54 DIY Apartment Decor Ideas on a Budget

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Making a tiny place look aesthetic and feel comfortable may be difficult sometimes, particularly if your décor alternatives are restricted by leasing guidelines and landlord requirements. But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a cramped rental apartment, you can personalize your space with a few well-placed decorations. However, decorating may be costly, which is why we are here to assist you with a variety of low-cost decorating ideas. These 54 budget-friendly apartment design ideas can help you design your dream home for less and make the most of your space.

The majority of these DIY projects are straightforward, yet they may have a serious effect on the decor. Go to the dollar shop to pick up some inexpensive supplies and get on your crafting hats! And believe us when we say that your apartment will appear completely new by the time you’re finished.

54 DIY Apartment Decor Ideas on a Budget

1. Magnetic Spice Rack

Via Poppyparade

The kitchen has always been the messiest part of the house, and when it comes to apartments, we’re all well aware of the storage issues.

This is a fantastic DIY idea for saving space! Simple items like circular clear-top containers, magnets, tape, and permanent markers are all you need. With this magnetic spice rack, your herbs and spices will be right next to you while you whip up a delicious meal and you’ll never misplace them.

2. Wood Crate TV Console

It is sometimes impossible to put a television on the wall in a tiny flat. Storage is also a requirement in such residences. This DIY will let you hit two birds with one stone.

All you need to do is take 4 to 6 crate containers and nail them together. Install the television on top of the console you’ve made. Stuff the compartments with anything you like, and you’ve got yourself a DIY attractive console.

3. Woven Bench

Woven furniture will add a bohemian touch to your apartment. If you want to add an element of Bohemian decor to your home, attempt this DIY. Make a wooden frame for the bench and then use a rope to make the seat.

You can personalize your bench by painting it in different colors but a basic one will look more appealing.

4. Painted House Doormat

This is definitely of the cutest DIYs to do if you wish to help your guests feel more welcome this holiday season. You just need a sisal doormat, painter’s tape, and paint. You are free to select any alternative motif or design. If necessary, brush a second layer of paint.

5. Drawer Divider Organizer

Via Organizedmom

It’s no surprise if your drawer has acquired a lot of junk, and you’re looking for some simple techniques to get rid of it all. This project will not only drive you to clean your drawer, but it will also give everything in your drawer its own unique home. The only things you’ll need are wood glue, wood lathes, and paint.

6. Storage Ladder Shelf

You can make a ladder shelf out of wooden planks if you want to increase storage in a compact space while still keeping it aesthetic. You will have ample space to place wire baskets on the ladder’s shelves, add potted plants, books, and much more.

7. Rustic Jute Placemats

Placemats not only preserve your tabletop but also add to the aesthetic appeal of your dining area. You can try your hand at building a Pottery Barn knockoff. A hot glue gun and sisal hemp or jute are required. Coil the rope and glue its edges to construct each one. Using a hot glue gun, cut and seal the end of the jute rope mat.

8. Sunburst Mirror

Via Savvyapron

Sunburst mirrors are in vogue nowadays, and they look stunning above a sofa or over a fire pit. You only need to choose a circular mirror that you like, nothing too elaborate, just something simple.

Flip the mirror after that and begin by attaching paint sticks around the mirror. Spray paint the sticks and the circumference of the mirror in a way that they will match your room’s decor.

9. Tassel Chandelier

This tassel chandelier is a great way to add a beachy feel to your house. You’ll need to craft a lot of tassels and attach them to embroidery hoops of three different sizes. Use metal chains to hang up your chandelier while giving it an elegant touch.

This craft is time-consuming but definitely worth the result.

10. Wire Basket Table

With a laundry hamper and a wooden disc, you can create an attractive side table for your sitting room area.

Lay a rag or a cloth on the floor outside. Spray the basket with paint and allow it to dry completely. Then attach it to a circular piece of wood using metal screws—the diameter of the worktop should correspond to the dimensions of the wire basket.

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11. Mid-Century Desk Wall Unit

Here’s a DIY if you desire a working desk and a storage unit in your new flat. Consolidate the workstation and bookshelf unit into a single unit. To place the shelves on the twin tracks, you’ll need twin tracks, shelves, and hardware.

