17 DIY Ikea Hacks to Transform Your Furniture on a Tiny Budget

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Are you looking for some quick renovation with minimalist effort? Do you want to explore some low budget ideas to transform your furniture? 

Say no more. We have some easy DIY ideas and IKEA hacks that could make your furniture boring to beyond

Nothing can beat IKEA when it comes to affordability and we have assembled all of them for you. It is high time that you feel uniquely you and go all out with the furniture. 

Want a sassy ottoman? Get a faux fur ready. Want an efficient bar cart and a tiny kitchen island? Transform a laptop desk and a simple kitchen cart into these masterpieces. Also, we have got amazing DIY ideas for plant lovers as well! 

We know that budget is an important factor when it comes to renovation, and taking great care of that, we have prepared 17 DIY IKEA HACKS TO TRANSFORM YOUR FURNITURE ON A TINY BUDGET to help you choose the perfect one! 

1. A Flat To Fab Dresser

Via Sarahshermanmanual

If you have a plain dresser which is very efficient but is not working for you in terms of looks, decorate it! This easy DIY will help you make something fabulous out of your custom colored dresser.

You would need sandpaper, primer, paint, nail hole filler, drill, and chop saw to implement this hack. It is a low budget and would completely transform your dresser. Did you see those mirrors? So elegant! 

2. A Stylish Office Table

Via Matsutakeblog

Assuming you have a working desk or office table at your home, here is an easy DIY to make it look awesome. You don’t need any expensive desks or cabinets, remodeling your old desk would do the job.

The legs are given a chic look with a simple and sophisticated pattern, the chair is decorated with a stylish cover and the accessories are also changed. Just little efforts and you will get a fantastic look for your study! 

3. Bookshelf Ladder

Via Themakerista

Redecorate your study and give it an authentic, movie-like finish with this amazing DIY. If you are a bookworm and you do have large bookshelves you must know that the topmost shelves are forever lonely.

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Do them some favor and install a chic ladder right beside the furniture. So, isn’t it easier now to reach the top shelf? Also, it would enhance the look of the mighty shelf and it will never be neglected. Wow, so efficient!

4. IKEA Charging Station

Via Hometalk

Talking about tiny budget furniture, a small charging station can never be ignored due to their size and efficiency. But we don’t need an actual charging station to make electrical points convenient.

A small, black basket would do! Install the stylish basket in between green indoor plants and create DIY wall art. You can also change the look and install it in the gym or bathroom or wherever there is an unused charging point is existing! 

5. Farmhouse IKEA Storage 

Via Decoart

Want some extra, worthy of display storage in your kitchen? Presenting this farmhouse style cabinet that is capable of organizing anything and everything. An IKEA Moppe is customized with satin enamels and paints to make this superb artwork.

It has a rustic charm that can enhance the look of your kitchen at once. You can also use it to store jewelry at a bedroom vanity or sketch pens and hair clips in your kid’s room (I did mention before, anything, and everything!)

6. Statement Chandelier 

Via Pillarbluebox

Now, I don’t want to exaggerate, but chandeliers are insanely beautiful and immensely expensive. So, it is a strict no if you are on a tight budget while transforming your furniture. This simple and affordable chandelier can be a savior during such times as it is made of feather boas.

You need IKEA paper lampshade, white feather boas, mod podge, and glue. Adorn your living room with this charming chandelier and also tap your back since you have successfully made a budget chandelier! 

7. DIY Painted Chair

Via Sugarandcloth

Bring some flair to your boring chair with this easy DIY. If you have an IKEA chair, whether single or double or triple seating, transform it into stylish furniture with golden paints. 

An amazing cushion with printed pattern and lively color, golden polka dots, and trendy gold legs, your relax chair is all set to stand out! 

8. A Statement Wall

Via Oheverythinghandmade

Paint some of those unused kitchen coasters and adorn a neglected wall with it. This DIY hack can turn clever cooking coasters into a stylish organization station.

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Use it to display jewelry, and keep track of important events with sticky notes. You are not only using a wall efficiently, but you are also making the spot a trendy one. They can also earn you some extra compliments! 

9. DIY Lantern Terrarium

Via Thouswell

Calling out all the nature lovers, if you are willing to bring in some outdoor with all those greenery, this one is for you. You will get a lantern terrarium within 15 dollars and this DIY can help you establish a low maintenance look.

Some charcoal, potting soil, and gravel are all you need to get that elegant, green look indoors. It is just another piece of decorative item, yet it is so vivid. I can’t resist myself from adoring it! 

10. Modern And Chic Vanity

Via Newblooming

Bless your vanity with new life by renovating it into a modern one. A slight makeover can transform your plain vanity to something worth drooling over. Don’t worry about small space or low budget, this DIY can make your neutral vanity look like a glam diva amidst all the furniture.

A sheep-skin covered bench, old-school legs, and a statement mirror with a classic wooden frame, what else would you want? 

11. Coffee To Cocktail

Via Triplemaxtons

Ever heard about mid-century cocktail tables? If we say, a coffee table can be remodeled into a cocktail table, would you believe it? Buy some signature tapered legs, with golden tips, and you are in for a cheap makeover.

This IKEA hack simply isolates the top of the coffee table and attaches those tapered legs in an inclined fashion. Place this DIY table in the center of your living room, and feel the pride! 

12. A Cheerful Ottoman

Via Petitepartystudio

Talking about turnaround, how about modifying a rough footstool to a patterned ottoman? You would just need a sassy floral fabric for the IKEA footstool and four dramatic and traditional bun legs. Also, it can be used as a center table or a center stool, whatever. An amazing catch at a low cost, isn’t it? 

13. Vintage Kitchen Island

Via Oliverandrust

We are not talking about those bulky and expensive kitchen islands, please relax. This DIY is all about modifying a low profile kitchen cart into a vintage and classic kitchen island.

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With a chic white marble top and towel bar, it has all the sass. Add some extra counter space with this amazing kitchen sidekick and we would also warn you, it is a scene-stealer! 

14. DIY Planters

Via Homedit

If you are up for installing some hot houseplants like cacti and succulents, this one is for you. Don’t get overwhelmed with those bulky planters which aren’t efficient enough.

Take a glass container, give it more strength by attaching a concrete texture, and spray paint it for good looks. Your planter is ready to roll, woohoo! 

15. Wall Clock Makeover

Via Classyclutter

Wall clocks are a part of our furniture and let’s appreciate it for its sheer dominance in the field of wall arts. Don’t take rounds of the store, eyeing those big-budget, vintage clocks and show some love to your simple clock by giving it a makeover! 

Attach a custom colored clock face and you can be creative with the clock hands as well. This DIY provides an amazing finish that could also steal the spotlight, any day! 

16. DIY Bar Cart

Via Stylemepretty

Want a low budget bar cart? Turn an IKEA laptop table into one! You would need mod podge, caster wheels, sprays paints, and the drill kit to complete this one.

You can also attach a glass rack below to get some extra storage for the ice cubes and water bottles. Why wait? Get to work for your bar cart! 

17. DIY Fur Ottoman

Via Classyclutter

Yes yes, ottomans are my favorite and I just don’t know why. Make your morning teas and afternoon television marathon more relaxing with this DIY faux fur ottoman.

You would need a wooden framework, foam, and finally faux fur to make the fluffy look complete. I am head over heels with this chic and pretty design and I believe you are intrigued as well! 

These tiny budget ideas are great if you are in for a quick makeover for the furniture to transform your interiors. If you are confused and doubting yourself as they are DIY, please don’t overthink and just do it. Something amazing is awaiting!