40 DIY Wood Crate Shelves To Calm The Clutter Effectively

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If there ever was an item that provides exponential value in DIY crafts, it has to be wooden crates. The old, dusty wooden crates that come with soda cans, and fruits, can be repurposed to create stunning pieces of rustic as well as modern storage.

If you are looking for some inexpensive décor ideas to replicate the look of an antique shop or simply just increase the space in your room, you’ve reached the right place.

Here we have curated 41 DIY wooden crate storage shelving and cabinet ideas that would take only a couple of hours to make and get you some vintage pieces of furniture and décor. Go through all of them and get DIYing this weekend!

40 DIY Wood Crate Shelves To Calm The Clutter Effectively

1. DIY Crate Cabinet With Sliding Drawers

Via Virginiasweatpea

Looking to add extra storage to your living room or bedroom but don’t have much space? Well, you can go for something like this crate cabinet, which is relatively compact but will provide a lot of segments for storage. It’s pretty easy to DIY and can be used as a linen cabinet, snack tower, or even store your little ones’ toys.

2. DIY Locker Cubbies

Via Jamiecostiglio

If you struggle to store all your kids’ books, stationery, and craft items in one place, go for these cute locker cubbies. These cubbies will be ideal around a homework table and help keep everything organized. Alternatively, you can use this to store cutlery or wine bottles around the kitchen!

3. DIY Crate Locker With A Door

Via Littlehouseoffour

If you want to keep fragile pieces, trophies, and decorative items on display, a locker with doors like these will come in handy! The white and brown color combination makes for an elegant and premium look. The metal numbers also add a modern and industrial touch that will fit into any contemporary décor.

4. DIY Produce Rack For Wooden Crates

Via Overthebigmoon

Here’s a unique design for you to craft this summer! This will add some funkiness to your kitchen décor without looking out of place. It’s an excellent place to store veggies and fruits that need not be refrigerated, like potatoes, onions, garlic, and such. It looks fantastic and is pocket-friendly too.

5. Crate And Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf

Via Jenwoodhouse

If you are a fan of reclaimed furniture and rustic textures, you will fall in love with this bookshelf – that you can make yourself out of crates and pallets! Whether you want to store your vintage collection of books or just academic ones, we assure you that it will come in handy. It also serves as a great place to display decorative items like frames, vases, and whatnot, creating an impression in and of itself!

6. Wood Crate Rolling Cart

Via Shabbycreekcottage

Take a look at this hip little rolling cart! It’ll look marvelous in a living room, with the wood and gold adding a rustic charm to plain décor. It will take you some regular IKEA crates and almost no effort to make! Just join them and place wheels below to create this masterpiece!

7. Colorful Mudroom Cubbies

Via Theverden

If you’re making DIY furniture out of crates, who told you that you can just make one? Create multiple of these colorful crates and place them together to put your sports items, stationary, or whatever you want. It’s great for a single bedroom as you can store everything in these little crates!

8. Vintage Wood Crate Pallets

Via Theverden

If you want your crate to be part of your décor or want it to store beer or wine, it must reflect your vibe. Make this rustic crate with an antique vibe that may cost you over $100 in stores. Now you can create this at home using this surprisingly easy tutorial for a masterpiece like this. You can also combine multiple crates like this if space is what you’re looking for.

9. Milk Crate Ottoman

If you have spare milk crates, think of using them to create a stylish ottoman like this. You can use this comfortable and super cheap piece of furniture on the patio or in the living room for chilling. It adds a rustic appeal to any room apart from adding a lot of functionality. You can use it to store stuff apart from sitting on it, making it a high-value DIY craft.

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10. Great Crate DIY Pet Bed

Via Theinspiredhive

Have an adorable pet? Make them a pet bed as cute as them! Of course, it demands some effort, but we know you’ll do it for your puppy or kitty. You can personalize the bed so that it displays your relationship with them in a way that market-bought ones can never do! You can also use it as a little conversation piece for when guests come over, instead of hiding it in a corner somewhere.

11. Crate Shelves Bathroom Organizer

Via Thebeautydojo

We believe, and we’re sure you’ll agree, that a bathroom always needs more storage space. Although just a little cabinet under the sink is okay, that also means we have to store most of the stuff like toilet papers and cleaners outside in the bathroom. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have it all in one room? If you think so, create this shelf for your bathroom, and you can have everything – from buckets, toilet papers, soaps, and shampoos – beautifully organized in little baskets.

