27 Amazing DIY Soap Dispensers to Dress Up Your Sink

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The entire world was forced to stay isolated when the raging pandemic caved in but that is when many of us found our hidden skills.  During those times, a countless number of people dived into the world of DIY art to pass time, and that my friends, brought upon a new light!

Speaking of DIYs, homemade soap dispensers is worth the mention. DIY soap dispensers are truly lifesavers because they work as decor, gifts, and also in making them, it is the perfect way to kill time. Plus, adding a little art to your soap is a terrific way to dress up your amenities. Especially if it’s via DIY tricks, it is so much more fun! To get the game rolling, we have collected 27 top-notch DIY soap dispenser ideas to dress up your sink.

27 Amazing DIY Soap Dispensers to Dress up your Sink

1. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


If you’re a lover of style, then you most certainly can add great design to your sink with this mason jar soap dispenser. They are super ideal for an add-on to any room and the pro is that they are very easy to make. They are fully functional and won’t let any guest of yours pass by it without captivating their hearts! You can even do a little calligraphy on the jar!

2. Soap Dispenser With A Photo


DIY enthusiasts are certain to make something artistic, aren’t they? Well, this artwork will make anyone fall in love, be it a DIY fan or just someone looking for a way to pass the time. When one uses this incredibly interesting dispenser, they’ll chuckle by looking at the photo placed in (if it’s funny or memorable, truly). This DIY idea is a genius one as it will keep your treasured memories close.

3. Patron Bottle Soap Dispenser


Do you know that DIY fans have made lanterns, candelabra and so much more through patron bottles? And that is why today we bring forth this multifunctional patron bottle to make a soap dispenser out of. Camelot art creations have perfectly explained the art, step by step to get you to do this in no time. Trust us, it’ll look gorgeous and when it’s grouped, they look stunning.

4. Etched Soap Dispenser


Handmade things always have a story to tell and we surely say, this monogram soap dispenser will hold many. As this is a terrific idea where you’ll have to etch glassware, you’ll be so happy to tell others how wonderful the process was. This DIY dispenser works greatly as a gift as well. Why not work on this with your family? Because it will be so much fun!

5. Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser


Of course, repurposing old bottles is fun but using a Jack Daniels is super lively. One can easily make a unique soap dispenser using this square-shaped whiskey bottle. This inventive idea will leave guests to love your home decor and it will also work as an amazing gift for your dad or grandfather. 

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6. Monogrammed Soap Dispenser


Making monogrammed soap dispensers will surely turn out great and cost only a little (but will look super expensive!). Do you know what’s the best aspect of this DIY idea? It can be made with easily available materials. This beautiful transparent bottle with a customized monogram letter works amazingly for any occasion. You’ll undoubtedly love the result, go ahead and try it.

7. Christmas Vibe Soap Dispenser


Do you want to spruce up your Christmas this year by showing off your DIY skills? If so, this idea will get you all set to flex the plan. Using simple materials, this beautiful Christmas vibe soap dispenser can be made and it is ideal for gifting someone. Be it for your personal use or your child’s exhibition, the Christmas theme will always stand out.

8. Coke Bottle Soap Dispenser


Do you know why the vintage coke bottles are still being manufactured? It’s because they’re a definition of aesthetics. Honestly, one can’t get rid of the beautifully shaped slim coke glass bottle and of course, the drink. With these bottles, one can make a stylish soap dispenser and stun the crowd with their results. Wanna get started?

9. DIY Etched Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser


If etching comes easily to you, then this is your go-to activity. Moreover, this is still a good idea because it isn’t that hard mate! This adorable DIY can be made with any wine bottle and you’ll get through this idea in no time. It’s super amazing and surely will add color to any kitchen sink or area. 

10.  Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser


People love to enjoy a glass of fine liquor now and then. What would you do with the empty bottles lying all around the house? Do you tend to throw them out or do you recycle them? Why not use it creatively and sustainably this time? As liquor bottles’ glass finish is already properly trimmed, this DIY liquor bottle soap dispenser will surely turn out fantastic. This DIY will undoubtedly become the talk of your family once it is complete.

11. Soap Dispenser With Spray Painted Window


Now that we’re speaking of soap dispensers, little do we know how a metallic touch to it can change the sink’s presence. This DIY idea by “paper n stitch”, is so outstanding that it will leave people wondering how expensive it would be that is if you want to give that impression. With an old or cheap soap dispenser bottle and some simple steps, this piece is all set.

12. Chalk Painted Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


People will never be able to resist washing their hands with foamy soap, especially if it comes from a cute-looking dispenser. You can easily make this pleasant dispenser with a mason jar, some paint, and, of course, patience. It’s so simple and adorable that even kids can make it and enjoy it.

13. Pretty Flower Soap Dispenser


Do you love flowers, their scent, their appearance, and pretty much everything about them? If so, this natural flower-based DIY will steal your heart. Irrespective of how long the natural flower will stay active, it surely will provide its essence into the soap and make your experience stand out. Well, of course, you can opt for artificial flowers as they serve the purpose perfectly too. Trust us, although it looks simple yet it is desirable. Try it out!

