31 Awesome DIYs for your Tech Toys

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Being born as a tech-savvy in the current times is a bliss. The tech world is ever-expanding and always awaits the endless opportunities to grow. Do you know there are innumerous ways in which you can use your tech gadgets like iPhone, iPad, headphones, laptop, etc? Well, you probably know this but what you don’t know is there are unimaginative awesome DIYs that you can perform with your tech toys. 

Even if you’re not a techie these projects are something that could keep you engaged as well. They don’t need much technical knowledge, merely an eagerness to create something fantastic. 

Let’s dig into some of the things you can do with your tech toys. 

31 Awesome DIYs For Your Tech Toys

1. Build Mini Projector Using Smartphone

Via Instructables

I never thought that my smartphone can be used as a legit projector. This project is an amazing description of how light is reflected through a lens. It is quite inexpensive and requires a little effort. But who cares when after all you’re going to get your personal projector. 

2. E-reader Sleeve

Via Sewcraftyjess

E-readers are a revolutionary product. It has shifted so many readers’ attention from paperback to soft copies of books. It’s like we carry our library wherever we go. This craft project will allow you to make a cute covering for your e-reader. Make this e-reader sleeve and give them out to your loved ones. 

3. Glitter Your Phone’s Charger

Via DIYprojectforteens

Add some glitter to your phone’s gear that would make it stand out from the rest. This neat trick is gonna work well with your charger and earphones too. Try it out and level up your creativity game! 

4. Small Battery-powered Charger

Via Instructables

Make this portable battery-powered that is totally driven by the supply taken from the batteries. It will be so powerful that you can easily charge your cell phones, iPods, headphones and other electronic gadgets. It is simple and easy to execute but requires perfection in terms of its circuitry. 

5. Solar Charger 

Via Realworldsurvivor

One of the unlimited sources of energy we readily have is solar power. Why not use it to charge our tech toys? If you start using this, it will cut down your electricity bill and you’ll save a little bit more. 

6. Smartphone Clip Stand

Via Akamatra

Here’s an effortless binder clip stand for your smartphones. You’ll need two large binder clips, one medium binder clip, scissors and washi tapes of your favorite patterns. Now you won’t have to hold your phone in your hands all that while watching a movie. 

7. Embroidery Earphones

Via Agusyornet

If you got bored of that usual black or white cord of your earphones, give them a quirky makeover. They’re really easy to make and require almost nothing but your little time. Grab some colorful threads and your earphones and you’re good to go! 

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8. Flower iPhone Case

Via Etsy

Add some colorful and natural magical vibe to your normal phone covers. Get your favorite flower and keep it in a thick book like an encyclopedia so that it gets pressed. Drying of the flower may take around a week, so no need to rush through it. 

9. Make Your Own Speakers

Via Osxdaily

Imagine speakers that need no battery or power supply to function! Like no need to plug them into a power socket or to charge them. This sounds like a perfect accessory to me. 

So what are you waiting for? Try out making them on your own, they’re really easy and cheap. 

10. Make Microscope Out Of Your iPhone

Via Thescienceexplorer

This one is for you if you’ve always been fascinated about those fancy microscopes but they’re obviously heavy on your budget and are literally of no significance to you. 

Try making this inexpensive microscope using your cell phone. This might not work as perfectly as the real microscope but will surely quench your thirst for one. 

11. Crochet Headphones Cover

Via Goldiswhatglitters

Grab your headphones, wool and crochet hook and try your hands on making this cool cover for your headphones. They’re comfortable, cute and self-made above all. 

Knitting might not be your thing but they’re so easy that you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from making one of those. 

12. Blacklight For Your Phone

Via Diyjoy

Presenting you an awesome tiny smartphone hack to lighten up your dark parties with these glow lights. They can be your cheap and easy source of fun and entertainment. All you need is a roll of scotch tape and two sharpies. You can easily fetch these supplies from your local dollar store. 

13. Earphones Cord Organizer

Via Mintedstrawberry

When your earphone’s cords get tangled up into one another, their quality gets reduced over time. You know the struggle of untangling them is real. Make this cute little organizer made up of clay, stencils and bamboo sticks. 

14. Recycled CD iPhone Dock

Via Geekygadgets

Prepare this cool iPhone dock that you can keep on your table. You’ll need some old unused CDs for this purpose, mod podge, drilling machine, and your charger’s cord. 

It’s really cheap as compared to the ones we find in the market. But the work is almost the same. 

