51 Cheap And Easy DIY Outdoor Fall Decorations

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It’s time to bid goodbye to sunny summer days and welcome autumn now. Sure, we might miss the sun, but we are equally excited for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and for those amazing Fall porch decors as well!

Bring Fall colors home before autumn arrives by decorating your backyard, lawn, and front porch. Once you are done with the indoor decor, work on the outdoors and get ready to welcome your guests like no one else.

The seasonal decors hardly take a toll on your pocket, thanks to DIY ideas and Dollar stores. So, if you are looking for some cheap and easy DIY for the outdoor decors this year, you are in the right place. From stunning and vibrant pumpkins to exuberant planters and cozy seating areas, we have them all to kickstart the holiday season!

51 Cheap And Easy DIY Outdoor Fall Decorations

1. DIY Fall Buggy Planter

Via Partyresources

The rustic combination of mums, gourds, pumpkins, flowers, and every Fall element on a vintage buggy planter is a perfect outdoor decor. The decor is portable and can be used to decorate the backyard or front porch. 

2. Pumpkin Topiaries

Via Homestarstaging

If you are looking for a cheap DIY, this pumpkin topiary won’t disappoint you. It has an attractive appeal and you would just need some small and large pumpkins, fall garlands, and a pot or planter to complete this.  

3. Pumpkin and Sunflowers

Via Mozaik

This DIY screams Fall like nothing else—it consists of pumpkins covered in sunflowers. The color combination of orange and yellow is truly stunning and this DIY is effortless to make. You will only need faux pumpkins and plastic sunflowers—glue them together and it’s done! 

4. Rustic Front Porch

Via Bethbryan

This front porch decor has almost everything associated with Fall. It has yellow and brown flowers, faux pumpkins, and even corns! There is no rule here, take inspiration from this, be as creative as you want, and prepare the front porch to welcome Fall

5. The Bountiful Container

Via Southernliving

The DIY has incorporated a cabbage amidst other Fall elements like flowers and leaves. You will need a long planter to add height, put in ornamental kale and cabbage, and decorate the rest with marigolds and veggies.

Make sure you work on the color contrast to get the best results! 

6. Hot Pink and Orange Pumpkins

Via Dimplesandtangles

One of the most unique and chic Fall decors, this front porch not only screams Fall but oozes happy vibes! Say goodbye to dull colors this time and decorate pumpkins with hot pink and orange colors. Pair them with sassy planters and colorful wreaths to complete the vibrant look. 

7. Fiery Purple Planter

Via Southernliving

Light up your porch this Fall with this blazing purple planter. It has cosmos, Mexican bush sage, purple cabbage, orange berries, and so much more. Pair the planter with faux pumpkins on the stairs.

8. House Numbers Pumpkin Topiary

Via Atthepicketfence

Here is a lively pumpkin topiary that has house numbers attached to it. I cannot think of anything more creative than this for displaying house numbers, and as you have guessed, it would look stunning on your front porch. Pair it with flower planters and complete the decor. 

9. Happy Fall Sign

Via Jenniferallwoodhome

This Happy Fall sign can be made using a rustic pallet and is super attractive! It comes with a candy corn banner and nothing could be more splendid. This could be a good children’s project for the holidays and I am sure the little ones would enjoy making it! 

10. A Pumpkin Cart

Via Homestoriesatoz

A decor that is portable is always my favorite, especially when we are talking about seasonal ones. This beautiful pumpkin cart is sure to attract a lot of attention with its appeal and you can change its position without hassle. 

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11. Stunning Fall Ladder

Via Mypaintedgarden

Here is a charming Fall ladder, decorated beautifully with burnt orange pumpkins and flower pots containing flowers of different colors. You can make this ladder yourself if you are interested in woodworking and place it anywhere in your garden. Or just get one from the store!

12. Decorate Your Porch

Via Betweennapsontheporch

This full-fledged porch decor will surely create a charming sight—use rustic candles, pumpkins, and apple pies to adorn your house. If you are ready to host a sweet, Fall-themed dinner, nothing could be better than this decor. 

13. DIY Snowman/Scarecrow Pallet

Via 4theloveoffamily

Here is a good project to keep your kids occupied that would surely contribute to the Fall decor of your home. You will need a wooden pallet, paints, and some other easily available supplies for making this cute snowman/scarecrow.

14. Black and White

Via Loveofthefamilyandhome

There is nothing as chic and elegant as the black and white combination and this DIY has perfected this dreamy combination. The exuberant patterns on the pumpkins, the pretty bows everywhere and white flowers in the backdrop is an amazing sight to behold! 

Add in a chalkboard with the message of your choice.

15. Fall Scarecrow 

This Fall scarecrow has a pumpkin base, corn stalk hair, and fabric hat and clothes. This is a fun DIY project that can be done with your children. Add in some leaves and pumpkins around the scarecrow to complete the look.

