31 DIY Home Renovation Projects Will Make Your House Look Amazing

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Your home is your personal space and you must feel comfortable in it at all times. When you think of refurbishing your entire house together, it may sound tedious, and most importantly – expensive but there are ways to not let that happen. The cost of buying new furniture and getting your walls painted sounds like a lot of expenditure which doesn’t leave room for other things to buy.  You can easily cut down some of these costs if you choose to do minor changes on your own!

These DIY home décor and renovation ideas are easy to work on and require the most basic hardware tools and supplies. You can always bring your art and craft skills to the table and make your house look like one from a home décor magazine! We have some easy and trendy home renovation ideas for all the rooms in your house, so let’s get started!

31 DIY Home Renovation Projects Will Make Your House Look Amazing

1. Paint a Faux Concrete Wall

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If you are getting your house painted from scratch, this can easily be done by your contractor. But, if you want to save some easy bucks and if you have a knack for painting, grab some grey paint, paintbrushes, dry cloth, and give your wall a nice texture. You can buy all these supplies from any hardware store at affordable prices, so give yourself a chance to let your creativity flow. A faux concrete wall looks great in the kitchen.

2. Use ‘Peel & Stick’ Flooring


Instead of completely changing your entire flooring, you can save up and use adhesive floor tiles instead. This is an extremely simple change, where you won’t even have to break a sweat! You can purchase affordable adhesive flooring and set the tiles for a good upgrade to your floors. It is just a peel-and-stick job, but if you are worried about doing it wrong, there are many tutorials on the internet that can guide you through it!

3. Reuse Old Furniture


This is a trendy makeover idea for unused old furniture. If you have a dressing table or an old chest that has been lying in the dust of your storeroom, it is time to get it out! With simple painting touch-ups, you can make it look like a great fit for your kitchen. You can use a paint color that matches your kitchen’s scheme, or a traditional white.

If you are in the mood to DIY from scratch, you can also try your hand at making your own paint. This dresser will look great in your kitchen and give you more counter space to work with.

4. Use Stencil Stickers


Painting designs on your walls come with an extra cost. You can opt for using stencil stickers instead. They are adhesive stickers that must be peeled off, and then you can stick them anywhere on the wall, without your wall getting damaged at all!

You will find a variety of designs online, but the best part about these stickers is that your options are not limited to patterns only. Several stickers have cute drawings and texts, so you can get specific stickers for a kid’s bedroom or the living room!

5. Create a Cute Shoe Storage Space


If you don’t have a closed shoe rack, your shoe setup may seem messy and cluttered. No one wants to see that mess when they enter their house. If you are an organized person who always keeps your footwear in a proper place, you can choose to keep a table cloth on the countertop and decorate it with potted plants or other accessories. But if you don’t want your shoes on display at all, you can cover them with a lovely table skirt too.

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6. Make Jute Vases from Old Vases


You can use attractive jute vases as an alternative to buying new vases. All you need are some jute ropes, glue, and an old vase. Stick the jute rope around your old vase and give it a fresh look. But make sure your vase is in a good shape and condition before you start to decorate it.

7. Cabinet Door Tray


If you have a loose cabinet door, don’t throw it away. You can make a chic cabinet tray out of it and use it later to serve your guests. You can paint the tray and even create patterns on it to make it look more presentable. Also, if the handle on the cabinet door is loose, it can be fixed easily by using some hardware tools.

8. Get some Ladder Space


When your home renovation is complete, don’t sell or throw out your old ladder. You can paint it and use it either to get some extra storage space or to make your room look more appealing. It can be used in different rooms in different spaces. If you use it in the bathroom, you can hang some linen towels or robes on it. In your living room, you can use it as a light bookshelf and keep some picture frames or candles on it. You can even put fairy lights on it, which may look the best in your bedroom.

9. Make a Book Table


Most of us have thick old books that were gifted to us but we never bothered reading them. Well, now is the time you can put them to some use. If you have a disheveled table, remove the tabletop and put it to use instead of buying a brand-new table, because all you need to make a book table is a tabletop, a few books, and adhesive tape. There are various ways to make one, you will also find tutorials for them online but using adhesive tape makes it a bit easier.

10. Style your Dressers


You can either paint your boring old dressers or buy some cheap wallpaper and attach it to your dresser properly. This is a great and extremely easy trick to bring some color to your room.

11. Redecorate your Entrance


You can paint your front door and add a cute ‘welcome home’ mat. You can also add potted plants and if you have a yard, you can get some outdoor furniture and lighting to brighten your porch.

12. Make a Closet Office


A space problem is much more common in urban houses, so if you don’t have a separate working space, you can turn your closet into one! All you need to do is remove the door of the closet and insert some shelves in it so you can keep your electronic gadgets, books, and other items there.

13. Get Personalized Name Plates


Make it easier for your guests to identify your house by hanging a nameplate with the names of all your family members. You can also add your house number to it. You can even make these nameplates at home using various craft materials like cardboard, etc.

