51 DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Whether you’re moving to a new place or simply planning on sprucing up your home, DIY ideas will never let you down. They ameliorate the visual appearance of your humble abode and will help you achieve your dream space.

Decorating our homes is a different kind of high but store-bought decor items aren’t that affordable these days. So, if you’re a little tight on the budget but are passionate about giving your home a make-over, try taking up DIY projects. 

Spending thousands of dollars on decor items doesn’t sound appealing—it’s always better to make them yourself (all thanks to the internet!). DIY projects are pretty cheap and will also allow you to expand your imagination beyond the boundaries.

We’ve compiled 51 DIY apartment decorating ideas to guide you through the journey of fancying up your home. Come on, let’s get started! 

51 DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas

1. Hanging Air Plants       

DIY air plants hanger
Via Homeyohmy

People are going gaga over minimalist decor nowadays. If you’re one of them, you must try decorating your walls with hanging air plants. Plants incorporate a sense of cheer and rawness to our decor. And who wouldn’t like to breathe in some fresh air?

2. Stenciled Rug    

Painted rug DIY
Via Oneprojectcloser

Rugs are a great way to add personality and charm to the floors. Update your living room using this DIY stenciled rug. It’s a fun project to undertake and it’s going to be 10 times cheaper compared to a store-bought piece. 

3. West Elm Morocco Headboard    

DIY West Elm Morocco Headboard
Via Karapaslaydesigns

Have you ever thought of converting a doormat into a headboard? Well, here’s a project to create a statement DIY West Elm Morocco Headboard to deck up your bedroom. It’s a unique and inexpensive project that would give a flamboyant look to your master bedroom.

All you need are some easily available materials like rubber doormats, spray paint, plywood, etc.

4. Floating String Table     

DIY floating string table
Via Monstercircus

Use a DIY floating string table in your living room and it’ll become the talk of the town. This budget-friendly contemporary table is a must-have for every modern apartment. It’s chic and functional at the same time.

The necessary materials like a cutting board, steel wire, etc. are all easily available. 

5. Scrapbook Paper Wall Art     

DIY scrapbook wall art
Via Nomadicdecorator

Do you know that the cost of a paper wall art is $250? Too much, lol. So, I’m presenting you with a DIY scrapbook paper wall art which is a cheaper method to obtain these professional patterns on your blank monotonous wall.

You wouldn’t want to spend a quarter-million dollars when you can just DIY it for a few bucks, right? 

6. 10-minute DIY Pallet Frame    

DIY pallet frame
Via Thehowtohome

A pallet frame will spruce up the look of your whole place. This DIY pallet frame project is time-efficient and simple that will complement your vintage furniture perfectly. Plus, it’ll add rustic vibes to your modern apartment. 

7. Washi Tape Light Switch Covers     

DIY light switch covers
Via Skiptomylou

Give those dull electric switches a make-over with these washi tape light switch covers. Washi tape is an eclectic crafting supply and you’ll have a lot of colors and designs to choose from. Select the best ones for your apartment and get going.

8. Hanging Plate Wall    

Via Housebeautiful

Hanging riveting artworks and pristine paintings is a thing of the past—try hanging plates instead. Yeah, you read it right! You could create a mesmerizing wall set-up by hanging your beautiful crockery plates on the wall. Your guests will be drawn to them, I can vouch for that!

9. Hanging Shelves     

DIY hanging shelves
Via Whydontyoumakeme

DIY hanging shelves look super classy and glamorous and combine the perfect amount of minimalism and glam. All the materials required for this project are easily available. You can place your favorite display pieces on these shelves and wow your guests.

10. Sunburst Mirror   

DIY sunburst mirror
Via Savvyapron

Sunburst mirror is an everlasting trend and I’m sure you can’t get enough of it. Make one sunburst mirror to enhance your apartment’s look and make your friends jealous. This vogue mirror is not only ornamental but also functional in every way. 

11. Towel Rack With A Shelf     

DIY towel rack with a shelf
Via Dwellinginhappiness

Wave goodbye to those boring towel bars hanging on your wall and introduce these DIY towel racks with a shelf to your bathroom. This accent towel rack with a shelf will allow you to add so much character to your bathroom. The project is pretty easy and inexpensive—carry this out during a weekend!

