31 DIY Dollar Store Organization Ideas

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Organization ideas don’t have to be difficult and the Spring cleaning just got a whole lot cheaper! Either by repurposing old products or customizing new ones, you can do some creative and inexpensive home organizing. 

If you have simply wandered around a local dollar store, you must have noticed the huge spectrum of cheap products. These products would help you in organizing when combined with some easy DIY ideas. 

A good organization at any household not only saves space but also makes the interiors look clean and in some cases, very trendy! From kitchen to craft closet, these creative dollar store DIYs are there for every room. 

Check out 31 DIY dollar store organization ideas and chalk out your cleaning strategies right away!

31 Dollar Store Organization Ideas 

1. Dollar Store Pantry Makeover

Via Thesocialhome

Inexpensively redesign your pantry labels and organize your kitchen because it deserves some love. You don’t have to buy overpriced containers, go for the cheap and pretty ones from the dollar store. You just have to attach a label to each of them to complete the makeover, and it looks so good! 

2. Under the Kitchen Sink

Via Amynewnostalgia

This area is often neglected, but it can get messy if you do not clean it up regularly. A good organization might help with the show and even prevent dirt accumulation. Pick up some spray bottles, scrub brushes, and dish clothes from a dollar store and get to work! 

3. Mason Jar Organizer

Via Popsugar

Add some color to your kitchen with this easy DIY organization idea. You would need a few mason jars, color it up with acrylic paint, and remove the lid from them. You can use chalks or markers to label them up and the DIY is complete! It is so easy and those kitchen utensils have a good resting place now. 

4. Roll and Wrap Organizer

Via Askannamoseley

Plastic wraps and foils are very important kitchen ingredient and they must be stored in a clean place. Buy a cheap self-adhesive hook from the dollar store and fix it at a proper distance to hold the roll. Fix the roll between them and your work is done. It will be more convenient to cut out the wraps as well. 

5. Canned Food Storage

Via Uncommonsliceofsuburbia

You know how essential it so to store canned food in the right place and temperature. This organization hack with a grilled basket from the dollar store would do the job! You can attach labels to it and even customize them to make the setup look good! 

6. Plastic Wrap Holder

Via Classyclutter

This one isn’t like the last one, it is just about storing them and you need to take them out if you are using it. Repurpose an old magazine rack or simply buy one from a dollar store and use it up as the holder. It looks sassy and stored in an accessible place. 

7. Fridge Organization Hack

Via Goodbyehousehellohome

A refrigerator can be the soul of your house, especially during the winters when you have tons of stored food. Something this important must be kept clean and organized so that you don’t struggle to find things and yes, it would also look amazing! Follow this easy DIY idea to redesign your fridge right away. 

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8. Cupcake Liner Storage

Via Tablefortwoblog

Colorful cupcake liners look good and if you are into baking, you must have a good collection of them. Store them efficiently in a mason jar and you can use it as a piece of decor as well. The liners would be kept clean and dirt-free, ready to use always! 

9. Trash Bags on a Roll

Via Simplyorganized

Storing trash bags can be challenging and they stick to each other, get crumbled if not stored properly. The rolls are cumbersome and huge. Get a rod brackets and other supplies from the dollar store and set up this DIY trash bag holder right under the kitchen sink. After all, it is also about saving space, isn’t it? 

10. Boxes into Baskets

Via Elizabethjoandesigns

This DIY will help you turn an ordinary cardboard box into a jute basket. You would just need jute ropes and glue to complete this one. Store toilet papers, toilet, and laundry essentials in this cute basket and organize your home to earn some extra compliments! 

11. Wall Baskets for Bathroom

Via Source

Just like those jute baskets, this one is specifically for storing bath linen like towels or you can also store laundry essentials in it. These baskets are available at any dollar store and the good thing is, you can choose the right size and material at a low price! 

12. Wooden Pallet Organizer

Via Savedbylovecreations

Get those medium-sized transparent jars from the dollar store and you need a pallet wood plank. Fix it up in the bathroom wall with those jars and the organizing is done! You can label the jars marker and the sassy look is complete. 

13. Under the Sink Organization

Via Thecrazycraftlady

This organization idea is about utilizing space under the bathroom sink and saving storage space. This DIY would also declutter your bathroom and make it look clean and beautiful. Store bathroom essentials like soap, shampoo, and even towels, and this easy makeover is complete! 

14. Drawer Makeup Organizing

Via Thecrazycraftlady

Okay, if you are a woman, you are familiar with the struggle and those makeup accessories do get lost with no fault of yours! The drawers get messy pretty fast and only some good organizing techniques can save the day. Buy some teal and white containers and place them side by side to keep those lipsticks and hair clips in place! 

15. DIY Appliance Storage

Via Dreamgreendiy

Storing hair appliances could be a cumbersome job because they have this weird shape and those wires don’t fit anywhere! Buy a desktop file box from the dollar store and hang it up in the bathroom or dressing room. Store those appliances there and yes, they are not flammable so it’s safe. 

