51 Amazing DIY Valentines Day Gift for Him

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Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, and it’s the ideal time to tell your man how much he means to you. It’s always wonderful to spend quality time with your partner and build lasting memories, whether you plan to enjoy a romantic dinner for two or a cozy night at home. And if you want to pamper your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, presenting a cherishable gift is the right choice!

While you can buy store-bought gifts that appeal to your valentine’s interests, passions, and deepest wishes, making your very own gift is heart-touching. That is why today we have compiled some of the heartfelt DIY gifts that your man will fall in love with every day! Want to check it out? Go ahead! 

51 Amazing DIY Valentines Day Gift for Him

1. Bubble Bath Gift Set


Helping your partner with his self-care is one of the best choices to go for. With that in our mind, we present this beautiful DIY bubble bath gift set that will please him. You’ll be packing a box with a little bottle of champagne, bath salts, and a soy candle, for a beautiful Valentine’s night. This package will only come under $30 and is super thoughtful. This soothing bubble bath gift box is both attractive and practical, thus your man will surely love it. 

2. Love Coupon Booklet

Via-Something turquoise

Giving your partner love vouchers is a simple yet exclusive DIY gift. For Valentine’s Day, presenting your man with these small coupons filled with romantic messages will brighten his day. You can easily print these or create your own with paper and colors. Your sweetheart will appreciate the effort.

3. Homemade Reed Diffuser


Reed diffusers do not use flames, plugs, or batteries and that is why they are worth the buy. But most reed diffusers are expensive which results in people not buying them at all.

So this valentine’s day, to impress your man, why not make a DIY reed diffuser? The pro is you can use a variety of essential oils to create a fragrance blend that your partner likes to sniff. You can also make one in the style you prefer- you and your man both will feel happy!

4. 52 Things I Love About You Card


Imagine your man looking at the title ’52 things I love about You’-he’ll surely blush sincerely. These cards are a sweet way to kickstart Valentine’s day because it promises your partner that you have way too much to love about him and these are just a few.

All you need is a deck of cards with which you will let know your heartfelt messages. If you have the words in your mind but are still struggling to write them up, there are websites that will help you with ideas. Go ahead!

5. Alphabet Love Book

Making an “ABCs of Us” book will not only impress your partner but will also remind you of all the good things that happened between you both. To get this started, gather paper, markers, and pencils.

You’ll need to make an alphabet book with each page dedicated to a different letter and each letter will symbolize a different aspect of your boyfriend’s connection with you. You can write anything that starts with the letter and links with your memories. It’s worth the effort, my mate!

Check out the tutorial on Youtube.

6. Treasure Chest Paper Box


Opening a treasure box filled with sweet photos of you both, some gifts will definitely fill your special person with lots of excitement. While this is a low-cost DIY present, it will take some time to complete, so prep your muscles. Once you complete it and gift him this one-of-a-kind paper treasure chest box, he’ll understand how much you value him (‘cause the effort is definitely tiresome). For sure, this is a keepsake!

7. Date Jar

Have you felt like you and your man haven’t been trying various things when it comes to dating? If so then this date jar is your chance to sit and surf the internet for some crazy good ideas.

A mason jar, popsicle sticks, and a dark marker are all needed. Put one date idea on each popsicle stick, such as going to the beach. This wonderful present will make your partner pleased because he will know that you’ve taken time to make sure both of you have fun on dates.

Check out the tutorial on youtube.

8. Pop-Up Photo Box

Via Thediyvillage

With this pop-up photo box, you can display all of your greatest memories in a fun and romantic way. A one-of-a-kind DIY gift idea for guys that allows him to have all of his favorite images of the two of you close at hand. If you have a “not anymore used” jewelry box then you are already halfway through. This project will probably take 2-3 hours but will definitely turn out stunning.

9. Movie Night Gift Basket

Via Youtube

Movies with boo will always give the chills and butterflies, right? So on this beautiful Valentine’s day, why not make the memory cute? What makes movies even more enjoyable?

