Easy Custom Furniture with 21 Amazing IKEA Hacks

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Are you looking for a little makeover of the furniture in your home but not willing to spend unreasonable amounts over it. Well, unique, custom furniture pieces are the most expensive, but there’s a way you can create the West Elm pieces at home.

You might have guessed- you’d need the basic Ikea furniture at your disposal. We have listed 21 custom projects that would save you about three times the money you would spend on making these.

Yes, that’s the difference when you make such creatively thought and well-crafted furniture at home. And you’ll be surprised to see the options you have to make luxurious decor pieces from these entry-level ones.

And most of these makeovers are suitable for amateurs and part-time DIYers too. All you’d need are several readily available accessories, Ikea furniture, and some effort to give your house a unique makeover.

Easy Custom Furniture with 21 Amazing IKEA Hacks

1. Modern White Dresser

Via Kristinalynne

White Furniture exudes such a luxurious modernistic feel that we just can’t resist the temptation to have them. And this West Elm Inspired modern dresser is the one we have set our eyes on.

But of course, it cost loads of money because of the premium finish. You can instead use a $249 IKEA dresser and, with a little effort, can come up with an excellently finished well. Indeed, this is a modern masterpiece at a steal price.

2. IKEA shelf turned to Desk

Via Undeclaredpanache

Once in a while, we find ideas that make us suddenly want to have something we didn’t previously know we even needed. The affordable shelf turned desk is just that.

Its white and brown theme absolutely matches our white-dominant decor, and these metal legs give it a fashionable appeal. Moreover, it cleverly fits behind our sofa and is a treat for those of us who regularly have to work from home.

3. Rustic Filing Cabinet from Mini Drawers

Via Thepaintedhive

If you are really picky about your furniture choices, you might struggle with a design that catches your imagination in a budget. Instead of spending the big half of your monthly savings, you can choose this out of the box rustic filing cabinet that is better than any piece I’ve seen lately.

And all it takes is some $25 chest of drawers along with a few paint bottles and inexpensive items to pile up this rustic beauty.

4. IKEA Bar Cart Hack

Via Stylemepretty

Hosting a party at your home is cool, and all but your lazy ass doesn’t want to move around serving drinks to everyone. Craft this modern Bar Cart that will accommodate all the party items- the bottles, juice, glasses, and whatnot.

And you can paint it in some really cool colors to match your room’s aesthetics—all that at a cost that you’d readily give for such an excellent addition to your home.

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5. White Fur Mongolian Stool from Plastic Stool

Via Darlingdarleen

If you are on the lookout for unique furniture across the stores, you might have fixed your eyes on this Mongolian Perch. But the chic piece of furniture is in high demand, and shops are costing unreasonable amounts for it.

But with this tutorial, you can make it at just more than the price of an IKEA plastic stool! Yes, and all it takes is 10 minutes or well maybe half an hour if you are an amateur in crafting like me.

6. Natural Wood Cabinet


There’s nothing like a good old fashioned wooden textured cabinet. Your flower pots over it look more all the more appealing and enhance the natural aesthetic you want to have. 

You’d need legs, handles, and other such items. The good thing is you choose the quality of these accessories as per your budget and preference.

7. Luxury Armchair 

Via Imgur

No matter how comfy your beds are, the best power naps come in the armchair. But you’d have to save so much to buy the armchair you are longing for since long.

A bit of effort and cheap IKEA Koarp Chair can do the job for you. The project requires a bit of expertise, but the result is comfier and premium too. The armchair, after all, takes center stage in any decor.

8. Beach Shack Kid Bunk Bed

Via Reddit

Child room decor doesn’t have to be all Marvel and DC. You can use creative ideas like this Beach Shack bunk bed. If you have a couple of kids together, they can also play the shopkeeper game in their safe place.

And of course, it enhances the whole aesthetic, and I was even thinking of having it in my room because we ain’t ever getting older! And all that would cost little more an inexpensive Kura bed and regular DIY items.

9. Custom Built-in Bookshelf Hack

Via Makerista

IKEA Billy bookshelves are indeed the best option to craft custom built-ins. And there are a thousand designs for it. But if you have a large stock of books and need to fit in the bookshelf and keep the existing woodwork intact, here is your best deal.

This custom built-in bookshelf does require more than one hand, which is understandable when handling such a large piece. You can also fit in sliding doors to avoid dust settling quickly.

10. Storage Window Seats

Via Nwhomeworks

If you are cramped for space and need to accommodate storage cabinets and seats, think of using the area close to the walls. These prove to be excellent storage space to keep bags, toys, shoes, and whatnot.

