31 DIY Kitchen Decor Projects Done With Reclaimed Wood

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It goes without saying, the kitchen is a very important part of every house in terms of utility and looks. You have to keep it clean, tidy, and organized, and at the same time, nicely decorated. If you love the farmhouse trend and are fascinated with rustic decors, give your kitchen a reclaimed wood upgrade. 

Now you may ask “Why ‘reclaimed’ wood?”  

Reclaimed wood means it has some sort of “history”. And most of us love to own items that are rich in history and character because it brings a different kind of charm and elegance to our homes. They also act as conversation pieces. Regardless of what your reasons are, it’s always a good thing to re-purpose whatever you can and be nature-friendly. 

In this article, we have 31 fun, creative DIY Kitchen Decor Projects with reclaimed wood for your kitchen makeover. Why DIY? It allows personalization, it’s fun, and will also save you a few bucks! 

31 DIY Kitchen Decor Projects Done With Reclaimed Wood

1. Utensil Holder

Upcycle an old rake into a utensil hanger and securely screw it onto a reclaimed wood board for the ultimate vintage style holder. You can complement it with two separate vintage hooks to add to its holding capacity.

For more fun, paint the thing with earthy colors or vibrant ones as you please.

2. Reclaimed Wood Butcher Block Countertop

Via Keepingitcozy

The easiest and most resourceful way to use reclaimed wood in the kitchen is to turn it into the countertop. Shape the wooden boards with a saw and other necessary tools, paint or polish it for a better finish, and finally securely place them on the top of the cabinets.

The rustic wooden tops would look spectacular with white cabinets.

3. Pot Rack

Via Agreenpointkitchen

Your collection of pots can’t be just lying around on a shelf or in the sink. You need to have a nice little place exclusively designed for the pots. Visit a thrift store or dollar shop and find cheap pallets and upcycle them into a minimalist pot holder. 

Staple a chicken wire to the pallet and use some S hooks to hang the pots. Then with two chains and some tools, mount the holder to the wall. 

Buy S hooks here.

Buy chicken wire here.

4. Kitchen Bench

Via Oldsaltfarm

If you have a big family with lots of kids, your hunt for the perfect kitchen bench probably hasn’t gone the way you like. Why go to all this trouble when you can make one yourself to suit your needs AND save some a few bucks in the process? 

The bench here can be entirely built from reclaimed wood. Gather the supplies such as wooden boards, cutting tools, grit sandpaper, paint, etc., and start making the most desirable bench for your kitchen. 

5. Mini Storage Cabinet

Via Confessionsofaserialdiyer

Not everyone has a super organized kitchen. There are always some little things lying around that don’t have a designated place. In such cases, it’s better to get a new cabinet and you can DIY it.

Whatever odd thing you find lying around the kitchen, you can simply pick it up and throw it inside the cabinet before the guests arrive. 

6. Three-Tiered Tray

Via Lizmarieblog

As it is hard to find the perfect or decent-looking three-tiered tray in the market, it’s better to make it yourself. You can make it at a much lesser cost and into a much better resourceful tray.

Shape the reclaimed wood into circles and then hold them together vertically with candle holders or wooden dowels. 

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7. Kitchen Wood Beams

Via Jennasuedesign

There are many faux wooden beams online but man they cost so much! It’s gonna leave a hole in your pocket. So your best bet would be to do it yourself.

Buy reclaimed lumber, do some drilling, screwing, shaping, and put it all in place. Don’t forget to add a wood stain of your choice.

8. Ledge Shelf

Via Christinasadventures

If it’s your first kitchen project, you should begin with the simplest one and this ledge shelf is just the thing for you. 

The shelf is super easy to build. Get the right measurements and get your wood trimmed from a hardware store because it can be a risky job for a beginner. Once done, securely put the pieces together and screw them onto the kitchen wall.

9. Wine Rack

Via Shanty2chic

This authentic rack requires some pieces of reclaimed wood, metal pins to hold the bottles in place, and some other supplies from the hardware store. From stocking up the materials to the finishing touch, the entire thing will cost only around 15 bucks!

