51 Best DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

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Valentine’s day- a day filled with love all around. People go the extra mile on this day trying to express their love in so many creative ways to make their partner feel special.  

Are you planning to do the same for your love? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let me present you with some of the best DIY Valentine’s Day decor ideas that are surely going to add some sparkle to your celebrations!

Whether you’re looking for something simple or right out of a magazine cover, you’ll get everything here.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check ‘em out.

51 Best Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

1. Hanging Hearts

Via Livingafrugallife

What is Valentine’s Day without hearts? Take some scrapbook paper and cut out some hearts uniformly. For each 3-D heart, you need four heart cut-outs. Glue half of one to half of another, so that all the four are joined at the middle.

Punch a hole on top and string them up with some buttons and beads!

2. Valentine’s Chandelier

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Chandeliers are never out of style! So go ahead and make one for Valentine’s this year.

You’ll need items like colorful scrapbook paper, baker’s twine, paper straws, wreath form, yarn, heart and hole punchers, and other basic supplies. The making of this chandelier might seem a little complicated but it will be worth seeing the awed look on your beloved’s face when they see it!

3. Rustic Heart

Via Prettyhandygirl

Are you a fan of rusticity? Then this decor is perfect for you!

The only tough part about making this heart is the cutting of the branches. You can use the wood cutting machines or tools, whichever is more convenient for you.

You’ll need to glue the log pieces onto a plywood sheet cut into a heart shape. String it up with some ribbon and add other decorations.

4. Burlap XO Wreath

Via Frugalcouponliving

This one is such an eye-catcher!

Stretch two wire hangars into a circle of the desired size. Put the burlap on the hangars going back and forth until it’s fully covered. Hot glue the letters together and then on the wreath. Cover the wire on top with a bow ribbon.

You can also add letters that spell ‘LOVE’ on this wreath—whatever you like!

5. Heart Card Garland

Via Happinessishomemade

Get that 52-card deck out and separate all the hearts to make this garland. Punch two holes in each of them and string them up a baker’s twine. Also, add some colorful fabric in between the cards. Make two-three such garlands and put them up on the mantel.

6. Book Page Heart

Via Thediymommy

Here’s a Valentine decor piece that’s not red!

Cut a cardboard into a heart base—cut out a giant heart and then remove the middle portion. Make messy cones out of pages and glue them onto the base and attach the heart to a picture frame.

7. Rose Wall Hanging

Via Collectivegen

This rose decor piece is beautiful, isn’t it?

Tie a rope to a branch and make the hanger. Next, tie strings to a set of test tube vases and hang them from the branch. Fill the tubes with water and put beautiful pink or red flowers in them. Ready!

8. Flower Heart

Via Abeautifulmess

Get your hands on a simple heart wreath base, or make one out of foam, and glue a bunch of flower heads (any color you want) to the base. If you wanna make the arrow, use balsa wood of that shape and cover it with glitter paper. Add hooks on top of the wreath and hang it up using a fishing line.

9. Balloon Heart

Via Ohhappyday

You need LOTS and LOTS of red and pink balloons and double-sided tape to make this. Fun!

Trace a giant heart on the wall. Inflate the balloons but NOT all the way—just till they look slightly round. Then tape ‘em to the wall! Easy peasy.

10. Felt Banner

Via Happinessishomemade

Get rolls of colorful felts to make different banners out of them. XOXO, Love, Hearts- whichever seems more romantic to you. Detail them with poms, ribbons, etc.

For hanging them up, you’ll need paper straws and embroidery floss.

11. Rose Petal Garland

Via Homeohmy

This rose petal garland is pretty and elegant—perfect for the occasion!

All you need to do is select a bunch of gorgeous pink or red roses, tear their petals off (sad, I know), and string them up by piercing each petal’s base.

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12. Page Heart Garland

Via Thekimsixfix

Paper crafts work for every occasion, including Valentine’s day.

