100 Best DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

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I have always been enticed with the idea of making ‘fairy gardens’. I knew I had to make one but never got stuck with an opportunity. Of course, the hectic schedule on work has to be blamed, Duh!

However, the opportunity wasn’t far away and I got lucky!

And in the search for a perfectly themed fairy garden, I came across lots of unique and amazing miniature garden ideas. But there is a difference between a miniature garden and a fairy garden.

And the difference lies in design. A miniature garden is transformed into a fairy garden just by the addition of magical elements like fairies, houses, etc.

From mountains, beaches, desert to even a garden based on your favorite movie, there is no limit on creativity and imagination for creating a fairy garden. But before you start imagining, there is an important question…

How Do You Create A Fairy Garden Design?

Well, it’s not that hard to create your own fairy gardens. Just follow these 5 easy steps:

1. Choose the container: You can create your fairy garden in any container as long as it’s strong and durable with adequate drainage. From free options like wooden crates, old wheelbarrow, etc to tailor-made fairy garden structures like terrariums, dollhouses, etc. there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

2. Sketch out the layout of the fairy garden you wish to design. This will give you clarity in terms of the supplies you will require.

3. Remember to choose composted and organic soil to ensure the longevity of your fairy garden.

4. Pick your plants: The plants have to be chosen on the basis of whether it’s an outdoor or indoor setup.

5. And the fun part! Choose the accessories that complement the best to your fairy garden.

Here are some of the amazing fairy garden ideas that can indulge and swipe you from this regularity of life.

100 Best DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

1. A Beach

Via Rhythmsofplay

Experience the beach at any time of the year with this easy beach themed fairy garden and enjoy the beachy vibes from the comfort of your home! White sand, sunbathing, and shell hunting all in this mini wonder.

2. Tree House

Via Mymodernmet

What better way to put a broken pot to use if not a fairy garden? Indeed, the pot doesn’t really seem broken with this creativity! Make this fantastic creation come alive by adding small figurines.

3. Tea Party

Via Lifeisaparty

Sweetest fairy garden ever! I mean, doesn’t it look so delicately designed and well kept? Such a herbal way of decorating those pretty cups, indeed.

4. Happy Spring

Via Craftsbyamanda

This fairy garden is made from simple and natural materials. Miniature flowers, twigs, and pine cone shingle will help you create this beautiful look. Whatever you choose to experiment here, make sure to add lots of colors and flowers.

5. Magical Evening

Via Littletudorontheprairie

If you love experimenting with fairy lights, this miniature creation is the best way! This DIY fairy garden looks so enchanting! One can easily notice the details it has worked upon. Mesmerizing, alluring, and totally creative.

6. Amidst The Mountains

Via Theburghbaby

This DIY uses a plain old wood birdhouse and turns it into this beautiful masterpiece. Relive the childhood days by creating fairy stories. Decorate the roof of their house with pennies, cause they are lucky and so are fairies!

7. Zero Cost Fairy Garden

Via Youtube

Simple, pretty, and an adorable fairy garden. Isn’t it great to keep everything natural? Remember to use a strong base for this one, as it has a lot to hold.

9. Mushroom Garden

Via Creamerchronicles

This mushroom fairy garden is so cute and whimsical! Kids in fact will love innovating with this one. All you have to do is introduce them to the idea. The rest is just ‘wait and watch’.

10. Bird Bath Fairy Garden

Via Mygardenyourgarden

Why not put up your fairy garden for display instead of the floor? This looks so gorgeous and indeed a creative way to put that birdbath for use. This idea is great if you don’t have much floor space. Make sure your birdbath is fenced to hold together the elements.

11. Rustic Planter

Via Horizontaldesigns

Whether you plan to build your fairy garden outdoor or indoors, this rustic theme goes well with both. This will also complement your farmhouse-inspired decor. Old wine barrel or wooden boxes give a perfectly rustic look to this theme.

12. Terrarium Fairy Garden

Via Gardensparkle

Creating a terrarium fairy garden is a fun and inspiring activity. Gather your friends and family into this interesting DIY activity. Be careful of the container you use as it shall have proper ventilation.

