48 DIY Planter Ideas For Indoors And Outdoors

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Standard planters or just plastic containers can be unexciting when you are a plant lover who loves to keep their green babies all decorated. Unluckily, the fancy planters can cost quite a penny! This is why we thought why not combine a few DIY planter ideas for indoors and outdoors that will save your money and elevate your decor – two birds with one stone. 

Be it outdoors or indoors, these beautiful DIY planters will give them the suitable space to grow without making it hard for you to move around the place. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best DIY planter ideas from the list below and put your green thumb to use right away.

48 DIY Planter Ideas For Indoors And Outdoors

1. Wooden Pattern Outdoor Plant Stand 

Via Bitterrootdiy

With only two hours of work, this wooden outdoor plant stand is one of the easiest to make on this list. This has originally been made for outdoors but you can use indoor supplies if you wish to keep it inside your house. Just adjust the dimensions according to your pot and you’re good to go. 

2. Unique Colorful DIY Plant Stand 

Via Akailochiclife

If you’re a cutesy plant lover who saves your favorite ideas from Pinterest, say no more, because we have the ultimate DIY stand for you. This unique, colorful, and oh-so-cute DIY planter only requires some paint, books, and your favorite plant. 

3. Spare Drawer Upcycled Plant Holder

Via Happytogetherbyjess

This DIY project is truly unique and one for the books. Upcycle your spare drawer and convert it into a fancy indoor and outdoor planter. It is truly a conversational piece of decor that you can use to plant your favorite flowers. 

4. Wooden Desk Calendar DIY Planter 


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Upcycling is the best way to create DIY projects and this wooden desk calendar turned plant holder is another example of that. All you have to do is follow this tutorial to revamp your desk calendar into a unique indoor plant holder. 

5. DIY PVC Copper Wall Planter 

Via Thecraftbits

The DIY PVC pipe copper wall planter is a great piece of modern art decor that brings the deserved attention to your green babies. It is a non-functional yet beautiful-looking indoor planter that we highly recommend every modern art and plant lover to recreate using local supplies.  

6. Vintage Bottle Air Plants DIY Display 

If you’re a low-maintenance high decor kind of air plant person, then these vintage bottles are perfect DIY planters for you. Display your air plants in all their glory on top of these bottles and let them turn your boring corner into a fun green piece of interior decor! 

7. Upcycled Bunk Bed Stairs Plant Holder

Reuse your child’s long-forgotten bunk bed stairs by turning them into the coolest indoor planters. It is an innovative, easy-on-the-pocket solution to keep your plant babies happy with enough space to grow. Oh, and let’s not forget how adorable the finished outcome looks. 

8. Aesthetic Nestling Plant DIY Stand

Via Housefulofhandmade

If cement is not your forte, use wood to create the perfect plant DIY stand. These wooden slab plant holders can be painted in a beautiful marble effect that makes them look all the more aesthetic. It is also incredibly easy to make and can work both indoors and outdoors. 

9. DIY Cat Face Indoor Planter 

Via Drugstoredivas

It’s time to save those soda bottles and do your part for the environment by turning them into these adorable DIY indoor planters. You can follow this easy step-by-step tutorial of a cute cat face soda bottle planter to make it yourself and plant some grass in it! 

10. Multifunctional Hose Holder Planter 

Via Diycandy

Use pallet wood to create one of the most functional outdoor planters of all time. This useful DIY outdoor planter can be used for storing water hoses inside while beautiful plants grow on the outside. The best part is it is easy to create using some basic carpentering skills. 

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11. Railing Planter Boxes For Balcony 

Via Thehandymansdaughter

A planter that can be made from scratch without any extra hardware and can be placed anywhere from the little kitchen balcony to the railing outside your gate? Yes! These railing planter boxes are adorable options when it comes to decor and serves as the perfect DIY project for plant lovers. 

12. 2-In-1 Cedar Picket Birdhouse And Planter 

Via Dreamalittlebigger

Talking about outdoor planters, why not combine birds and plants with this DIY cedar picket planter. The 2-in-1 planter is very inexpensive and can match any fancy store-bought planter for its value. All you need is some materials like wood, screws, and power tools. 

13. Gold And Concrete Mini Succulent Planters 

Via Thesoccermomblog

These DIY gold and concrete mini succulent planters add the much-needed rustic chic look to your humble abode. Additionally, they’re very easy to make with only a few materials required. Minimalist, cute, and low maintenance, they are a great idea for anyone looking for indoor planter ideas. 

14. DIY Ceramic Glaze Planter 

Via Themodpodgerocksblog

DIY means converting the basic materials into something beautiful and you can do precisely that by following this tutorial on ceramic glaze planter. Get a dollar tree pot and faux glaze it to turn it into an incredible piece of interior decor that can be used as a succulent planter. 

