20+ Command Hook Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

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Command hooks! What can I say about these frugal and fabulous little wonders? These are just such an essential to have around. Whether you are a student living in a dorm or a fully grown adult managing a household they always come handy.

And we surely don’t give them credit for making so many things easier for us. No drilling required!!!…..such a blessing for renters. I was wandering through my youtube feed when I got to know there are so many ways we can use command hooks around the house.

Here is a Curated List of 20+ Command Hacks that will Change Your Life

1. Convenient Dry Goods Storage

Via Jenthousandwords

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial. Tired of looking for spoons every time you want some of your commonly uses beans or pulses. Attach a command hook on the dry good container and hang your scooping spoon.

2. Hanging Colanders

Via Theshabbycreekcottage

Hang your colander just above the sink. After you are done with them it is the best place for them to airdry since the dripping water will fall in the sink only. Also, they look so pretty too.

3. Hanging Party Banners is now much more Hassle-free

Via Fynesdesigns

So I was the elder daughter and was brought up in a joint family till 15 which resulted in decorating for birthday parties for my siblings. And let me tell you if you don’t already know that hanging party banners was a lot of trouble then (especially those heavy ones).

Using tape would either result in a damaged wall or a banner that falls even before the party starts. Using command hooks makes the process so easy and it can be used every year for anyone’s birthday. I just wish I would have known it back then.

4. Kitchen Appliances Cord Organizer

Let it be your coffee maker or mixer grinder, kitchens normally have appliances with bulky cords that can easily get tangled and damaged. Just attach a command hook to your appliance and hang the cord neatly using the command hook.

5. Under the Sink Organizing

Via Abowlfulloflemons

Organize your under the sink cleaning supply cabinet with the use of these super cheap and amazing command hooks and some cheap organizing racks.

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I know for a lot of people it is not that important but I grew up with a mother who was an obsessive cleaner and liked everything organized and now I find myself the same way. I am sure there are many of you out there who like everything neatly organized as well and this one is for all those people.

6. Hanging Mason Vase Window Decor

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

Mason Jars are so in, and they are surely not going out of style any time soon. Decorate your windows with these cute mason jar vase and hang them easily using command hooks. If fresh flowers are not easy to get, you can always add some fairy lights to the mason jars. To make them look even colorful add some pine cones or potpourri.

7. Art Room Organizing

Via Scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

Organize your art supplies using command hooks. A special way to show your collection of washi tapes. Also, you could just add small buckets (or pots that have a hanging loop) and hang them near your art station to keep your supplies handy. You can also use organizing metal racks that are available near you.

8. Holiday decoration Using Command Hooks

Via Theinspiredroom

Wondering where to start with your holiday decoration, don’t feel too tense it happens to the best of us. We generally use command hooks vertically but if you want to hide them attach them horizontally above your mantle. Use them to attach the garland or the hanging decoration.

9. Hanging Wreath on Doors without Nails

Via Prettydubs

Attach a command hook upside down behind the door you want to hang your wreath on and just use a ribbon/long fabric to hang the wreath. No nailing required and you get to hang any seasonal wreath you want.

10. Organize Your Jewellery

Via Orgjunkie

Jewelry especially the long and thin kind of necklaces tend to tangle and it just gets so frustrating to untangle them (I have actually spent hours untangling the necklaces because I am used to just throwing them in my jewelry box).

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Attach command hooks on your closet door and hang your necklaces, hearing, and bracelets so that they do not end up messy. You could also use a rectangular board (an old whiteboard or a mirror frame with cardboard) and attach the command hooks on it.

This way you can put it near your makeup table or just move it where you want to.

11. Hide Your Cords Using Command Hooks

Via Taradennis

Just like cords of kitchen appliances, there are just so many cords on your work table. You have your laptop chargers, phone chargers, and printers, and these on just one table could make things look very messy. Using command hooks you can easily hide these cords so your workstation has a more neat look.

12. Access Kitchen Wraps

Via Askannamoseley

I realized it a lot later in life that the kitchen wrap box came with those side tabs to push inwards to make them easier to use. Well, command hooks make it even easier.

Attach a couple of command hooks in a way that the hook part of both the hooks faces each other. And there you have a permanent place to hang your Kitchen wraps.

13. Store Pot Lids Using Command Hooks

Via Instructables

Pots and Pans are just essentials things in a kitchen and if kept properly could last years. Although these are often made of strong materials their lids are the ones that often get damaged in the process of accessing. Organize them with command hooks very easily.

14. Hang Curtains Using Command Hooks

Via Thehappierhomemaker

Now to be clear this would only work with light curtains. So if you are someone who likes those sheer light curtains than you don’t need to drill holes in order to hang those.

Just stick some command hooks (not just two, use at least 4-5 to support the weight of curtain rods and sheets) and without any sweat, if you can hang those drapes with ease. This is such a godsend for renters who have a list of things that stop them from putting holes in the walls and things like that.

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15. Extra Storage For The Bathroom Using Command Hooks

Via Dreamgreendiy

Extra space is always good to have, and extra space that comes cheap with little to no work is just amazing. Use command hooks and storage grids to make a place for your hairdryer, shampoo, or other grooming essentials.

16. Indoor Hanging Herbs

Via Julieblanner

Cooking with fresh herbs and the ease of getting them inside your kitchen, are the reasons why Indoor herb garden are so hyped nowadays.

Use command hooks to hang herb pots inside your kitchen to have those delicious meals filled with the aroma of fresh herbs all year long. There are many ways to have a nice indoor herb garden, this is just one of them.

17. Art Display

Via Pinterestinspiration

A really cute and fun way to display your child’s art. Well, fridge is not always enough for your little one’s art. Hang their art using small rods, loopy hooks, and command hooks.

You could also make a grid dedicated to travel pictures (a wall/corner of your room specially dedicated to showing off your endeavors). Decorate this using some fairy lights too if you want to make it even more special (fairy lights can’t go wrong).

18. Keep your Garbage Bag In Place

Remember all those times when your garbage bag falls to the bottom of the bin and you have to scoop inside to get it out (I know it can be disgusting). Simply attach a command hook outside the bin as shown in the picture and keep the trash bag in place.

19. Organizing Sunglasses

Via Gracefulorder

You don’t just get to organize your sunglasses with command hooks you get to show off your sunglasses.

20. Wall Mount Your Router

Via Lifehacker

Wall Mount your router using command hooks so you don’t hit it accidentally.

21. Organize the Heels

Via Lifehacker

This is the last one but its definitely not the least. In fact, it is one of my favorite ones. I love my heels they make me feel confident and amazing. With this hack I not only get to organize my heels I get to showcase those beauties as well.