21 Brilliant DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

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Cooking with fresh ingredients can make a huge difference when it comes to taste. Freshly cut herbs can take a dish to a whole new level. Having an indoor garden is an idea that came to light because of this need.

Also in winters getting fresh herbs can be expensive and difficult, so if you don’t want to compromise with the flavors of your meals in the winters an indoor herb garden makes sense since most of the herbs can’t survive outside in cold weathers.

There are portable herb gardens too that you can move outside so that your herbs get sunlight during the day and inside too so that they are shielded from the chilly nights. As you will see in the article there are amazing ways to accessorize your kitchen with these herb gardens.

Few Things to keep in mind for Indoor Garden:

1 Make sure your herbs get enough sunlight.

2 Herbs have a slow but thorough water supply.

3 Grow each herb separately. This is because unlike outdoors it is harder to get the ideal environment for the growth of every herb.

4 Nourish the herbs with seaweed or fish-based fertilizer.

5 Don’t put the pots too close as it can cut their air circulation.

6 Provide the herbs well-draining pots and soils.

7 Know which herbs are best to grow indoors. For eg – A herb like basil that requires 8 hours of sunlight is not ideal for your indoor herb garden.

21 Brilliant DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Here is a list of 21 amazing DIY indoor herb garden ideas to inspire you to grow your favorite herbs:

1. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Via Camillestyles

There is any variation of this one out there in the vast world of the internet. Going through a lot of them this was one of the best ones I saw (One of the best, because when it comes to mason jars everything looks just so pretty). The effortless look confirmed the deal for me on this one.

2. Tea Cup Herbs Garden

Via Gardeningfortoday

Rustic wooden shelves and Vintage styled Tea Cups grabbed my attention. You buy beautiful china and then wait for guests because they are too precious to be used daily. This is a great way to showcase your those beautiful teacups.

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3. Wood Planter for the wall

Via Shanty2chic

This hanging wooden shelf can be made from scratch (well not completely, you would have to get wood and clay pots. Unless you are planning to chop up the wood and bake the pot yourself). Paint them to suit your home, you can even decorate the pots if you like.

4. Wooden Box Indoor Herb Garden

Via Oliveandcocoa

A very easy and inexpensive idea for your minimalistic kitchen. This really cute indoor herb garden takes very little space and is ideal for people who want to bring their herb garden indoors for winters. This will protect your herbs during winters so that you can make those scrumptious meals during the chilly nights.

5. Chalkboard Planters

Via Abeautifulmess

I found these black chalkboard planters paired with white soccers and it looked just so cute. Name the plants with chalk, you could also draw on them with colored chalks. 

6. Upside-down Indoor Herb Garden

Via Persephonemagazine

This hanging herb garden hangs upside-down making it easier for you to reach for your herbs. Just be generous with the tape as you secure the lid. You do not want soil all over your kitchen counter and floor, do you?

7. Rainy Pot 

Via Dzinetrip

If you didn’t just scroll down to look at the pictures and read the para about things to keep in mind before getting started with an indoor herb garden, you would have read that it is very important to not overwater your herbs. This is a really chic and cute solution to the overwatering problem. The little clouds shaped water container drizzle water slowly on your herbs so that you don’t end up overwatering them.

8. Small Baking Tin Indoor Herb Garden

Via Grillo-designs

A small baking tin that you can just hang above your kitchen counter. It doesn’t look like just a baking tin though. So start saving money and making really tasty meals with fresh herbs right from your kitchen.

9. Hydroponics Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Hydroponics Growing System,Support Indoor Grow,herb Garden kit Indoor, Grow Smart for Plant, Built Your Indoor Garden (Large-White)

This herb garden kit has LED to help your plants with photosynthesis which makes it the right fit for your modern kitchen. This is best for people who don’t get sunlight in their houses or live in places with long winters. It comes with 12 individual plant pods and you can adjust the LED so that the growth of your plant is not constrained. It is a one-time investment but totally worth it.

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Buy this kit here.

10. Colorful Tiered Indoor Herb Garden

Via Abeautifulmess

These are really pretty and just use a simple tiered kitchen organizer. Very simple and vibrant colored pots. And don’t compromise on flavourful meals. They do not take a lot of space and you can move them into the sun whenever needed with ease.

11. DIY Clothespin Indoor Garden Planters

Via 7thhouseontheleft

This is so cute, cheap and creative that it blew my mind. It is made of wooden clothespins and tuna cans( yes you read that right, tuna cans!!). Spray, dry, and clip and you have your self mini planters for your indoor garden.

12. Hydroponic 3 Plants Herb Garden

Hydroponic 3 Plant Herb Garden Via Amazon

It works on the same technology as the one we saw earlier. This one is ideal if you have a bigger and busier kitchen. The variety of plants that you can plant is restricted to three but the pots are bigger. Unlike the previous one, this gives equal light to all the plants even as they grow tall.

13. Upcycled Bottled Indoor Herb Garden

Via Designsponge

This is quite an interesting way to use old bottles and make a small and simple DIY Indoor Herb Garden. If you have a really nice herb garden in your backyard but the winters ruin them. Then you can plant those in these simple bottles till the season of cold days and even colder nights gets over.

14. Old Cabinet Herb Garden

Via Thestylejournal

So a brilliant person did this with an old drawer Cabinet and I am in love with this idea. It’s so vintage and such a unique idea for a herb garden. You just don’t plant a herb garden, you showcase your herb garden. Old cabinets can work well, try getting one from a garage sale or a flea market. 

15. Stackable Herbal Pots


Stackable Herbal Pots Via Amazon

Another ingenious solution to your indoor herbal garden needs by amazon. If you too are short on space in your kitchen but want all the fresh herbs you can get indoors this is the thing for you. These terra cotta pots don’t take a lot of space but still have a lot of space to grow a variety of fresh herbs. You can get a wheeled porter to move this thing around with ease.

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16. Pegboard and teacup Indoor Herb Garden

Via Behance

Pegboards are generally used for organizing tools in Garage but who knew they could look so classy in your kitchen too. All you need is some coats of paint that match the tone of your kitchen and cups that complement it.

It will look cute and you can grow as many herbs you like in your space-friendly herb garden.

17. Profesional Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

Via Homesteading

This takes a little more work but if you know your way around saw and wood. It looks very clean and gives good competition to those IKEA garden solutions. Make it as big as you want or as small as you need.

18. Repurposed Drain Pipes Indoor Herb Garden

Via 1001gardens

They used drainage pipes and made this super chic DIY Indoor Herb Garden. It looks really cute and is so creative too. Don’t spend too much money buying herbs or making a herb garden when you can make these. 

19. Green House Indoor Herb Garden

Via Sherwoodhouse

This is just so elegant and classy. Okay, so it can’t fit in a lot of herbs but it is perfect for a small kitchen. A herb garden that fits perfectly on the kitchen counter without taking a lot of space.

A little tip from an earlier DIY is to use small tuna cans for planting herbs. You can also fit small wooden slabs near the walls these will act as tiers so that you can keep more tuna cans on the slabs too.

20. Kettle Indoor Herb Garden

Via Funkyjunkyinteriors

So we had our fun with the big vintage teacups but kettles are vintage too. These people used old steel kettles of varying sizes and shapes to create an antique yet beautiful Indoor Herb Garden. You could go fancy with kettles too just get some antique china kettles. 

21. Clay Pots Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Via Thebirdandhersong

A very chic way to use clay pots and make your very own hanging herb garden by your kitchen window. This way the herbs will get enough sunlight and you will always have fresh garnishing for the delicious meals you cook in your kitchen. It will make your house look prettier too, just decorate the pots to complete your house decor.