51 Best DIY Easter Centerpieces

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The snow has melted and as the flowers are blooming, your house is going to be filled with cute bunnies and colorful eggs. Bring some essence to the dining table!

An enchanting table display would also remind your guests of the holiday season – whether it is a combination of fresh flowers or carrots or big and small colorful eggs, the stunning presentation could make anyone drool!

From cherry blossoms with hanging eggs and decorated apothecary jars, we have collected some fascinating Easter centerpiece ideas. The best part is, all of them are DIY options and you don’t have to spend hundreds behind them.

What are you waiting for? Read on and start the festivities right away!

51 Best DIY Easter Centerpieces

1. Little Easter Tree

Just like you decorate the green tree every year, a cherry blossom tree can be decorated with Easter ornaments for a magical outcome. It has glitter eggs, colorful bunny heads, and ribbons – you can also add some LEDs and complete the look! 

2. Table Farmer Bunny

Via homeiswheretheboatis

Here is something truly unique – a cabbage vase full of tulips on a farm cart. The farmer bunny is pulling the cart down the hill and this is your centerpiece, how exciting! Don’t worry about the cabbage part, standing out is always a good idea.

3. DIY Floral Boxes

Via countryliving

These adorable floral boxes can be a fantastic Easter centerpiece with pretty dogwood flowers amidst a green surrounding. You can use it as a favor after the delicious Easter brunch or simply use it for a decorative touch on your table. All you need are some boxes filled with macarons, watercolor pens, and twines. 

4. Apothecary Jar Centerpiece

Via blesserhouse

Let’s welcome some rustic vibes to your dinner table this Easter with these apothecary jars. This is a whole package with eggs, fake moss, twigs, and even little plants. It is pretty exciting to see, and it could be the show winner!

5. Bunnies and Eggs

via lizzyanderin

The tiered concept is the focal point here. The 2-tiered structure has colorful eggs, bunny years, bunny portraits, and bunny cutouts everywhere and it looks chic! This is perfect if you are hosting children this year. 

6. Floral Basket Eggs

Via marthastewart

Welcome Easter with an array of eggs from ducks, turkeys, goose, and chickens! Hollow-out the larger eggs and make them flower vases. Color the small eggs and place them near the egg vases and complete the look. You can make an entire tablescape out of these vases and showcase your creativity! 

7. Blue Eggs and Bunny

via purelykatie

If you are looking for something creative that is easy to make, here are some blue eggs trapped in a bell jar. You would need a glass jar, craft eggs, Rafia, twines, and a small rabbit that would overlook the eggs. The presence of jute and twines is enough to bring that Autumn vibe to your Easter table. 

8. DIY Woven Vase

via countryliving

What makes this vase so special? Well, it is just a glass hurricane vase with pieces of cane webbed around it! You need cane and embroidery thread, the rest is all about stitching in a criss-cross pattern and wrapping along the edges. Hot glue would be enough to stick the canes together and you are done!

9. Wine Glass Candle Holder

via countryandvictoriantimes

Trust me, I have never come across something like this and I can’t stop drooling! It has small and colorful Easter eggs latched between green moss, and the glass handle is used to store the candles – so aesthetic!

10. Easter Succulent Centerpiece

via designimprovised

These beautiful greens would be perfect to adorn your tablescape. The succulents are planted in a unique, tiny planter that resembles a broken egg. Paint the egg cups with surface paints and use thin masking tape for extra texture. 

11. DIY Easter Egg Balloons

via studiodiy

Here they come! Using a bunch of balloons as table centerpieces would be very interesting and to add that Easter vibe, some paint would give you plenty of colorful egg balloons. You can also add bows to the bunch and make it extra beautiful. 

12. DIY Easter Cross

via leapoffaithcrafting

We know why Easter is celebrated and this centerpiece would surely make us rejoice in the presence of the Almighty. Made on a wooden box, the cross is made from branches and tied by jute rope. For add-ons, include fake greens on the surface, and it’s done!