15. DIY Sisal Rope Planter

Via Petticoatjunktion

This made from scratch, very stylish-looking DIY sisal rope planter is a perfect fit for your living room end table. It might give a run to the big and fancy store-bought vases. You can easily make it one of the centerpiece planters in your home. 

16. DIY Disco Ball Hanging Planter 


Combining disco and greenery has never been easier than this. The DIY disco ball hanging planter promises to turn any dull room into a sparkling ball of light. Just follow the steps and plant your favorite green baby into the hanging disco ball so that it can take centerstage.  

17. Mason Jar Succulent Plant Holders 

Via Downredbuddrive

Mason jars are the ultimate DIY indoor planters and you cannot argue against that fact. The only way to amplify these plant holders is by painting them patriotic blue and red to turn them into the most unique plant holders. Grow your favorite succulent plants and place them by the window-side. 

18. Recycled Tin Can DIY Planter 

Via Momsandcrafters

How many times have you thrown away tin cans, or tomato sauce cans, considering them as waste? Well, no more because you can now convert them into a recycled indoor planter! Just add a few drain holes, glue some decor, and tada your DIY tin can planter is ready. 

19. Topsy-Turvy DIY Outdoor Planter 

Via Musthavemom

Why go for a standard planter idea when you can create your own topsy-turvy DIY outdoor planter by following this beginner-friendly tutorial. The unique stacked planter is something every plant lover would want to keep outside their house to attract the eyes of others.

20. Musical Bongos DIY Plant Holder

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Since unique planters are the trend to follow, who would want to miss out on these DIY Musical Bongos planters. All you need are some thrift store-bought bongos to use as plant holders and a love for plants and music to make this planter idea work wonderfully! 

21. Tire Planter For Outdoors 

Via Lemonbeanandthings

The DIY tire planters might cost you a little bit more money than other planters made from scratch but they’re worth the result. These uber-cool tire planters are the perfect way to spice up your backyard with potted greenery and pops of color, and let’s not forget – they’re super easy to create. 

22. Colander DIY Hanging Planter

Via Mommyskitchen

Take a page from Mommy’s Kitchen and use this excellent DIY idea to spruce up your indoor and outdoor planting ideas. It serves as an excellent way to hang your favorite plants on the porch, or balcony, and all you need is a colander, paint, and some solid chain to hang it! 

23. Hanging Terrarium For Succulent Plants 

Via Girljustdiy

Unique to the T, this hanging terrarium is one of the best DIY indoor and outdoor planter ideas. You can plant either real succulents inside, or use faux ones if you find it difficult to nurture them. In either case, this DIY terrarium will reflect your love for all things green clearly. 

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24. Geometric Concrete Wall Indoor Planters

Via Apieceofrainbow

Breathe life into your walls by decorating them with planters like these geometric concrete modules. Each triangle can be beautifully created using just cement and paint. Style it in any pattern you want and fill it up with your favorite succulent plants for the best indoor plant decoration. 

25. Vintage Tins Succulent Planters 

Via Pinkfortitude

How many times have you thrown away opened cans and tins? Well no more because you can use them to recreate these DIY vintage tin succulent planters. Plant cacti, succulents, or herbs, but ensure you’re making better use of these vibrant-looking vintage tins than throwing them away. 

26. Birdcage Succulent Planter 

Via Gardentherapy

Who knew you could use the very cheap thrift store brought birdcages as cute little outdoor hanging planters? Don’t worry if you’re looking to use them as indoor planters, because they go great with succulent plants as well. Just follow the steps and give this birdcage a much-needed upgrade.

27. DIY Turtle Topiary Planter

Via Gardeningintheshade

Nothing can beat this DIY turtle topiary planter as far as unique planter ideas are concerned. Made from scratch with materials that are easily accessible from the market, it is the coolest way to plant your succulents. Place it in your backyard or your living room, it will look just as amazing! 

28. Upcycled DIY Frame Planter 

Via Hatchandhaven

Want to decorate that corner table with your little succulent plants but don’t know a unique way to do so? Make this easy DIY frame planter that has been upcycled using unusable photo frames. It is just the kind of adorable and unique indoor planter idea you need to alleviate your decor! 

29. Simple Hexagon Wooden Planters

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

The simple hexagon wooden planters are the perfect way to decorate your walls while still maintaining the greenery. These polished wooden planters look aesthetically pleasing no matter what plants you put inside them. Other than being affordable, they also bring an instant lift to the interior of your house.  

30. Mini Cork Planters For Indoors 

Via Upcyclethat

A DIY idea that we love is these mini cork planters. They are just the most adorable planters that can be used as a display in the living room, outside the door, or even in the backyard! We’d suggest you start collecting wine corks if you want to replicate them. 

31. Recycled DIY Rainboot Planters 

Via Rosinahuber

All you need to make these recycled DIY rainboot planters are a couple of discarded rainboots collected over the years and some soil to place your plants in them! The result is as adorable as you’d expect and it doesn’t cost you any pretty penny. 

