30 Cheap And Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

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This is the season of gratitude coming together and TURKEY is finally here! Everyone wants their houses dolled up but can you do that on a budget? Why not? You definitely can.

From wreaths and centerpieces to table settings, here I have some amazing, easy, and cheap DIY thanksgiving decorations. So let’s dive right in and give your neighbors pumpkin…something to talk about. 

30 Cheap and Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

1. Chic Leaf Banner

Via Sondralynathome

Make this easy and stylish leaf and the pages banner to amp up your Thanksgiving decorations game. Either use natural leaves or fall leaves, available in any dollar store. Then just attach them to small book/paper cutouts and hang them from a long rope or twine and that’s it, you’re all done! 

2. Pinecones Here, There, Everywhere

Via Redeemyourground

Garlands are pretty easy to make and give your house a cozy vibe. To make this, gently screw some hooks onto your pinecones and attach them to cloth, jute, or burlap ribbon. Make sure to cut any extra twigs off your pines before starting. 

3. Fall Lantern

Via Consumercrafts

This is a great way to give your house the perfect autumn look and accentuate the thanksgiving feeling. This can also be used once you’re done with the festivities because this is extremely stylish. All you need is to attach some decorative leaf garlands to an old lantern. Put some pinecones and acorns around it and your DIY lantern is ready.

4. Tree Time

Via Createfullife

Thanksgiving is all about showing gratitude. Express your thankfulness through this adorable Thankful Tree. Fill up a glass jar with nuts/stones, get a tree branch from your backyard (or even the park), and hang some gratitude notes to it. Write them on a piece of paper or wooden chalkboard tags and tie them with a string.

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5. Mod Podge Bowl

Via Consumercrafts

Anything you make using Mod Podge is always so creative and fun to do. So why not make a leaf bowl? Cover an ordinary bowl with plastic wrap and then stick the leaves to it using Mod Podge. Once it dries up, you not only have the perfect decor item but guess what, it’s also usable! 

6. Wreath Of Wheat

Via Onsuttonplace

This extremely stylish wreath is made by using a straw wreath and some bundles of wheat only. Attach these and hang the wreath anywhere in your house. 

7. Bunting Wreath

Via Intentionalhospitality

Cut some paper in triangle shapes and write what or how you feel about the festival on them. Then attach these to a bunting and tie that to a grapevine wreath. In a few easy steps, gift yourself a classy wreath. 

8. Pumpkin Candles

Via Delightinjesus

Carve out the top of tiny pumpkins and scoop out the insides. Place a small candle in the middle. That’s all you need to do to create these cute pumpkin candle holders. You can do the same with apples, pears, melons, etc. 

9. Bittersweet Pumpkins

Via Yourcozyhome

Give your dining table a sophisticated look using white pumpkins (or painted ones). Wrap bittersweet around them and use it as a centerpiece.

10. Pumpkin Wreath

Via Bhg

Attach mini pumpkins and gourds to a straw wreath using toothpicks or hot glue. Then stick some faux leaves to it and hang this masterpiece anywhere you’d like to give your home the perfect thanksgiving feel. 

11. Cute As A Button 

Via Countryliving

Make these lovely napkins by sewing wooden buttons into white napkins. This inexpensive idea will level up your dining game. 

12. Gratitude Wreath

Via Womansday

This decor item is not only fun to make but also a good way to express gratitude. Write down what you, your family, and friends are thankful for on a piece of paper and slip it into the cones. 

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13. Cinnamon Holders

Via Countryliving

The sweet and spicy smell of cinnamon is loved by everyone. Wrap cinnamon sticks in red twine and use them as holders for your formal dining feasts. 

14. Pumpkin Slices

Via Anightowlblog

Paint some round and oval wooden plaques orange and brown. Then attach some coiled wire to it using hot glue and your faux pumpkin slices are ready! 

15. Candle Centrepiece

Via Abeautifulmess

Get yourself a few tin cans and make holes in them according to the letters of your choice. Then paint them white. Once they’ve dried up, put the candles in it and see your entire house light up. 

16. Pumpkin Succulents

Via Succluentsandsunshine

Cut out the top of a craft pumpkin and drill some holes at the bottom. Fill it with some soil for your succulent and voila! Your pumpkin succulent is ready. 

17. Fiery Floral 

Via Goodhousekeeping

A vase filled with roses, ranunculus, and dahlias will do wonders as a center-piece while you dine with your guests. Plus it will go perfectly with all the sauces.

18. Wheat Stalk Centrepiece

Via Dearlillieblog

This beautiful piece is super cheap but also extremely classy. 

19. Serving Delight

Via Designimprovised

Use a three-tiered server to display your fruits and small snack items. You can either buy these inexpensive products at your local retail store or even DIY it! 

20. Thanksgiving Tray

Via Apieceofrainbow

Decorate your shelf or tables using this extravagant piece. Get a long wooden tray and start layering it with different items like Spanish moss, succulent and eucalyptus leaves, gourd, mini pumpkins, and lastly, pine cones. 

21. Go Green

Via Blesserhouse

This exotic looking centerpiece is extremely simple to make. Use any copper plate available at your home. Get some raw and white pumpkins and a few copper candleholders (you can use paint) and a few easily available eucalyptus leaves. Set it all together and enjoy your themed thanksgiving. 

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22. Leafy Holders

Via Goodhousekeeping

Glue some bay leaves to a candle holder and toe a white ribbon in the shape of a bow. 

23. Pumpkin Party

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Make this beautiful vase by cutting a faux pumpkin and filling it with stunning flowers and that’s all you need for a brilliant centerpiece. 

24. Paper Lanterns

Via Housebeautiful

Not everything has to be orange and brown. Shake things up by hanging white paper lanterns in your home. The best part…this is a super fun DIY project! 

25. Glittering Lights

Via Housebeautiful

Light up your table by covering it with fairy lights and give it a stylish minimalistic look. 

26. Pinecone Turkey

Via Marlameridith

Now, this is that one DIY you can enjoy not only by yourself but even with your little ones. Make a colorful tail and some eyes for your bird and place it on your shelf or cupboards. 

27. Dessert Time

Via Stylemepretty

Clean your old display cabinet and fill it with every dessert you’ve made. This would look amazing because of its rustic feel and obviously, the delicious desserts. 

28. Fall Board

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

Make this easy board by hammering some nails into a wooden board in the shape of letters. Then attach a string or yarn. There you have it, your thanksgiving fallboard is ready. 

29. Personalized Placemats 

Via Ladyandtheblog

To make this easy dining mat, take a burlap placemat and letter stencils. Paint your desired word onto the mat using the stencil. You’re done!

30. Rope-kins

Via Repurposeandupcycle

Make paper balls for the insides. Then hot glue some rope in a circular motion to cover it. After that leave or attach a piece on top to finish your stylish rope-kin. You can not only use this as a centerpiece but also place it outside your door!

So these were a few of the many cheap and easy DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas available. Have fun with them and be creative to achieve your desired look. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!