16. Tipsy Pumpkins

Via Birdsandblooms

I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to ignore these cute buddies relaxing on a bright day. Plastic pumpkins resting on a wine barrel in a “tipsy” manner will make the perfect decor. Fill the pumpkins with potting soil and add your favorite flowers to them to complete the look. 

17. Fall Wreath Idea

Via Betweennapsontheporch

Here is a beautiful pumpkin wreath to welcome your guests at the door. The combination of a monogrammed pumpkin and pheasant feathers is out of the world and is very unique. It’s time to try something new this year! 

18. A Pumpkin Baby! 

Via Threepixielane

Yes, you are a parent of a pumpkin baby this Fall and it can gel well with the rest of your Fall front porch decor. The baby is made of pumpkins of different sizes and is sleeping on a woven basket. You can make the covering sheets with corn stalks and the DIY would be ready! 

19. Fall Front Porch

Via Woodgraincottage

The rustic WELCOME sign is enough to steal the attention of your guests and I am sure you will love it as well. The showstopper here is the corn stalks which are working well with the look. Pair the welcome sign with pumpkins and other Fall elements to complete the decor. 

20. Fall Direction Sign

Via Lydioutloud

Direction signs are one of the most common DIY ideas when it comes to outdoor decor—they look pretty cool too. You can take inspiration from this one to make your own direction board this year containing the names of all the fun activities you’re hosting.

21. Funky Pumpkin Man

Via Jenniferfaris

If you are done decorating your front porch, take a look at your backyard garden. Deck it up with this cute pumpkin man and light up your backyard this Fall. This cute man has a black hat and is decorated with Fall leaves which brings a wow-factor to it. 

22. Fall Outdoor Shelf

Via Mypaintedgarden

Take your Fall obsession to another level and make this pretty outdoor shelf for your backyard. You can use it to store watering cans and other gardening essentials. Make sure to add sunflowers and pumpkins to it. 

23. A Red Wagon

Via Newlywoodwards

A combination of chalkboard and red wagon—we don’t see that every day. This DIY front porch decor has incorporated Fall elements in a modern way. You might not be able to move this wagon, but you can be as creative as you want with it! 

24. Mini Pumpkins and Succulents

This decor looks pretty cute, doesn’t it? It’s always interesting to combine succulents with any seasonal element and this time we have mini pumpkins. You can glue the succulents on the top of the veggies and put them on display on your outside table.

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25. Decorate with Corn Husks

Via Countryliving

Here’s a whole front porch look using corn husks. The rustic garland is made of jute rope and corn husks, and the pretty wreath has corncobs and corn husks. This could be a fun and easy DIY autumn project for kids as well. 

26. Jack-O’Lantern Basket

Via Makinglemonade

Get a basket from the store and paint the Jack-O’Lantern face on it. Fill the basket with a large cabbage or mum plant and surround it with faux pumpkins and veggies to achieve this look.

27. For the Love of White! 

Via Tarynwhiteaker

This neutral-themed front porch has white pumpkins and a burlap vase containing white flowers. To add a homely vibe, place a wooden crate and a fall pallet sign in the background.

28. Make it Kid-Friendly! 

Via Housebeautiful

This porch welcomes Fall with pumpkins and gourds and has all sorts of kid-friendly Halloween decor for the trick-or-treaters to enjoy and feel at home. Make your house a memorable one for the kids.

29. Fall Lantern and Pumpkin

Via Craftingchicks

Take a wooden crate, pair it with a rustic lantern from the dollar store, and complete the look with pumpkins and Fall leaves. This can be a part of a whole decor or can stand on its own.

30. Metal Bucket Decor

Via Threepixielane

This DIY consists of a big metal bucket full of Fall elements including corncobs, corn stalks, and florals. Add in a fake crow to achieve a creepy Halloween vibe. You can place it anywhere on your front porch.

31. DIY Light Letter Pumpkins

Via Karaspartyideas

Fall is incomplete without pumpkins and lights and this DIY has brought them together. You will need Marquee lights for the letters, and big, white faux pumpkins would do the rest. You can also use sunflowers for the background to make this decor more beautiful. 

32. Decorative and Rustic Wheelbarrow

Via Homedepot

We did a funky buggy planter for all the Fall veggies—this one is very similar and uses a wooden wheelbarrow instead of a metal buggy. You can build this yourself and then fill it up with Fall elements like red and yellow florals, and pumpkins to complete the DIY. 

33. A Pumpkin House

Via Mypaintedgarden

How about a mini house for your pumpkins? You can either buy a birdhouse like this or make one with cardboard to house the veggies. Complete the look with Fall florals and leaves. 