10. Mason Jar Chandelier

Via Westvirginiamountainmama

The high-end, fancy chandeliers aren’t so pocket-friendly, especially if you’re on a tight budget with big dreams. But, who says your kitchen has to be deprived of such fancy decor items? The most resourceful solution is to “do it yourself”. 

With a bunch of mason jars, barn wood, string lights or bulb lights, and some other tools, you can have a stunning chandelier for your kitchen as the perfect alternative to those fancy ones.  

11. Kitchen Message Board

Via Seekinglavenderlane

If you’ve got papers piling up in your house, you must be in search of a designated spot to organize them for just the perfect display. And this kitchen message board might just be your dream come true. 

All you need is pallet wood, wood glue, clips, and chicken wire to make this creative and useful message board. No more losing important papers or forgetting chores!

Buy chicken wire here.

12. Wood Vent Hood

Via Instructables

Give your kitchen an elegant and classy makeover by adding a rustic wooden vent hood. It requires a bunch of wooden boards, necessary tools and materials, but above all, it requires your time, effort, precision, and woodworking skills.

You can also hire a carpenter to make a customized one for you with this tutorial.

13. Wooden Cafe Sign

Via Abeautifulmess

If you’re as much of a coffee lover as I am, what’s stopping you from putting up a coffee sign in your kitchen? If cafes can do it, then so can you!

A small deep shadow box, LED string lights, a paper template and some other basic supplies are all you need to light your kitchen up.

14. Wood Beam Doorway

Via Remodelaholic

A wooden beam doorway is going to give your kitchen the desired rustic look and separate it from your crowded living room. 

Gather up sheathing plywood boards, a stain of your choice, spray paint, and the necessary tools to have fun with this creative little farmhouse-style DIY. 

15. Fake Bakery Sign

Via Hometalk

Ever dream of opening a bakery? If you haven’t been able to make it a reality yet, you can at least have a cute little bakery sign in your cozy kitchen for self-satisfaction. 

Get a wooden pallet, some paint, and cup holders for customizing your sign, then get ready to ‘fake it till ya make it’.

Buy S hooks on here.

16. Rustic Coffee Station Tray

Via Lizmarieblog

Waking up to a coffee station is just the dream of a typical coffee lover and you’re only a hammer away from making it come true. 

Hammer and nail some wooden boards together and you’ve got the perfect little spot in the kitchen for your coffee station. With some white paint and wax, you can have a rustic version of the modern station. 

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Add drawer pulls on the sides as handles so you can easily carry the tray around.

17. Wooden Coffee Crate Sign

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

We’ve got yet another coffee sign to spruce up your coffee station.

As you’ve already guessed, it requires wood planks, paint, polish, hinges and hooks, and a little optional spot for a jar plant (to accentuate the look). Secure the planks using two wooden boards but leave gaps between the planks for adding S-hooks. This way you can also hang your coffee mugs.

Pretty cute, isn’t it?

18. Farmhouse Shelf

Via Andersonandgrant

This is a useful storage shelf and also a safe spot to keep stuff away from your kids’ hands.

You can either paint the whole shelf to match your kitchen walls and cabinets or just paint the bottom part. Leaving the top of the shelf in its natural state is what’s going to add rusticity to your kitchen.

19. Kitchen Island Table

Via Re-madejustright

Don’t pinch a hole in your pocket with those ridiculously expensive farmhouse-style kitchen island tables when you can craft your own at a cheaper cost. The best part about making your own table is that you can customize it however you like.

Do some measuring, chopping, drilling, and hammering to put those pieces together. Coat it with paint, stain, and lacquer to give it a nice rustic finish, and there you go! Your very own customized perfect kitchen island table.

20. EAT Sign

Via Seekinglavenderlane

What’s the purpose of the kitchen? Providing you with food to EAT. So an EAT sign is pretty apt for such a room.

If you have the basic wood shaping and polishing skills (not much of a problem if you don’t), you can get the job done. And painting the sign needs no special “artistic skills”. You can go for a simple black and white design or go crazy with the colors.

21. Wall Mount Silverware Orgnanizer

Via Flippingtheflip

Let me introduce to you a new technique of organizing silverware that’s more space-saving, cheaper, and adds to the rustic style of your kitchen.

