51 Easy DIY Canvas Paintings to Make Art at Home

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Do you ever have the urge to decorate those white or blank walls with splendid wall art? While there is nothing wrong with a white space or a blank wall, you know what they say – a blank wall is the magic doorway to creativity and it is time to unleash your powers. Not only with designs and patterns but a blank wall can be filled with good memories like pictures as well.

Adding some glam and grace to those empty walls doesn’t mean you will drain half of the paycheck buying expensive wall arts, right? No, I am not talking about compromising either because your mind and hands can do the job pretty well! There are several great ideas to make customized wall paintings and most of them are unique and extra-special just like any other handmade wonder.

You don’t have to be a trained artist or be an expert in handling paint brushes to make them, there are tons of easy DIY options to make creative wall art. Moreover, you will be using so much more than just colors and brushes. Hello, cotton swabs! From sparkling Christmas canvases and metal leaf wonders to rustic old book displays and easy monograms, there is something to gel with every interior.

51 Easy DIY Canvas Paintings to Make Art at Home and make an artwork that would make you proud!

1. Wallpaper Flower Wall Art


We are talking about making beautiful wall art to decorate our homes and what could be more elegant yet subtle than shiny flowers? You have floating flowers here which have been made from wallpaper remnants, recycling was never so much fun! 

Cut out 8 inches of petals on wallpapers and glue the petals down. Put the petals in a circle and fix them with push pins to complete the look. The pieces look like pretty origami and the colors are surely very attractive. 

2. Doily Rub-on Canvas

Via- HamblyScreenPrints

Forget the design, I was super intrigued by the title itself and this particular unique technique of canvas painting. I mean, people would be left wondering to themselves as to how you have created such a stunning pattern, and isn’t that an achievement?

You will need some packs of Doily rub-one, a medium-sized canvas, and a decoupage. You can use a popsicle stick as a rub-on tool and make sure there is no spillage along the edges. Once the colors are dry, frame the canvas and your wall art is ready to rule!

3. Abstract Quote Canvas

Via-A sideofsweet

A blank canvas can open your portal of creativity with just a few colors and your favorite quote and right here is the elegant proof. This simple DIY would be a customized piece of art once it has been completed and it will surely add glam and beauty to your interiors. 

The idea here is to choose a unique and catchy background along with a meaningful or any quote that suits your personality. If you take inspiration from this one, you have to be creative with a multi-colored backdrop and an all-white quote. The materials required are a blank canvas, double-sided adhesive paper, acrylic craft paint, and detailing paintbrushes. 

4. Trip Memento Maps

Via- Country Living

We keep several souvenirs as a way to remember our moments from those wonderful trips across the globe and they are worth cherishing, right? How about choosing an unconventional way to adore them forever? A road map made of ribbons glued to a statement canvas would be the perfect addition to your home decor and it would surely catch attention like nothing else.

Whether it is a family vacation, a hiking trip, or a rowing adventure, outline the road traversed in a vintage map and you’re way to go! This can be used as an incredible gifting opportunity too.

5. Abstract Splatter Canvas

Via- BHG

One of my favorites from the lot, we are talking about easy canvas paintings, and what can be easier than splatter paint? This is an easy activity for those who don’t have confidence in themselves when it comes to painting.

Use a paint stir stick, brush, or even a spoon to plant these colorful strokes on a blank canvas and the results are more than awesome. Just make sure you choose the right colors and consider the sequence and amount of each color to bring the best out of them. Finally, frame the canvas and you have created a statement wall art without spending many bucks.

6. Metal Leaf Wonder

Via-Just A Little Creativity

When you are visiting Walmart or Target to buy your favorite home decor items, your bank account is always there to remind you to say no to some adorable stuff. What if I tell you that you can get those items at a quarter or half of the original price? Say hello to DIY wall art this time and never compromise again! 

This gorgeous metal leaf wall art, for example, was made after the creator fell in love with a similar piece during a holiday. If you relate to those feelings, quickly raid your craft room and collect a few things. You will need faux fern, white and gold spray paint, a glue gun, and a statement black canvas. Purchase materials from the dollar tree and the supplies would come under $10, impressive! 

7. Twinkling Christmas Canvas Art

Via- Clean and Scentsible

Every Christmas, the living room mantel is decorated with guests like Santa, huge family photos, statement canvases, and so on. Let’s merge the festival of lights with custom canvas art and surprise people. 