12. Reclaimed Wood Crate Basket

Via Confessionsofaserialdiyer

Have a look at this lovely, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing wooden crate – yes, we know you’re in love with it! It’s a beautiful storage place to keep your fruits. It adds a subtle rustic appeal and would be an excellent prop for your photo sessions. You can also use this to gift items to your loved ones on birthdays or anniversaries.

13. Repurposed Rolling Crate Storage

Via Simplicityinthesouth

If you are looking to have something portable or mobile to move things around the house, just put wheels to your rustic and repurposed crates like this. You can use this stylish crate storage to move snacks, tea, and more from the house to the garden and vice versa. The stylish candle on top adds elegance and makes this crate pleasing to the eyes.

14. Upcycled Ottoman With Storage

Via Premeditatedleftovers

Why create just a simple storage place with your crates when you can have an ottoman with storage? It doubles up as seating and looks just perfect sitting in between a farmhouse-style décor. A bit of staining and painting makes the furniture look very antique too. Add a flowery cushion on top to complete a rustic style craft.

15. Old Soda Crate Succulent Garden

Via Remodelandolacasa

Don’t have a proper place to store your succulents? Don’t worry. If you are a DIY and plant lover, you would love to create this super easy and cool storage display for succulents. It’s decorated in a rustic fashion and displays the spring vibe nicely. Add flower pots that suit the storage and you’ll be able to keep over 12 pots here!

16. Car Toy Storage

Via Frugalfun4boys

Is your kid crazy for hot wheels? Then you might be tired of getting him newer cars but he just can’t get enough of them. Does he also misplace some? Not anymore. Teach your kid to cut the clutter by providing him with this personalized car toy storage. He will learn how storing things right prevents them from getting lost too.

17. DIY Pipe And Crate Industrial Table

Via Repurposedporch

You would have seen many ideas for repurposing crates, but have you seen something so simple yet unique? Yes, adding a pipe stand under the crate can turn it into a TV-like display to store your calendar, frames, alarm clock, etc. It can also double up as a charging station and you can store your smartwatches, mobiles, and more safely here.

18. Crate Shelf With Fabric Back And Painted Sides

Via Joann

Create these cute little storage shelves for your little girl. The flowers on the back and the sides along with bright pop colors add a lot of positivity and uniqueness to this DIY craft. You can also use this as a makeup storage facility. Such square boxes also come in very handy over home office tables or even in your offices!

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19. Crate TV Stand

Via Cashmereandplaid

Are you still keeping your TV on tables and not mounted on the walls? Then consider creating this highly functional TV stand cheaply! You can paint in whichever color suits the theme of your décor. If you don’t have a TV to store here, consider making it a computer table with space to keep CPU, wifi, UPS, and more below the stand.

20. Farmhouse Style Kitchen Storage

Via Hometreeatlas

Do you want to balance all the industrial and glossy finish of the microwave, fridge, and other appliances in the kitchen with something more natural and rustic? Then place this stylish farmhouse-style storage made of crates right beside your dishwasher. It fits well and adds a refreshing farmhouse-style look in an otherwise industrial space.

21. Wooden Crate Comfy Pet Bed

Via Homefrosting

Here is an excellent usage of repurposed wooden crates- create a pet bed for your little one. A pug or a Palmerian would fit here well. It is adequately heightened and won’t require many efforts for your pet to climb onto. It’s a cute little piece of furniture that you can keep anywhere around the room.

22. Winter Dining Room Décor

Via Thelilypadcottage

You don’t always need to have expensive store-bought display items to decorate your room and add some storage. Add some plant storage on your dining table to give it a rustic look and add some fresh breeze of nature. You can store herbs like oregano, basil, and coriander on the outdoor dining tables to enjoy cozy winter mornings.

23. DIY Nightstand From Wine Crate

Via Pillarboxblue

Look at this marvelous side table that doubles up as a charging station, laptop storage, and place to keep your Wifi router, car keys, alarm clock, and pretty much anything! It’s a stylish nightstand that we all wanted to have but always compromised on.

24. Wooden Crate Planter And Storage

Via Gingercasa

Upcycle some old wooden crates to add a little flower pot containing herbs or succulents along with gardening tools and more. You can paint it in a rustic fashion or add a pop of color like the blue shown in this tutorial.

25. Bathroom Cabinet From Old Wine Box

Via Pillarboxblue

Add some much-needed space to your bathroom to store anything from spare soaps, shampoos, toilet rolls, cleaning agents, and more. You can even keep plants and room fresheners to add some freshness to the bathroom.

