51 DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas and Tutorials

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Do you know what is the one thing that you can find in almost every warehouse and depot? It’s pallet wood. Pallet wood is an often underused material, but did you know that it can be a great alternative to your expensive patio chairs, sofas, and more?

We have curated a list of 51 stunning DIY furniture ideas that you can make with pallet furniture. You’d find it amazing how many people have created masterpieces out of seemingly worthless pallet wood! From bars to coffee tables and more- you can create everything with it. So what are you waiting for? Check out this brilliant list and start your next DIY project today!

51 DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas and Tutorials

1. Pallet Patio Furniture

Via Thesassysparrowblog

If you are looking to create a relaxation spot for your patio, here’s an excellent piece of DIY furniture made from pallet wood. It will accommodate over 12 people and will make for an ideal spot for your weekend dinners. The tutorial is pretty easy to follow and you’d have this marvelous pallet furniture built in quick time at a minimal cost. Just add a few pillows and the furniture to complete the look.

2. Timber Pallet Lounge

Via Frecklesandfluff

Here is an excellent piece of furniture for your entryway. It’s easy to make and quite affordable too! It’d make for a brilliant rustic piece of furniture at an affordable price. Try using some bold colors to create an intriguing contrast to make your chillout lounge look stunning.

3. Pallet Outdoor Vine Bar

Via Thepoorsophisticate

You might have seen many tutorials on creating some regular patio furniture in no time. But here you can create a garden bar to chill on the weekends using pallets. You’ll have your chair, table, and everything else made of pallets. It makes for a very chill and country-style vibe.

4. DIY Pallet Swing Bed

Via Themerrythought

Who doesn’t love swing beds? The idea of chilling in a swing bed in the shade during summer with a glass of juice is irresistible. And now it’s so easy to make using ropes and pallets that you can finish it this weekend! The swing in this tutorial can fit a large-size mattress for couples to enjoy and have a cozy time together.

5. Modular Corner Lounge

Via Shanty2chic

This has to be at the top of the list of stylish DIY furniture made from pallets. And it does seem complicated at first but the tutorial is so smooth and easy that even beginners would be able to create this masterpiece. The corner lounge is an excellent addition to any hall or living room and would look equally good as outdoor furniture or a patio.

6. Blue Pallet Sofa

Via Scraphacker

If you are looking to have a small sofa for your kids or need some extra sitting area in your living room, this blue pallet sofa is just right for you. The bright blue colors add a lot of vibrance to dull spaces and it looks creative. The ropes on the sides of the sofa add to its rustic vibe.

7. Fold-Down Murphy Bar

Via Thisoldhouse

Create a little space to hide your wine bottles and glasses with this fold-down Murphy bar. It opens up to provide you with an excellent bar table for having a drink outside. You can also store jugs, cutlery, and utensils for having brunch outside. The fold-down bar is pretty easy to make and exudes an old-school vibe. Although they haven’t used pallets here, you definitely can.

8. White Pallet Dining Table

Via Scraphacker

Here is a quick 10-step tutorial to create a dining table with pallets. The white-colored table adds elegance to any room although it may need to be cleaned frequently. It will surely be the most inexpensive dining table you have ever got. Try sanding the wood well apart from putting a quality coating on the table to increase its durability and give it a long-lasting finish.

9. Pallet Bar Set

Via Stackeddesign

Here is an eye-catching tutorial for a pallet bar set. You will be able to create everything from tables to chairs and more with this quick and easy tutorial. Splash some colors on this table if you want something vibrant. Or just leave it as it is to create a rustic farmhouse-style vibe.

10. DIY Pallet Wine Rack

Via Thekurtzcorner

How cool is this wine rack with glasses stuck at the bottom and bottles on top? It would make for a spectacle in your living room. You don’t need to have a separate table or room to create a bar now. Putting this little DIY rack will do the job perfectly. Pay attention to the color of the wood to make it blend with your décor.

11. Gardening Tool Organizer

Via Ourlittleacre

Organizing gardening tools can be a tough job if you don’t have a small room in the garden. Your garden tools can become rusty and malfunction when they have not been stored the right way. Creating this simple yet useful gardening tool organizer would help you store all your gardening equipment and supplies in one place.

