.

Slightly frivolous, sure, but all the more delightful because of it. The requisite items are simple- a plain black fabric that is light enough to flutter in the breeze, and a tin of white paint.

28. Burlap Wall

Via Pastelandmacarons

Use plain burlap to turn a bare wall into a vision of splendor. Of course, that will not be all you need. One can add items of one’s own choosing- mosaics, stenciled prints of sea creatures, seashells, rope braiding, sequins, etc.

29. Striped Stool

Via Whistleandlively

Stripes are the unofficial emblem of sea fare, and this stool is a reflection of the same!

30. Beachy Lanterns

Via Craftberrybush

A reminder of the sea, to hang inside the home.

31. Whitewashed Latticed Headboard

Via Youtube

Here is a way to upcycle an old and ordinary headboard for it to acquire a semblance of the ocean. Whitewashing is an inexpensive way to acquire the appearance of an acquired proximity to the coast.

All you need is a bucket of white paint and some patience.

The key to DIY coastal decor is individuality. Of course, there is a lot to draw inspiration from, but the only authenticity can affect positively the end results. And when the canvas of opportunities is as large as it is, there is little reason to hesitate, is there?