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12. Wooden Pegboard  

Wooden pegboard DIY
Via Vintagerevivals

If you’re searching for something ornamental as well as organizational, this DIY wooden pegboard is here to your rescue. Pegboards are generally used to organize things but you can mix, match, and customize the display items to make your apartment more lively and enchanting. 

13. Enamel Painted Vases    

Painted vases
Via Sugarandcharm

Buy a couple of simple jars from your local store and get ready to make them look beautiful with your painting skills.

You can either use enamel or acrylic paint to color their outer surfaces. This simple yet entertaining project will yield breathtaking results. You can also use faux flowers to decorate them.

14. No-sew Throw Pillows     

No-sew throw pillows
Via Anexerciseinfrugality

Did you know that you can use the canvas shopping bags to make no-sew throw pillows? Neither did I! These bags are already sewn shut on 3 out of 4 edges. This easy and quick hack will help you upcycle those bags and create these statement decor items. 

15. Rag Rugs     

Rag rug
Via Littlehouseliving

Upcycle rags, old clothing, old sheets, etc. to obtain these pretty rugs. You’ll just require a sewing machine, thread, and a pair of scissors to pull off these amazing rugs for your apartment. They’ll look unbelievably beautiful and unique. 

16. Gold Leaf Vase    

Diy gold leaf vase
Via Thecreativityexchange

Make these DIY gold leaf striped vases to give a subtle but chic look to your apartment. It’s an easy painting project and a great way to add a pop of Midas touch to your home decor. You can customize them as per your mood and liking. 

17. Cascading Paper Flower Garland     

Cascading paper flower garland
Via Liagriffith

If the wall near your entryway is nothing but boring and blank, this cascading paper flower garland is the right decor for you! Pull off this easy project and take the beauty of your house to the next level. It can also act as a potential backdrop for your photo-session.

18. Lampshade     

Diy lampshade
Via Placeofmytaste

Lamps are an essential addition to your home decor these days. So, how about getting lampshades that suit your taste just right? Go ahead and make them! These lampshades are quite stylish and can escalate the onlookers’ mood. 

19. Metallic Rope Throw Basket     

Metallic rope throw basket
Via Lydioutloud

Creating a metallic rope throw basket has never been so easy and cheap. You just need a dollar store laundry basket, jute rope, 1 yard felt, a metallic copper paint, and a few basic supplies. This stylish throw basket will add elegance and cheer to your apartment’s decor.

20. Ikea Side Table    

Diy ikea hack sidetable
Via Sugarandcloth

Side tables not only amp up the aesthetic value of a room but also provide a functional space. This DIY Ikea side table is an inexpensive option that can be used to decorate your home. These accent tables can be made in a day! 

21. Cloud Light   

Diy cloud light
Via Diyprojectsforteens

Fairy lights can add a magical feel to our boring homes. Build this offbeat DIY cloud light to illuminate your apartment in a mystical way. This project is an easy and inexpensive way to make your humble abode fancy.

22. Fall Mantel Decor     

Fall mantel decor
Via Thekaysplace

Add this fall mantel jar embellishment to your apartment decor to make it look more appealing. This jar is quite simple to make and you can complete it during your coffee break. Yeah, that’s right. You can finish this pretty decor piece in just 10 minutes. 

23. Honeycomb Shelves   

Diy honeycomb shelves
Via Abeautifulmess

Are you looking for a fun project to try out this weekend? These DIY honeycomb shelves are the perfect option for you.

The project might be a bit neck-aching but the result is going to be worthwhile. These hexagonal shelves will let you use up wall space effectively while making your apartment look chic. 

24. Kate Spade Rosebowl     

Diy Kate Spade pearl place rosebowl
Via Vintageromancestyle

If you’re fond of owning a designer bowl but are unwilling to spend dollars on it, try out this DIY Kate Spade pearl place rose bowl. All you need is a bowl vase, metallic gold paint pen, and a chapstick lid. Your thrifty designer bowl will be ready within an hour. 