13. Wizard Of Oz

Recreate the magic land of Oz through a fairy garden. This DIY has also taken care of representing the characters such as Wizard of Oz himself, Dorothy and her dog,  the yellow brick road where they meet the scarecrow and the cowardly lion. An entire story explained through this miniature!

14. Romantic Theme

Via Facilisimo

I just love this indoor fairy garden which looks so romantic and soothing. It actually takes you to a world full of love and joyous times. Pick up any container, pot, or old pan and get started with this DIY.

15. Door Planter

Via Consumercrafts

A terracotta pot makes a great fit for this DIY. Whether old or new, your creativity is the only thing required. For this one, you need essentials such as a green moss sheet and accessories. That cute little sign bord ‘home sweet home’ makes it even prettier!

16. Easter Basket Fairy Garden

Via Gardentherapy

Replace the sugar-loaded gifts with these magical creations! This fairyland fantasy of creating a fairy garden is a perfect way to unleash the festivity. Gift your loved one or simply decorate it on Easter, it’s pleasing both ways!

17. Tranquility Towards The Lake

Via Enchnantingwhims

This one is for the fairies! So the fairies have a lake near their cottage. They love to wander and relax and play near this lake. Oh! There’s a bridge too, the fairies use it for crossing and visiting their neighborhood. Well, this story never has an end!

18. Stacked Up Pots

Via Bystephanielynn

Get a bunch of pots and make this adorable and interesting DIY fairy garden. With a few accessories, it’s easy to build a huge fairy garden within a limited space. Decorate them in any manner and create your own magic!

19. Pinecone Fairy Garden

All you have to do is build a fairy house and give it thus pine cone roof. Isn’t it a sweet yet natural way to shelter your fairies? Well, you have to shelter your fairies anyway, this perhaps is a great idea!

20. A Garden For Your Garden

Via Mommymoment

Get your old galvanized tub or bucket and use it as the container. Small stones and twigs are freely available in your backyard. Along with this, dried barks work too. Assemble all of this with a few accessories and crack in your creativity! Easy, isn’t it?

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21. Barrel Fairy Garden

Via Myfrugaladventures

Fill your wine barrel with organic soil and get started. This is a really creative way to put your imagination into action. U see accessories such as artificial flowers, teacups, glass rocks, marbles, etc. Don’t forget to top them with these beautiful fairies!

22. Kid-Friendly Fairy Garden

Via Themagiconions

There’s something really magical about the kids working on such interesting projects. It is enticing to take a glimpse into the thought process of a child. Their imagination is born out of curiosity and lots of creativity. Involve the kids in this DIY and feel the real magic!

23. Large Fairy Village

Via Fairygardens

This huge fairy village has got it all! Pebble paths, rocks, fairy houses, moss everywhere, pretty flowers, pine cones, and of course there is no end to its creativity. The delightful fairy garden details are so enticing. Do give it a try!

24. Wicker Basket Fairy Garden

Via Echoesoflaughter

Start this DIY by choosing a strong plant at the back of the basket. This shall act as the focal point and give balance to the other elements. Also, make sure to use a garbage bag to make the fairy garden waterproof. This way watering it won’t lead to any unnecessary leakage.

25. Bonsai Tree Fairy Garden

Via Lilbluboo

The secret to bonsai trees is regular trimming. Almost any kind of tree can be a bonsai if you trim it periodically and in the correct manner. This fairy garden idea is unique in itself. Those little accessories and supplies look super adorable!

26. Succulent Fairy Garden

Via Consumercrafts

Gardening just relishes our mood! Make this succulent fairy garden and let your imaginary fairies reside in a beautiful space created by you.

27. Fairy Garden In A wagon

Via Shellknoblakegirl

Isn’t that rustic and unique? A wagon turned into a fairy garden! It’s easy to maintain and you can even change its destination. You can easily pull it for display or maybe let it just stay in the most beautiful corner of the house.

28. Fairy Garden With A Patio

Via 625cruseavenue

Filled with lots of love and detail, this fairy garden is a perfect gift for your beloved! Make sure to add trinkets to add your fairy garden to attract the fairies.

29. Winter Spotlight

Via Themagiconions

Logs in the pile, all set for a warm winter’s fire! Winter theme fairy garden looks so elegant. Add a little white sand dust to give it an edge of the snow. Cotton is also a good alternative. As winter’s approach, make your own dazzling fairy garden this season.