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14. Soap Dispenser With Legos


Have you got some lego pieces that are of no use anymore and have no idea how to make use of it? Say no more! We’ve got the right DIY to make your sink look creative! With lego pieces and an old soap dispenser, this artwork can be done and it will get your kids to get washed up enthusiastically.


15. Snow Globe Soap Dispenser


You’ll surely love this charming snow globe soap dispenser, especially during the Christmas season. The cheer this soap dispenser will bring is going to be irreplaceable, especially when you make it. With glass marbles, a clear mason jar, a ceramic Christmas tree, and of course, dish soap, this masterpiece will be ready!

16. Minimal Soap Dispensers


Some people prefer minimalistic items that exhibit an expensive look. With that being said, this dispenser fits the former description accurately. If you have an old soap bottle lying around it, grab it! Because you’re about to simply put stickers over it and showcase your “new” soap dispenser. Well, whose gonna know that it is old? 

17. Nautical Dish Soap Dispensers


We all know that soaps come in different colors and scents from which people pick their favorite. If you have a particular one and want it to be visible,  then an empty transparent bottle does the work. This easy technique of creating a nautical soap bottle given by the “must-have mom” blog will get you right into the work. It turns out super lovely within a few minutes and with just a few dollars.

18. Bourbon Bottle Soap Dispenser


Bourbon whiskey is a top-notch drink that many whiskey lovers love! If you have an empty bourbon bottle ready or if someone at your home is about to finish one, let’s not waste it. Instead, converting it into a posh-looking dispenser will save a lot of expenses. You can completely remove the label markings and turn this expensive bottle into a top-notch soap dispenser.

19. Olive Oil Bottle Soap Dispenser


If you’d like to do a quirky and quick soap dispenser, grab your empty olive oil bottle, for this trick is easy. With a little glass etching, stencil, and some etching cream, you can finish this environment-friendly dispenser. 

20. Salsa Jar Soap Dispenser


Salsa jars look admirable but nowadays they’re not of use in many households. If you have an old salsa jar, why not convert it into a professional dispenser? Not only do these salsa jars look creative, but they’ll also carry a whole lot of soap in them. Anyone who notices your DIY skills will applaud you for your creativity!

21. Flower Vase Soap Dispenser


We always love to do unique DIY ideas, don’t we? So to play with our mind, this idea will guide you. With a simple vase and some supplies, you can create a beautiful antique-style soap dispenser. It will truly emit vogue and will make your guests start a conversation on it!

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22. DIY Minnie Mouse Soap Dispenser


Simple DIY ideas aren’t really simple, truth be told. They look simple but indeed have some hard work in them. But that’s the fun of DIY, right? Getting your hands to become messy is the best part while doing this Minnie Mouse soap dispenser. This cute idea will be enjoyed by kids, especially. With handmade paper, scissors, a cutting machine, and other easily available supplies, you can ace this DIY.

23. Jute Twine Styled Soap Dispenser 


A DIY soap dispenser that can be made in an hour?! Is that possible? Of course! Akram’s ideas bring forth this amazing jute twine-styled soap dispenser that can even be made by kids. All you need is hot glue, jute twine, seashell, and scissors to make this idea turn out beautifully. P.S. Be careful around the hot glue though especially if your children are using it!

24. Nutella Jar Soap Dispenser


Upcycling glasses are our favorite thought and so here we bring to you an easy soap dispenser made out of a Nutella jar. Nutella is loved by so many people that I am pretty sure that there is at least one empty Nutella jar lying around in your house. But then what to do when it’s over? Well, the answer is to make a soap dispenser out of it. Try it out, it’s super fun.

25. DIY Halloween Soap Dispensers


Whether Halloween is a week or a year away, this spooky soap dispenser is perfect to stay at your house, irrespective of the occasion. Why so? Well, who would say no to this amazing cute ghost soap dispenser? We surely say that this craft idea will stun you and your little tots at home. Why not give it a try?

26. Snowman Soap Dispenser


Mornings are meant to be bliss and to make this happen, we present you with this cute snowman soap dispenser. Whenever you walk into the bathroom, you won’t be able to resist smiling after looking at your adorable invention. The gleaming look of this snowman soap bottle will make a perfect gift for Christmas as well. Have a look at it!

27. DIY Wooden Soap Dispenser


Now that we’ve arrived at the final DIY project, we’ll give you a challenge. This soap dispenser requires wood and some wood cutting. If you’re already a pro at it, then this is going to be a no-brainer. But if you’re new to this, trust us, it is going to be a game-changer. Because not only will you earn a soap dispenser but will also excel in a new skill. Have fun!

So have you decided on what DIY soap dispenser you’re going to focus on? Be it one idea or everything, we’re sure you’ll smash it like a pro. Plus with Covid in the air, using these soap dispensers will be an easy task. Have loads of fun!