51 Best DIY Closet Organization Ideas

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Closet organization – a war in itself! You could organize it to perfection, only to disturb the arrangement in just a few days. We regret being lazy and think about re-organizing but never get around to it. Well, this cycle of organizing and disorganizing is endless!

We all know the closet organization disasters that we face daily! The most common closet disaster occurs when we pull that t-shirt in a hurry, which makes the entire pile collapse (yes, it happens to ALL of us.) That’s where closet organization comes to the rescue!

Organizing your closet system will save you a lot of time in the quest to find your clothes. Not only will it help create clarity but also help you begin your mornings with a positive attitude. Jump right in for permanent solutions to break free from the cycle of ‘organizing and disorganizing.
P.S. These are ‘regret proof’ ideas – no more regretful mess! You’re allowed to be lazy 😉

51 Best DIY Closet Organization Ideas

1. Shelving Wall

Via imperfectlypolished

Shelving walls is a perfect way to store your clothes! Lack of space could result in things lying around here and there. This DIY utilizes your wall space. It’s easy to store items ranging from clothes to your shoes, and it looks so neat and organized!

2. Linen Closet Organizer

Via dearlilliestudio

White linens surely need to be maintained. A messy closet could easily reduce their life, or worse, stain them! It never lets the linens stay in place. With this easy DIY, it becomes easier to maintain them and make them look presentable.

3. Family Closet Organizer

Via thehandmadehome

Maintaining the whole family’s wardrobe can be a task. Finding the favorite pair of jeans to searching for that amazing fur coat becomes so frustrating! With this closet organizing system, there is a place for everyone and everything!

4. Barn Door Closet Organizer

Via chatfieldcourt

This barn door closet looks stylish and maintained! Although this organizer is not meant for a lot of clothes, your designer wears can fit perfectly. This also comes with a mirror and you can add a simple rack for your shoes – all your favorites in one place.

5. Cleaning Closet Organizer

Via polishedhabitat

This is a coat closet turned into a cleaning one. You surely need a place to store all the cleaning equipment. With this closet organizer, all you need is a bunch of baskets. It’s easy to store and looks perfectly organized. Do check this out!

6. Simple Closet Organizer

Seville Classics Double-Rod Expandable Clothes Rack Closet Organizer System, 58" to 83" W x 14" D x 72", Chrome

Doesn’t it look so neat and well-kept? If your house is not very spacious, this is perfect for you! This slender closet is all set to rock your closet organization system. It looks stylish and easy to maintain as well. Get yours today!

7. Shoe Organizer

Via containerstore

Quite often, we can’t decide what to wear simply because we can’t see all of our options. This shoe organizer will help you see every pair you own! Don’t put your shoes through your closet mess. This is an easy find and you can easily maintain your shoes.

8. Custom Drawers

Via anikasdiylife

There’s something different about the drawers, especially if they’re custom to your needs. Piled up clothes and stuff look more organized than hanged over those rods. With this custom drawer, organizing your closet stuff gets so much better!

9. Clutch Organizer

Via fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle

We probably shove up those purses anywhere they fit in the closet. With this DIY, take them off from your closet completely and give it their own rack. This will also help you keep track of all the purse possessions you own!

10. Innovate Your Old Closet

Via grillodesigns

Sentimental towards your old closet? Well, this DIY idea is perfect for you! Create space in your closet by cutting off the extra layers and add this simple wooden box as a focal point. Your clothes deserve a spacious and clear space!

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11. Multitasker Closet

Via blueistyleblog

This closet is actually multitasking – from shoes to clothes and even our accessories, it has a place for everything and anything! This type of closet organization works for small houses. It uses less space and is easy to maintain.

12. Closet Cubbies

Via realitydaydream

You’ll surely wish you had this one! These cubbies make everything handy. You can easily store your undies, bras, scarves, or even belts, without much fuss. Anything that doesn’t have its own space can find room here. It’s easy to make and yet so helpful!

13. Scarf Hanger

Via thechroniclesofhome

Use the vacant place of your closet for a wooden towel bar. Hang in your scarves here and make them easily grabbable. All you need is a little blank wall space! Easiest DIY for closet organization, indeed.

14. Shelf Brackets


This works perfectly if you don’t have clothes hanging bar, yet want to see your clothes in one place. These shelf brackets are used to hang in clothes easily. Finding your clothes gets simple with these!

Buy this on Amazon.

15. Drawer Organizers

Sorbus Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers, Storage Boxes, Closet Organizers, Under Bed Organizer (Black)

A well-set lingerie drawer looks so fascinating! Roll up your handkerchieves and socks, and store them in these drawers. You’ll be amazed by how little space it takes and how easy it makes to find everything!

Buy it on Amazon.