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13. Tiered Tray and Lavender

via lizzyanderin

I bet you have never seen lavender in Easter decors! The trays ooze Easter vibes with those bunny faces and a plastic rabbit in the center. The lavender branches will steal all the attention, thanks to that magnificent color. 

14. Hobnail Milk Glass

via sadieseasongoods

One of my favorite from the lot, this hobnail milk glass (together with speckled Easter eggs!) can lift your table decor for the most-awaited Easter dinner. You can get the milk glass from any thrift store, get a plastic grass mat and put some colorful eggs in it. It is effortless, and it could be a show winner in your Easter decorations this year

15. Easter Egg Trophies

via lovelyindeed

They look so adorable, don’t they? Whether you keep them as prizes in your mantle or place them in the center of the dining table, they would steal the spotlight. Made with paper mache eggs, plastic trophies, and gold spray paint, these cute trophies will make everyone the winner with their charm. Besides, you can make this a return gift for your guests. 

16. Wooden Easter Eggs

Via marthastewart

If you want your Easter decor elements to last for years to come, make some wooden eggs and dye them with catchy colors. This DIY has colorful wooden eggs with greens and flowers latched on some and they look amazing! 

17. Monogram Eggs in the House

via countryliving

Say goodbye to traditional place cards this Easter, and welcome your guests with monogram eggs that can be crafted in less than 15 minutes! You would just need a paintbrush and acrylic paints for this one. The eggs also have the initials of the guests written in gold to add an aesthetic touch. 

18. Easter Egg Bouquet

via bktribe.blogspot

This might look similar to the DIY with colorful egg balloons, but it has smaller eggs and it is mainly a bouquet. You would need a plastic Easter bucket, foam, ribbon, Easter grass, and big and small colorful eggs for the DIY. Just some time and creativity would yield you a beautiful table centerpiece! 

19. Cascade of Sugar Eggs

via amazinginterior-design

Can you take your eyes off this one? Well, surely not! This centerpiece comes with a professional touch and it is here to earn you some serious compliments. People will love the canopy of colorful eggs, pouring from a big teacup into a cute nest. You can also make this with flowers instead of eggs and it would be a stunner. 

20. Easter Peeps Centerpieces

Via twosisterscrafting

The perfect amalgamation of Spring and Autumn, this floral centerpiece with cute bunnies makes it a perfect decor element for Easter. You would just need a clear vase, peep Easter candies, cake pop sticks, and colored M&Ms, and it’s all done! You will surely grab attention for this one. 

21. Black and White Easter Eggs

Via countryliving

Patterened eggs are my favorite, and this black and white color combination is majestic! Interestingly, this was made by transferring silk fabric patterns onto eggshells. You would need regular vinegar and hot water to transfer the pattern. Let the eggs cool for 20 mins before you reveal the exquisite design and it’s done!

22. Tulips and Lemon Drop

Via thelawsofmylife

Easter is nothing without candies, and to bring in some Spring vibes, here are some yellow tulips. Take a big fishbowl for this one, fill it with Easter peeps, and put the tulips above them. The bouquet of tulips is made extra-special with staring little bunnies with yummy candies lined up below. 

23. Paper Napkin Eggs

Via countryliving

Similar to the last one, these colorful eggs would add a splash of vibrant colors to your Easter brunch. Like the patterned fabric, here you will use paper napkins to transfer the prints on the eggshells. For the base color, use food coloring or liquid ink and put the prints when the shells are completely dry. 

24. Candles and Bunnies

Via socelebrate

A rustic centerpiece that has eggs, bunnies, and candles can be the perfect decor element if you are planning a candlelight brunch this Easter. You can make this one with a white tray, fill it up with fake greens and flowers, and finally, place the candles on top. To complete the DIY, take some plastic rabbits in different shapes and place them creatively. 

25. Bouquet of Carrots

Via southernliving

Carrots, fishbowl, flowers, florists foam s- that’s all you need to make this beautiful carrot bouquet. Let’s say hello to Easter with this pretty carrot affair and make it the show winner. It is effortless to make, and you don’t have to spend hours behind this. Use this as a centerpiece and get ready to receive some good compliments. 