Tear up some old book pages, cut them into strips, and make hearts out of them. Dip each heart in some glitter of your choice and hang them using baker’s twine.

13. Sewn Hearts Garland

Via Iheartnaptime

NO professional sewing skills are required for making this garland! Just knowing the basics of the sewing machine is enough.

So relax and cut out some paper hearts, sew the hearts with a straight stitch through their centers with white thread.

14. L-O-V-E Garland

Via Smallforbig

Here is another garland decor idea! Get a bunch of cardstock and cut them into hearts. Then color newspaper pieces using watercolor and cut them into smaller hearts (so they can fit on the cardstock hearts).

Glue the paper hearts on the cardstock ones and use a marker to write the letters on them. Punch holes and hang them using baker’s twine. Detail your garland with poms and mini paper hearts too!

15.  Conversation Garland

Via Sandytoesandpopsicles

How about stringing up a conversation garland? Just print out some colored cardstock hearts (or just write the words using markers) and make the garland with bows in between. You can also stick them to the wall instead. Your choice!

16. 3D Hearts Garland

Via Liagriffith

This one can also be a kids’ craft—it’s that easy. Cut several pieces of paper hearts. Take four of them, fold each into half, pass a string through the middle and join them together. Add in more 3D hearts to the string and you’re done!

Choose any color you want for the hearts!

17. Hearts-on-a-string

Via Curbly

A five-year-old can do this—it’s that easy!

Cut out a long strip of colored paper and curl the two ends just like how you would curl hair, but not with a curling iron of course! Use a pen or pencil instead. Tape a string in the middle before taping the two sides of the heart together.

Follow the same for all the hearts but remember to tape the same string to all of them.

18. Valentine Wreath

Via 320sycamore

Get a wreath form and weave the burlap ribbon through it—easy! You can easily get a Valentine sign and hearts at Target. Just buy all the stuff and put them all together.

This one’s for the front porch, but if you can find any other place for it, good job!

19. Ruffled Heart Banner

Via Cleanandscentsible

Don’t like the normal burlap heart banner? Pull it apart! Then take a french script ribbon, ruffle it up,  and stitch the red hearts (from the burlap banner) to it.

You can also make the entire thing yourself using burlap and felt.

20. Fluffy Heart

Via Pearlshandcuffsandhappyhour

Get a heart wreath form and wrap the fluffy red yarn all around it! That is all you gotta do. Hang it up using a hook or string, or glue it to a photo frame.

This is a super simple yet elegant decor piece.

21. Glowing Dollies

Via Mydecorative

Pick up some red and white doilies from the store and make a garland out of them using the wire of white string lights. This looks good across door frames, window frames, mantel, or anywhere else you feel like.

22. Valentine Pillow

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

If you don’t wanna go for crafty decors, why not go for a sweet and simple pillow?

You’ll need a yard of fabric, pillow form, heat transfer vinyl, silhouette cutting machine, and some necessary sewing supplies. The process is quite easy and soon you can be cuddled up on the couch with your loved one and this pillow!

23. Pom Pom Pillows

Via Tatertotsandjello

Don’t these pillows look super cute? You can never go wrong with the red and white combination.

Make these pillows using burlap, red and white felt, pom-poms, and sewing supplies. You’ll have to do some cutting, sewing, and pinning, but these pillows are worth your time and effort!

24. Valentine’s Apothecary Jars

Via Subscriptionboxramblings

If you have some apothecary jars at your disposal, use them as Valentine’s day decor! Clever and effortless, right?

You can simply fill the jars with conversation hearts, swirl lollipops, heart jelly beans, chocolate roses, heart lollipops, or any other sweet that your partner drools over. But make sure it has the Valentine vibe!

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25. Hot Chocolate Bar

Via Cleanandscentsible

If the love of your life love is obsessed with chocolates, make a hot chocolate bar for him/her!