25. Moroccan Candle Holders    

Diy moroccan candle holders
Via Cremedelacraft

Grab your paints and glass jars and put together these astonishing Moroccan candle holders. These aesthetic candle holders will add the much-needed charm to your apartment. Their riveting color contrast will leave everyone in awe.

You can also use them as flower vases. 

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26. Frame Your Bathroom Mirror     

Diy bathroom mirror frame
Via Cherishedbliss

Are you fed up with your boring bathroom mirror? Same here 😐 Frame your bathroom mirror with this low-key gorgeous and elegant wooden frame while you’re renovating your apartment. It involves minimal woodwork and would yield an exemplary product. 

27. Magnet Succulent Planters     

Diy succulent magnet holders
Via Grillodesigns

Say ciao to displaying your indoor plants on window sills or side tables. Incorporate the blessings of Mother Nature into your apartment through these DIY magnet succulent planters. You can put these planters on your fridge or any other metal surface.

These plant holders seem sophisticated but are pretty effortless to make. 

28. Washi Tape Wall Art   

Washi tape wall art
Via Livingocurto

If you’re unfamiliar with washi tape and its various uses, then my friend, you’re missing out on so much. Washi tape is a boon for crafters and opportunists like us. Build this engrossing washi tape wall art to deck up that blank wall in your bedroom or living room. 

29. Washi Tape Candles   

Washi tape candles
Via Refunkmyjunk

I’m presenting you with another adorable idea using the versatile washi tape. Cover a simple candle with an eclectic washi tape and tada!! Your ravishing washi tape candles are ready to slay. Use them at house parties to impress the guests ;-). 

30. $20 Plush Headboard    

Plush DIY headboard
Via Thriftyandchic

A tufted headboard for just $20 is too good to be true, but here it is! Adorn your master bedroom with this DIY plush headboard. Try out this project this weekend with your family and turn it into a productive weekend.

Don’t get intimidated by the supply list, the results are worth it!

31. Frame Shelves     

Via Shanty-2-chic

If there’s an empty wall in your living room or bedroom, install these DIY frame shelves over there. These shelves look chic and are going to enhance the overall appearance of the room while making use of the space effectively.

You can either place a couple of display pieces on this shelf or your favorite family photographs.  

32. Flower Wall     

Via Sweetteal

To improve the look of your bedroom or living room, build a flower wall. You can easily achieve this captivating sight by gathering your favorite flowers and intertwining them with each other. Hang them with the help of nails and a fishing line.

This delightful wall decor will swoon anyone! 

33. Spray-painted Chairs   

Via Inmyownstyle

Do you remember the last time you changed your dining table’s chairs or even gave them a make-over, to say the least? I bet you can’t, but don’t fret! This DIY project will tackle the issue like a pro.

Just spray-paint those chairs to make them appear brand new and your kitchen will be giving off positive vibes! Make sure you use bright and happy colors. 

34. Accent Table    

Via Makinghomebase

Accent furniture is downright expensive but the good news is that you can afford it without hurting your bank balance. Just buy a wire laundry basket from a local store and flip it. Nail a round wood top onto the base and you’re good to go. Amazing, right? 

35. Mirror Under $15

Via Shanty-2-chic

A plain mirror decorated with a touch of creativity is everything you need to make your apartment look beautiful. It’s an easy and inexpensive project that would cost you even less than your weekly hotdog expense. 

36. Photo Wall Clock     

Via Artcrackers

If you love experimenting with your apartment decor, try out this DIY photo wall clock. This clock is a stylish way of putting your favorite photographs on display—choose 12 of your favorite ones. Install this set-up in your living room for the best experience. 

37. Crate Bookcase   

Via Amylattacreations

Bookshelves are heaven for book lovers. However, their upkeep and affordability might be a huge turn-off. If you’re a book lover, this DIY crate bookcase is here to your rescue. It pretty much has the same functionality but is far more aesthetic than a regular bookcase. 

You can also add some plants, photographs, and other display items to the bookshelf too.