12. Pallet Pantry Cupboard

Via Oldworldgardenfarms

You may find it difficult to buy a lot of cupboards to store all your jars in the pantry. Create this functional and classy pantry cupboard to store all your honey, spice, and jam jars in one place. You can add dry fruits, oil, and even wine bottles. The cupboard looks very elegant and is super easy to make too!

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13. Pallet Wood Gardening Table

Via Jennaburger

It’s similar to the dropdown bar table we suggested except that it’s much more functional and easy to create. You can store your pesticides, gardening equipment, flower pots, and more above the ground to keep them safe using this table. You can hang it from the roof quite easily and will have a useful platform to store stuff during gardening.

14. Outdoor Coffee Table & Bench

Via Apieceofrainbow

Create a unique coffee table and bench for a relaxing time on the weekend. The rustic table looks quite unique and creative with the pebbles under the table. It’s a picturesque furniture idea and will suit the natural theme of your garden. Your kids would also love to play around it.

15. Glowing Pallet Bed

Via Renaissanceronin

Create a glowing bed for your bedroom or guestroom to create a fine romantic vibe. It does take some time to complete this project but the end result looks brilliant. You can impress your guests or your significant other with this project and it would make an ideal gift.

16. DIY Laundry Basket Dresser

Via Anawhite

Create this unique space loaded with three baskets for all your laundry clothes. You can segregate everyone’s clothes into different baskets to make them easier to identify. It doesn’t take up much space and looks well-organized, unlike the large laundry bags that can look pretty bulky.

17. Patio Day Bed

Via Lovelygreens

Stack four wood pallets together to create this inexpensive seating furniture for your patio. The green color of this bed looks very elegant and classy. It makes for a comfy seating space. Add a lot of cushions over the mattress. Keep your favorite novels handy for a comfortable read on your patio bed during holidays.

18. DIY Tufted Ikat Ottoman

Via Domesticsuperhero

Create this ottoman made of upcycled pallet wood for your living room. The tutorial is easy to follow. Don’t forget to add a large and comfortable cushion over the pallet table. It suits a comfortable and cozy décor perfectly while the ottoman also looks great on rustic pieces of furniture.

19. Pallet Heart

Via Ishouldbemoppingthefloor

If you don’t have enough space to store your stuff in the bedroom, try using the space on the walls like this. You can use this to store your bedsheets, oils, medicines, and more. It doubles up as wall décor and creates a very romantic atmosphere. It’s hard to fathom that it is so easy to make this masterpiece and your guests will be impressed instantly.

20. Pallet Chicken Coops

Via Removeandreplace

If you love to eat farmhouse-style fresh chicken at home, you might breed a few. And you won’t need to spend time thinking of the right place for your chickens to live. Here is an excellent chicken coop idea made from pallet wood. It provides an excellent shelter for your chicken and other such animals. You can also grow some plants and store the chicken’s diet on the above portion.

21. Red Picnic Table

Via Anawhite

Create this pop-colored picnic table for you and your family to enjoy picnics and have fun while eating. It can accommodate everyone in the family with two levels for kids to sit too. It has enough space for you to place your juices, sandwiches, and much more but the table is small enough to be stored in your car when taking it out for a picnic. You can also double it up as a laptop table.

22. Farm Table Desk

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

Challenges of working from home include finding a designated place to work. Here is a stylish farm desk that has enough space to store all your office essentials including a computer, phone, diaries, stationery, and more. Having the desk in front of the window allows you to keep a positive mindset with the touch of nature in front of you.

23. Pallet Day Bed

Via Ondawaytosomewhere

If you have a walkthrough or pathway in front of your house or in your patio, add this stylish rolling daybed there to enjoy outside. With this bed, you won’t need to add separate tables and chairs. It has enough space for both. The rolling wheels allow you to move it from one place to another depending upon the weather and mood.

24. Pallet Pot Rack

Via Agreenpointkitchen

Declutter your kitchen by creating a designated space to store pots in the kitchen. Since the pots and pans are hanging, you would save a lot of space on the shelf. The counter hanging from the wall is easy to create and would provide you with additional space to store underused utensils or kitchen appliances over it. Hang it tightly with chains and use good-quality hooks that last long.

25. Toddler Pallet Bed

Via Homeagaincreative

Have a toddler at home? You could use this unique toddler pallet bed which is highly functional and would save you a lot of costs. You won’t have to waste money buying expensive toddler beds. This pallet bed is pretty functional with sliding drawers and customizable spaces to store your toddler’s stuff.