16. Hangers And Soda Can Tabs

Via purewow

Maximize your storage space with this brilliant hack! Using something that you’d ordinarily throw away, soda can tabs can make life easier for you. Check out this super easy DIY and organize your closet smartly.

17. Makeover Your Closet

Via monicawantsit

The shelves and rods fit perfectly in this closet. This DIY is under $100 – you’d be spending thousands of dollars if you don’t use this! A semi-custom closet organization is a way if you aren’t looking to buy a new closet!

 18. Glam And Organized

Via fabeveryday

Paint a little space in your closet to have a clear view of the accessories you own. This coastal blue color helps to accentuate all your possessions. All you’ve got to do is buy a darker color paint and splash it onto that wall of your closet!

19. Metal Shelf Divider

Mebbay 12 Pack Closet Wire Shelf Dividers Vertical Metal Organizer Separators for Wood Shelf Wardrobe Cabinets Kitchen Office Sweater New and Improved, White, 11.8 x 11.8 Inches

Give your clothes their own territory with these metal dividers. It usually happens – our t-shirts get mixed up with those tank tops, such chaos! These dividers help you separate clothes and are handy too!

Buy it on Amazon.

20. Shoe Organizer

Via cribbsstyle

Keeping shoes clean and arranged is a necessity. This organizer helps you to organize your shoes without much hassle. Add a mirror for your convenience in the storage space and customize it as per the creativity!

21. Tank Top Holder

Via lifedesigncraft

Tanktops usually take up lots of space in the closet. With this tie hanger, your tank tops get the perfect place for themselves. This is also used to hang ties and belts. It is an easy DIY closet organization system, and it’s also multipurpose!

22. Off-Season Clothes Storage

Via designsponge

Making a place for off-season clothes is one of the biggest closet organization challenges. Where do we find the space for bulky coats and scarves in the middle of the summer? With this rustic trunk, storing your off-season clothes gets easier. Also, it looks stylish with as home decor!

23. Vintage Wire Baskets

Via thedecorfix

These repurposed vintage wire baskets are of multiple uses. For those of you who do not have sliding doors, this DIY is for you. Fix these baskets behind the door and use it for storing anything. Things that are essentially required from the closet work well with this!

24. Use The Dead Spaces

Via 320sycamoreblog

There are lots of corners of the closet that stay vacant for nothing. Fix a few rods in these spaces and make more space for your clothes and other things. All it requires is a drilling machine and some rods!

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25. Jeans Organizer

Via eatsleepdenim

Use those shower curtain hooks to hang your jeans! This DIY is simple and allows you to maintain those pair of jeans perfectly. Organizing jeans with these curtain hooks get easier now.

26. Drawers For Organizing

Via inspirationcricut

Surely, labeling things makes them organized effortlessly. With these labeled drawers, organizing the closet gets easier. The fuss is usually due to a mess where we can’t find anything. Why not organize everything in these drawers and make getting dressed easier?

27. Pants Organizer

Via bedbathandbeyond

Use this space-saving pants organizer to give your pants and slacks its own shelf! Protect your pants pleats from unwanted wrinkles and find the perfect match for all your tops in a glance!

28. Space For Laundry

Household Essentials 149-1 Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag - Black

Is your laundry bin taking too much floor space? This laundry canvas bin allows you to hang it on the door entrance without taking much space. Organizing laundry gets easier, and you have a constant reminder to do your laundry!

Buy it on Amazon.

29. Hanging Organizer

Via dormify

There’s always something from the closet that keeps loitering from one place to the other. Why shove them up in the corners of your closet when you can hang them! This DIY is super simple and makes organizing easy.

30. Coat Rack

Via urbanoutfitters

As the winter’s approach, cramming those coats anywhere becomes the norm. Use this sleek coat rack to hang those handy coats. All you’ve got to do is fix this rack onto the door!

31. Cubbies For Sweaters

Zober 5-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer - 6 Side Mesh Pockets Breathable Polypropylene Hanging Shelves - for Clothes Storage and Accessories, 12" x 11 ½ " x 42" (Black)

Only a few sweaters take up a whole lot of space in the closet. Use these sleek cubbies to avoid stacking those sweaters up in the shelves. It’s easy to manage and you get additional space for other items!

Buy it on Amazon.

32. Over-The-Door Towel Rack

Via wayfair

No need to maintain a separate linen closet as these racks work perfectly! Use it to hang in those scarves and towels. Place it on your door and you’re good to go!

33. Wood Closet Shelving

Via anawhite

It’s easy to build your own wooden closet shelving with just a few tools! If you’re looking for something inexpensive and customized, this is it! Bonus? You don’t need to be experienced to take up this easy closet organization system!

34. Shoe Boxes As Organizers

Via iheartorganizing

Shoeboxes are a helpful tool that we end up overlooking. Use them as drawers for storing your clothes. No additional furniture needed nor any changes in the closet furniture! This is a great way to store your small clothes, socks or undies.