And of course, you can cherish your favorite episodes of The Office while having a cappuccino with warm summer lights for an ideal weekend morning.

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11. Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Via Triplemaxtons

Minimalist is the new cool and furniture store that has capitalized on it to raise prices of simpler designed furniture like this modern coffee table. But since your choices are simpler, it’s easy to craft too.

All you would need are signature tapered legs and maybe an Old IKEA coffee table. A bit of paint and furnishing might be required for old items, as discussed in the tutorial.

12. IVAR Cupboard Floral Makeover

Via Wearescout

There’s little we would need to consider before working on this project. It looks like one of those covetable pieces of custom furniture that would be priced as a jewel at stores. But this makeover won’t be more than a tenth of that price.

It’s ideal both as a bedroom cabinet or one in the living room to keep lamps. Using the stark contrasting colors enhances the retro vibe exuded by the floral design.

13. Farmhouse Table 

Via Eastcoastcreativeblog

You will need to be more than just passionate if you want this stunning farmhouse table without spending a couple of month’s savings over it. You can use one or two tables depending on the size of your room and requirements.

It’s just the perfect setting with vintage yellow lamps and tungsten bulbs around. It would blend in well in your dining room, lawn, and even in your man cave if you seem to have one.

14. Black Mirror Side Table

Via Ichdesigner

If you chic is the only word for the furniture you want at your home, don’t look further than this Black Mirror side table. It seems absolutely precious and fragile, too, which only increases its rich sheen. 

Save yourself a lot of bucks you would need to buy this edgy side table and instead craft one using Ikea side table and a few acrylic glasses.

15. Coffee Table for Alseda Stool

Via Aliceandlois

If you love your coffee warm, you would like this warmer Boho table that is one of the cutest custom furniture I have seen so far. It’s just ideal for the lazy Sunday, and it would enhance your background if you love to do food photography and so.

It blends in easily into any decor. All you need is a rug or carpet underneath, and you have enhanced the luxurious feel of your living room.

16. Vintage Style Gold Dresser

Via Preciouslyme

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot of money to bring gold to your home. It needs a little bit of effort and creativity to lace your house or preferably your Ikea cabinet with gold.

And all it takes is 10 minutes to create this Malm dresser makeover. It would look great in front of the wallpapered walls and costs nothing more than the Ikea furniture.

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17. $1000 Kitchen luxe with an Ikea Hack

Via Apartmenttherapy

Kitchens can start looking unwelcoming over the years, but you don’t want to spend huge bucks on rented spaces. Makeovers like these are what have been keeping rental kitchens warm and welcoming at a low cost. 

Attaching a few gold bars pulls along with painting it in a welcoming color of your choice can also keep your desire to cool alive. Indeed the final product looks glamorous, and we can’t wait to have it in our kitchen too.

18. Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Via Apieceofrainbow

Compare the photos of an IKEA base cabinet to this naturally attractive kitchen island, and it’s hard to spot the similarities. But that is because of the finesse of the artist and the viability of the idea.

You can use this island to keep pans, kitchen accessories, chopping boards, and so. The furniture is particularly useful for those with small kitchens, and wheels come in handy for smooth movement.

19. Indoor Gardens

Via Hunker

Shoe storage and bar carts are common storage uses of glass Fabricor cabinets from Ikea. Here is another practical option from Hunker. They have remodeled the glass cabinets to store indoor plants.

This idea is a delight for plant lovers who want to create indoor greenhouses. Moreover, it’s a showpiece marvelous than any other we have seen in recent times.

20. Mid Century Modern Sideboard

Via Kristimurphy

If you are a sucker for hard-edged furniture with unique patterns, here is a beautiful piece of art for you. And it might surprise you how easy it is to make this West Elm inspired sideboard that costs about $1300 here.

It would hardly take a quarter of that price when you craft it yourself. This isn’t a cheap piece of the craft by any means, though. But having such a luxurious bit for a sideboard does require you to loosen your pocket a little.

21. Acacia Wood Plant Stand

Via Sugarandcloth

If you are really the plant mom, you claim yourself to be; you’d want this chic and trendy plant stand at any cost. And the price is what we are saving here with this DIY wood stand by using Ikea PS Plant Stands for it. 

The setup looks so good, almost at all spaces around the home. It just raises your aesthetic game to several levels up, and you would set the bar real high for other spaces of your house with this one.

These 21 of the most exciting custom furniture ideas over the internet, but of course, the list can’t be exhaustive. You can always give these ideas your own personal touch and customize them further to fit your style. Custom furniture is all about playing with the colors and design, so keep your mind open to more ideas.