34. Pretty up the Porch

Via Countryliving

This unique front porch decor doesn’t use big faux pumpkins and mums for the Fall look, instead, it has a cozy blanket ladder and grapevine wreaths with nuts and apples. If you want to take a break from traditional pumpkins this time, there could be nothing better than this cheap and easy look! 

35. Cotton Tree and Pumpkins

Via Threepixielane

Make this soothing decor which consists of a unique woven basket and a rustic cotton tree. You will need some cotton stems, faux gourds, and pumpkins and you can also add some florals to complete the look. Place this basket anywhere on the front porch.

36. Bright Seasonal Seating

Via Fourgenerationsoneroof

If your porch isn’t big enough, extend your Fall decor to the lawn. Place a cozy red bench on the lawn and surround it with bright flowers and veggies. 

37. A Metallic Wonder

Via Sanctuaryhomedecor

Say “Yes” to experimenting with the colors of Fall veggies. These metallic pumpkins look pretty cool, don’t they? You can just spray paint faux or plastic pumpkins for this one and pair it up with classic veggies to highlight the metal ones. 

38. Wooden Fall Swing

Pretty swings like this one are usually found in cozy cottages and bungalows. Bring that farmhouse feel to your home this Fall and install a wooden swing on your front porch. Cover it with a burnt orange-colored shawl and pair it with pumpkin and apple baskets. 

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39. Beautiful Burlap Pillow

Via Opulentcottage

Burlap can make anything and everything rustic and this time we have a long, fall-themed burlap pillow. It could be kept in your front porch seating area and the FALL scribbles on it make it a nice welcome gesture as well. 

40. Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

Via Findinghomefarms

How about making pumpkins using repurposed wood instead of using the actual stuff? Take a break from mainstream faux or plastic pumpkins and switch to these unique decor items. They look fabulous and can be paired with anything! 

41. The Halloween Porch

Since Halloween would be here in a few days, you can always prepare your front porch with scary pumpkins and bats. Make sure you use a combination of white and orange pumpkins to complete the look. 

Add bats and a witch’s hat to complete this decor.

42. Cotton and Muted Colors

Via Sugarandcharm

Create a welcoming front porch this year with a DIY cotton wreath, realistic veggies, and Fall branches and foliage. You can also take inspiration from this decor and incorporate lanterns because having ample light is also important to highlight your decor! 

43. A Cozy Seating Area

Via Lizmarie

If you want to try something new this Fall, create a cozy and homely Fall-themed seating area on your front porch. Lined with pumpkins on all sides, it also has a hay stool, a statement letter, and flower planters amidst a rustic swing. I am sure it would be your guests’ favorite place to hang out. 

44. A Pumpkin Crate

Via Lifeasathrifter

Much like those tipsy pumpkins, this DIY has big, faux pumpkins aligned in a haphazard manner. There is a rustic crate to support them and you can combine this with some other Fall elements like leaves and florals. 

45. Symmetry in Front Porch Decor

Via Housebeautiful

Try to decorate your front porch in a symmetrical manner this time. You might feel that there’s nothing spectacular about this idea but in actuality, it adds a different vibe. Welcome Fall to your house by having similar flowers and pumpkins on both sides of the steps in the same number.

46. A Simple Life

Via Yellowpraireinteriors

From striped outdoor rugs to corn stalks as a decor element, this front porch decor screams Fall to me. It has a banner with A Simple Life scribbled and I think it’s pretty cute. Complete the look with burnt orange pumpkins.

47. White Fall Porch

Via Homestoriesatoz

Since I am obsessed with statement colors like black and white, here is another white Fall-themed porch decor. Deck your porch with white gourds, mums, pumpkins, and flowers and it will look super beautiful. 

48. Pumpkins with Bows

Via Fynesdesigns

I can never get over colorful and patterned pumpkins. You don’t have to work much on creating patterns, just get some ribbons from the dollar store and tie them around colorful pumpkins. Add in a crate and a planter to complete the look.

49. Fall Door Wreath

Via Tatertotsandjello

There are tons of choices if you are looking for Fall wreaths, but this one is unique! It has miniature pumpkins (decorated with paint) and gourds decked on hay. Add in some leaves and burlap ribbons to complete the look.

50. Shimmering Display

Via Countryliving

We already did a metallic pumpkin DIY. Here’s another look you can create with shimmering, gilded pumpkins. The wreath is very easy to make and get ready to receive loads of compliments! 

51. Dried Corn Garland

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

Not only Fall, but any seasonal decor is incomplete without garlands. Corn is a Fall element and you have to dry it out to make this DIY decor. Pair the garland with a rustic wreath and decorate your front or back door with creativity and warmth this Fall. 

After spoiling you with choices, I am sure you are brimming with creative ideas now. So don’t waste any time, pick your favorite and get to work right away!