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14. Create a Window Seat Cushion


If you have a nice window that gives you a good view, make a cozy window seat so you won’t have to sit on the hard surface anymore. You can make this seat simply by using foam and a piece of good-quality fabric. You can either sew the fabric on the foam or even use safety pins if you are looking for an easier alternative.

15. Prepare a Gift Basket for Guests


You can create a cute gift basket for whenever you have someone over. Make bath bombs, candles, and soaps of different scents, for your guests. You will get different DIY kits online at very affordable prices.

16. Build a Faux Closet


Walk-in closets are always in fashion, but they are not the cheapest to get done. You can use your old bookshelves and put them together for your closet. But keep in mind, a walk-in closet requires a lot of space, and you must be committed to installing a faux one by yourself because it is slightly tougher to manage.

17. Give your Countertops a Faux Marble Touch


People usually prefer to get their marble countertops done by a contractor, but if you have a knack for painting and are looking for an adventure, this is the perfect activity you can carry out. You will get faux marble painting kits at a hardware store, and with the help of some tutorials online, you are all prepped to get started!

18. Make a Laundry Basket


You can create attractive laundry baskets if you enjoy embroidery. You can also hand crotchet a laundry basket. The possibilities to create a laundry basket are endless, it all depends on the type of stitches you have mastered and what fabrics you sew. It’s a bonus if you have your sewing materials and fabrics at home, so you won’t have to spend a dime!

19. Build Pegboards for your Walls


Don’t worry if you have too little space for shelves on your walls and too many items to place on display. With some simple hardware tools and plywood, you can make a pegboard where you drill small boards to place your vases, mirrors, books, and other accessories. Once done, you can even paint the pegboard to go with the color of your wall.

20. Make a Linen Closet for your Bathroom


If you wanted to install a linen closet in your bathroom but space is the issue for you, use old baskets that you have and fix them to the wall to store your linen towels and robes. This gives you extra bathroom space to store your other essentials.

21. Hang a Key Holder


Misplacing keys is one of the most annoying experiences of adult life. Make a key holder and hang it beside your door so you never forget your keys again. You can make a key holder using different creative ideas, for instance, an old frame or use a wooden board.

22. Make a Pouch for your Phone


Whether your charging outlets are too messy with cables lying around, or you don’t have a flat space to keep your phone when it is charging, it can be solved by making a nice pouch. You can keep your phone in it and hang it near the power outlet.

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23. DIY a Makeup Vanity


Makeup takes too much storage space. A rolling vanity can make your problem go away easily. However, you must keep in mind that getting the supplies to assemble this rack may be slightly expensive. It can be assembled easily with some online tutorials. You can divide the sections for your makeup and also keep your hair products in it.

24. Switch the Lighting


Install LED lights instead of the harsh flickering white ones. This will give your home a vibrant ambiance. Some LED lighting also allows you to change colors and brightness as per preference.

25. Beautify your Mirror


If you have a full-length plain mirror, you can turn it into something marvelous from the plain jane look. Simple supplies like white paint, tape, and spray paint of the metallic color of your choice can be used for your mirror.

26. Make a Picture Ledge


Instead of piling your photos on bookshelves or display racks, make a separate ledge for them so they can stand out without being a hassle every time you wish to remove a book. Making a ledge requires just your basic hardware tools and regular wood, so this project is very easy and can be done quickly so you can have fun keeping all your pictures on display.

27. Build a Compost Bin for your Outdoors


Whether you grow vegetables and fruits or just aesthetic flowers in your garden, buying chemical fertilizers will only damage the quality of soil and your growth. Make your own compost bin and use those natural fertilizers. Your garden will flourish under their influence. All you need is some regular wood to build a compost bin.

28. Give your Front Door an Extra Charm with a Wreath


If you are into crafts, make a cute wreath with paper plates, some glue, and plastic ferns. But if you are looking for something more authentic, a wreath made of flowers is also great. Both of them look good to hang on your front door, but with a wreath of real flowers, you must take care and remove it when they wither. A flower wreath is more feasible for a special occasion rather than for everyday use.

29. Create Attractive Designs on the Floor


Give your boring plain tiles some splash by making tile designs on them, without breaking your entire floor. Buy a stencil of the pattern you like, paint over it and allow it to dry, and voila! Your floor will look as good as new.

30. Hang some Art


Art gives a room a soothing charm. If you have any art, or embroidered work, now is the time to get it framed so you can put it to display and showcase your skills to everyone. But, make sure that the art pieces go with the wall paint colors.

31. DIY Dye Linens


Using dyes is very basic and cheap. If you dye your placemats, napkins, and other linens used on the dining table, they are sure to bring some color to a plain glass table. Use different dyes and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Most importantly, don’t forget to be creative with it.

Use these easy home renovation ideas to bring some color and charm to your home. Bringing these affordable changes to your home will make your house look straight out of a Pinterest blog!