You’ll need a chalkboard for writing down the “Menu”. You’ll also need some cups (preferably with LOVE written on them) and jars too. Fill the jars with chocolates, marshmallows, and cocoa. Label the jars and place them together in a small wire basket.

26. Valentine’s Candles

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Candles for Valentine’s are as important as turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Grab some scented candles from the store, as well as some candle jars. Use Black vinyl and transfer tape to print the letters on the candles. Top them off with bow twine.

27. Heart Embed Candle

Via Peakcandle

Make small red hearts using pillar wax and red candle dye. Stick them to the inside of small squared jars, fill the cup with a container wax, and done!

Don’t forget to keep a wick inside the jars while pouring the wax!

28. Dressed up Candles

Via Pearlshandcuffshappyhour

Get some plain scented candles and dress ‘em up! Use scrapbook paper and wrap it around the candles. Then tie a jute string around and glue a heart to it. Easy!

29. Mason Jar Light

Via Easyidea

Light up your Valentine’s Day date night with these very simple DIY mason jar lights!

Spray paint the jar, leaving a heart in the middle. Fill it with battery-operated string LEDs and top it off with a bow.

30. Ombre Heart Candle

Via Handsoccupied

Make a mixture using soy wax flakes, red candle dye, and candle fragrance. Now let the wax cool and get its color. Once it’s hard enough, cut out hearts from it. Poke a hole in each heart and string them using a wick.

31. Pom Pom Heart Box

Via Designimprovised

Among all the other decors, you can also place a box filled with notecards for him/her to read.

For this, you’ll need a paper mache heart box, pom poms, craft paint, notecards, and the other required supplies. Decorate the box in any way you like and fill it up with notecards containing sweet messages.

32. Lighted Hearts

Via Pillarboxblue

Light up some hearts just the way your loved one lights up yours!

Get your hands on some heart balloons, colorful yarn, LED string lights (battery ones), and white glue. Dip the yarn in a mug of glue thoroughly and wrap it around the inflated heart balloons. Make sure to give it enough coverage. Pop the balloons once they dry.

Put some string lights inside and let the hearts glow! Check out string light decor ideas to DIY.

33. Robot Valentine Box

Via B-inspiredmama

If he/she is a science lover, make a romantic Valentine’s decor keeping that in mind!

Take an empty tissue box and paint it. All the work lies in the painting. Then stick the googly eyes and use pipe cleaners for the robot’s “antenna” and “mouth”.

34. Love Sign

Via Landeeseelandeedoo

Here’s an effortlessly sweet LOVE sign for you to make! You’ll need circular wood board, paint, LOVE stencil, and other supplies.

Paint the board pink or red and use glittery spray paint for the letters. Let the decor piece dry and display it on the mantel.

35. The 14 Sign

Via Lollyjane

14th February- we all know which day it is! Instead of LOVE, you can paint 14 on a board. Use glitter paint or sprinkle glitter paint on the numbers while the paint is wet—this will look more beautiful.

36. Wood Love

Via Hertoolbelt

If you are a woodworker and have the machines for it, you can make this LOVE signboard using cedar pickets, a jigsaw or a scroll saw driller, paint, and a woodcutter.

Paint the signboard white or any other color, and it’s ready. You can add some more decorations if you wish to.

37. Love Tree

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

How about making a cute little Valentine’s tree!

Gather up some branches, spray paint them and place some mini plastic birds on them. Make some scrapbook paper 3D hearts and hang them through the branches using twine.

38. Dish Decor

Via Howaboutorange

Amid fancy and creative stuff, why not add simple sweet dishes?

All you need to do is make a mixture of powdered sugar, water, and food coloring, and paint beautiful lil patterns on the dishes. Your love will lick every last drop of it!

39. Love Blocks

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

Make this simple LOVE blocks decor on this Valentine’s if you wanna do something crafty without putting in much effort.

