51 DIY Budget Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween is around the corner and I bet most of us can’t wait to host a fun, spooky party at our homes and scare the guests at every turn. But how do you throw such a party without destroying your wallet? 

You’ll find in this article that you don’t need a lot of expensive items to have the Halloween party of your dreams. We have listed 51 creative, spooky, and fun Halloween party ideas that can make your party a memorable one. And you don’t have to go out emptying your pocket for it!

All it takes are a few cheap and readily available items and a few hours of honest work to bring about those Halloween vibes. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check them out! 

51 DIY Budget Halloween Party Ideas

1. Trashbag Spiderwebs

Via Fastforwardfun

Why would you buy expensive decor for Halloween when you can create something as exciting as spiderwebs using just trashbags? It’s a quick craft idea that will make your house look really cool and spooky.

2. Floating Witch Hat Luminary

Via Polkadotchair

Welcome your guests to your Halloween party with some haunted witch hats hanging on the front porch. Add LED light sticks to the insides of these hats to make the decor all the more intriguing and magical.

3. Spirit Jugs

Via Eighteen25

Bring some good spirits to your Halloween party by placing these illuminated jugs on the front porch. You can also decorate and light up the window sill or the whole side table with these cute spirits depicting different moods.

4. Outdoor Halloween Ghost Bags

Via Oureverydayart

Ghost bags lying around the yard can be a sneaky decoration item to surprise or scare your guests as they enter the yard. These ghost bags also hide any unwanted or dirty spots around the yard and will make your haunted party decoration complete.

5. DIY Witch Broom

Via Paperandpassementerie

Show everyone that witches have landed at your home by adding their creepy brooms as decor. These textured brooms decorated with ribbons and rhinestones make them glow and look pretty majestic. These pieces seem pretty expensive but can be crafted using cheap materials.

6. Bleeding Candles

Via Popsugar

Add some creepy bloody candles to your indoor decorations this Halloween—they will look particularly haunting at night. They can be easily created using Dollar store items—cheap but spooky!

7. Burrito Halloween Costume

Via Awwsam

Emit a glow this Halloween party night by wearing a glossy silver skirt and shoes to make a burrito outfit. It’s easy to craft the costume and will take you under a day to compile the accessories to put this outfit together.

12. Toilet Paper Mummy Party

Via Sugarbeecrafts

Throwing a party for the little ones? Get them dressed like mummies with some inexpensive toilet rolls and see them run around and have fun all day.

13. Pop Goes the Pumpkin Game

Via Letop

Set up this fun game that comes with surprise gifts for the kids. The lucky kid would burst the balloon and find a surprise gift inside. It’s a competitive game that costs you nothing more than a few dollars.

Since it’s Halloween, use orange and black balloons, or arrange orange balloons in the shape of a pumpkin.

14. Frankenstein Bowling

Via Partydelights

Here’s another budget-friendly game that works even for the youngest member of the family. Bring out all the empty cans and paint them in vibrant and creative designs and color combinations appropriate for Halloween to create a fun game.

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15. Pumpkin Chucking Game

Via B-inspiredmama

This toddler-friendly Halloween party game is made out of cheap items like toilet paper. You can use baskets from the Dollar Store and put together the craft in just about a couple of hours.

7. Polka Dot Halloween Costume

Via Sugarandcloth

Create a retro polka dot costume to stand out this Halloween. Choose a colorful wig of your choice to pull off a cute and bubbly look.

16. Poke a Pumpkin Game

Via Projectdenneler

This poke a pumpkin game is another version of the balloon popping game and is just as fun. It’s made out of cups, napkins, and other dollar store items and won’t make a lot of noise as there’s no balloon popping involved. 

17. Candy Corn Guessing Game

Via Bhg

This candy corn game will be a hit at a Halloween party, especially if you have kids at your place. Make sure you give prizes to the ones who make the closest guesses about the number of candy corns!

18. Use Fake Roaches

Wirrabilla Pretty Realistic 50PCS Fake Roaches, Fake Cockroaches Great Way to Play a Prank, Faux Cockroaches Lifelike Creepy Perfect for Halloween Project, Tricking People, Kid Playing

Halloween is all about springing surprises that scare the hell out of your guests. Use the old cockroach idea and put fake roaches in the dispensers. The kind of surprise and disgust they’d feel is a reaction you’d want to capture on the camera.