30. Simple And Cute Fairy Garden

Pick up any planter of your choice and dig into this tutorial. This DIY is actually easy and can be done in no time. Surely your fairies will love this sweet fair garden.

31. A Lovely Day Out

Via Curlycraftmom

Made on a birdbath and accompanied with easy use of supplies, it has taken care of the ‘kid-friendly’ factor. Kids will love collecting supplies for this one and assist you in turning it into a wonderful creation!

32. The Fairy Trail

Via Laketravislifestyle

The fairy trail is an adorable collection of tiny houses created by local architects. It is made from nature’s goodies like twigs and pretty flowers, straw, rocks, and shells. All are unique because they carry nature’s goodness.

33. Raised Bed Fairy Garden

Via Quickcrop

With a raised bed fairy garden the benefits are wholesome. There’s the potential to protect your fairy garden from weather adversities. Pets can stay aloof if the fairy garden gets its elevation. Again, the imagination and creativity of this are endless!

34. Broken Container

Via a2zhomeschooling

Broken containers are the best fit for a fairy garden. The possibility of innovating with the broken parts just gets double. Make sure to buy appropriate accessories and try out your creativity on the broken pieces.

35. Tiny Wonder

Via Sewmuchado

This one will get your creative juices flowing! Create this on your own or involve the kids, either way, it gets magical. Totally love the way fairy resides and enjoys her coffee/magic potion. The buffalo check table runner looks so cute!

36. Holy Fairy Garden

Via Miniaturegardenshoppe

The rich green hues bring so much life to this theme. The holy vibes of this fairy garden will give such a pious feeling to everyone who comes across it. Try out this idea in this upcoming Christmas season!

37. New Neighbours!

Via Elowezil

If there’s one hole in your tree, welcome your new neighbors! It gives an effect of a cave and amidst the woods. Much like dwarfs residence in the ‘Snowhite and the seven dwarfs’. Doesn’t require much effort!

38. Wash Tub Fairy Garden

Via Aidieshideaway

Do you lack space to accommodate such creation? Grab your wash tub and get started! The lush green plants will give the perfect effect once they have grown out properly.

39. Curb Appeal

Via Pxiehill

Such an enchanting appearance! A must-try fairy garden idea if you love experimenting with barks. Made from unique edges of barks and carved out so carefully. This one’s on my list!

40. Polymer Clay Fairy Garden

Via Happinessishomemade

Repurpose your old cans for this cute little wonder. Decorate it with colorful polymer clays. Creativity with clay is endless, of course, its mouldable nature is to be attributed. Yellow, red, white, pink, and blue makes it look so vibrant! Your fairies will love it 🙂

41. Summer Escape

Via Shrimpsaladcircus

Instead of going for the same old flowers, make use of unkillable succulent plants. For this DIY you essentially need a shallow terracotta planter. Have fun making this and feel the summer escapade!

42. Solar Powered Fairy Garden

Via Creativegreenliving

This one is not just an ordinary fairy garden. Made from recycled materials and it’s Solar Powered! The roof of this fairy house collects sunlight during the day. Just as the dusk strikes, it starts to glow. Isn’t that so feasible and eco-friendly? Oh! Beautiful too!

43. Soda Bottle Fairy Garden

Via Mypinterventures

The best way to recycle those stacks of soda bottles is to get creative and make a fairy garden! Grab a handful of pebbles and pave the way for your fairy house. Indulge your kids too!

44. Craft Stick Fairy Garden

Via Livingwellmom

I believe there’s a kid hidden in all of us. This ‘Tinkerbell’ inspired fairy garden will surely take you back into childhood! It’s a kid-friendly project and they will love creating their stories through this.

45. The Frog Prince

Via Seevanessacraft

The frog has managed to hop onto the table to find her princess. All this while he was a lost wanderer. But it seems now he’s at the right place, ‘Fairy Garden’. I am sure the fairies will help him find his princess!

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46. Acorns And Twigs

Via Petscribbles

Make your own Mushroom theme fairy garden using acorn caps and twigs. So majorly what’s required is available in your backyard! Grab a hot red and chalk-white paint to paint these little mushrooms.