Modify and apply changes to the design as needed. Keep in mind to make sure the desk surface is deeper than the cabinets above it.

12. Personalized Cork Board Organizer

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

You can create your message board rather than just purchasing an overpriced one. Simply purchase two cork boards and trim them to the required dimensions.

You can decorate the two in whichever way you’d like. Add polka dots or other designs to one board. Wind a thread all around the base of the other board to add an aesthetic appeal—this also allows you to insert papers easily without using pin tacks.

13. Balloon Orbs

Wrap a blown-up balloon with linen string that has been dipped in Mod Podge. Allow it dry before popping the balloon and hanging it with twine.

You can color it according to your preferences to match your interior decor. This looks pretty nice and would make a great holiday or Christmas apartment decoration. You can also dress it up with fairy lights and other decorations to make it more appealing.

14. Instagram Feed Wall

Via 100layercake

Why not display your aesthetic, colorful Instagram feed on a plain apartment wall if you’re proud of it?

There are no screws or drills required for this project. You just need to take a printout of your favorite images, design and build an equally spread matrix on the wall and affix it with various washi tape designs.

Your guests are sure to be astounded looking at your creativity.

15. Stylish Laundry Hamper

Via Sugarbeecrafts

It’s difficult to conceal a laundry basket in a cupboard or anywhere else out of view when you live in a house or apartment. There’s a good risk your clothes will be discovered out in the wild by your guests.

You can transform your laundry hamper into a decorative element that fits well with the rest of the area to deal with this problem. All you need are a few basic resources and a few skills.

16. Chalkboard Wall

Everyone would love a chalkboard wall in their home to write to-do lists or simply to scribble and sketch on. You can even have visitors and relatives put whatever they want on it! You may also use a lovely cabinet handle to hold your chalk by turning it upside down and attaching it to the wall.

17. Rustic Chic Full-Length Mirror

Although making this mirror requires some labor, the result is amazing.

You’ll need to create a mirror frame out of wood trim that runs around the sides of a wood board. You can use a faded paint effect to keep it authentic. It will look great in every space, from the doorway to the bedroom, and everywhere in between.

18. Pull Down Wall Hanging

Via Makinghomebase

Look around for any remaining gift packaging paper. Choose a sheet that is thicker and less likely to rip. You might also use wallpaper with a unique design. Then, trim some firring panels to fit the roof and underside of the frame.

19. Macramé Wall Hanging

Via Classyclutter

DIY macrame crafts are a trendy opportunity to boost your apartment decor with a touch of boho flair. You can build a huge wall hanging using ropes to match the interior design of your residence. This is a low-cost DIY project that is sure to turn heads.

20. Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger

Via Thesprucecrafts

When it comes to DIY materials, mason jars have endured the ravages of time. You can use whatever jar you have on hand to make a contemporary, sleek, and extremely stylish piece of decoration for your house with this macrame mason jar plant hanger.

Make your macrame hanger any way you like it and place it in a bright area to keep your mason jar plant thriving and in good health.

21. Rope Basket with a Twist

Via Thesprucecrafts

These bright baskets are ideal for adorning and offer a splash of color to any tabletop while also adding a sense of coastal flare. All you’ll require are some simple materials such as rope and a plastic container. And the best part is that they don’t require any stitching!

22. Oversized Confetti Mural

Via Freckleandfair

Grab a couple of various shades of washi tape to create this aesthetic decor and just get going! Washi tape may be peeled from walls without destroying them if put appropriately. It combines the best of several worlds: it’s inexpensive, fast, detachable, and nearly infinitely customizable.

23. Floral and Wire Words

Via Lovelyindeed

Consider a brief catchphrase and see if it’s compelling enough to hang on your wall day after day. Then use wire and artificial flowers to craft out the phrase—you’ll get an elegant and fun decor.

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24. Chevron Pattern Fan Blades

Via Homedit

Attach washi tape in different patterns to a ceiling fan to make it livelier and more cheery. As long as you manage to discard the washi tape when you leave the space, this basic and temporary room décor improvement will work perfectly.

