41 Best DIY Snowman Ornaments for Christmas

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The winter holidays have begun and we cannot be more excited! This Christmas, celebrate snow and lights with some amazing DIY snowman ornaments and show your love for the mighty Christmas tree!

Snowmen are renowned winter picks as you can use the white snow to make those cute figurines. The snowmen do not portray any religious sentiment, and hence, can be enjoyed by everyone without anyone feeling left out. Holidays are also about making memories and what can be more cherishing than crafting sessions with kids during the Christmas season?

To help you with the designs, we have compiled some of the best snowman ornament ideas for you. They are simple, easy, and can be completed in a few minutes. From dreamy melted snowmen with glittery ice and bottled snowmen to unconventional square ornaments and stacked figures, we have it all.

Check out 41 Best DIY Snowman Ornaments for Christmas and jump into the winter wonderland!

41 Best DIY Snowman Ornaments for Christmas

1. Pinecone Snowman Ornament


Via Onelittleproject

Pinecones are beautiful winter picks and one of my favorite tree ornaments. Give them a quick makeover and you have your little pinecone snowmen! The DIY is easy, inexpensive, and you will find almost all the supplies at the dollar store. Use pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and red ribbons for the accessories and it’s ready to rock! 

2. Melted Snowman Ornament

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

A clear ornament filled with Epsom salt and a little bit of detailing would make a great snowman for the Christmas tree. The decor piece looks stunning and it could adorn the tree like nothing else. The clear ball is available at DIY stores or you can buy it as a festive ornament. The structure of the snowman was created with orange felt and peppercorns and it looks convincing. 

3. Craft Stick Photo Ornament


Via Diyncrafts

A snowman standing still with a photo of you? We don’t see something like this every day and I am like it. This unique approach is easy and you will need some basic supplies like craft sticks, white paint, colorful paper, and satin ribbon to make this DIY. Use markers for the facial features and the adorable snowman is ready to slay at the Christmas party

4. Disco Balls with Mirrors

Via Thecountrychiccottage

Conventional snowmen are white. We know that, but trying some vivid colors and patterns won’t hurt either. This disco-themed snowman ornament has mirror balls stacked on top of each other and it looks dashing.  You will need scrap paper and orange and black paint to complete the look. There is a red scarf and a very pretty snowman hat that makes it look extremely appealing.

5. Pom-pom Snowman Ornament

Via Thejoysofboys

While you will see pom-poms in the requirement list of almost every DIY snowman ornaments, this one has something exciting. The glitter pom-poms are filled inside the clear ball for the melting effect, it’s amazing! Complete the rest of the decor with black buttons, confetti, and winter picks. I am sure your guests would love the idea. 

6. Whimsy Faces Snowman Ornament

Via Handcraftedoneatatime

Did you ever see a cute wreath full of little snowmen? The handmade wooden ornament has six snowman faces with different expressions and it is difficult to ignore. For these whimsy faces, use recycled wooden balls and make 3D noses with fabric. I am sure people would fall in love with this piece of creativity! 

7. Upcycled Light Bulb Snowmen

Via Diyncrafts

Crafting and recycling go hand-in-hand and there is a sense of relief when you complete projects with recycled objects. Take a small bulb and transform it into a cute snowman within a few minutes. Use decorative ribbons, cotton balls, colorful fabrics, and Holiday picks like greenery and berries. I am sure it would shine brightly amidst the other ornaments! 

8. Crochet Snowman Ornament

Via Mariasbluecrayon

Crochet ornaments are a popular pick when it comes to festive decor and guess what, you can DIY them as well. You will need a polyfill and yarns of different colors to make these. They would require some stitching skills to bring out the perfect look.

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9. Snowman with Googly Eyes

Via Typicallysimple

If you want your kids to help you out in the festive decors, here is a very easy snowman ornament idea. It has big, googly eyes tucked inside an oversized clear ornament. You don’t need salt here, cotton balls would also work perfectly. Use glitter glue, sharpies, and regular glue for the detailing. Pair it with some sparkling Christmas embellishments and it will definitely draw all the attention! 

10. Sea Urchin Snow Woman

Via Thespacebetween

Did you ever see a beach-themed Christmas ornament? Check out the sea urchin snow woman and you will jump from your seat. These white urchins are available in dollar stores and you will have to glue them together to make the snow woman. Decorate it with glittery strings and your very own coastal-themed Christmas decor will be ready to roll. 

11. Snowman with a Message

Via Simplesimonandco

Presenting sweet little snowman ornaments that come with customized message tags, doesn’t that sound exciting? The perfect keepsake ornament is filled with salt and you can add some glitter to make it showy. For the customized tags, use scrapbook paper for the base and paste printed notes on it. You can make this like regular melted snowman ornaments and fix the tag with the ribbon at the top.