32. DIY Tiered Planter Box 

Via Anikasdiylife

The DIY tiered planter box is one of the best outdoor planter projects as it takes only an hour to finish if you have basic building skills! If not, you can follow the very easy tutorial and build this three-tiered wooden planter box that will be a pleasant addition to your front porch. 

33. Modern Outdoor Planter Box 

Via Thehandymansdaughter

Planter box ideas do not have to be rustic and simple, and this DIY Modern Outdoor planter box is proof of that. You can add that pop of color your backyard needs by making this planter box from scratch using planks and PVC. 

34. Planter Pot Table – Multipurpose DIY Planter 

Via Biggerthanthethreeofus

The DIY multipurpose planter pot table is a very unique one-of-a-kind table, that looks like it belongs on your back porch. Not only is it the appropriate idea if you want to combine functionality and usefulness with your planter, but it also looks quite modern once finished.

35. Kitchen Herb Garden Planter

Via Lovelyetc

Going old school can never be a bad idea, especially when you are planning to recreate this DIY herb garden planter. Impress your mother, and grandmother, by growing some herbs on the windowsill of your kitchen in this lovely farmhouse planter box. 

36. DIY Marble Terra Cota Pots 


Love, at first sight, became a reality with these beautiful DIY marble terra cotta pots. Made using only acrylic and nail paints, these are quite something when kept with potted plants in the gateway or against the plain wall of your living room. 

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37. DIY Chair Planters

Via Charlestoncrafted

If you want to stand out with something that is genuinely one of the most unique indoor/outdoor planter ideas, then this DIY chair planter is the right way to go. Use a discarded chair and upcycle it with paints, some messages, and a space in the middle to hold your favorite potted plant. 

38. Vertical Planter DIY Box

Via Housefulofhandmade

Saving space is a skill when it comes to planting greenery in confined spaces, which is why we have this vertical planter DIY box. Following a drip watering system, this vertical planter is efficient for backyard gardening. It can be created easily from scratch using a few supplies.  

39. Modern Tapered Porch Planters 

Via Rogueengineer

These modern tapered porch planters are like royal guards that stand beside your gate. You can easily make these big planters using wood, paint, and polish! Rogue Engineer breaks down everything from cost to how to construct this modern planter just for you! 

40. Recycled Bucket DIY House Planter

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

A recycled bucket DIY house planter made from only three materials sounds like the kind of low-maintenance planter you should try to recreate. The canvas provides it a smooth texture while the leather adds a tinge of wildness to the pot. You can easily complete it in 40 minutes!  

41. DIY Triangle Pallet Planters 

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

The medium size DIY triangle pallet planters are a modern take on many kinds of standard design pots. These require you to bring out those building skills and create a little masterpiece that you can fill with any plant of your own choice. 

42. Hanging Seashell Planter

Bring the beach to your humble abode by creating this hanging seashell planter using some readily available materials like glue, seashells, paint, and rope! This minimalist hanging planter can be used either indoors or outdoors. It is a budget-friendly way to add some coastal charm to your place. 

43. DIY Hanging Wall Modern Planters

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

Who could’ve thought that the nesting houses brought from dollar tree stores can be turned into modern wall planters? This white DIY planter idea is genuinely one of the most unique, exquisite, and sophisticated ways of displaying your favorite plants in the room.  

44. Repurposed Cooler Planter 

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

When we say DIY, we mean reusing those useless items lying around your like like this mini cooler. The repurposed cooler planter is perfect for the backyard with enough space to grow multiple green plants inside it. You can even uplift its look by painting it in case it doesn’t fit in.   

45. Upcycled Licensed Plate Plant Holder 

Via Salvagesisterandmister

Talking about repurposing items, did you know you could create a plant holder from license plates? Not only is it cost-friendly, but can also serve as a trip down memory lane. You can gift it to your loved ones and see how they light up when getting the special DIY planter.   

46. String Wall Plank Planter Alignment

Making use of the vertical space is this string wall plank planter that requires quite some hard work with the alignment of each plank. Yet, it is a beautiful indoor planter idea that will immediately catch the attention of your visitors with its uniqueness, style, and greenery. 

47. Reused Plastic Straws Planter 

This plastic straw planter might be a tad bit complicated to make but it looks worth it, especially as it is unique. You can create a delicate plastic straw hanger from waste straws that will not just be cost-friendly but also environment-friendly. You can add some fairy lights to make it magical. 

48. Wooden Toy Box Copper Succulent Planter 

Via Wherethemileshavebeen

If you want to decorate your tabletops with some beautiful succulent plants, we’ve got your back. This project includes a DIY toy box-turned indoor planter which is the perfect item you can recreate today and use as a beautiful interior decor piece. 

We hoped you enjoyed these DIY projects and have found the perfect match for what you want in indoor and outdoor planters. These ideas are combined keeping in mind beginner-friendly skills and cost-friendly materials so that you can create as many DIY planters as you want!