All you have to do is gather up wooden pallets, chop them up and turn them into little boxes, attach them to a longer piece of pallet wood, and BOOM you have the oh-so-dreamy farmhouse wall mount silverware organizer.

22. Wood Bar Table

You don’t have to spend fortunes on those expensive Etsy Bar Tables when you can craft it with your talented pair of hands and the unused wooden pieces lying around.

Shape the wood into any shape you prefer or keep it as it is, sand it down and give it a seal, and add metal table legs. The metal and wood will give a nice contrast.

23. Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray

Via Beyondthepicket-fence

A simple DIY wooden serving tray leaves behind a lasting impression. Trust me.

Use reclaimed wood to make the tray, sand and seal it, then add 2 leather belt handles. You just need some basic tools and your precious time and effort, then there’s no stopping you from having the cutest little tray with the simplest but elegant rustic design.

24. Drawers to Wall Shelves

Via Knickoftime

If you don’t want to engage in woodworking, pull that old wooden drawer and mount it up on the wall for a simple, small but useful wooden kitchen shelf. BUT if you don’t have any such drawer, you may have to engage in some little woodworking but not much!

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Then add 2 D-ring hangers to the back of the drawer, and attach it to the wall.

You can add some paint or embellish with mini home plants as an extra touch to the decor.

Buy D-ring hangers here.

25. Salvaged Wood Chalkboard

Via Createandbabble

How long will you keep on screaming at your family begging them to do their chores? Put up a chalkboard in your kitchen and write down all the chores, important messages, and to-do tasks on it with a passive-aggressive warning text.

Spare your vocal chord from tearing up and your mind from the stress.

26. DIY Menu Board

Via Thesitsgirls

With so many chores around the house, keeping track of meals and groceries may not be on top of your list but it should be addressed. Get organized with this unique menu board that will help you keep a proper record.

The maker used plywood here but you can easily replace it with a reclaimed wood board. You will have to do a bit more woodwork like shaping and polishing for a neat finish. Paint with chalkboard paint and voila!

27. Farmhouse Coffee Tray

Via Simplybeautifulbyangela

How can we not talk about coffee trays when there are around 64% adult coffee drinkers in the U.S .at this moment and there’s a fair chance you belong in that group?

Buy a wooden crate from a dollar store or Amazon. Add necessary coffee ingredients like sugar and creamer in mason jars. You can even take a piece of scrap wood lying around and turn it into a coffee sign.

28. DIY Farmhouse Fruits & Veggies Rack

Via Addicted2diy

The kitchen is often out of space for storing varieties of fruits and veggies, especially if you have to feed a lot of mouths. But this wall-mounted rack can provide extra space for the poor left-out ones.

Drill in the wired baskets to a reclaimed wood board, splash some paint and show your painting skills, and put it up! The fruits and veggies will thank you for your service.

Buy wired baskets here.

29. Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer

Via Homeroad

Do you have an old worn-out cheese grater lying around? It’s never too late to repurpose it! Put it to good use by turning it into a cutlery holder.

Attach it to a small piece of reclaimed wood and add a chain or rope for hanging it up. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

30. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinet

If you are a passionate woodworker and are looking for a big kitchen renovation project, giving your cabinet a reclaimed wood makeover may just be the perfect beginning.

There are two ways you can go about this—either cut out wooden planks by yourself or get ready-made weathered planks from Amazon.

All you have to do is gather up the supplies, build a proper plan and follow the procedures and guidelines given by the maker, and it’ll be a piece of cake for a skilled worker like you.

31. Wooden Pallet Backsplash

Via Circadee

If you don’t have the budget for a full renovation, you can start by renovating the backsplash with old reclaimed wood.

You need to find an old wooden pallet for that vintage touch. Cut up the pallet into strips and stick them with a strong adhesive to create the backsplash. You can add to its essence with Benjamin Moore’s Woodmont Cream or any other similar paint. Two coats and they’re enough to brighten up your kitchen, and your day.

Gather up the bits of old, reclaimed wood from your garden (or someone else’s, *wink*), swirl your hand and let the magic happen! Your kitchen is looking forward to the personalized rustic upgrade.