This black canvas is nothing like regular art because it twinkles and twins with the ever-beautiful Christmas tree. You will need black acrylic paint, a sponge brush, and a whiteboard marker to complete the artwork. Fix the twinkle lights in the holes made by an eyelet setter or you can drill them for a better fit. Make sure you trace the letters perfectly on the board and it would rock the show. You can even use a different color of twinkling lights to jazz it up a bit.

8. DIY Cut Canvas

Via- Joyfully Sensen

If you want something out of the box, check out a cutout canvas art that looks surreal. You don’t have any extravagant design or attractive paints to lure people here, but some simple cutouts that bring the best.

The first step would be to trace the cutout shape on a blank canvas with sharpies or pencils. Once done, cut out the paper with a paper knife and be very careful with the edges. The last step here is to paint the canvas with your favorite color and it’s all done!

9. DIY Lavender Painting

Via-Feeling Nifty

If you belong to the world of painting, you would know that lavender is one of the easiest flowers to paint and here we are ditching the brushes as well. The DIY would take you through some simple Q-tips that will open a new dimension to regular acrylic painting adding loads of texture. 

The supplies required for this one are five acrylic paints, a wooden skewer, Q-tips or cotton swabs, and a spray bottle. Keep some paintbrushes handy to complete the backdrop and mere touch-ups. A square canvas would be best to complete the DIY, but you can always go for the size that suits your interiors. 

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10. White Letters on White Canvas

Via- Thinking Closet

One of my favorites from the lot, the idea of white wood lettering is super attractive and I am not getting over this anytime soon. There’s a catch though, you have to spare about 300 bucks (or more) to own one of these. Not possible for many and that is why I have the right DIY to make your day. 

Gather some chipboard letters, a sheet of white foam, white acrylic and spray paint, and an X-acto knife, and some adhesive to make this masterpiece. The job would be easier if you use a stencil for the image and letters and I am sure you will do it right. 

11. Chalk Paint Wall Calendar

Via- CountryLiving

Wall calendars have always been one of my favorite decor pieces because they are beautiful and functional. You can put them on the entryway, on the living room wall, or make them grace the study, it gels with the surrounding no matter what. 

To up the ante, you have a massive chalkboard wall calendar here to keep everyone hooked. Use acrylic chalkboard paint for the background and make the grid with painter’s tape. Once dry, you might need to touch up the rough edges after removing the tapes. Pushpins or twine would be enough to hang the wall art. 

12. DIY Instagram Canvas Prints

Via- Pop Sugar

Miniature square canvas art with majestic colors and a serene landscape would be a great addition to your house decor. You can frame this cute and compact artwork in a medium-sized wooden frame and put it on display with pride. Watercolor art can also be done with acrylic paint and it would end up creating magic.

13. Easy Art Blocks


A super easy and swift way to add some joyful colors to your interiors, this canvas art is a collection of multiple blocks. Each block is a 12-inch square, painted in vibrant colors and textured to catch every eye in the room.

Use scrapbook paper to lay out the pattern before you try it on the canvas and choose the best. Be as creative as you want with the color and patterns because the project is all about showcasing your personality, right? You can also add some personal pictures to it!

14. DIY Pour Painting

Via- SweetRedPoppy

One of my favorites from the lot is about pouring colors to create a masterpiece. Pour painting supplies include a pour paint kit, color drop cloth, non-latex gloves, and a stretched canvas.

Mix metallic paint and foil gold flakes on a mixing cup and then you just start the creativity. The basic idea here is to pour thinned acrylic paint on a canvas and tilt it back and forth to create more and more layers of ecstatic paint. Make a group of these and you have a DIY gallery wall at your home!

15. DIY Large Scaled Art

Via- Delineate

We saw that oversized twinkling canvas art and here is a similar one, except those lights, aren’t in this. As adorable as large wall art looks, they can be very pricey even with minimal designs because of their size. Guess what? You don’t need hundreds of dollars to glam up your home with scaled art because you are creating it! 

A large canvas, assorted paint brushes, acrylic paint, and lots of creativity would be enough to bring this big baby to life. Remember, large-scale artwork is not always about extravagant designs and a color pop show, minimal patterns can steal the spotlight like nothing else. 

16. Old Book Wall Display

Via- Country Living

One of the most aesthetic additions to this list, what could be a better way to show your love and respect for books? If you have an empty wall in your study or a cozy corner in your living room, get some old books and make them a part of the wall art.

You can arrange them in a boho style and make the pattern fun and attractive. Add some sass to the decor by keeping some books open, or play with colors and add some accessories and you will love the results! 

