100 Best DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas

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I think we can all agree that whether we’re for or against weddings, we all have a semblance of what our dress, the centerpieces, or the theme is going to be like. (If you don’t, then you’re lying). But when you think “rustic”, words like “southern charm”, “cherry wood” and “outdoor decor” are just a few of the many images that pop into your head.

But from the dress and the cake to the decor and catering, it can be difficult to point out what you like if the choices are overwhelming. Everything starts to look like one giant glob. Which is why I’m here to help!

These ideas are an amalgamation of amazing ideas to provide that inspirational boost you need to get started with the wedding planning! And there’s 100 of them, so there’s no way you won’t find something you don’t like.

100 Best DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas

1. Twine Wrapped Mason Jar Flowers

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

These mason jar flowers are cheap to come by, and even easier to DIY. It’s a subtle centerpiece that’ll draw everyone’s attention to it.

2. Burlap Bows

Via Diys

Bows are synonymous with elegance, as burlap is with rustic vibes. Can you resist this combo?

3. Personalized Mason Jar Favors

Via Etsy

Sending favors at the end of the wedding shows your appreciation and gratitude. Cap it off by personalizing each jar.

4. Rustic Floral Display

Via Countryliving

There’s no shortage of flowers at a wedding, but this elevated (literally) display of flowers takes it to a whole new level. The brighter colors the better!

5. Flowers in A Wood Crate

Via Bohoquartier

It can be very overwhelming to be at a wedding and have flowers literally everywhere. With this gorgeous flower in a box setup, you’ll change your mind.

6. Chalkboard Romance Timeline

Via Diys

As a romantic at heart, this is too cute! It’ll have guests clambering for the bride and groom’s love story!

7. Burlap Wrapped Vase Hurricanes

Via Weddingomania

When you place the candles in the vases and the room goes dark, the light shines through the burlap in all the right places.

8. Rustic Wedding Mirror Display

Via Countryliving

Check out this eccentric display of mirrors as a head-turner at your wedding! Embrace your weirdness.

9. Gable Box Welcome Bag

Via Etsy

It’s always to welcome your guests with gifts, not just send them away with one! Put information, treats, and other things about the wedding.

10. Rustic Wedding Candles

Via Etsy

Nothing screams romance more than tiny candles floating in the water. If you’re going for the whole “turn the lights down low” theme, this is perfect for the after-hour partying and getting drunk part of the wedding.

11. Flour Jar Ice Bucket

Via Kendrakoman

This vintage flour jar doubles as an ice bucket for each table. Bust out the vintage set and free the attic!

12. Rustic Log Wedding Card Box

Via Instructables

Where else do you place the numerous cards for the bride and groom except for this outrageously lovely box?

13. Blankets Are Totally Okay At Weddings

Via Rusticweddingchic

Perfect for those fall weddings with ever so chilly temperatures towards the end of the ceremony.

14. Use What You Have Or Borrow

Via Mylifefullofhope

Paint over baskets you own using spray paint or chalk paint!

15. Galvanized Bucket Centerpiece

Via I.pinimg

I know you’re sick of the flowers. But hey, it’s a wedding! They’re mandatory. Stick them in a galvanized bucket, place it in the center of tables and that’s it!

16. Cupcake Tower

Via Diys

Two words: Cupcake. Tower. Enough said.

17. Put Blankets Out In Case You Guests Get Cold

Via Rockmywedding

There’s nothing that guests appreciate more than your efforts to keep them comfortable!

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18. Silver Mercury Vase Cluster

Via Stylemepretty

Keep it as subtle as Tony Stark with this shiny mercury vase as a centerpiece.

19. Greenery Centerpieces

Via Stylemepretty

The title’s pretty self-explanatory. The greenery looks even better when placed on wood circles!

20. Lavender and Wood Slice Layer Centerpiece

Via Etsy

Whenever I hear the word rustic, I feel like wood is the first thing I think about. Make it a stunning centerpiece with lavender, candles, and decor of your choosing.

21. Apple – Pie Pops

Via Blog.birdsparty

A southern classic with a modern twist! Keep guests coming back for this delectably tart dessert.

22. Rustic Table Setting

Via Countryliving

Forgo the tablecloth and keep it truly rustic without any of the colorful distractions the cloth gives.

23. Vintage Table Numbers

Via Weddingbells

With these simple frames from dollar tree and numbers

24. That Pinecones Can Be Transformed Into A Beautiful Bouquet

Via Rusticweddingchic

Apparently pine cones aren’t only for Sid the Sloth to eat, they’re for these unique bridal bouquets!

25. Classic And Chic Wedding Cake

Via Modwedding

Much like Audrey Hepburn, this classy wedding cake definitely gives you all the rustic feels.

26. Glitter Bottle Centerpieces

Via Youtube

“It doesn’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling!”

27. Ask Friends for Catering Help

Via Mylifefullofhope

Friends can go above and beyond when you ask for help and can be quite creative! Like this watermelon fruit basket.

28. Boho Wedding Dress

Via Hitched

Lace and embroidery dress just screams romance. Top it off with a floral crown to embody the spirit of true romance.