9. Bob Ross and Happy Tree Costume

Via Goodhousekeeping

There’s no need to be all haunting and creepy this year! Spread some positivity at the Halloween party with this cute and creative couple costume idea which can be created for under $20.

19. Mason Jar Luminaries

Via Thegardeningcook

Need lightning for the Halloween party? Try something unique this year. Create a haunted luminary to create a haunting atmosphere on your porch or the backyard. The items required for this will be available at the Dollar Store.

20. Spooky Halloween Hand Soap

Via Happygolucky

Scare your guests with a creepy surprise like this spooky hand soap dispenser in the bathroom. You’d require a mason jar, some hand soap, and eyeball ping pong balls from the Dollar store as shown here.

21. Skull Vase

Via Persialou

Here is a classy yet horrifying vase idea that will attract a lot of attention. You’d need inexpensive charcoal paint, a foam skull, and some white flowers. You can create a contrast with multicolored flowers but nothing’s better than a monochrome look.

22. Paper Bats

Via Lovelyindeed

What’s Halloween without bats? They may not seem like much but they sure do play a big part in making your place look spooky. Make them using black cardstock and decorate your walls with them.

23. Halloween Skeleton

Via Ahometogrowoldin

Buy an inexpensive bag of bones from a dollar store and give it a stylish and attractive makeover, as shown here. Coat it in glitter or paint it in gold; it depends upon your choice. You can experiment with various combinations and make an attractive centerpiece.

24. Waterproof Paper Lanterns

Via Sugarandcloth

Paper lanterns are excellent inexpensive decorations for the walkway and porch. The white and black stripes design is an instant hit, and a basic mud podge completes the impressive design well. Make sure you add lights to these lanterns!

25. Halloween Skull Centrepiece

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Combine scary and aesthetic with this marvelous centerpiece this Halloween. It looks like an expensive piece but in fact, is a combination of some cheap skulls, taper moss, wreath rings, candles, and other cheap stuff.

26. Spooky Crystal Balls

Via Flamingotoes

The future you see in these attractive crystal balls can be pretty spooky, but the overall decoration item looks very elegant. If you have any clear glass ornaments from last Christmas, use them to make this centerpiece along with some other easily available materials.

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10. Patriot Popsicle Costume

Via Ohyaystudio

As impressive as this costume looks, it looks like only a few inexpensive items to create it. You’d need some massive cardboard pieces and colorful spray paints to get yourself dressed like a popsicle.

27. Halloween Village

Via Livelaughrowe

If you have a large table to decorate, go for a haunted village made with birdhouses. The trees that accompany the cottages make the scene look pretty aesthetic and spooky. Don’t forget to add in some fake pumpkins to make it pop!

28. Large Doorstep Spiders

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

Bring some spookiness to your doorstep and create a haunted vibe right from the start. Even your children can make these large and frightening spiders using styrofoam balls, black pipe cleaners, and black spray paint.

Couple them with pumpkins to complete the look.

29. Halloween Doormat

Via Aliceandlois

If you want to cover every inch of your house with some kind of Halloween decor, here’s an excellent doormat project. It looks mysterious and is extremely easy to pull off using a bat stencil and some black paint

30. Candle Holders

Via Thecraftpatchblog

Use the elegance of glass bottles to create unique decor items like these candle holders. Some tapered candles, a paper towel, paint, and glass bottles are all you’d require. 

31. Glow in the Dark Halloween Clings

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

These glow-in-the-dark Halloween clings look magical, don’t they? You would need some cheap paint that glows in the dark along with printables to pull off this budget-friendly decor.

32. Floating Spiderweb Decor

Via Thisisourbliss

These floating spiderwebs fit right into the Halloween theme and are made up of cheap Dollar Store baskets. Place equally spooky items inside them to complete the look. It hardly takes up an hour to make this exquisite craft.

11. Superhero Costume

Via Countryliving

Show off your woman power by dressing up like the superhero you are. Instead of going out buying expensive material for it, you can just use a quilt and some colorful ribbon. You have to know a bit of sewing to make this powerful look yourself.

33. Paper Bat Wreath

Via Apieceofrainbow

Wreaths never go out of fashion and they can be used to decorate both the inside and outside of your house. These cute yet spooky paper bats are made using cheap toilet paper rolls and black paint and attached to a wreath.

34. Embroidered Hoop Spiderweb Wreath

Via Sisterssuitcase

Attach spiderweb to an embroidery hoop that’s painted black. And of course, attach some cheap rubber spiders on it using glue and hang up this spooky wreath.