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26. Jelly Beans and Candles

Via passionatepennypincher

If you are looking for a cheap yet gorgeous table centerpiece for Easter, go for this one. It would cost you less than $10 to buy some jelly beans, pink grass, and polka dot ribbons – the entire setup can be done in Dollar Tree glass jars. Use a large white platter for the base and it’s done!

27. Peeps Easter Centerpieces

Via momontimeout

We have explored many possibilities with these cute peeps, and why not? They have got an amazing Easter vibe and they look so colorful and vibrant. You just need an efficient dessert tray and decorate it with colorful buddies! You can also place Easter eggs on the sides to complete the decor.

28. Pastel Beauties

Via countryliving

This rare combination of pastel colors and scrapbooking flowers in an eggshell has got me hooked. Just 5 easy steps and you have these beauties right in the center of your Easter table. Combine it with classic napkins and complete the aesthetic and colorful look.

29. Swedish Easter Tree

Via thehousethatlarsbuilt

Inspired by Paskris, a Swedish Easter tree, this DIY is also known as a feather tree. You can make those feathery leaves with paper cut-outs and use feather templates to make it easy. Use acrylic paint for the patterns and choose a vibrant vase to complete the pretty piece!

30. Carrot Favor Boxes

Via ellaclaireinspired

These grabbed your attention at one glance and your guests would have a similar reaction to these carrot favor boxes. You need assorted green ribbons, orange cardstock, scoring board, and tapes for this one. Fill the boxes with candies and make this your Easter table centerpiece!

31. Big Flowered Eggs

Via simplydesigning

Giant eggs can look super cool if used creatively. Here is a big blue egg waiting to adorn your Easter table! You would need a big foam egg and scrapbook paper – simply cut it in the shape of hydrangea flowers and this would be done in no time. 

32. Simple Easter Tablescape

Via purelykatie

The Easter centerpiece doesn’t have to be full of complex art and loads of elements! A sober floral arrangement can transform the tablescape if used properly. For this DIY, you would need a wired basket, fill it with colored eggs and decorate the top with white florals like baby’s breath, and it’s done! 

33. Lemon Slice Vase

Via drivenbydecor

We did carrots, tulips, and bunnies, here comes lemon for some spring touch! This lemon-lined vase is topped with pretty white flowers and is perfect to add some glam to your Easter table. If you want some Autumn vibes, add bunnies beside and it would look amazing! 

34. DIY Egg Hunt Cake

Via studiodiy

Depending on whether you have plans for a cake or not, this could be an edible or non-edible centerpiece. Rest assured, the creativity behind this makes for a unique Easter tablescape. Make it super-colorful with statement eggs and greens as toppings and on the sides.

35. Easter Egg Candle Holder

Via twosisterscrafting

Plastic Easter eggs, wooden discs, wooden dowels, mod podge, seed beads, and candles – that’s it. Combine all of them and you will have this pretty Easter-themed candle holder! Use them as centerpieces for the much-awaited Easter brunch and make your guests drool. 

36. Easter Egg Display

Via abeautifulmess

Instead of writing initials on the Easter eggs, you can choose SPRING in bold! Dye the eggs in a statement color, spray paint the springs to make them look catchy, and finally, fix the letters. Literally and seasonally, spring is here for you!

37. Shabby Chicks Easter Eggs

Via tarynwhiteaker

The creativity of wrapping Easter eggs with jute ropes and adorning them with colorful stickers is too interesting to be ignored. Choose a beautiful white container to store the eggs and use fake hay or twigs to bring an aesthetic touch. You can use this for years and you won’t get bored! 

38. Easter Mason Jars

Via cleanandscentsible

No seasonal decor is complete without mason jars. It has miniature eggs stocked up inside and you can use an old spice rack to line them up in a row. Place the spice rack in the center of the table and enjoy your Easter brunch with colored eggs, carrots, and bunny stickers. 