12. Scrapwood Snowman Family

Via Salvagedliving

It would be super fun to see some sweet little snowmen decorating the tree together with their family. Cut some scrap wood in some flat, round shapes and stack them up to make the structure. Use black and white fabrics for the detailing and add in some rustic elements, like jute for the hair, to complete the project. 

13. DIY Snowman Face Ornament

Via Deceptivelyeducational

Make a snowman that doesn’t melt this Christmas and adorn the mighty tree with your creativity. You will just need a medium-sized styrofoam ball, black sequins, orange foams, and pom-poms to complete it. As you can see, the cute snowman is a wonderful children’s keepsake! 

14. DIY Frosty The Snowman

Via Theresourcefulmama

Frosty is kind, cute, and he is here to decorate the mighty tree on Christmas! With a big, round, clear plastic head, Frosty has a nice black doll hat to complete the snowman look. An amazing project for kindergarteners, Get some small foam balls to cover the head and make a snowy texture. Make the face with orange and black pom-poms and finally, attach a thin string to make the hanging loop. 

15. 5-Minute Snowman Ornament

Via Makelifelovely

That’s right, you can make like 10 of these cute buddies in an hour. If you are planning the tree decor last minute, try your hand and make these quick crafts. They are made of mini foam balls with a colorful scarf in front and you can have an army of these, dedicatedly adorning the tree. 

16. Marshmallow Snowman Ornament

Via Cloudfront

It’s such a fresh idea, I mean, I have never seen a Christmas tree ornament made of marshmallows. These are not edible marshmallows, don’t try to sink your teeth into them. You can get these marshmallow ornament sets from the dollar store and the rest is all about painting. You will need lots of acrylic colors, and some other miscellaneous materials like varnish, snow Tex, and glitter dust for the detailing of your snowmen.

17. Baseball Snowman Ornament

Via Grassybranchfarms

Recycle an old baseball or softball and make a cute snowman ornament for Christmas. Choose the size according to the size of the tree and complete the snowman with some greenery like wreaths and red berries. You can paint the face with permanent markers as the wool or pom-poms might not stay on the surface. 

18. Wine Cork Ornament

Via Salvagedliving

Next time you dispose of those wine bottles, save the cork to make some cute snowman ornaments for Christmas. Paint the cork white with spray paints and use markers for the face. Some holiday picks like greenery and red woolen balls would be the final touch and the snowman is complete. 

19. Wooden Beads Snowman Ornament

Via Creatingme

If you are looking for a fun Christmas project to make with your kids, here are cute snowmen made of wooden beads. You will get these unfinished wooden beads at DIY stores, and keep some naturally colored twine for the detailing. For the features, you can use paint or go for Sharpies. 

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20. Button and Felt Snowman Ornament

Via Virginiasweetpea

Your craft cabinet is full of spare buttons because we always keep some extra. It is time to put them to use and make these buttons and felt snowman ornaments to decorate the mighty tree this year. You can make 5-6 clear ornaments and pair them with 10 or more button snowmen for the decoration. Once done, I am sure you will fall in love with your creativity! 

21. Chilly The Snowman Ornament

Via Intelligentdomestications

Welcome Chilly to your home this Christmas and he would help you decorate the tree. It has shining eyes, a big aesthetic hat, and a woolen scarf that establishes character. You will need styrofoam balls, Mod Podge, and Epsom salt for the outer structure. Use buttons and floral pick stems for detailing and it’s done. 

22. Snowman Birdhouse Crafts


Via Craftcreatecook

Something exclusively for the little ones, this snowman is much like a birdhouse but you can hang them on the tree as well. Use old dairy cartons for the base and cover them with foam sheets. Choose the size according to your use and make the clothes with blue fleece. Since you are using it as an ornament, you won’t need the bird seeds here. 

23. Christmas Snowman Ornament

Via Crayonsandcravings

I always prefer snowmen with big heads to decorate my tree and if I could DIY the design, nothing could be better! This Christmas ornament has a big, clear ball full of fake snow and it is ready to make the holidays extra fun. The detailing is done with pom-poms, craft paint, and ribbons. 

24. DIY Tealight Candle Snowman

Via Diyncrafts

We hardly come across cute candle snowmen doing their best to decorate the tree. It is time to light up the tree with small tealight candles without danger. Buy a dozen battery-operated tealight candles and convert them into snowmen with pom-poms and ribbons. The DIY is ready in a few minutes and you have successfully omitted the fire hazards! 

25. Twig Ball Snowman Ornament

Via Teachmemommy

I know it looks beautiful and unique, the twig-like balls are hardly used when we are talking about Christmas ornaments but here we have an amazing pick. You will also need a pipe cleaner for the hat, buttons for the eyes, and a ribbon to complete the rustic decor

26. PVC Snowman Ornaments

Via Pvcfittingsonline

Think out of the box and you will be amazed at the creativity that oozes out. The snowman here is made of PVC pipe cutouts and I am awestruck. You will just need a saw to cut the circles from an old pipe and spray them white. Finally, decorating the snowman is just a game of ribbons and you will nail it!

