51 Best DIY Outdoor Easter Decorations

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Spring is about to set in soon. Are you worried about your Easter decoration this year? Let me help you with that! 

These are some of the best outdoor DIY Easter decor ideas that will spread joy all over your yard! From planters to topiaries to wreaths – everything that you can think of can be DIY-ed.

Running on a tight budget? We have penniless ideas too. Don’t wanna put in much effort? You’ll get ideas for that as well! Don’t believe me? Check ‘em out yourself.

51 Best DIY Outdoor Easter Decorations

1. Hatched Egg Ornament 

via juliemeasures

Instead of throwing away the eggshells, make these cute little hatched egg ornaments for your plants. Mini chicks inside the hatched shells give off the Easter-y vibe. Add some hatched egg candles and blooms to the combo and enhance the cuteness! 

2. Giant Peeps 

via theseasonalhome

Styrofoam and spray paint are all you need for this – can you believe that? Brag about how you made these giant peeps and attract tons of attention and compliments. Don’t forget to use stick legs to make them standstill.

3. Vintage Wicker Planter 

via simpledecoratingtips

Get your hands on a vintage wicker planter to decorate your porch for Easter. It won’t take more than half an hour of your time to do this project. Fill it with lavenders, greens, faux twigs, pussy willows, and a bunny statue – you get a soft, casual Easter look.

4. Moss Covered Pots 

via frugelegance

Spring means greenery all around, what’s stopping you from turning the pots green as well? Take some sheets of moss and wrap them around the pots. Add to the greenery by positioning green (not white) bunnies in the pots.

5. Burlap Bunny Hoop Wreath

via oursouthernhomesc

This will definitely be easier if you know the technique. Otherwise, it’s always worth it to learn something new! Here, you have to print the bunny shape out of fabric and heat it on the burlap. Top it off with flowers, greens, and a burlap ribbon.

6. Easter Basket

via leapoffaithcrafting

Decorate your lawn with a bunch of Easter baskets to confuse the children during Egg hunt! Modify some wired baskets by dyeing them with different colors. Fill them with Easter eggs, Spanish moss, stick Cross, and some blooms and greens. There you go! 

7. Big Twine Eggs

via thecountrychiccottage

Did you know the Dollar store sells some extra-large Easter eggs? You can modify them into giant twine eggs! Scatter these eggs all over the yard, but make sure no one stumbles over them!

8. Carrot Pallet Sign

via ribbonsandglue

No matter how simple it looks (and is to make) this will surely be that Easter-y thing you’re looking for on your porch. Glue a big paper carrot to a pallet, and that is all you have to do! The neighbors won’t be able to overlook it. 

9. Egg Tree

via betweennapsontheporch

If you have a tree in front of your house with all its leaves out, sparkle it up with colorful Easter eggs. Passersby will stop by to know your “secret” behind such creativity.

10. Tulip Carrot Wreath

via holidayseastercraftscarrot-wreath

Let’s take the creativity up a notch! Make a carrot out of faux tulips and greens. Wondering how to make the shape? Use a glue stick and hot glue gun for the job. You can make many DIY’s using glue gun.

11. Bunny Banner

via holidayseastercraftsdiy-easter-bunny-banner

If you are a fan of simplicity, hang up a soft bunny banner on your front door. Make the banner using cotton muslin, a pom tail, gray fabric paint, and a wooden dowel. How adorable!

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12. Bunny Wreath

via sprinklesomefun

Twist a bloomy grapevine wreath into a big bunny this Easter! You might require some extra care to keep the grapevine intact. Add an adorable touch to it with a ribbon bow.

13. Reclaimed Wood Bunny

via myrecipeconfessions

If you can successfully shape some reclaimed wood into a giant bunny, well, congrats! The job’s done. If a bunny is too tough for you, you can also shape it into a giant egg. Either way, you will be rewarded with the same Easter feeling.

14. Watering Can Easter Wreath

via countryliving

Are you bored of the same old flower wreath? Give it a twist by hanging a watering can instead! Fill it with beautiful blooms for a pop of color. Before you ask, loop wire around the handle to hang the thing up. 

15. Cotton Wreath

vian bhg

Redecorate a grapevine wreath with wired cotton stems! You can purchase the stems from a florist or a craft store. Tuck them into the wreath layers and fill the entire thing this way. Top it off with a burlap ribbon to complete the vintage look.