47. Mason Jar Fairy Garden

Via Craftsbyamanda

I feel mason jars are so versatile, you can make any decor out of them. And now, a fairy garden too! Little spaces can look so majestic, who knew?

48.Suitcase Fairy Garden

Via Empressofdirt

Make this delightful fairy garden using your vintage suitcase. Easy to make and holds lots of elements!.

49. Tin Can Fairy Garden

Via Dazzlewhilefrazzled

Use patio paints and floral wire to attract the fairies to your creation! The usual paints wear out and take away the charm of your efforts. This tin can fairy garden endures all weather adversities. Best from the rest – looks pretty cool too!

50. Play Dough Fairy Garden

Via Mamapapabubba

If you’re miserable in handling plants, this one is for you! Use accessories such as pebbles, flowers, white fences to decorate it. This project includes so much fun, as there are several variations to the play dough. Kids will love it!

51. Gnome Fairy Garden

Via Paintyourselfasmile

We all love springs and Gnomes too, so why not make a fairy garden of this theme? This one is built on an elevated structure. Now you must be wondering why so? Well, to keep them from pets!

52. Chair Fairy Garden

Via Ourcraftymom

Use that old broken chair as a base for this wonderful project. Either decorate your porch or any part of your house with this fairy garden. I really love the ‘believe’ banner that hangs on the chair!

53. Whimsical Fairy Garden

Via Yesterdayontuesday

A simple and whimsical garden, indeed! All you need is a couple of woodland animals, succulent plants and some flowers! This gorgeous fairy garden will definitely make anyone happy.

54. Stick Structured Fairy Garden

Via Themagiconions

Who knew so much could be made from simple sticks? Fences, garden bed, doors, and windows, all made from sticks, how impressive!

55. Pumpkin Fairy Garden

Via Craftsbyamanda

When the wind gets chiller and you indulge in pumpkin dishes, why not take up this interesting project? This fairy garden is made from a real pumpkin. However, a fake pumpkin works too! Splash in your creativity and create this masterpiece!

56. Wooden Box Fairy Garden

Via Happinessishomemade

Playing in the mud, arranging, and rearranging the layout is such a fun part! Use a mix of moss, grass, and alyssum will wonder for this project. A day-long activity of fairy gardening is so engaging and this project is surely one of them.

57. Sparkly Fairy Garden

Via Thelittlemonster

Turn those beach stones into sparkly gems for your fairy garden! This ultra-tiny fairy garden looks so cute. Collect those stones on your next beach visit and enjoy making this project!

58. Cactus Fairy Garden

Via Youtube

Decorate the garden with cacti and miniature garden adornments. Use little rocks and terra dirt for the base. Grab few succulents to give it a perfect green lush look. This is one of those projects that make even a broken piece of glass look so good!

59. Wonderland In A Glass

Via Parents

This one truly is a wonder in the land and will surely seek attention. Use wine corks to make mushrooms for your reflecting fairy garden. Make those small figurines with clay and keep it for display in any part of the house. Check out DIY wine cork crafts.

60. Fairy Garden kit

WILD PIXY Fairy Garden Accessories Kit - Miniature House and Figurine Set for Girls, Boys, Adults - with Magical Glow In The Dark Pebbles and Solar LED Lights


Don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort? But still, wish to make a fairy garden? This readymade fairy garden kit is here to help you! It’s got some amazing accessories and is super easy to assemble. Try this one out.

Buy on Amazon

61. Fairy Garden In A Grapevine Sphere

Via Allthingsheartandhome

String Lights can turn anything ordinary into magical. A mossy garden shielded in a grapevine sphere and decorated with shiny lights. This will surely make your magical fairy garden a center of attention for everyone!

62. Hand Painted Fairy Garden

Mood Lab Fairy Garden - Accessories Kit with Miniature Figurines - Hand Painted Swing Set of 6 pcs - for Outdoor or House Decor

This fairy garden kit is so fascinating! It comes with 6 hand-painted swings and intricately designed figurines. Made from durable plasters, you needn’t worry about its wearing out. Design your fairy garden with this amazing kit!

Buy on Amazon.

63. Enchanted Cottage

Via Upcycleart

Create your mini cottage theme fairy garden using small pebbles and stones. This DIY is done so neatly and diligently. The fun part is collecting stones and stacking or gluing them as per your design.

64. Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Via Black-flowers

The most highlighted and amazing thing about this one is that it has room for improvement. It’s easy to change/add/subtract ideas and make it better than the previous time. The Gnomes really shine through and make this backyard fairy garden look beautiful!

65. Fairy Garden In A Solid Ceramic Pot

Via laughingkidslearn.com

This DIY is an easy one and surely the kids will enjoy indulging in making it! Grab a ceramic pot and get started with it. The fairies will surely love it seeing you put your efforts into it. That’s when they’ll bring you good luck.

66. Fairy Garden Using Old Windows

Via Unskinnyboppy

The coolest part of this DIY is that cone part above the display. This project is made from windows that were lying spare and I think it’s the most practical way of putting it to use. This greenhouse has turned out to be something wonderful and magical!

67. Mermaid Theme Fairy Garden

Via Hometalk

The blue pebbles look just perfect for this mermaid theme. Isn’t it evident that the fairy mermaid is enjoying her time in the sea? She’s free and liberated, as she has a personal ocean!

68. Fairy Garden In A Repurposed Fountain

Via Poetryinapotoftea

The wild look of Japanese grass looks so wild on the first tier! This fairy garden is made from lots of mosses. The Columbine fairy looks elegant dancing amidst the Irish moss. Such an international theme!

69. Nutella Jar Fairy Garden

Via Youtube

Love for Nutella is so pure, why dump that empty jar then? Repurpose that jar into this piece of art! This fairy garden is so beautifully painted and decorated. This one is definitely on my list!

70. Our Sweet Home

Via Poetryinapotoftea

The little yellow birdhouse makes it a sweet home for the fairies. Look at the Elm tree fairy, busy watering the plants. Her gardening skills are giving the fairy garden perfect greenery!

71. Magnificient Fairy Garden

Via Gardenstew

The little yellow bird keeps a watch on every fairy that resides in this beautiful garden. The fairies here love gardening and inviting birds to their beautiful garden. The greenery shows their efforts cleanly!

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72. Fairy And Dinosaur Garden

Via Sixtyfifthavenue

Creeping wire vine, Irish moss, Veronica Repens, spicy orange thyme, succulents for the little urns, and similar plants have been used for this DIY fairy garden. What’s interesting about them is that they grow rapidly. Make sure they have enough space!

73. Fairy Garden In A Crate

Via Goexplorenature

This DIY makes special and modern arrangements for the fairies. From cars to pools, everything seems sorted here. This little ‘fairy city’ aka fairy garden is a fun project for the kids. It uses old crates to create this wonder.

74. Moss And Aquarium Gravel

Via Karaclassroom

This fairy garden is designed in a wicker tray. It has partitioned the tray into aquarium gravel and a sheet of moss. Although it uses minimal accessories, still manages to stand out. It seems the fairies are already loving it!

75. Arbor Entry

Via Planitdiy

Fix this beautiful arbor between a mini pond and the bench. Wrap ivory around it and make a beautiful entrance to your fairy garden. Lay a gravel path from the arbor to the tree to make it stand out. This looks so pretty!

76. Mother’s Day Fairy Garden

Via Ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

Mother’s tirelessly put all their efforts into taking care of us. Why not make them feel special through such sweet gestures? She’ll definitely love a fairy garden. This fairy mother is having a good time on that swing!

77. Labour Of Love

Via Thejuise

This fairy garden is purely a labor of love, becoming a living wonder, and changing with innovation. The supplies needed for this fairy garden are easily available in your backyard!

78. Fairies Love Fishing

Via Consumercrafts

Before you even know, the fairies will hop onto the lakeside and enjoy their fishing time! That lake is made from mod podge, mirrors, and glitters, doesn’t it look magical? There are seeds, a shovel, and a rake waiting for the fairies to do some gardening!

79. Reusable Plastic Bucket Garden

Think twice before dumping that plastic bucket! This fairy garden looks gorgeous. Those stairs and the perfect touch of greenery, complement it the best.

80. Fairies Love To Barbeque!

Via Miniature-gardening

Make this stylish and adorable fairy garden with help of this amazing tutorial! The griller top is fairy’s favorite. She’s enjoying her leisure time by grilling something delicious. Perhaps, She’s having a good weekend, cheers!