38. Giant Pom-pom Throw     

Via Vintagerevivals

You ain’t human if you don’t love pom-poms (could be a martian)! Pom-poms symbolize cheer and merriment and can add glam to your home decor. Put together this DIY giant pom-pom throw and ‘throw’ it on your couch or chairs to create the prettiest scene. 

39. Painted House Doormat   

Via Sarahhearts

You must have seen a variety of designer doormats these days. Although they look appealing, their prices are sky-high. This DIY painted house doormat can help you spruce up your front door without spending big bucks. You can also customize it as per your wish.

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40. Rope Ottoman    

Via Curbly

Did you know that you can convert a vehicle tire into a legit ottoman? Well, now you do (thank me later!). Get a tire, a 6mm MDF, screws, a screwdriver, a hot glue gun, a sisal rope, a sealer, and a paintbrush. 

You’d get most of the supplies from a local hardware store at cheap rates. All you have to do is to follow a couple of easy peasy steps and you’ll find yourself with a stylish ottoman! 

41. Faux Bar Table    

Via Thedesiwonderwoman

Don’t compromise on your dream of having a minibar at your apartment because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it or due to a lack of space. Try out this DIY faux bar table that’s basically a vintage suitcase resting on a chic table.

Accommodate your favorite booze in this suitcase and your bar is set to slay! 

42. Canvas Wall Art  

Via Ashleycamber

Geometric prints and patterns are the real deal these days. Apart from being eclectic artwork, they’re easy to pull off and preserve. Make this DIY canvas wall art to satiate your longing for a statement wall art design. 

43. Pottery Barn-inspired Jute Placemats  

Via Cityfarmhouse

The addition of top-notch placemats can exponentially amp up the aesthetic value of your dining table. These unconventional placemats are everything you need to make your dining table look pretty and rustic.

Head over to your nearby Dollar Store and get jute yarn to make these pottery barn-inspired placemats. 

44. Scalloped Pillow Case   

Via Mottesblog

Upgrade your bedroom with the help of these DIY scalloped pillowcases. These stylish pillowcases will create a splendid ambiance in your bedroom. You can also use these covers for the cushions on your living room couch and wow your visitors!

45. Bamboo Orb Pendant Lights   

Via Craftynet

Illuminate your apartment with these scintillating bamboo orb pendant lights. These are inexpensive chandeliers that are as effective and beautiful as the store-bought ones. Plus, you can customize them as per your taste. All you need are a few supplies to make these statement lights yourself.  

46. Pallet Console Table   

Via Kleinworthco

If you live in a small apartment, this space-efficient pallet console table will be a great decor item! This table will be the perfect fit for minimal space. Use this table in your living room and up your style quotient.

47. Mini Cacti Arrangement

Via Historiasdecasa

Succulents are tailor-made to make your apartment look aesthetically pleasing and stylish. Pull off this arrangement with mini cacti to add a tad bit of greenery to your home. Plant them in an attractive bowl and place it on your living room table.

48. Corner Shelves  

Via Houseofroseblog

Construct these easy-to-make corner shelves in just 7 minutes. Utilize that unused space in your bedroom or living room by installing these stylish shelves. You can use them to display your favorite pictures, clocks, or any other display items—the options are endless!

49. Ballard Designs Garden District Mirrors   

Via Thriftyandchic

Bring these shiny Ballard designs garden district mirrors to life and beautify your dull space. This space-changing project is as easy as singing the ABC song and as glamorous as Versace products! Give it a conspicuous place in your entryway or living room and ameliorate the whole place. 

50. Photo Lamp   

Via Mommymoment

Use your crafting supplies and build this DIY photo lamp to illuminate your apartment with flair. Gather your favorite snaps and arrange them all together to create this graceful lamp for your apartment. It’d be a valuable addition to your decor items.

51. West Elm-inspired Side Table  

Via Brit

Set up this west elm-inspired side table in your living room for an A-grade beautification of your apartment. This easy-peasy DIY project is quite inexpensive and space-efficient. Instead of binging on Netlix series this weekend, try a hand at making this stylish table. 

By now you must know that adorning your humble abode isn’t as flustering as it sounds. You just gotta follow the right approach and try out the projects that will enhance the appearance of your house. So, gear up to try out these ideas, and don’t forget to share this article!