13 DIY Bird feeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds

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Observing any bird in the wild is a task in itself. Not only are they flighty in nature, but they can also be extremely shy in strange environments. This is where birdhouses come in handy. Easy to make and set up, these tiny homes serve as an instant attraction for birds of all kinds.

By strategically placing a few in your back yard, you can assemble a flock in no time. If you live in a bustling apartment, placing one in your balcony will yield the same result.

These feeders are available at almost every home depot. However, with some effort and a few scraps around the house, you can make one yourself. This way, you can not only give your wallet some relief but also customize your bird feeder.

By having complete reign over the project, it’s easy to mix and match every feeder to a particular theme or even a determined size.

Below are 13 ideas to get you started on building your first birdhouse.

1. The Lego Bird Feeder

Via Funcraftskids

Revisit your childhood by assembling a feeder with legos. Along with being entertaining, you can change the look and style as per your wishes. This is also one of the most durable houses on the list, as it can withstand almost any weather, from rain to snow, while keeping the interiors safe.

2. Coke Bottle Feeder

Via Creativecraftnights

One of the quickest ways to make a feeder is to cut through a plastic bottle and hang it up with the help of a rope. You can either keep it minimalistic or go complete Van Gogh with acrylic paints. Don’t forget to coat with a layer of varnish after to make your feeder last through the years.

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3. Teacup and Saucer Feeder

Via Easypeasyandfun

Choose a teacup and saucer from the same set or mix it up to create a feeder that’s completely unique to you. You can either mount it on a post of stick the saucer and cup together to hang it down. Either way, it will surely liven up the backyard.

4. Cookie Cutter Feeder

Via Pinkpistachio

If you cannot commit to having a feeder yet, but still want to observe birds in their natural habitat, this feeder is perfect for you. Use cookie cutters to pour in some bird feed and mix in some gelatin. Let it sit overnight.

Lo and behold, you have a snack on a string to suspend from anywhere, without worrying about the placement. Even better, you can get multiple shapes by using different cutters every time.

5. Log Bird Feeder

Via Suncatcherstudio

More on the handiwork side, if you gather logwood for your fireplace, spare one for a bird feeder. Carve a feed vacuum into the wood and you can use it as a feeder. Along with being biodegradable, it also provides a rustic feel to the atmosphere.

6. Orange Peel Feeder

Via Diynetwork

Another great eco-friendly idea to use orange peel to store grains for birds. Puncture a few holes into the peel and hang it with the help of thread pulled through. Don’t restrict yourself only to oranges though, take any fruit from watermelons to limes to get the same results.

7. Fishbowl Feeder


If you have a spare fishbowl lying around, use an embroidery ring to design a feeder with a modern appeal. You can substitute the fishbowl for any goblet like structure. Add in some hay at the bottom and it also makes for a versatile home for the birds when the weather turns sour.

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8. Popsicle Stick Feeder

Via Tonyastaab

Summer means popsicles, and the horde of sticks that gather around can make for a great feeder for our winged companions.

Use popsicles stick to create bird feeders that can be as complex as a four-walled mansion or as simple as a tiny box. You can even make it a kid’s activity by coloring each stick in different shades.

9. Flowerpot Feeder

Via Allthingsheartandhome

If the need is for a feeder that can be placed down rather than hanged, a flower pot feeder fits the bill. Use a driller to create an entrance and multiple smaller ones to let the air and sun in.

10. Window Feeder

Via Anawhite

Apartment dwellers need not feel left behind. Make the best use of your windows by placing a feeder on top of one. It’ll save you the trouble of going outside, and restocking becomes much easier.

To achieve this, gather a few boards and affix them in the shape of a container. You can go the extra mile and add a roof as well to furnish.

11. Teapot Feeder

Via Robinsnestingplace

The teapot requires minimal changes to be made into a bird feeder. Block the stout with some clay and use the handle as a hinge to suspend the pot from. The cavity of the pot can be used as the vessel to keep the grain in.

12. Gourd Feeder

Via Happinessishomemade

Continuing our list of organic feeders, gourds make for a fun activity to teach your kids the importance of recycling and caring for animals.

Use last fall’s gourds and fashion them into colorful feeders by drying them out, then cleaning them from the inside. The hard shell can be then painted upon, and make for sturdy bird feeders.

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13. Wine Cork Birdhouse

Via Cladwellcrafting

Wine lovers will appreciate this one. Use the corks of bottles to put together a feeder that’s unique to your tastes. The birds definitely won’t whine when they move into their new home.

There you have it, some of the various ways you can build houses for our avian friends. You can either stick to a particular one that caught your fancy, or you can just ‘wing’ it!

Which one was your favorite? Know another way to create a small abode for birds? List them down below to let our readers know.