Choose a cardboard box, decorate the inside, and stuff it with your boyfriend’s favorite foods, sweets, and sodas. Then when you both Netflix and chill, these yummy snacks will remind him of the effort you’ve taken in thinking about what he likes! We suggest a scary flick by the way.

10. DIY Heart Map Art


This cute DIY heart map is a lovely way to refresh the memory about the places you’ve been as a couple. From where you met, to where you’ve been, to where you want to go, all of them can be printed in this DIY to express your love. You can add phrases like “Home is wherever I’m with you” or “You and I are forever”, such lines beneath the heart maps. It surely will captivate his heart.

11. Origami Heart Flower Bouquet


Have you done any origami crafts? If so, have you made a heart? This Valentine’s Day, why not make beautiful origami heart flowers for the love of your life? Making a dozen heart-shaped flowers with a simple origami technique for a bouquet will make your man blush. This non-traditional bouquet won’t only make Valentine’s Day better but will also add beauty to your home decor. It’s worth the shot!

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12. “Open When…” Letters

Via Youtube

This is definitely one of the heart-touching gifts you can gift your boyfriend. Even when you’re separated, the “Open When” letters keep you and your man connected. All you need to do is fill a large number of envelopes with letters with romantic or hopeful messages. Tell your lover to open them when certain events occur such as when he feels low or when he misses you. Your handwritten letters will show him how much you care even if you can’t be there physically.

13. DIY Heart Candy Jar


Is your husband a big big fan of candy? If so, for this Valentine’s Day this heart candy jar is a simple, homemade gift that he will adore and get hyped about. Simply gather the necessary supplies and drop some candy into the jar! These candy jars are not only adorable, but they only take about 10 minutes to make– isn’t it worth the time?

14. “Somebody Loaves You”


Who said it is always chocolate that needs to be given on Valentine’s Day? This time why not surprise your guy with something unexpected–a fresh loaf of bread? This inexpensive and adorable gift is an excellent choice if you want to add humor to the special moment. Finish with a punny wrapping — “I loaf you” or “Someone loaves you”, to get them rolling on the floor laughing!

15. “The Story Of Us” – Your Couple Book


This will be your chance to play with if you enjoy gathering small moments of your dates into a cherishable memory. The focus of this DIY book is completely on your love story which when gifted to him will bring him to tears. You can make a collage of your both photos and write a short story on it. You can write things like the first gift he got for you to the crazy beach nights you spent together This love tale is all yours!

16. DIY Candle Carved with Initials


Candles are a must-have for any romantic meal or evening. It ushers in the brightness of love and the radiance of community. This easy-to-make DIY candle with initials provides a terrific DIY gift for it is easy and thoughtful. Moreover, it will surely sweep your man off his feet if he enjoys candlelight dinners!

17. The Stone Craft


Some people have an insatiable need for nature and gifts inspired by nature. If your lover enjoys bright colors and requires an adorable paperweight, you can make one for him with your own hands. All you need is colored stones, acrylic paints, a couple of cone outliners in 3D, and a transparent nail polish. Voila!

18. DIY Date Idea Arrows


Going on dates is super fun especially if the person you’re along with matches your vibe. On this valentine’s day if you’re planning to gift something to your man who vibes along, then this date idea arrows would be it. This date night arrow awakes your man because of your unique and eccentric date ideas. Along with its amazing external appeal, it will carry a message for your next date. The concept is simple yet you’ll make him go crazy about it!

19. Heart Pinatas


These lovely heart pinatas might be your ideal messenger if you want to let your man know how much you love him. This one-of-a-kind Valentine’s day gift will soothe his mind and also make him appreciate your effort. You can stuff the pinatas with his favorite candies or exotic chocolates, as well as a love letter, to make the day sweeter. This is a great DIY, indeed.