81. Fruitful Fairy Garden

Via Miniature-gardening

The cotoneaster plant is the true highlight! The apples have fostered and ready to eat. The fairies living here love growing fruits. Their backyard has enough room for several things to store.

82. Spruce Up Your Deck

Via Meatloafandmelodrama

This one is a fun project both for adults and kids. The fairy is relaxing on her little spot along with her catty! Looks like they pretty much love the space. Spruce up your deck or patio with this theme!

83. Flat Stone Fairy Garden

Via Fairygardendiy

Why shelter your fairies in the artificial world of plastics? I believe the fairies need everything natural and handmade. These flat stones give them a perfect natural shelter and surroundings.

84. Halloween Theme

Via Miniature-gardening

The fairies are all decked up to celebrate Halloween. They have invited other fairies residing in the neighborhood to celebrate the event! I like how they are sticking up to the theme. Why don’t you suggest your fairies to have a celebration too?

85.  Faux Brick Fairy Garden

Via Fairygardendiy

Although stacking the bricks might seem energy consuming, but the end result is fab! I mean, just look how naturally built that looks. It’s diligently designed and you’ll easily procure the supplies for this one.

86. Lots Of Twigs And Moss

Via Whatsonmyporch

This fairy garden is complete in itself. The fairies love spending their ‘quiet-time’ here! They revive their energy and get recharged to spread their infinite magic in the world. Created with just twigs and mosses, this fairy garden is enchanting.

87. Christmas Spiral Planter

Via Miniature-gardening

Use a few pots and nest them in one another to give it a spiral effect. This Christmas theme fairy garden is all set to add sparkle this season! Do give this theme a try and impress your guests.

88. Wishing Well

Via Kcadventures

The fairies here have their own wishing well! Sure they possess all the magical powers to fulfill any wish. But they’re also fascinated by what we humans do. This is an amazing idea, indeed!

89. Crafty Fairy Garden

Via Littlecooksreadingbooks

Most of the items used here are crafted! Buttons as a path for fairies is such a nice idea. Lots of colorful flowers and plants decorate this look completely.

90. Patiently Designed Fairy Garden

Via Beneaththeferns

Lots of dried up beans go into making this beautiful pathway for the fairies. This project is a sheer result of patience, time, and efforts. The fairies will love residing in this beautiful artwork!

91. Welcome To The Fair

Via Hellognomedecor

This fairy garden is a fair, specially made in the center of the fairy city. The fairies of the town like spending their weekend here. Taking a ride on the ferries wheel is their favorite thing to do!

92. Mystic Forest

Via Miniature-gardening

This is quite literally a mystic forest. If you ask how? Well, this DIY fixes a mister in its base to suck up the water and give that effect. Such a beautiful idea, isn’t it? I’d rather say well engineered!

93. Hobbiton Fairy Garden

Via Crafts.tutplus

Inspired by the movie ‘The Hobbit’, this theme fairy garden is truly a work of art! Interestingly, the base is a trifle bowl, which I think is perfect to show the layers. You’ll surely have fun making this one!

94. Tea-Party Theme Fairy Garden

Via Lushlittlelandscapes

This fairy garden is full of Ivories and Lillies.plus, the tea table set up is so irresistibly cute!

95. Airstream Fairy Garden

Via Lushlittlelandscapes

The fairies are aware of every innovation on earth. So, they decided to make their residence around a caravan, specifically ‘Airstream’. This idea is crazy and unique!

96. Wine Barrel

Via Crowsfeetchic

As mentioned in the start, you can use any container to make a fairy garden. And this DIY idea proves that by using a wine barrel to make a fairy garden that looks adorable.

97. Vintage Lantern

Via Creativejuice

Who thought that by using a plain old metallic lantern you can make such a beautiful masterpiece? Simply Amazing! Creativity at it’s best.

98. Old Clock Fairy Garden

Via Acraftymix

Another masterpiece! Though it requires some extra work to remove the clock glass and use it as a fairy garden container. But hey it will also be a center of attraction no matter where you place it just because it’s different. So, worth the effort!

99. Mermaid on Beach Fairy Garden

Via Hometalk

100. Lakeside Cottage


Via enchantingwhims.com

Take your pick and start making your own fairy garden. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it!