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39. Big Black Chalkboard Eggs

Via wearescout

The concept of big Easter eggs is trending these days and you can’t blame us, they look so pretty! This chalkboard decor is made using ostrich eggshells. All you have to do is spray paint them black. For the nest, you need two types of twines and fabric stiffener – this DIY would be complete in no time! 

40. Egg Flower Vase

via craftberrybush

You have bid goodbye to Spring days, and Easter is right at the door. That doesn’t mean you cannot work with flowers. Let’s merge them and we have an egg flower vase, ready to rock as a pretty centerpiece. Fix the spring flowers using candle wax and fix the eggs in a small mirror. 

41. Golden Easter Eggs

via 79ideas

How elegant does this look? These golden eggs look like something straight out of fairy tales. This set up also has green leaves and white flowers peeping out. You can spray paint egg trays and make this centerpiece the highlight of your Easter party. 

42. Easter Candy Jars

via crazylittleprojects

Have you ever come across candy jars that are this cute? This one has got cute feet, bubbly eyes, and a shimmering golden body. You can customize your jar to be as cute as you’d like! Fill them up with candies and keep them in the center so that your guests can sneak a taste in between.

43. Stained Glass Easter Eggs

via madincrafts

After the wooden eggs, this DIY has beautiful glass eggs with a splash of colors. You need glass egg ornaments, canned air, and alcohol ink for the coloring. Put them together in a transparent jar or hang them from your Easter tree to complete the decor. They would last for years and you can even recycle them! 

44. Rustic Easter Tablescape

via awonderfulthought

We explored so many with magnificent colors and beautiful flowers – here is a long, horizontal centerpiece with a rustic touch. Place colorful eggs in the holes and surround them with twigs. You can also print the initials of your guests on each egg and make them feel extra special. 

45. Royal Copenhagen Eggs

via marthastewart

Use temporary tattoos or nail decals for some eggs and dye the others with a solid color. The royal and soft look is achieved mainly by playing with colors and this blue and white combination is surely an amazing centerpiece option. 

46. Paper Doily Eggs

via marthastewart

A whole nest of delicate eyelet-inspired beauties would definitely adorn your Easter tablescape with its scalloped and life-like texture. Made with inexpensive paper doilies, these large duck eggs are made of overlapping strips that are secured along the edges with glue. 

47. Easter Place Holders

via craftsbyamanda

Can you believe these place holders are made with spoons? This DIY has incorporated plastic spoons and transformed them into Easter eggs with tons of creativity. These plastic spoon chicks can be placed in terracotta planters with floral foams – it looks amazing! 

48. Moss Covered Eggs

via lovegrowswild

Taking that green obsession to the next level, these moss eggs can be a good addition to your Easter tablescape this year. Cover plastic decorating eggs with moss and use twine to make a realistic nest. To add some extra sass, add a button on the top of the eggs!

49. Easter Egg Topiary

via sandandsisal

This light and fresh Easter decor consists of robin eggs dipped in light hues amidst green moss. We know how aesthetic topiaries can look if used as a centerpiece – here is another option to adorn your Easter table this year. 

50. DIY Holiday Gnomes

via theinspiredworkshop

Different from the rest, this one doesn’t have colorful eggs or showy flowers. Instead, it is made with a cute fabric bunny, having big ears, supported by plastic rabbits and pompoms on each side. You can preserve this soft toy for years and use it every Easter.

51. Easter DIY Centerpiece

via thediymamablog

Another one with multicolored eggs, you have a long, tubular jar here filled with Easter eggs. It consists of colored Easter eggs and plenty of Easter grass for the surroundings. This DIY won’t even cost you 5 dollars and it can be preserved for years and reused for seasonal decor. 

After exploring so many amazing ideas, I am sure your grey cells are brimming with creativity and new ideas. Choose your favorite from the lot and get to work. Good luck – you are bound to create an amazing centerpiece for your Easter tablescape!