26. Wood Crate Desk

Via Makingmazanita

If you are looking to create a home school or home office which is so common these days, try this brilliant desk made from crates! It has enough space to store your screen, CPU, UPS, keyboards, phone, mouse, etc. You can also add some houseplants, a calendar, and some important crafty stuff hung on the walls as shown here.

27. Washi Tape Storage With Soda Crates

Via Happinessishomemade

If you are a DIY or craft lover like me, you would have tons of washi tapes with you. These can be difficult to store and even challenging to choose from when not stored on display. Cut the clutter and create a stylish and vibrant display of your designer washi tapes using this quick and easy tutorial today!

28. Coffee Table With Storage

Via Hatchandhaven

Who would think you created this stunning storage cum coffee table out of crates? It’s hard to imagine but it’s true! It’s such a modern and creative design with stylishly placed wooden crates yet so simple that you’d kick yourself for not thinking of it earlier!

29. Valentine Gifting And Décor

Via My100yearoldhome

Wrapping papers are so boring. Go for something unique and trendy to store your Valentine’s gifts with this upcycled crate! It can also double up as a décor item along with storage if you’re setting up a house party. The pink colors and subtle decorations add a lot of elegance and romance here.

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30. Rustic Mini Crate Table

Via Pinterventures

Are you looking for a little table to store flasks, beer mugs, and cups or to use as a charging station on the patio? Upcycle a crate table and add small legs to it to make for a functional and cheap crate table. The rustic blue paint on it also makes it blend effortlessly with other pieces of furniture outside.

31. Stencilled Crates Rustic Farmhouse Storage

Via Creativegreenliving

If you are looking to add some rustic vibe to your kitchen or do a farmhouse-style makeover, here is an excellent little storage box for spices, sugar, baking items, and the like. You can also use this crate to store daily living accessories in the bedroom like nail cutters, sanitary pads, medicines, and more with a relevant label on top.

32. Wooden Crate Shoe Rack

Via Livefromjulieshouse

Here is a one-of-a-kind idea to create a shoe rack out of spare wooden crates. You can store all your shoes and keep them right beside the entrance. The furniture also has hooks to store your keys so you can hang your keys just after entering and prevent losing them.

33. Coke Crate Spice Rack

Via Knickoftime

Have an old coke crate? Repurpose and declutter your countertop at the same time by hanging this crate after remodeling it as a spice rack. It saves you some much-needed shelf space and provides ample space to place all your spices, sugar, and tea.

34. Mason Jar Herb Planter

Via Thekitchengarten

Finding places to store indoor plants can be challenging at times. Here is a stunning storage idea to keep your houseplants in mason jars which makes for a remarkable display on the sides of windows or the countertop.

35. Upcycled Comic Book Clementine Crate

Via Organized31

Get your children to work on this fun comic book crate to store their toys. Choose the comics they love in order to create this crate and your children will enjoy the process a lot. It’s an excellent use of your clementine crates and comic books collected at Christmas.

36. Rolling Crate Kids Book Storage

Via Organized31

Does your little kid love to read and picks up so many books from her bookshelf and reads on the ground? But hardly any books go back because the bookshelf is far away. Let her take the bookshelf wherever she wants by making a rolling cart. She can read wherever she wants and then put it back comfortably.

37. DIY Hangin Crate Wall Shelf

Via Oldhousetownhome

Add some utility storage space in your kitchen with a simple DIY wall shelf made of old crates. You can hang this easily on the walls and use it to store spices, herbs, and other little items. You can even place your scissors, knives, and more if you have a small kitchen shelf.

38. Ammunition Crate Table

Via Virginiasweatpea

Give your guests something to talk about by creating this mighty impressive ammo crate table standing on thin legs. You can use the crate to store stuff and then have it on a corner to keep mugs, flowerpots, or just as a rustic piece of storage décor.

39. Vintage Style Laundry Cart

Via Salvagedliving

The laundry cart doesn’t always have to be boring. Go for a rustic laundry cart and buzz up your mundane daily laundry chores by making the place a bit exciting. It has a lot of space to segregate your detergents, soaps, brushes, and more.

40. Holiday Crate

Via Palettemuse

You might be wondering what a holiday crate is. It solves the most common yet unresolved problem of holidays – storage. While you’re busy baking new delicacies, collecting gifts, decorating the house, and more, a lot of clutter can pile up. Having these little decorative crates that blend with the décor and add valuable storage space is a must-have.

These were some of the most unique and creative storage items that you can make from new or old crates. You can also head over to IKEA or shop online for crates because it would still save you a lot. Crate crafts are addictive and you can’t stop once you start on them!