15. Transform A Radio Into A Bluetooth Speaker

Via Makery

Turn an antique and vintage radio into a modern style Bluetooth speaker. These speakers will catch everyone’s attention with their vintage look and will be the talk of your town. Get a radio from a nearby antique store or from a pawn shop, an entry-level Bluetooth speaker and soldering iron. 

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16. Make Night Vision Goggles

Via Techwalla

For all the techies out there and for those who’ve always been interested in having a night vision goggles, this one’s for you. Produce these cheap night vision goggles for yourself and experience the thrill you’ve waited for all this while. 

17. DIY Pop Socket

Via Craftychica

Pop sockets are the latest smartphone accessories that are highly trending these days. People are fond of them as they can be personalized and are available in various designs. 

Make one for yourself and add up to your pop socket collection!

18. Make Hologram Using Smartphone

Via Maker.pro

Drop everything and try making this hologram projector using your smartphone. It is quite inexpensive as you will use plastic sheets as the main component. 

Try this amazing DIY for your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the holographic show at your home. 

19. Home Security Alarm System

Via Survivallife

Are you thinking of securing your home with a home security alarm system but are low on a budget currently? If yes, then build up an alarm system on your own. Yes, it would be cheaper than the ones available in the market and the pride of creating it on your own will be priceless. 

20. Family Charging Station

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

Watching your family members fight over one charging socket might be a frequent scenario these days. Most of our family members have smartphones or tablets that they need to charge. 

You can solve this massive problem using minimal supplies by creating a family charging station at your place. 

21. DIY Craft Camera

Via Mocoloco

This project is a simplified version of complex digital cameras that you can easily make at your place. To create it you’ll need cardboard and an electronic system that you can find in the blog. 

You can access the pictures via a memory card and can watch them on your computer screens.

22. Make iPhone Cases

Via Designsponge

Give a shiny makeover to your existing smartphone cover. You can easily create one of these out of glitter, tinsel, mod podge or any other strong adhesive, brushes, paint, scissors and your plain phone cover. 

They’re really easy to make and you’ll find the required things mostly around your place. 

23. Knitted Smartphone Case

Via Genuinemudpie

Even if you’re bad at knitting stuff and haven’t thought of trying it, this one can be your thing. It doesn’t require much skills in knitting merely an eagerness to do something creative. So if you’re thinking of doing something creative today, you’re already halfway there. 

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24. Dock Box iPhone Amplifier

Via Redbirdblue

Now you won’t have to spend bucks to buy a new music amplifier for yourself. I mean, why spend bucks for it when you can just make it by yourself by spending some pennies and a little bit of time. Build this amp and get ready to jam on your favorite music. 

25. Cell Phone Armband

Via Lasmanualidades

Gear up yourself for a hardcore workout session and the best thing? You can carry your phone as well! Now you won’t have to worry about where to keep your phone while working out because you can just tuck it into this armband. Make one for yourself and stop making excuses to hit the gym. 

26. Make Ear Muffs For Headphones

Via Brit

Your headphones can serve you in different ways only if you let it do so. Invent these earmuffs for your headphones that will protect your ears from cold in the winter season, give comfy support to your ears, and will hinder unwanted external noise while you’re drowning into your music. 

27. Felt Electronics Case

Via Purlsoho

Cover your tech toys using these cases. You can make them easily at your home using some basic supplies. Use different colors to store various things like your iPhone, iPad, and notebook. They’re trendy and offbeat pouches for your tech toys. 

28. iPhone Paper Dock

Via Dessinemoiunobject

Make your own personalized iPhone docks using paper or cardboard. Write your name in the empty space that will be left at the bottom. They’ll be the center of attraction of your table and room. 

29. iPhone Lego Dock

Via Instructables

It’s been so long that I haven’t tried anything with my Legos. Recently I came across this amazing DIY idea. If you also want to try something new with them, just grab your old and spare legos to transform them into iPhone docks. 

30. Wine Cork iPhone Stand

Via Gizbot

If you don’t wish to spend out money for docks or stands, then use your spare wine corks to make an iPhone dock stand. They seem to be a waste of money to me when we can make them on our own.

31. Google Home Mini Wall Mount

Via Mysmartcave

If you’ve got a google home mini or similar assistance device and are looking for something to mount them, then create this wall mount to install your assistant at a suitable place. This will save your money and reduce your day-to-day tantrums of keeping them in a stable state.

So we’ve listed out the most amazing projects available online for your tech toys. Gear up to discover unbelievable things your electronic items can do!