The best part about this decor idea is that you can personalize it to match your needs.

25. Outdoor Citrus Side Table

A hardwood plate and three hairpin legs are all you’ll need to construct this simple side table. Make sure you cover the tabletop of the side table with a coat of sealant.

It may be used both inside and outside, in your yard, or on your patio. It will infuse your interior space with a rush of spring and happiness.

26. Felt Succulents

Via Sprucecrafts

Succulents are not that easy to grow in low-light conditions, and if you don’t have a green thumb, you can make imitation succulents alternatively.

Craft a selection of fake succulents out of felt to create your durable terrarium. To give the most authentic and lifelike effect, we suggest using a firm to medium/stiff felt. If you’re making a succulent group, choose several hues of green to create the best appeal.

27. Pegboard Kitchen Storage

A pegboard wall can help arrange your kitchen essentials while also providing a rustic flair. You can paint it according to the color pallet of the room.

If you want, add in wire baskets to be used as shelves.

28. Temporary Fabric Wallpaper

If you wish to wallpaper your apartment interiors, then this DIY is for you. Fabrics can be used instead of traditional wallpaper. To adhere the selected cloth to the wall, all you’ll need is liquid cornstarch. It is easy to make and can be simply prepared by boiling it in water.

This is not a permanent makeover so you can try it out in your rented apartment too.

29. Faux-Fur Chair

A faux-fur chair is adorable, and it appears and feels luxurious! Wrap sheepskin-like cloth over your recliner from a bargain home store or fabric store. If the furniture handles don’t match the texture of the fur, make sure they’re concealed properly.

30. Mermaid Chalk Paint Blended Dresser

Decorate each cabinet with a contrasting hue of the same shade for an interesting ombré finish. For added durability and blend-ability, you can use chalk paint.

Say goodbye to boring old wardrobes!

31. Washi Tape Light Switch Covers

Washi tape light switch covers are a no-mess, simple and quick project that only costs a few bucks.

Gently detach the light switch cover and then use washi tape to wrap the entire board. Employing a cutter, remove the button slots. Using a sponge applicator, dab mod podge glue on the tapes. Reinstall the switchboard when the adhesive has dried.

32. Painted Pots

Customize your planter pots using paint and sharpies to add some pop. Try sketching a caricature or some amusing floral patterns, or go with some conventional aesthetic themes.

If your basic pots just don’t go in with your apartment’s current design, you could surely attempt this DIY to give them an upgrade by coloring them!

33. Macaroon Pillows

Via Joann

These pillows look adorable and delicious! If you’re looking for a way to put your sewing abilities to test and spruce up your couch or bed, this is the right DIY for you.

34. Marble Contact Paper Countertops

This peel-and-stick contact paper may be used on a variety of surfaces. It’s the most cost-effective method to spruce up your kitchen temporarily without spending a fortune or ruining your counters. Marble is fashionable currently, and it will dramatically improve the appearance of your countertop!

35. Indoor Window Herb Garden

Since owning a garden in an apartment is an impossible dream, an indoor window garden is ideal for such tiny dwellings. Also, you won’t have to bother about your herbs not getting enough sunshine if you place the herb planters near the window.

Make hanging shelves with wooden boards and rope and install them near a window.

36. Paint Chip Wall Art

Paint chips are a great way to liven up an empty wall. You only need to put a little effort to locate and adhere the paint chips to the wall.

37. Custom Macrame Headboard

If you like macrame and wish to incorporate it into your apartment bedroom, this macrame headboard craft will make your bed appear nice! This is a beginner-friendly project that will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention.

38. Cane Webbing Bookshelf

Install a bookcase made with cane webbing to make that empty wall in your apartment a lot more attractive.

Simply cut a strip of caning slightly bigger than the shelf hole and apply glue to the rear of the rack aperture with a foam brush. Install the caning and secure it with binder hooks while it dries. Loosen the clamps and install the shelf once it has dried.

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39. Rattan Tray

You can use this tray as a piece of décor to bring a bohemian touch to your home. Simply install a sheet of caning the very same dimensions as the aperture of the photo frame and connect three-inch cabinet grips to the frame’s short ends.