20. The Place You Both Met


The place where you found the love of your life is definitely unforgettable, so why not cherish the spot? Via this cute DIY gift you’ll make little hearts out of maps to display the places where your relationship started and how it has evolved. This is a lovely Valentine’s Day gift to show your special someone how much you care. It is an inexpensive home decor as well–so try it out!

21. Secret Message In A Bottle Gift


This is an excellent present for a guy who likes puzzles and games. So in this DIY, you’ll build a hidden message in a bottle using numbers rather than letters, and he is the one who decodes the message you have for him. How cool is that? This DIY is simple to make and can be done in a mason jar that’s lying around. 

22. DIY Photo Collage Canvas


Whoever invented cameras are indeed savior. All the best moments are easily captured and saved for a lifetime. In this DIY we’ll be using those pictures to make a memorable gift. With this simple photo collage canvas, you can display all of the greatest memories you and your boyfriend have gathered. Making a heart-shaped collage is a thoughtful gesture that he will appreciate.

23. Spotify Frame

Via Youtube

Sometimes, the words that you wish to convey to your guy can be easily shown through a cute song. Keeping this in mind, we bring you this creative DIY that will do that work easily for you. Song lyrics make a romantic present surely and this creative Spotify cutting will enhance it. The best part is, it will also contain a romantic photo of the two of you.

24. Pick-Up Line Fortune Cookies

Via Clubcrafted

Planning to bring back the cheesy side of yours this Valentine’s day? Oh great! This DIY will get you started with it then. Fill these chocolate-dipped fortune cookies with pick-up lines that will make your guy’s cheeks turn red as the cookies. With these crispy cookies painted pink and dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, you’ll become the ace of the day.

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25. DIY Comic Book Coaster

Via Modpodgerocksblog

Comics are something many of us grow up with. If your boyfriend is a comic-worm whose entire life had the sauce of comics then this DIY is a great idea. He’ll definitely adore this modest, vintage-inspired gift, especially when it is handmade by you. Be it any comic character that he likes, you can make it even more interesting by adding some romantic lines along with it.

26. Be My Love Boxers

Via Favecrafts

Dress up a pair of plain red or white boxers to make the perfect Valentine’s Day present for him. This is a charming project that is also really simple. The best part is you can personalize it by writing sweet small messages or words on the hearts. Of course, you can buy heart boxers, but making them yourself is what will touch his heart.

27. Explosion Box

Via Thedatingdivas

With this DIY explosion box, you can give your partner a tremendous surprise. An exploding picture box is a fun way to spice up a standard, boring card! A DIY exploding box is even much better ‘cause you can personalize it. While this gift involves some heavy work, it is a thoughtful and memorable present. Are you ready to create something terrific while also being quick and simple?

28. Globe Valentine

Via Madeinaday

Instead of a standard card, why not make your own globe valentine. Adding letters on a thrift store globe to make a DIY Globe Valentine is a simple way to surprise your man on Valentine’s Day. To complete the task, all you need are stickers and, of course, a globe. This globe would look fantastic in your foyer for all of your visitors to notice when they walk in as well. Bingo!

29. DIY Beard Oil

Via Artofmanliness

Beard oil has a number of advantages for an unshaved guy, including moisturizing dry skin beneath the beard and also smelling wonderful. This Valentine, surprise him with this DIY beard oil for the man who takes care of his facial scruff. Not only will he appreciate such a gift but also will like how nice he’ll smell when he uses it. 

30. DIY Keychain

Via Morelikehome

With this best day ever DIY keychain, you can give your man a treasurable gift that will carry the date you both met, got married, or had your first kiss. This is a fantastic gift for someone who has everything, and it’s quite simple to make. What man doesn’t appreciate a well-made keychain? He’ll surely love it and won’t forget the date too!

31. Valentine’s Wreath

Via Crazylittleprojects

A delectable candy present, especially for Valentine’s Day, screams “I love you” loudly! This charming gift idea will instantly convey to your guy how much you love him! All you need to do is include all of his favorite holiday-themed candy in this love wreath and make the day extra special. His adorable Valentine’s wreath is a unique take on confessing your enlarging love.