17. Shower Curtain to Wall Art

Via- Never Skip Brunch

Believe it or not, this is a shower curtain transformed into giant wall art! Once you have made or bought the giant canvas, the rest is all about fixing the curtain in it. You will need a floral, watercolor shower curtain, some embroidery hoops, large needles, and pocket hole screws for fixing.

Start by wrapping the fabric around the frame on one side and staple it from the back. Glue down the fabric from the middle and gradually reach the edges for a better finish.

18. A Photo Canvas

Via-Stephanie Cartel

Mod podge is one of the best mediums to transfer images and here is a great example. Well, it won’t be the exact transfer and some areas might get smudged but it is worth creating. Choose any picture and once you have covered the picture with mod podge, wait for a day before you remove the top layer.

19. Love-Themed Watercolor Art Piece

Via- House of Joyful Noise

They say ‘Love is in the air’ and if you feel the love around you, why not turn that into a canvas art? While love dwells in every family, it is about highlighting the generosity and care for each other. 

Believe it or not, this canvas art is a watercolor piece with burlap borders and it looks stunning. You will outline the canvas before you use those colors and make sure you use different paintbrushes in the process. Hang it on the mantel or right in the living room wall or wherever you want it, it would look amazing. 

20. Pouncers and Paint

Via- DabblesandBabbles

If you want to add some grace to monotone rooms, here is an easy DIY to suit you. One statement color for the base, 3-4 different colors for the pattern, and the canvas, that’s it.

You won’t be using the old and boring brushes for the circles but circular pouncers to make them perfectly. Hanging supplies like hammers, string/wire, nails, etc. would be required once the paint has dried up. Don’t forget to choose the base color by complementing the color of your room.

21. Mandala On Canvas

Via- Plaidonline

While mandalas are a holy symbol for many religions across the globe, they represent the universe through detailed geometric patterns and designs. Welcome the spiritual circle to your house with this easy DIY mandala on canvas and you will thank me later. 

It has a striking blue base which makes one focus on the mandala in the center. You can choose the colors for it just to make sure they are in contrast with the base which would make it extra vibrant. 

22. Cherry Blossoms In Moonlight

Via- Homesthetics

We love cherry blossoms, not only in pictures but also in the sight of them in the backdrop of nature is surreal. Bring that beauty right into your living room with this easy canvas art but it ditches the sun this time. 

The DIY is all about painting on canvas and nothing extra is required. It is all about playing with dark colors on a full moon night and you will end up loving the results. Paint the flowers white or pink to contrast the background and it would look perfect. 

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23. Embroidered Canvas Art

Via- BHG

This is about adding some spice to fabulous canvas art with embroidery. Make geometric wall art with shapes and sections and fill it with watercolor. Once it is dry, make freehand drawings on it like leaves, feathers, flowers, and anything you like. Finally, use yarn and curved upholstery needles to outline them and the frame is ready.

24. Basket Wall Art

Via- Country Living

Most of the farmhouse decors have something to do with woven baskets, thanks to their gorgeous rustic vibes. If you want to grace your interiors with some texture amidst statement color-blocked walls, a bevy of baskets would do the job well.

You can surely take inspiration from this design and make a pattern with small, medium, and big baskets. Make sure you pair the right furniture with this wall art because choosing the right colors is the trick here. 

25. Splash Art Canvas

Via- Thrift Diving
We saw one canvas with abstract quotes and a statement background. Let’s make it more fun and you have a splash art canvas with black and white words. This is one of the most creative canvas arts on this list because splash art is all about patterns and designs that fill your mind. 

Buy a big canvas from the thrift store or visit the dollar store to buy all the supplies at a minimal cost. Use a wider brush when you are splashing and fix the vinyl letters once the canvas is dry. 

26. DIY Marble Wall Art

Via- Made in a Day

Gold, silver, and white? The combination is super thrilling and when you combine it with a gilded art technique, the stakes are sky-high! Check out this beautiful gilded marble canvas that could make any wall shine and stand out like nothing else. 

Instead of going for a single canvas, buy a DIY canvas kit that would take care of the rough edges. For gilding, you will need gold gilding sheets, gilding adhesive, gloves, acrylic sealant, and a paintbrush. This oversized canvas is coming to make your day. 

27. Nature Silhouettes


Welcome nature into your living room with these frames made from leaf stencils. Start by collecting seasoning leaves of different shapes and textures and be picky with the branches. The canvas used here is 11-by-14 inches and the painting has been done with round foam stencil brushes around the leaves with acrylic paint.