16. Wooden Carrots Yard

via instructables

Not just tulips, you can also make carrots out of wood. Go beyond the ordinary! You won’t have to make an entire carrot, just the top part – it should seem half-buried! You can add a pallet sign in the end to your very own wooden yard.

17. Big Peeps Topiary

via craftomaniacl

Decorating the porch with lavender pots is absolutely beautiful, but do you want to spice it up a little? Add a giant styrofoam bunny to it. Place floral foam in a pot, put in the bamboo legs of the bunny, and then the lavenders in it.

18. Mini Resurrection Garden

via hometalk

Bunnies, eggs, wreaths, the typical Easter decor beauties – but if you are aware of the biblical story behind Easter and wanna pay tribute to it, make a mini resurrection garden at your place. Fill some pots with mud, stick Cross, a rock, and some moss.

19. Tomato Cage Nest

via artisticendeavor101.blogspot

Become a bird for a day! Build these nests in a 2-tiered tomato cage. Wove grapevine in circles and, after some sweats and sighs, you’ll end up with a tomato cage nest. You can place Easter eggs and chicks in the nests.

20. Burlap Bunny

via landeeseelandeedo

Just place some burlap bunnies out in the garden and your Easter outdoor decor is done! Cut burlap pieces into bunnies and stitch them together. Fill the bunnies with sand and tie them up. Finish with some polka dots or other designs.

21. Honeycomb Eggs

via studiodiy

Trim some honeycomb balls to make some giant honeycomb eggs and scatter them all over your garden. If you think it could be messy, you can also stick the eggs in floral foam. 

22. Egg Topiary

via creativeleecrafted

I love a good topiary! It is inexpensive to make but adds a beautiful touch to any festival. All you gotta do is take a foam cone and glue moss and colorful eggs to it. Then stick it in some floral foam and your piece is complete!

23. Egg Lights

via creativeramblingsblog

Add a fun touch to the festival by decorating the outdoors with string egg lights. Drill holes in some colorful plastic eggs and put the bulbs of the string lights in them. This light can also act as a guide in the egg hunt!

24. HOPE

via fynesdesigns

The word “hope” represents how all hope was lost when Christ died and then regained when he was resurrected. Celebrate Easter with a HOPE signboard to pay tribute. To take it up a notch, make the O with a flowery wreath.

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25. Easter Bunny Hideaway

via dreamalittlebigger

A hideaway for the dearest Easter bunnies? You’ll become popular among the kids if you do this one! Get some oval-shaped wooden plaques for the job for the egg shape. Design them with paints, craft wood sheets, a doorknob, and some other supplies. Takes you to Alice in Wonderland!

26. Burlap Bunny 

via sowanddipity

This is possibly the cutest one on this list. Make this squishy, mushy bunny out of burlap and stuff it with cotton or plastic or paper. Don’t forget to add button eyes and ribbon bows!

27. Broken Shells Pots

via  adayinmotherhood

Give the plant pots a festive touch by gluing broken shells of colorful eggs to them. You can keep the pretty little pots on your front porch or windowsill.

28. Moss Bunny Canvas Art

via domesticallycreative

Want a rustic touch to the festival? Get a burlap canvas and glue a moss-covered giant foam bunny to it. Simplicity at its best here!

29. Chalkboard Spring Sign

via sugarpiefarmhouse

Go simple with a chalkboard saying SPRING. Position it on an old chair on your porch to officially welcome the season! But if that’s too simple for you, frame the chalkboard and place some easter eggs in front of it.

30.  Blooms and Eggs Wreath

via apumpkinandaprincess

Welcome the festival of colors and blooms with an eye-catcher egg wreath! All you’ll have to do is glue some colorful eggs to a grapevine wreath and top it off with a ribbon bow. Ta-da!

31. Blooms In Watering Can

via southernseazons

Place a watering can full of blooms and not water on your porch. To add some weight and keep it from blowing away, place a rock on the bottom. You can also add a lantern to complete this simple and sophisticated look.

32. Wood Slices Bunny

via momunleashed

If you know the woodcutting technique, or can get the wood slices from the store, this project isn’t gonna make you sweat much. Arrange the slices in a bunny shape and make the whiskers from twist ties. 

33. Yarn Eggs Garland

via modpodgerocksblog

If you are okay with getting your hands dirty, then this project is a piece of cake for you. Inflate some balloons into oval-shaped eggs and wrap the sticky yarn all around them. For a better view at night, put in battery-led string lights in the eggs! Check out DIY string light decor ideas.