35. Candy Door Hanger

Via Cherishedbliss

Create a unique door hanger to offer treats to your guests right when they enter your house. It comprises of all Halloween elements like a pumpkin with a spooky smile, and, of course, candies!

36. Crows and Spider Wreaths

Via Thehappyhousie

When it comes to Halloween decorations, spiders and crows can’t be ignored. If you’re a DIY expert, it would hardly take more than 5 minutes to pull off this fantastic craft using a burlap wreath, spiderweb, crows, and spiders.

37. Kids Inspired Bat Chandeliers

Chandeliers cost a little too much so why not create one yourself? Get your hands on some metal rings, black fabric, bat printables to make this chandelier and hang it over the dinner table.

38. Creepy Eyeball Wreath

Via Thelovenerds

Rest assured, all eyes will be on this spooky wreath. Googly eyes, a foam wreath, and some ping pong balls are all you need to make this one.

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39. Jack-O’-Lantern Pineapple

Via Asubtlerevelry

Halloween is incomplete without Jack-o’-lanterns, but this time, skip a typical pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern and use a pineapple—it will look just as creepy!

40. Spooky Mummy Pillow

Via Sugarandcharm

Surprise your guests with a couple of spooky eyes in the unlikeliest of places. What’s even better, you won’t be required to do any sewing to make this cute but spooky mummy pillow.

41. Constellation Pumpkin

Via Themerrythought

Have fun with your Halloween pumpkins and create something attractive like these constellation patterns on them. You can give cheap dollar store faux pumpkins a makeover using black spray paint and tea lights and turn them into expensive-looking showpieces.

42. Haunted Ghost Garland

Via Curbly

Make a whole wall in your living room or the kitchen spooky by hanging a garland with smiley ghosts. Cheesecloth and golf balls are enough to create this fine piece of budget-friendly Halloween decor that covers a large area.

43. Marquee Halloween Sign

Via Lollyjane

Display your love for Halloween right on the front porch by placing a spooky Halloween sign made using pinewood and marquee letters over there. It’s a great way to light up otherwise boring house exteriors.

44. Halloween Themed Dreamcatchers

Via Madeinaday

How about some Halloween decor for your bedroom? Make some inexpensive creepy dreamcatchers using embroidery hoops, fabric scraps, and other spooky Halloween items.

45. Halloween Washi Tape Pumpkins

Via Domesticallycreative

Make fair use of some attractive and colorful washi tapes to decorate faux pumpkins. You don’t have to worry about messing up because the tape can be easily peeled away.

46. Halloween Monster Wreath

Via Happygolucky

Some googly eyes and feather boas attached to foam wreaths are all you need to prepare this spectacular decoration item for your walls and doors. 

47. Spider Light Centrepiece

Via Ladybehindthecurtain

Whether you need to light up your hallway or the pathway, these spider lights would look impressive and spooky. You can quickly make this centerpiece using jars, LED lights, spiderweb, and of course, spiders!

48. Bats and Branches Centrepiece

Via Thesweetestoccasion

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner at DIYs, you can’t go wrong with this marvelous bat centerpiece. It will look impressive on a side table or the dinner table and all you’d need for creating it are some thin branches, bat cutouts, and a vase.

49. Quick Witch’s Hat Cupcakes

Via Thecraftingfoodie

Apart from creating regular Halloween decorations, you can also try your hand at making some spooky dishes like these cupcakes. Your guests would finally get a taste of the witch’s hat made from colorful cupcakes and ice cream cones.

50. Halloween Rainbow Party Burnt Cake

Via Cookingwithsugar

Looking to create something unique for your guests to enjoy this Halloween? Try baking this fun bundt cake for them. The orange and purple drip makes the cake look pretty spooky, but you’ll be amazed at how delicious it’ll taste.

51. Ghostly Menu Chalkboard

Via Sawdustgirl

A Halloween party is never complete without a chalkboard that lists all the spooky but delicious food items on the menu. So let your party guests know what’s in store for them by hanging a creepy chalkboard menu right at the entrance.

No matter which one of these ideas you choose, don’t forget to add a bit of drama to your party. Also, try to be as inconsistent as you can with Halloween decorations because surprises are what scare people the most.

Feel free to share any more under-the-budget party ideas you’ve got for Halloween in the comments! Happy Halloween!