You have to be extra careful while removing the leaves and let the paint dry before you go ahead with touch-ups using white paint. You are free to be as creative as you want with the Nature silhouettes and you will nail it! 

28. Farmhouse Laundry Room Signs


Bid goodbye to the same, old wall arts and welcome these laundry signs to glam up those bathroom walls or even better, the laundry entrance! To make these farmhouse signs, you will need wood panels, white paint, painter’s tape, wood stain, black paint, foam brush, and hanging hardware. These are not oversized canvases but small, compact ones that look stunning when used in a set. 

29. Simple and Thrifty DIY Art


Here is a cheap and easy art project where you will use styrofoam as the canvas. Collect some attractive and elegant fabric from the thrift store and glue them to the styrofoam frames. You can make them in a group if you have a nice pattern in your mind and the small and sweet gallery wall is ready to roll.

30. Pinwheel Painting

Via-Elise Blaha

If you love rainbow colors, make this pinwheel painting on a canvas and make your guests drool. The trick here is to paint by segments and you might have to overlap certain zones but that’s quite manageable. Again, you can be as creative as you want with it and make it gel with your paint on the wall. 

31. DIY Abstract Heart Painting

Via- The Creativity Exchange

Who said only red hearts can win hearts? Here is a black and blue heart that would fill your home with grace and warmth. The best part is, it is handmade and super easy to replicate. It is a basic acrylic layering technique and anybody can follow them, the only prerequisite is creativity. As a bonus, not just one color combination, but the DIY has several colorful ideas that would inspire you the most. 

32. Geometric Wall Art

Via- BHG

Statement shapes, classic colors, and tons of creativity make bold wall art, and here is an example. This DIY wall art adds a contemporary edge to your interiors and if you are obsessed with straight lines, this is all you need. The tricks and tips include making those crisp lines to create the sections before you fill them with colors. You can also use tapes to mark the border and it would be very easy.

33. Kitchen Wall Spoon Display

Via- The Country Living

Wooden spoons when assembled creatively make the best ombre kitchen art and I cannot take my eyes off this one. You will need a piece of rectangular plywood for the backdrop and the rest is all about laying the spoons in a particular fashion.

Here you have a color contrast, starting from light to darker shades and it looks stunning. You have to drill holes in the plywood for each spoon and use fine-gauge wires to secure the edges. You can reuse old spoons or buy a set of new ones to decorate and your kitchen will have a new fashion zeal. 

34. DIY Bubbles Wall Art

Via-The Idea Room

Did you ever think that some popped bubbles can make mysterious art? The results are right here and it is wonderful! You have to choose colors for the bubbles and make sure they pop at the right location. The creator has also added an orange bowl mark at one corner and it sure looks great. If you are confident enough, you can make more wonders with the brush.

35. Beautiful Dandelion Art

Via- From My Little Pink Couch

After the cherry blossoms, you have a white dandelion to make your day. Again, you could ditch the extra-large canvas and choose a simple medium square one for the painting. The colors here make super subtle artwork and it is perfect for a darker interior. You can always go for vibrant combinations like a purple base and white or pink leaves. 

36. DIY Chevron Heart

Via- WeddingWindow

The abstract heart with unconventional colors was pretty good so I have added one more to the list. This heart is not red but tucked in the middle of a beautiful zig-zag pattern. Besides the regular canvas and paintbrushes, you will need cardstock and rulers to use the heart cutout and make it beautiful wall art. Once you have painted the heart, add some initials to it and you have a monogram. 

37. Spring Bunny Canvas Art

Via- AThriftyMom

One of the easiest of the lot, these cute bunnies were made using baker’s twine! The other supplies include Mod Podge, brushes, a fork, vinyl or paper for the bunnies, and paint. A perfect addition to the kid’s room, this DIY wall art would be ready to roll in less than an hour.

38. DIY Floral Wall Art


Every home deserves to be pampered with extra-large wall art and this floral wall would take you on a roll! Here you will become familiar with the DIY Anthropologie style of making flowers and it is amazing. You can’t paint on a big canvas? No worries, you have printables and fun techniques to get you through. Buy non-toxic glue or decoupage medium to fix the frame without any hassle. 

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39. Abstract Gold Touch


There are abstract artworks with a matte texture and there are glitter frames, but we never thought that the amalgamation of them would look this perfect. First and foremost, you will need a set of acrylic paints because it is all about incorporating several colors into a single pattern.

Next, make the texture of the canvas as you like and then you can move to the gold leaf. It is made of shining gold leaf flakes glued to the canvas and sealed once dry. If you can work your brain in painting over it, go ahead!