40. Large Scrabble Tiles

Via Leapoffaithcrafting

Using this big DIY scrabble art, you may change the entire look of your boring entrance wall or living room. Add a unique twist to this concept by personalizing it with the nicknames of your family members.

All you need are a few simple materials such as wood boards, cutting equipment, paints, and glue.

41. River Stone Planter

Via Instructables

This DIY river stone planter may make a great present, a fun hobby, or just a gorgeous decorative piece to brighten up your interior environment. River stones, a hot glue gun, and a basic pot or planter are all that are needed to build these planters. All you need to do next is begin from the foundation of the pot and glue stones one by one.

42. Ocean Stone Bath Mat

Via Tattooedmartha

This stone bath mat not only adds a touch of nature to your home but also allows excess moisture to evaporate swiftly. You can greet your visitors and friends with this one-of-a-kind mat constructed of river rocks, a rubber mat, and contact adhesive.

43. Summer Flower Garland

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Go with paper flowers for a jaw-dropping floral arrangement that can remain for months without withering. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the supplies used are minimal and reasonably priced. It’s crafted out of crepe paper and cardstock and may be customized to your liking.

44. Paper Pinwheel

Via Countryliving

If you don’t have a lot of time and want something simple but elegant, this DIY is for you. To craft these spring party-ready DIY ornaments, all you need is some lovely patterned paper, glue, and string.

45. Bed Canopy

Via Seventeen

This decor is cute as well as functional. A mosquito net canopy, hot glue gun, metal hooks, ribbons, and lace are all you’ll require to construct this for your bed.

46. Family Photo Wall Hanging

Via Thesweetestoccasion

Make a wall hanging with your favorite pictures to cover a huge wall. Print each photo in black and white or with a similar effect to make the photo art look more integrated.

It’s simple to build with picture prints, and the rest of the materials can be bought at your neighborhood craft store.

47. Wooden Candle Centerpiece

Via Thesweetestoccasion

This easy-to-make wooden candle centerpiece is a lovely complement to any apartment or seating area. It’s a truly unique and colorful item that will automatically bring charm to your interior decoration, and all you’ll need are a few basic materials like lumber and paint.

48. Succulent Wall Planter

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Create a wall planter to bring some excitement to your apartment’s living room, and use succulents since they are low-maintenance. Sphagnum moss, succulents, and a vertical planter are all you’ll need for this project.

49. Unique Stone Heart

Via Goodshomedesign

To make this incredibly affordable and gorgeous unique stone heart, gather heavy-gauge wire, colorful pebbles, a chain, and garden wire. Fill the chicken wire heart frame with the colorful pebbles and hang it with a strong chain.

50. Floating Shelf

Via Placeofmytaste

Make multiple floating shelves and install them in your bedroom or balcony to hold plant pots. They can be used to store other items too.

51. Colorful Geometric Headboard

Via Akailochiclife

To make this affordable DIY decor for your bedroom, you’ll need acrylic paints, foam sheets, permanent mounting squares, and some tools.

52. Honeycomb Shelves

Via Abeautifulmess

Due to the obvious use of tools, this craft is somewhat more complicated, but if you continue with it, you’ll end up with some fantastic shelves. A miter saw a drill and drill bit, a rotary sander, wood glue, a tape measurer, as well as some wall brackets are all the required tools.

Make sure you choose flat wooden pieces for this project.

53. Pom Pom Tassel Garland

Via Aliceandlois

Searching for a fun, bright, and easy-to-make way to brighten up your space? Create rainbow pom poms and hang them on the walls for decoration. These look great on any wall, but we like them hung over the couch or over a workstation to bring a splash of vibrancy and imagination anywhere you want it.

54. Snuggly Pom Pom Pillow

Via Akailochiclife

People like stuff that bring vibrancy when it refers to innovative DIY apartment decorations. This pom pom cushion does just that, and it’s also a lot of pleasure to create. To bring a splash of shades and inventiveness to the bedroom, and you can place one on a solid colored or even white chair.

We hope you’ve discovered the right DIY apartment décor concept that suits your preferences, the aesthetics of your apartment, and, most importantly, your budget. And make sure you have fun!