32. Branch Heart Wall Art

Via Lovelyindeed

DIYs are meant to make people flex their skills and also make others go awe with it. To make the statement come true, we present you with this wonderful idea. For this project, gather fallen tree branches from near your home. And then with thread, paint, and possibly a tool to break the branches, you can ace this artwork. Your man will be surprised by how skilled you are and how you used it to make something special for him.

33. Bacon Roses

Via Instructables

If you’re looking for a truly unusual and delicious Valentine’s Day present for a man in your life, then it is most definitely “Roses” made of bacon. Imagine giving him a dozen bacon-flavored roses–that’s worth the shock! These are flowers designed specifically for someone who loves to eat while also feeling all romantic. Well, these roses are extremely simple to make so what are you waiting for?

34. DIY Sharpie Mug

Via Sisterssuitcaseblog

This Valentine’s Day, give the man in your life something special like this sharpie mug. Make a mug with a message and then fill it with his favorite snacks. You can use sharpies to write any message you want on the mug, then fill it with chocolates or other treats. Add flavored coffees if that will baffle him (coffee lovers love it don’t they?). This inexpensive gift will touch his heart and his stomach, whatcha say?

35. Bacon Hearts

Via Thepapermama

How about a gift that will kickstart the morning of Valentine’s day? With these tasty bacon hearts, enrich his breakfast experience! Your guy will surely enjoy these right in the morning or night (if you plan a sweet candlelight dinner). They’re simple to make and delicious, moreover, it will make him yearn for more.

36. Sweet Perfume Bottle Favors

Via Darcymillerdesigns

Sugar will be the only scent your man will receive as he opens these “perfume bottles”. Perfume and candy are classic love tokens, and combining them both is an exceptional way to surprise someone. These bottles are simple to make and make a great Valentine’s Day present for your guy.  Your sweetheart will love all the candies and chocolates stuffed inside!

37. Simple Wire Heart Ring

Via Lisayangjewelry

Who said expensive rings can alone get a person to feel thrilled? Sometimes even a simple ring made by you for your man will get the work done! This beautiful ring will definitely melt your man’s heart when you put it on his finger. To make this ring, you’ll need a wire, two types of pliers, and a file–that’s it. It isn’t a difficult procedure so you can indeed ace it.

38. Initials In A Tree

Via Onelittlemommy

A classic romantic gesture like carving initials into a tree is often seen in movies, isn’t it? Shall we make it happen in your life as well but with a twist? Instead of carving in a big tree, you’re going to be carving on wood rounds. This simple craft reflects the romance of you both while also becoming a home decor. With a wood-burning tool, you can make this amazing gift that will make your man swoon. 

39. Candy Guitar

Via Instructables

Most people who know of a guitar lover or a guitarist do make cakes in that shape. So why not this time we make something a Lil different? If your man is a guitarist, then you should make this one-of-a-kind gift for your guy who enjoys sweets as much as playing guitar. This is surely a thoughtful and inexpensive gift that he’ll love. 

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40. Mustache Props

Via Warmhotchocolate

These mustache straws and Valentine’s Day cards are super adorable and will make your guy chuckle as you gift him this. If you want to “mustache” him as your Valentine, these are the ideal way to accomplish it. The idea can be used for straws, cards, or even small decorations. Simply pick your favorite phrases or puns and craft them out of paper and googly eyes. This is a great idea, we guarantee.

41. Kiss Print Wall Art

Via Todaywedate

Love and kisses are a sentiment that people yearn for. This Valentine’s day, it’s your chance to shower your man with kisses while also framing them. It’s time to pull out all of your favorite lipsticks because you’re going to be pressing your lips on paper and frame it! This simple homemade present that takes around 20 minutes to make will make your man’s heart pound faster. Are you ready for some smooches?