29. Full Twine Wine Bottles

Via I.pinimg

Who needs expensive couture centerpieces when you can just wrap the bottle and twine and call it a day?

30. Vintage Buttercream Wedding Cake with Rustic Burlap Flower

Via I.pinimg

Less is always more! If you’re not one for flair, then this simple cake topped with a burlap rose is definitely your style.

31. Chocolate Chip Cookie Favors

Via I.pinimg

Who doesn’t like a good old’ homemade chocolate chip cookie? That’s like asking if the Earth revolves around the Sun.

32. Watering Can With Flowers

Via I.pinimg

Feelin’ like mason jars and vases are overrated? Try watering cans.

33. Barrel Of Flowers

Via Emmalovesweddings

I’m not even married, and this barrel is so beautiful I want it at my wedding!

34. Playful Appetizers

Via Countryliving

Deviled eggs in a “chicken’s nest” and other playful appetizer twists will bring some joy before you eat. As they say, we eat with our eyes first.

35. Burlap Cake Knife Set

Via Etsy

There’s a certain rustic charm to using burlap, whether it’s for a casual wedding or rustic wedding. This knife set is definitely something not to overlook!

36. Balloon Centerpieces

Via Diys

Play to your whimsical and childish side with these overly large balloon centerpieces.

37. Wooden Circle Table Display

Via Etsy

A bunch of these will suffice as support for centerpieces.

38. Wood Ring Boxes

Via Rusticweddingchic

Break tradition by trading the pillow for a rustic wooden ring box.

39. Cheese Wedding Cake

Via Blog.hotchocolates

Cake with flavors? That’s for amateurs.

40. Wagon Wheel Dessert Bar

Via I.weddingomania

You say food, I come running. Dessert is anyone’s favorite food. Do it right with this classy setup that’ll have guests attracted to it like bees to honey.

41. Flavored Water Station

Via Cupofjo

Why choose one drink when you can have it all? Cater to different tastes with 3 different flavors!

42. Pineapple Centerpiece

Via Stylemepretty

Hakuna Matata with the centerpieces, and fill some pineapples with coconut. Cool, right?

43. Wood Guest Registry

Via Etsy

Find slabs of wood that blend with your theme and have your guests sign it.

44. Get Creative With Your Decorations

Via Onechitecture

Like these light bulbs filled with wildflowers. Beautiful and bright!

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45. Wooden Crate Drink Stand

Via I.pinimg

Your booze and drinks station deserves a place at the wedding. Specifically, in wooden crates. The more faded the wood is, the more rustic it’ll look.

46. Ladder Display

Via Rockmywedding

Take your guests through your journey of love, making your wedding all the more special.

47. Invitations

Via Diynetwork

Personalize your invitations with a template and print them on wood grain paper! Wrap some twine or burlap in a small bow to go all out.

48. Gorgeous Rustic Buffet

Via Tumblr

Say “I do” to the buffet food being arranged on wood circles!

49. Hay Bales

Via Stylemepretty

Hay bales at the entrance are kind of “hillbilly chic.”

50. Window Pane Wedding Menu

Via Artsyprettyplants

I always like to know exactly what’s on the menu. Because that way your stomach knows what deliciousness it’s about to consume. It’s perfect for guests who have food allergies or preferences.

51. Floating Candle Ceremony Decor

Via Diys

While we can’t recreate the breathtaking scene from Tangled with the floating candles, this should do the trick.

52. Wine Bottles

Via Partydelights

Paint over old wine bottles and label them with table numbers.

53. DIY Rustic Wedding Cupcake Stand

Via Tatertotsandjello

Where else would you place cupcakes except on the rustic wood circles?

54. Have A Live Folk Band

Via Rockmywedding

Live folk music trumps live music in a rustic wedding.

55. Lace Wrapped Mason Jar Holder

Via Weddbook

If you’re short on time and budget, this is a perfect way to encase your silverware. The lace really gives it a girly yet classy look.

56. Sunflower Accents

Via Diys

“A sunflower field is like is a sky with a thousand suns.” You’ll want them at your wedding for a bit of luck!

57. Top Shelf Bar

Via Countryliving

Display your impressive range of beers on wooden crates of various elevated heights.

58. Rustic Wood Bride And Groom Chair Signs

Via Mountainmodernlife

Hang some slabs of woods painted with the bride and groom’s names on the back of two chairs.

59. Try A Polaroid Guest Book

Via Weddingchicks

This brilliant idea one-ups to the monotony of endless Instagram wedding posts.

60. Twine Ball Lights

Via Muchocrafts

With some balloons, twine, and light, these cool twine light can be recreated easily for your wedding! May the light be with you.

61. Book Centerpieces

Via Kendrakoman

Harry Potter? Or rose centerpieces? As a fellow book nerd, I would take books over flowers ANY DAY!

62. Picnic Tables to Wedding Tables

Via Stylemepretty

With the right centerpieces and tablecloths, transform the modest picnic table!

63. Hire Rustic Chairs

Via Allurepartyrentals

Decorate rustic chairs with greenery or flowers to embrace your theme.

64. Mini Terrarium

Via Liagriffith

Combined with the centerpiece, these wine glass terrariums are truly creative to behold.