35. Under $100 Walk-In-Closet

Via housefulofhandmade

This closet has been split into ‘his’ side and ‘her’ side. Use those awkward spaces to make space for anything and everything. This DIY has smartly left no spaces vacant, giving it a mini walk-in-closet feel!

36. Shoe Closet

Via Womansday

Use the extra closet you’ve got (lucky you!) for making way for all those shoe collections. This works well for just anyone. The plastic storage boxes keep all your shoes away from dust and filth, and it makes finding the perfect pair for your outfit a breeze!

37. Cardboard Storage Boxes

Via sustainmycrafthabit

Strangely, you tend to be more creative on a budget. Use these easy cardboard storage boxes to store those seasonal t-shirts, mitts, and much more. Jump into this amazing DIY and let your creativity loose.

38. Closet Organization For Him

Via honeybearlane

Those little pegs make tie organization look so good! This DIY has taken care of the intricate requirements for men. It looks neat and super easy to maintain. Check this one out to never lose another tie or sock in a giant mess.

39. Adjustable Shelves

Via rubbermaid

Wouldn’t it be great if all your clothes could find their place? This DIY is here to make that happen! It’s detailed and easy to execute. Customize your closet to give space to everything you possess!

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40. Under The Bed Bags

Via walmart

These under the bed bags are useful for storing fancy clothes or even the ones you wear occasionally. These are super light and easy to maintain, plus utilize all the extra space under your bed. No more monsters there when everything is this organized!

41. Garment Bags

Via walmart

Protect your garments from filth and cloth moth with these bags. It’s easy to store and maintain your clothes with these garment bags. The white and gold combination adds so much class to your closet. They take up less space and make everything look organized!

42. Black And White Closet Organization

Via thisisourbliss

This black and white sophisticated closet looks so elegant! With this storage space, there’s a place for everything. The fabric baskets not only look amazing but can store items in a bulk!

43. Closet Organizers With Drawers

Via thediyplan

Level up from the old traditional closet organization to this modernistic way of designing. Usually, those same old drawers and rods end up giving less space. With this DIY, customizing your own closet helps organize better and adds elegance to your decor.

44. Chic Closet Organization

Via society19

This closet organization looks super chic but did you know most of the things used are repurposed? Well, use those old CD’s to hold trinkets or makeup, which usually sit in some bag or box. This system gives you an extremely modern, creative, and organized look.

45. Pack Away Your Purses

ZOBER Hanging Purse Organizer, Breathable Nonwoven Handbag Organizer, 8 Easy Access Clear Vinyl Pockets, White, 48 L x 12 W

If you own a lot of clutches, totes, wallets, or satchels, this organizer is for you! It gets tough to track all of these as the number increases. However, with these organization bags, maintaining them gets easier.

46. Wired Baskets For Organizing

Via mrdiyguy

Now here’s the fact, the technique of roll-folding your clothes will definitely make more space. Surprisingly, this method of folding is even easier! Additionally, these wired baskets can easily hold your daily wears and give your closet a classic look.

47. Shoe pair Turntower

Via hammacher

Put your shoes on display with this amazing shoe tower. Give it its own spinning storage and embrace your entire shoe collection. You needn’t worry about your shoes getting misplaced, as they have their perfect place!

48. Wooden Clothing Rack

Via urbanoutfitters

Don’t own a closet? Worry not as this clothing rack is here to help you! Turn this ordinary rack into a fancy one by splashing your creativity. Undoubtedly, this bare minimum closet looks neat and organized!

49. Bulky Clothes Storage

Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizer with Reinforced Handle Thick Fabric for Comforters, Blankets, Bedding, Foldable with Sturdy Zipper, Clear Window, 3 Pack, 90L, Grey

Why stuff up those bulky thermals in the closet? With these eco-friendly bags, storing clothes gets easier. Use them as an under-bed bag or simply allocate them to a vacant space in the closet. Organize by season, occasion, or even frequency of wearing! Find everything you need in one place.

50. Cotton Storage Basket

Via h&m

Store your workout clothes, tees, or bathing suits in this cotton storage basket. Keep this anywhere close to your closet, on a stool, or maybe on a table. The bag also makes space for clothes that are seldomly worn and goes well with your interior if smartly placed.

51. Hook Rack

Via anthropologie

Drill onto those walls and place this amazing hook rack to display your jewelry or bags. This hook rack will make your morning pleasant by easily letting you pick a bag and a matching scarf. It looks stylish too!

These DIY’s prove that don’t need to be experts at organizing the closet. All we need is a little smartness and these 51 DIY closet organization ideas! Surely, an organized closet makes life easier and pleasant.

Save your precious time by getting creative and assigning every worry in your life a small space. 🙂