42. Candy Box

Via Thecraftedlife

Instead of buying store-bought candy, make a DIY Valentine Candy Box for your special person! If you were actually planning to give him Valentine’s Day candy, then make a tiny DIY candy box for him–because that’s where the fun starts. Inside the box, you can add your customized message and then fill it with the candy that he particularly likes and enjoys a lot. This is such a simple gift to make, but will reach his heart!

43. Woven Paracord Bracelet/Watch Band

Via Instructables

Is your man someone who loves watches or bracelets? If so, then this DIY will be an ideal one. It of course requires a lot of time, work, and patience but the outcome will surely satisfy. In this DIY you’ll be making an attractive woven paracord band for your partner. Men who love the outdoors will fall in love with your handmade bracelet/band. Moreover, it will also look elegant and attractive, meaning your man will look stunning.

44. “I Love You Because” Frame

Via Supersavingsblog

With this simple DIY project, you can make a gorgeous frame and tell him why you love him. All you need is a frame from Walmart (probably), which will cost maybe a dollar (inexpensive ain’t it?). Then you stuff it full of reasons why you adore him because damn you get to tell him all about your love. If you have an unused or useless photo frame at your home, then you can also make use of it for this DIY. It’s not the price that matters, it is the effort.

45. DIY Zen Garden

Via Craftsy

A tranquil zen garden is a wonderful stress relief method that can also be made easily inside your home. But why this idea though? Well does your guy appear to be stressed out on a regular basis?

If yes, then this charming, handcrafted zen garden, will help him find his inner serenity. He’ll have a newfound respect for you now that he knows you care enough about his mental health! If you’re wondering how to start with this easy project, click the link and enjoy creating your zen garden.

47. Loveopoly Board Game

Via Loveactually

After a nice lunch, settling down for a game of charades would be great right? But can we try something new? This Loveopoly board game is the ideal Valentine’s Day present for him if you both enjoy playing games. It’s a board game similar to Monopoly, but with a unique twist–it’s all about love. You’ll need houses and other game pieces from a real Monopoly game, or you can create your own with available materials. Truly, making and playing this game is a lot of fun.

48. Cement Valentines

Via Lovelyindeed

Cement is unquestionably a unique material to work with but it guarantees rigidity! With that being said, here is a DIY idea that lets you create cement hearts that guarantee to bring a smile to your man’s voice. With these DIY cement conversation hearts, you can tell him how you feel, how much he means to you, and such. Writing your message on it is the iconic part of this craft idea, so buddy, do not miss it out. 

49. DIY Heart Blanket

Via Abeautifulmess

Don’t we all love DIYs that give us fresh ways to spruce up a product we already own? Speaking of sprucing, this beautiful heart blanket design is bold, adorable, and super easy to make with an old blanket. With the instructions provided by the “a beautiful mess” blog, you can make this easy craft in no time. Trust us, a blanket would be a great gift for him if he is a person or travels/cuddles more. Be it any reason, this blanket is a fantastic gift.

50. Constellation Cards

Via Kanelstrand

People who love the universe will for sure love this DIY. Specifically, if your man loves stargazing or is a huge fan of constellations, then this idea is your go-to. These constellation cards are adorable and would make a terrific Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life. Choose his favorite constellation or something that looks magnificent and work on it. They’re so simple to make, and they’ll show him how much you vibe with his likings too!

51. Recycled Book Planters

Via Instructables

While it is sad to know that books have to be torn for a DIY project, sometimes even good happens through it. Imagine a book sitting on a dusty shelf for years and years without none touching it–then making a book planter will at least give life to a plant. This thoughtful gift of yours will be heart-touching and your man will love your sense of recycling. He will definitely show off your skills when you gift him this unique craft.


Valentine’s Day is not the only day to show how much you love someone. So with this list, you can even surprise them regularly and make them fall head over heels for you again and again. Happy Valentine’s Day!