40. Statement Black and White


If your interiors are custom made to match the modern uber subtle vibes, adding a simple wall art with statement colors would be great. You will need 3 colors of acrylic paint, canvas, paintbrushes of two sizes, and a T-square because you will be working on a big canvas.

There is not much to do, it is only about straight lines and the massive contrast that catches attention. Make sure you choose a base color that would gel perfectly with the wall color and nail it! 

41. Stenciled Canvas Art


Attention all the color lovers, I have the best multi-color wall art to grace your home. It is nothing like you have seen before as there are no lines or uneven patterns but an attractive chained petals design. Make sure you do the spacing correctly so that the petals are the same in size and in the right location. You are free to play with colors here and make it the best piece of art for decor. 

42. Miniature Paintings


You don’t need to have huge wall space to add thoughtful canvas art to your home. Miniature canvas artworks like this one can shine bright irrespective of their size when paired with the right background. The painting depicts a typical twilight time in a big city where the sky is playing the game of colors with the Sun. You can also make a few of these and make a gallery wall of miniature paintings.

43. Glue Art On Canvas


A very popular craft for primary school, you can take it to the next level with some art glue on canvas. As a matter of fact, unlike paper, glue concentrates on canvas rather than spreading so here you go. The first step would be to make a quick glue sketch on the canvas and let it dry. Next, paint the sketch with watercolor or acrylic color but don’t overuse water. Finally, allow the color to dry and frame the canvas to complete the DIY wall art. 

44. Canvas Painting With Scotch Tape


Another easy DIY suitable for beginners which do not work well with paintbrushes. The entire pattern was done with the help of tapes as stencils and the results are pretty good. Painter’s tape would be the best to complete this and make sure you use a towel or drop cloth to avoid mess. The only place where you must be careful would be the edges where the colors might mix, the catch here is to let them dry properly before you pull out the tapes. 

45. Signature Wall Art


This DIY is more about a welcome or direction sign rather than just a wall art and I loved the idea. So, if you have a custom quote or you want to put some of your favorite lines on the display, replicate this one and you will love it. Canvas and paint would be the basic materials, the extras include silhouette or Cricut machine, vinyl stickers, and transfer paper. The supplies won’t even cost you 20 dollars and what is better than this? 

46. Wrapping Paper Artwork


Did you ever think about making canvas art with wrapping paper? Yes, that is very much possible and it won’t be an embarrassment, I promise! Besides canvas panels, acrylic paint, and brushes, you will need luxe wrapping paper, Mod Podge, liquid gold leaf, and hardware provided you want to frame it. It is about covering some portion of the canvas with wrapping paper and painting the rest as per your creativity and this is super unique. 

47. Textured Canvas Art


For people who love layers of white in an elegant and sophisticated interior, a textured canvas art like this one would be a win-win. The art of playing with classic white is super attractive and you don’t have to deal with three types of brushes as well.

The DIY has instructions to make the canvas from scratch and you will need fabric to cover the surface. There is no rule about creating the texture, it’s just about using a bunch of drywall mud on it and shaping it with your creativity.

48. Color Engineer Prints


Making a large engineer print can be very intimidating if you cannot figure out the size of the canvas or foam boards, whichever you are using. The massive print here is divided into two vivid boards and it looks fabulous. The print needs to be colored and make sure it is of super quality because you are decorating your home and after all, it has to be special! 

49. As Good as Gold


A classic, semi-shiny gold tone with bold colors on a canvas would add a layer of creativity to your interiors. This artwork is great for beginners or the ones who don’t want to deal with the brushes or borders very much. It was made in a pair and the colors are matched in that way. You can always separate them and hang them in other rooms and they would continue to shine!

50. DIY Handpainted Monogram


I know you have mistaken it for a stenciled one and it deserves all that praise. Monograms are always made by tracing because who wants to take the risk? Here is an easy way to replicate the impeccable beauty of regular monograms using acrylic paint and paintbrushes. You won’t be creating it on an entirely blank canvas, but paint a pencil sketch of the monogram and it works pretty well. 

51. Sunflowers for Beginners


As the name suggests, this colorful sunflower is beginner-friendly and you don’t have to be a pro with brushes to complete this. You will need to outline the flower on the canvas before you use the paint and there are step-by-step instructions to make the best one. Instead of a white background, you can also choose classic colors and make the sunflower shine in it. 

This was all about some amazing DIY canvas art that would bring you joy and pride without burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t overthink, a little bit of creativity and passion will guide you through and you will make a masterpiece. Pick your favorite now and get to work!