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26. Pallet Playhouse

Via Instructables

Why create just a chair and a table when you can build a complete playhouse on your patio? Your kids will have a great time playing in this house and you can also use its shade to keep a coffee table there. And this whole playhouse is made of pallet wood making it an inexpensive option. Understandably, it would take time to build this house but it would turn out to be a great summer project for you and your kids.

27. Recycled Pallet Dining Set

Via Brit.co

Here’s a vibrant pallet dining set made from recycled pallets that looks pretty aesthetic and modern. It’s quite easy to create this dining set and would look pretty elegant on your patio. The set of 4 chairs and a pallet table with a glass top would cost a lot more if you bought it instead of upcycling like this.

28. Multifunction Coffee Table Set

Via Instructables

While it’s being called a coffee table set, it’s much more than that. It contains slide-out trays and can be lifted too! The unique and complex design helps it double up as a storage unit or even a modern dining table. You can store all your games, crafts, and more in the huge storage space inside this coffee table. It also has a lot of compartments for storing little items.

29. Reading Bed with Rollers

Via Handimania

If you are looking to create a comfortable reading space and love to read novels or encyclopedias, you should check out this comfy reading bed. The bed with rollers is made from lightweight pallets that can be transported easily. That way you can find the right spot around the room depending on the weather and your mood. Try to find pallets that won’t rot easily.

30. Chic Pallet Sofa n Bunk Bed

Via Scraphacker

Go for this cheap and chic DIY furniture with an intelligent storage space right under the seat. But that’s not all. You can also include some storage on the backside. The white-colored sofa looks very elegant to store in the living room or in the patio. Add plus-sized cushions of vibrant or pop colors to create comfortable storage cum seating.

31. Rustic Cooler Box

Via Diyjoy

Here is a little cooler that would keep your drinks cold on the front porch without ruining your rustic style décor. Coolers are often guilty of being the odd one out in an otherwise aesthetic setting. The cooler box is pretty easy to create. Although the tutorial has given a rustic look to this cooler, you can remodel it to have a pop color as well.

32. Rustic Pallet Bench

Via Beyondthepicket-fence

If you’re looking to create a rustic vibe on your front porch or living room, this tutorial is right for you. Here is a rustic pallet bench for you to sit outside and have a quick read. It’s not the most comfortable piece of furniture but it sets the tone for a rustic décor. The differently colored pallets make this furniture very attractive albeit a little hard to sit on.

33. DIY Pallet Garden Bench

Via Palletlist

Of course, this is not the first garden bench you’d have seen made of pallets. But its layout and design are very unique with it being reclaimed from cedarwood which also makes this very durable. The unique design and contrast make it an irresistible option for the outdoors. It would also double up as an aesthetic prop for your photoshoots.

34. Crafty Pallet Wood Lamp

Via Diyjoy

Make this crafty and impressive wood lamp that will look very aesthetic on the side of your bed and create a romantic setting in your bedroom. The lamp is very aesthetic and can let you capture stylish silhouette pictures too. It’s pretty easy to create with thin pallet strips.

35. DIY Fold Up Pallet Desk

Via Thistlewoodfarms

Another foldup idea using pallets, this one is for the indoors. You can create an art station or workstation with this foldup pallet if you live in a small apartment. The number of storage spaces in this pallet desk makes it very convenient to store stationery items, diaries, notes, and more. You can also keep calendars awards and more and make it a display panel.

36. DIY Porch Swing

Via Shanty2chic

Here is a stylish and elegant porch swing for you and your kids to relax and enjoy during the evening or the morning. It makes for an excellent place to read and have a cup of coffee with winds blowing around. The swing is pretty affordable and easy to make. Add a couple of large-sized cushions to complete the comfortable swing bed.

37. Funky Pallet Wood Chair

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

Here is a quick pallet wood chair you can make within a couple of hours if you’re an amateur in DIY crafts. The burlap-covered cushions add a farmhouse-style look to the wooden chair. It looks pretty natural and will blend with the natural setting of your patio. Whether you want to have a quick snack or a cup of coffee outside, this chair will fit all purposes.

38. Pallet Wood Vertical Blinds

Via Flippingtheflip

The concept of these vertical blinds seems strange at first but it will grow on you. This out-of-the-box idea will cost you under $30 and is reasonably easy to make. Most can’t imagine making vertical blinds themselves but this tutorial will change your mind. Add these on the living room window and it will definitely be a conversation starter.