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You’ll need wood cubes, paint, decoupage medium, vinyl lettering (of your choice, you can do XOXO as well), foam brushes, scrapbook paper, and other necessary supplies. Decorate the end product with twine, ribbon, etc.

40. Kiss Balloons

Via Balloontime

Dark red lipstick and white balloons are all you need for this. Just inflate the balloons and kiss them! You can also paste kiss stickers on them as an alternative. It’ll be a huge hit, no doubt.

41. Candy Cones

Via Amandajanebrown

All you need to do here is get some cone foam and glue conversation hearts, heart candies, and marshmallows to them. The only trouble you’re gonna face is trying not to eat all the candies!

42. Pinata Lip

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Does this look more funny than romantic? Well, there’s no harm in making a romcom decor piece!

Gather up a bunch of red tissue paper and cardboard to make this Pinata lip. Make a 3D lip and cut the tissue papers into fringes and glue them to it.

43. Flowery L

Via Lulus

This consists of the simple redecoration of a paper mache letter ‘L’. Not a big deal.

Remove the top and the cardboard filling from the ‘L’, paint all over it, and glue flower heads inside it. You can also spell the entire word LOVE in this way!

44. Table Runner

Via Anightowlblog

Having date night at home? Decorate the tabletop with foam hearts. Glue them in a line along the middle of the table. That’s all you’ve to do. Simple and cute.

45. Valentines Day Centerpiece

Via Landeeseelandeedo

If you have a Christmas centerpiece lying around, transform it into Valentine’s one by painting and decorating it.

All you need to do is add wire hearts. Bent them using a pencil or pen, and insert them in the mini plants kept in the centerpiece.

46. French Valentine’s Porch

Via Aventuresofabusybee

How beautiful does this porch look?! Starting from the rosy wreath on the door to the doilies hanging from the branches, everything seems to be placed perfectly!

Since there’s a lot goin’ on here, you can choose which item(s) you would like to include. But I’d suggest that you definitely go for the wreath ‘cause it’s the main attraction here.

47. All-Red Porch

Via Pinterest

If you don’t wanna decorate a lot, you can go for this simple look for your porch.

A red LOVE banner, a red wooden XOXO hanger, and a simple red burlap ribbon wreath are all you’ll have to make. You can also do a bit of modification here as per your taste.

48. Rosy Porch

Via Itsashabbything

There’s no doubt that roses are important on Valentine’s Day. So make your porch rosy!

Use a heart wreath form to make a rose heart. Glue the rose heads to the form and hang it up. You can also make small hearts by weaving the rose petals through a wire base and hang ‘em up.

Make a ROSES signboard and also keep a vase filled with roses beside the other stuff.

49. Glittery Valentine’s Day

Via Pinterest

Who said that those baubles and greenery are only for Christmas? Put them up on Valentine’s Day too! Combine them with a LOVE banner in the middle and a heart wreath on the door. You can also get love pillows for the chairs, to add to the decor.

50. Mantel Of Our Story

Via Craftberrybush

Create this beautiful and elegant decoration by filling some old tarnished silver cups with fresh pink roses. Decorate the mantel with old, worn-out books and rose cups simultaneously.

The idea behind this is that the cups and books represent the past while the roses represent the present—this will remind you of the love that you have for your beloved that has persevered and will continue to persevere

You can also get giant L-O-V-E letters and place them above if you have space.

51. Pink & Grey Mantel

Via Awonderfulthought

This decoration is sweet and sophisticated—I love it!

Make the chalkboard frame using chalkboard paint. And as for the wooden heart frame, you can get the heart from a store or shape one yourself and paint it. Complete the look with flower foam balls and a banner with tiny wooden hearts. Add a vase of fresh pink roses if you wish to.

Now that you’ve got some of the best creative Valentine’s Day decor ideas, it’s time to get cracking. Make sure your partner is awed by it! Have a happy Valentine’s Day 🙂