34. Ladder Spring Decor

via frommyfrontporchtoyours

Greet the guests with the beautiful scent of lavenders by hanging some wired planters filled with blooms and greens on a ladder. Make sure to keep the flowers fresh!

35. Easter Urn Planter

via serendipityrefined

If you have an empty urn sitting in the yard, fill it with beautiful and stunning faux flowers. Add some birdhouses to make it even prettier, or stick to the simple Spring vibe!

36. Bunny’s Egg Cart 

via betweennapsontheporch

An egg cart driven by a bunny? How creative! Don’t worry, you don’t have to make all the stuff. You can buy a small cart and even a flexible giant bunny. All you have to do is make the giant Easter eggs (material depends on how hard you want them to be), decorate with some greens, and tie the bunny’s hands to the cart.

37.  Giant Eggs Topiary


Some stores sell real big Easter eggs – use them to make a topiary! Drill holes in them and pass a dowel through. Make it stand in a pot, and add greens and lavenders to finish the look!

38. Easter Cross 

via linda-coastalcharm

Add a wooden Cross to your garden to remind people that Christ died for our sins and He lives in every one of us. Instead of bunnies and eggs, celebrate Jesus and Mother nature!

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39. Burlap Easter Flag


Instead of getting an expensive Easter flag from Pottery Barn, you can make a miniature version using burlap and silhouette supplies. This adorable DIY flag will win hearts!

40. Chunky Bunnies

via foodfunfamily

Easter bunnies can be made out of anything if you have the creativity and…well, creativity! This one is made out of wooden blocks and balls. The whiskers are made of twisted wires and the ears from fabric. This unique craft will be a showstopper!

41. Colorful Eggs Garland

via  familyfocusblog

Short on time and supplies? No worries – spread the spirit of Spring all around with this egg garland up on your door! Drill some holes in colorful eggs and pass a pretty ribbon through and done!

42. Sticky Notes Wreath

via diyncrafts

Even wreaths can be made out of anything! Go extraordinary this Easter by crafting Sticky notes wreath. Use cardboard as the base of the wreath. Fold the notes into cones and stick them to the base. 

43. Cute Bunny Cups

via diyncrafts

Looking for something for the kids to do? Let them craft these cute little bunnies! Invert the styrofoam/plastic cups and make the features with cardstock and pink foam sheet. To keep it standstill, fill the cups with mud or sand.

44. Dressed Up Bunny


Make a Mrs. Bunny (or a doe) too! Use cardboard for the figure, white paper for the paws and hair, and some fabric to dress her up. Glue a stick to its back and position it in a mini pot. Giver a name and enjoy the attention!

45. Sunshine Basket

via diyncrafts

Decorate your lawn with super cute sunshine baskets made of colorful foam sheets and decorative paper. Give it the festive feeling by gluing mini flowers to it and putting mini eggs and a cute little chick inside. 

46. Simple Floral Wreath

via bhg

Welcome Spring season with this sophisticated, classy, floral wreath. Show off the bold and beautiful blooms that are perfect for welcoming anyone who stumbles upon your humble abode!

47. Colourful Yarn Wreath

Spring is the season of colors. Make a colorful wreath from yarn and get some “colorful” compliments! Add a bunch of colorful faux flowers too to tie it all together.

48. Bunny Flower Pots

via sweetpartyplace

Since we are using almost everything to make Easter bunnies, why leave the flower pots behind? It’s purple here, but you can paint it in any color. Make the ears from cardstock and the other features with pom and googly eyes. Perfect for the outdoors!

49. Origami Easter Tags

via eatdrinkchic

If you are one to care about the tiny details, you can make these tags and tie them around the pots or hang them up on the door. For this project, you need cardstock, white paper, glitter paper, twine, and other standard craft supplies.

50. Spring Butterfly Wreath

via designimprovised

Let’s celebrate the arrival of Spring with a typical Spring wreath! Filled with greens and faux butterflies, this one is sure to greet the guests with the warm welcome of Mother nature.

51. Wooden Yard


Let’s wrap the list up with a DIY yard where everything is made of wood! Eggs and carrots and more eggs and carrots- all from wood. You can even add wooden bunnies to complete your very own wooden yard. A bit much, but definitely worth the effort!

Spring is gonna set in soon, and welcoming the season with time and effort adds so much joy in the air. Choose your ideas, gather your material and get crafting! This Easter, prepare to spread colors, joy, and happiness all around.