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39. Front Entry Wall Hooks

Via Ourhomenotebook

Declutter your room by creating this rustic front entry wall hook using this quick tutorial. It’s made up of a single strip of pallet wood and comes in very handy to store your everyday caps, keys, scarves, and more. You won’t have to search for your handy bags or accessories anymore.

40. Fence Post and Pallet Loft Bed

Via Kammyskorner

It’s amazing how a loft bed can be created with so much ease using fence posts and pallet wood. This kind of bed can be useful in kid’s rooms or places where there’s too little space and you need to accommodate a lot. It looks unique and makes way for a lot of stuff like chairs, computer tables and more to be kept under the loft bed.

41. Wooden Pallet Headboard

Via Instructables

Create this marvelous headboard using pallet boards by following this tutorial. The lamp in front of the headboard adds elegance to the design and the designer paint adds a bit of funkiness. It’s a quick wooden craft that would save you a lot of effort and won’t take much time either.

42. Potting Bench

Via Bhg

Working in the garden can be tough and it becomes all the more inconvenient when you don’t have the right place to store your tools and equipment. Create a functional and highly useful potting bench using cheap pallet wood to speed up your gardening tasks and cut the hassle. You would also have space under the table to store your fertilizers, spare pots, gardening tools, and more.

43. Pallet Bath Shelf

Via Practicallyfunctional

Storing bathroom essentials in a small bathroom can be very challenging unless you use your wall space in the right way. Here’s a quick tutorial for you to upcycle your pallet wood to create a useful bathroom shelf to store your toilet papers, shampoo, soap bars, books, bath toys, and whatnot. It will also double up as a shelf for your bathtub reading times.

44. DIY Pallet Shoe Rack

Via Tomfo

Do you have a large collection of shoes? Then you’d know the struggles of trying to store your shoes right and protecting them from dirt. Here’s an excellent storage cum display for your sneakers and sandals that you’d absolutely love to make. It looks pretty impressive and fits into modern style décor easily.

45. Garden Corner Bench

Via Growingspaces

Build a garden corner bench for those chilly winter nights when the only comfort you find is in sitting around a firepit. It makes for a very comfy setting and you’d love to drink hot chocolate and coffee here. Once you’ve built it, you can add in some pillows and blankets and turn it into an outdoor cozy corner.

46. Outdoor Pallet Bar with Solar Fairy Lights

Via Cassiefairy

If your patio or balcony is too small to accommodate a bar, go for this pallet bar hanging from the shelf. It surprisingly has just as much space as a regular small bar to store your wine and vodka bottles. The black color contrasts well with bright graphics and makes for a stunning display.

47. Pallet Wood LightBox

Via Remodelaholic

Hide the ugly electric ceiling power socket using this brilliant lightbox that additionally hangs lamps to enhance the aesthetic of any room. It would look particularly impressive over a kitchen island and you would love it if you like to shoot recipes at times.

48. Reclaimed Pallet Serving Tray

Via Nikkitapalmer

You don’t always have to spend hours making a large piece of furniture for your pallet wood project. Even a serving tray can be created from this wood. It looks very aesthetic and is a great craft for beginners. You can also use it for photoshoots.

49. Folding Summer Garden Bar

Via Myrepurposedlife

Here’s another excellent outdoor bar idea for you to create. It isn’t small and won’t fit in a balcony but is an excellent piece of furniture for the patio. Just lean this against a shed or wall and your slim yet useful bar is ready for use. Use your creativity and add some contrast here. You will also love how it folds and you can take it out to a friend’s house too!

50. Toddler Table

Via Hestershandmadehome

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on buying a kid’s table for your toddler that would become useless in a few years. Instead, create this equally attractive and much more lasting toddler table at the cost of a drink. It makes for an excellent homeschooling set up so that you can teach your children.

51. Pallet Wood Coffee Table

Via Eaasypalletideas

Save the cost of buying an expensive coffee table by making this quick and easy DIY pallet wood table. It contains space to store stuff below the table and looks very adorable. Choose colors that suit your theme or you can even use it in a natural and rustic style.

These were 51 remarkable ideas for making furniture out of pallet wood. So the next time you have pallet wood, don’t just throw it away or let it rot. Instead, bring it to intelligent usage by choosing one of these brilliant ideas!