65. Paper Lanterns and Globe String Lights

Via Rusticweddingchic

Let there be light! These modern and classic globe string lights are a beautiful edition, especially to an outdoor wedding.

66. Farm Wedding Invites

Via Heritagefarmevents

Handmade invites will always trump store-bought ones. No matter how personalized you try to buy them!

67. Garland Arch

Via Ohbestdayever

Draping garlands to form an arch for the couple to say their vows in the ultimate rom-com dream.

68. Late – Night Snacks

Via Countryliving

Turn the evening into a cozy party with classic late-night snacks. (I prefer Cheez-it).

69. Distressed Candle Holders

Via Baysidebride

Rustic = wood. And this is wood in its purest form.

70. Rustic Ladder Letter Display

Via Withjoy

Needless to say, ladders top off the old’ rustic barnyard wedding. Make it romantic by placing the initials of the bride and groom on individual steps, and adorn the sides with flowers.

71. Stool & Bench Seating

Via Nouba

Nothing screams rustic more than various styles of wood! Combine various colors of stools and benches for nuance.

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72. Birch Vases Make Any Table Look Rustic Chic

Via Rusticweddingchic

Add a birch centerpiece, and transform the look of each table!

73. Take Photos With Animals

Via Hitched

Nothing says rustic better than having a sheep beside you.

74. Herbs In A Teacup

Via Intimateweddings

Pretty and poised, this centerpiece will enrapture you.

75. Wood Stake Directional Wedding Sign

Via Etsy

This kind of reminds me of Hogsmeade, so we’re definitely on the right track. If you don’t want your guests to get lost, it’s best to have this wood sign for directions.

76. Rustic Birdcage

Via Lovewedbliss

Definitely the coolest centerpiece! Place guests’ names or even food.

77. Glowing Lanterns

Via Weddingchicks

Light up the aisle with these soft glowing lanterns. And your beauty obviously.

78. Delicious Dessert Spread

Via Countryliving

Pile up to go dessert foods on simple cake platters!

79. Wax Paper Backdrop

Via Stylemepretty

This handmade backdrop is absolutely gorgeous and worth the handwork.

80. Love Pallet Sign

Via Etsy

Since it is a wedding and we are celebrating love, make it a bit more cheesy with this love pallet sign.

81. Branch Head Table Decor

Via Stylemepretty

Looking for a way to decorate the table? Branches should do the trick.

82. Rustic Flower Crown

Via Hitched

Beachy waves in your hair and a rustic flower crown are the perfect combo that’ll have Instagram drooling over you.

83. Glass Bottle Cluster Centerpiece

Via Decoist

Twine and glass bottles go together like PB&J. Is there a better combination of aesthetics?

84. Ribbons On Chairs

Via Ohbestdayever

These simple chiffon bows with flowers for a pop of color are a simple yet beautiful aisle decoration.

85. Sparkler Send-Off

Via Ohbestdayever

Send off the bride and groom with a bang! This is the second-best part of the wedding. After the food obviously.

86. Drink Cart

Via Countryliving

Nothing better than serving yourself drinks at a wedding! No complaints here.

87. Make Your Backdrops

Via Hillcitybride

Making your backdrops is much more charming than having a photo booth in the center of the venue.

88. Vintage Books With Flower Filled Mason Jar

Via Weddingchicks

Mason jars atop of books are the new “fresh flower look.”

89. Candle Centerpiece

Via Deerpearlflowers

Why have the centerpiece as flowers, when you can have these gorgeously warm candles? Let there be light.

90. Wedding Wine Barrel Display

Via Elegantweddinginvites

Place these barrels with happy memories of the couple all over the venue. It allows the guests to bond with the bride and groom, and to leave the wedding with a sense of wistfulness.

91. DIY Ceremony Backdrop

Via Countryliving

This pretty floral backdrop with t- pins cover the “something new” in a wedding.

92. Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flowers

Via Taradennis

Highly budget-friendly, you can make these flowers out of any color of tissue!

93. Creative Outdoor Sitting

Via Rusticweddingchic

Comfort and seating arrangements are always important in a rustic wedding!

94. DIY Food Wedding Favors

Via Hitched

From smores to cookie recipes, you can go crazy with these wedding favors!

95. Mason Jar Wedding Lights

Via Instructables

A few twinkly lights, mason jars, and creativity are all you need for this exquisite string of lights around the wedding venue. Check out string light DIY ideas.

96. Lantern Centerpieces

Via Fun365.orientaltrading

Lantern centerpieces are bold and creative centerpieces that are easy to personalize!

97. Host Your Ceremony Outside

Via Hitched

Can there be anything more magical than getting married in natural scenery?

98. Gold Painting Mason Jar Centerpieces

Via Etsy

If glitter and bold colors aren’t your things, a gold-painted mason jar should do the trick.

99. Welcome Board With Greenery

Via Theknot

As far as welcome boards go, this bright greenery makes the wood pop!

100. Wedding Escort Cards

Via Countryliving

Stones with names serve as place cards, replacing paper place cards. We love an eco-friendly alternative!

Thus begins your wedding adventure. Happy decorating!