16. Magnetic Strip Organizer

Via Realsimple

This one would be a medicine cabinet organizing hack and let me tell you, this will eliminate those ‘struggling to find the right item’ phase. Get a bulletin board with a magnetic strip and fix it on the inside of the medicine cabinet door. Store tweezers, bobby pins, and other stuff in plain sight! 

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17. Gift Wrap Holders

Via Simplicityinthesouth

Curtain rod holders and dowel rods are so much more than just a piece of metal. Reuse some of the old stuff to organize your closet of art and craft supplies. Use them to hold ribbon and wrapping papers and even gift bags and bows would be great! 

18. Ice Cube Tray Hack

Via SImplicityinthesouth

If you have a whole closet full of craft supplies, I know it is messy because there are so many things. Big, small, tiny, and yes, lots and lots of paper. While you can use dowel rods for wrapping papers, storing small items could be challenging. Use ice cube trays for this and stack them up in a drawer. You can get them from a dollar store, so get to work. 

19. Plastic Crate Shelf

Via Hometalk

If you want to renovate the kid’s room, this DIY is for you. Get those plastic crates from the dollar store and join them side by side. You will make a good shelf with plenty of storage for those books, toys, and accessories. This 3-step storage idea is one of my favorite and now you know why! 

20. Mesh Bath Toy Bags

Via Makeitloveit

Kids love bath toys and it is kind of fun to see them play in the bathtub, but those toys drip water all over the floor. Get a mesh bag with light and airy holes, enough to evaporate the water. Hang it right beside your bathtub so that the dripping water gets drained without any fuss. 

21. Organize your Hair Accessories

Via Theidearoom

It is very difficult to keep those hair accessories tidy and away from each other, but we fail most of the time. Buy a craft or larger pill organizer box to keep those ribbons and rubber bands in place. This looks so colorful and yes, it will also eliminate the struggle of finding ‘that’ specific thing!

22. Cord Organizer

Via Imperfecthomemaking

Cords and wired are one of those things that tangle with one another and we have to separate them every time and again they are together, magically! Store them in transparent plastic glasses inside a small plastic tote or basket and you would spot those odds and ends clearly. 

23. Amazing Belt Organizer

Via Powertoolsandhighheels

If you have a big collection of belts, and storing them is a problem, check out this DIY. Buy some cloth pins from the dollar store and just fix them in a wood strip with hot glue. Use these pins to hang belt, tank top, scarves, spaghetti tops, and even tights. It is a quite efficient storage idea, isn’t it? 

24. Organizing Outgrown Clothing

Via Buildandcreate

If you have children at your place, then there is a good chance that you have plenty of outgrown clothing and no place to store them. If you are not ready to get rid of them yet, use comforter bags to store them and mind it, they can hold plenty of clothes. The bags would fit comfortably under your bed and your work is done! 

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25. Kitchen Memo Board

Via Clairsfairytale

Most of the households do not have a menu board, but wouldn’t it be great to have one? A simple wooden picture frame and fabric clothespin would do the job here. You can keep recipes, display the menu options every day, and also leave some cute notes for your family. 

26. Laundry Rooms and Baskets

Via Caption

Did we say how important baskets are to keep things organized? Pick some plastic baskets from the dollar store and line them up on the racks to store those laundry essentials. This would declutter the space and also help you keep the laundry clean and tidy. 

27. Organization Binders

Via Source

If somebody asks me what is that one place that gets unorganized and dirty in a day, my answer would be the home office or working desks. Papers get displaced very often and to avoid the struggle of organizing, use binders to keep them in place. You can label the binders for coupons, bills, and so on and they would never get out of sight! 

28. Ribbon Basket Storage

Via Source

This fun DIY is inexpensive and can decrease your efforts when you are busy with some creative artwork. Keep those ribbons in a plastic container with holes from the dollar store and get them handy always. It is so easy and helps you keep things organized. 

29. Coat Closet to Pantry

Via Inmyownstyle

Turn a coat closet to an organized pantry with the help of a few baskets, plastic totes, and hangers from the dollar store. It looks so tidy and all the things are in place. You will also vacate ample space in your kitchen and you can go for redesigning of it. 

30. DIY Clothing Storage

Via Theredchairblog

I know this looks super attractive and it would definitely help you save some space in your closet. You would need a big wire storage box and then place simple cardboard boxes to complete the DIY storage. Label the boxes for a little customization and your work is done. 

31. Mud Room Organizer

Via mommysavers

Mudrooms are very important, and this DIY organizing hack would help you keep those winter gears organized in an inexpensive way. Hang a cheap shoe organizer in the door of the mudroom and put some labels. Once your children are done playing in the snow, let them hang their hats, mittens, and anything in the sections. So, if you are gearing up for winters, include this on your list! 

All these DIYs were easy and inexpensive organization hacks that would also help you in some quick redesigning. Choose the one you need and get ready to clean up and save some precious storage space in your home!