27. Snowman Ornament for Christmas

Via Crazylittleprojects

I know it looks exciting, and it will be more exciting once you know the supplies required to make this cute snowman ornament. The base is a baby food jar! Recycle those cute guys and color them black and white. The detailing can be done with paint or Sharpies and the bottle snowmen are ready to decorate the tree!

28. Homemade Snowman Decorations

Via Craftcreatecook

Why settle for just one ornament idea when you can have a full snowman decoration? The DIY mainly focuses on those cute, smiling snowmen hanging from the mantel. Surprisingly, they are made of old grocery bags and decorated with white yarn and buttons. You can also use it to decorate the tree and it would still look very cute. 

29. Ping Pong Ball Snowman Ornament

Via Craftymorning

I have always preferred long, catchy ornaments to decorate my tree to short and single faces. The stack of ping pong balls here is slaying the snowman look and I am sure you will agree. Wrap a tiny, fabric scarf around it, use pom-poms for the ears, and finally, make the eyes, and nose with sketch pens. 

30. Bottle Lid Snowman Ornament

Via Handywithscissors

Recycle the lids of bottles that are used in every household and you can make a cute DIY ornament with it. To make snowman ornaments with bottlecaps, you will need lids of different sizes. Glue them together and that’s it. Encourage your kids to make a collection of these and surprise you with their creativity this Christmas.

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31. Five Little Snowmen

Via Diynetwork

Five little snowmen are trapped inside a glass ball and they are covered with snow. Straight from the fairytale, right? Have a fun-filled crafting session with your children this Christmas and make these beautiful handprint snowmen together. I am sure you guys will enjoy filling the ball with faux snow and coloring it. 

32. Mini Canvas Snowman Ornament

Via Onesavvymom

It is probably an ultra mini canvas, but it looks super cute! Those red cheeks and pom-pom ears would be perfect to decorate the mighty tree this Christmas. This DIY is a suitable holiday project for children as well. 

33. Kid Snowman Ornament


Via Theresourcefulmama

A very basic snowman that could be a nice project for toddlers and pre-school children, this cute snowman is made of a coffee cup lid. Buy small black buttons for the eyes, and arrange colorful pom-poms to make other structures. If you want to use it as a tree ornament, use black ribbons to form a loop. 

34. Mason Jar Lid Snowman

Via Thenymelrosefamily

Much like the coffee lid ornament, the mason jar snowman is very easy to make and a great holiday project for children. Any mason jar lid would do the job, just make sure they are perfectly round and not damaged. Spray it white and use Chenille fabric for detailing. Complete the face with acrylic paint and attach a black ribbon knot to hang it from the branches. 

35. Country Snowman Head Ornaments


Via Doniquilts

You might be thinking how are these snowmen justifying the title. Well, they sure come with a country-like feel with those black hats and circular bodies. They would be an amazing addition to your Christmas decor

36. DIY Wood Block Snowman Ornament

Via Meganplusfive

Usually, snowman ornaments are round in shape. Let’s do an experiment with some square blocks this time. These wooden blocks can be made of recycled wood and you have to draw the face with acrylic paint, that’s it. Use rope cutouts for the loop for a rustic vibe. 

37. Dollar Tree Snowman Ornament

Via Craftcreatecook

I get all my craft supplies from the dollar store and if you can relate, you know it makes a difference. Get clear plastic ornaments, cotton balls, black pipe cleaners, googly eyes, black craft foam, and puffy paints from the dollar store. Assembling is super easy and your googly eyes snowman ornament would be ready in a few minutes. 

38. Rustic Snowman Decoration


Via Diyncrafts

Rustic design trends are in style now and why not? They look sophisticated and give a farmhouse vibe like nothing else! Here is a chance to make rustic snowmen with cheap and simple supplies. The base structure is made of wooden pallet pieces and the rest is done with paint, black buttons, and ribbons. 

39. DIY Handprint Snowman

Via Crayola

Making a handprint snowman is a well-known concept and it is widely taught in pre-schools. This one is slightly different from regular crafts, but it’s totally child-friendly. The prints were done on a mason jar lid and simple markers would be enough to create the facial features. 

40. Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Ornament

Via Theresourcefulmama

This is the easier version of the PVC pipes snowmen, and this one would be great for kindergarteners. No messy glues, no hard materials; just tissues and scissors would be enough. Use a colorful ribbon as the scarf and a loop with a white string for hanging. 

41. DIY Glue Snowman

Via Theecofriendlyfamily

A project popular among children, the glue snowmen are very easy to make and you don’t need tons of supplies for it. Also, the body looks like a legit snowman that we build in real snow and it’s super exciting!

I know you are brimming with inspiration from these amazing ideas and I can’t wait to see your creativity. Choose your favorite from the lot and get to work. Happy crafting!