51 Must Try Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas

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Do your mornings start with you struggling to find your face cleanser, hair ties, bobby pins, lipsticks, etc. every single day? Have you become a pro at misplacing stuff in your bathroom? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then your bathroom clearly needs a touch of organization. 

Organizing things is a great way to keep a track of your belongings and guess what, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. 

We’re here to share some go-to bathroom organization tips that are frugal and functional. Take everything off of those drawers, cupboards, and countertop because it’s time to organize them! The goal here is to leverage every inch of your bathroom using items from our favorite- the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree.

So without any further ado, let’s explore 51 Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas. 

51 Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas

1. Utilize Cake Stands            

Via Creativemeinspiredyou

If you’re not a frequent baker, then cake stands would be one of the most underused utilities in your home. It’s time to utilize those cake stands in your bathroom—you can place these on the countertop. Items like shampoo bottles, conditioners, moisturizers, etc. can be placed on them and now you’ll have easier access to these.

2. Install In-door Hook Racks  

Via Dollardesigndiva

Have you ever thought of storing something on the inside of your under-sink door? If not, then you must. Align and install a hook rod onto it and you can hang anything from hair accessories to makeup bags to jewelry over here. 

3. Use A Pegboard     

Via Abeautifulmess

Pegboards, as we all know, are typically used for organizing a variety of accessories and that too at a minimal cost. Mount a Dollar Store pegboard in your bathroom—on an empty wall or behind the door—to provide a handy place for storing multiple bathroom supplies. 

4. Upscale Apothecary Jars    

Via Saynotsweetanne

Dollar Stores are loaded with these apothecary jars that could help you store Q-tips, bath bombs, cotton balls, etc. in your bathroom. They’re really inexpensive and you can also add knobbly lids to these jars making them functional yet aesthetic display pieces. 

5. Command Hooks Inside Cabinet Door     

Via Cosmopolitan

Another way to turn that non-functional space inside your cabinet doors into functional is by using command hooks. You can easily find these hooks in a local Dollar Store or Dollar Tree for just a dollar. Hot glue them onto the door and hang your hairstyling accessories there. 

6. Countertop Organization     

Via Flickr

There’s almost nothing that these Dollar Store caddies can’t provide you. Use a small caddy on your bathroom countertop to provide a manageable space for your shampoo bottles, perfume bottles, etc. These caddies won’t cost you much but they’d definitely save you a lot of trouble. 

Paint the caddy silver to give it a gorgeous look.

7. Add Plastic Baskets     

Via Glamour

Drawers are seemingly a legitimate option to organize things. However, our bathroom drawers are usually a mess. Declutter them by adding a few inexpensive boxes (plastic or bamboo) from the Dollar Store to demarcate the whole space. 

Remember to put all items back in their respective boxes after usage.

8. Dollar Store Trash Can Makeover     

Via Twoityourself

Turn your regular Dollar Store trash cans into more practical and visually appealing trash holders. The jute yarn covering will make them look more aesthetic and you can also use them to store various things other than trash. 

9. Ice Cube Tray To Organize Earrings     

Via Yesterdayontuesday

Are you fed up with constantly losing your favorite earrings? Utilizing ice cube trays to organize earrings is one of the most voguish trends among crafters these days. It’s not only frugal but also hassle-free and your earrings will be easily accessible to you all the time. 

10. Mason Jar Tissue Holder     

Via Landeelu

The Dollar Store provides a plethora of options to select from its wide range of mason jars. These jars are highly customizable and look effortlessly cute. You can store tissues, wipes, etc. in these jars and store them in an easily accessible place in your bathroom. 

You can also decorate the jars as per your wish.

11. Use Labels  

Via Abirdandabean

Putting labels on everything is a vague and absurd concept but when it comes to organizing it’s a time-saver. Use labels on the storage units in your bathroom—they’ll help your organization stay intact for a little longer.

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You can also use chalkboard signs as labels to give a quirky touch. 

12. File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage   

Via Dreamgreendiy

File boxes are a lot more functional outside your workstation too. Mount a file box on your bathroom counter for appliance storage. You can keep your inflammable hair styling appliances into it right after use to avoid any mishaps. 

13. Magnetic Strip For Hair Pins  

Via Darkroomanddearly

It’s downright difficult to keep up with the track of loose bobby pins or hairpins. No matter how hard you try, they get lost in the middle of that mess in your bathroom. Go ahead and install a magnetic strip and keep these pesky pins in place. 

14. Use Shower Curtains With Pockets    

Via Didntknowiwantedthat

Have you ever heard of curtains with pockets? Well, they’re a real thing and quite functional too. Buy a couple of shower curtains with pockets from your local Dollar Store and affix them in your bathroom. These would hold your combs, perfume bottles, and other make-up essentials.

You can also make it yourself by getting some utility bags and attaching them to your shower curtain.

15. DIY Wooden Shelf   

Include a wooden shelf in your bathroom for some extra space to hold your nail polishes, hairbrushes, and other grooming essentials. These wooden shelves are easy and cost-effective to put together.

You can also place a faux plant or two on these shelves to amp up your bathroom decor. 

16. Colorful Corner Caddies      

Corners are among the most underused spaces in our homes. Bathroom corners are no exception to this fact and hence it’s time to utilize that niche efficiently using wall art plaques. Although they’ve shown the living room in this tutorial, you can use the same methods to organize your bathroom too. 

17. Install Rustic Crates      

Via Deliciousanddiy

Bring in some rusticity and functionality to your bathroom by installing these Dollar Store rustic crates. These crates are capable of handling a significant amount of supplies and will help you in decluttering big-time! Do I even have to mention that they’ll be easy on your budget too?

Place them on the countertop or in your drawers—whatever works for you!

18. Organize Your Hair Accessories   

Via Theidearoom

Trying to locate our hair ties, ponytail holders, etc. is equivalent to studying rocket science. Well, it’s time to assign them a legitimate place and get your bathroom organized. Store your hair accessories in a Dollar Store craft box and keep it on your bathroom’s countertop. 

19. DIY Bathroom Drawer Organization Project     

Via Tatertotsandjello

You must be aware of the cluttered scenario in your bathroom drawer, and obtaining a specific item from that drawer is mission impossible. Here’s another drawer organization hack for you- Head over to the Dollar Store, get these mesh drawer organizers for just $6, and you won’t have to deal with that mess again. 

20. Reuse A Shoe Organizer    

Via Mommylikesdeals

Reuse a Dollar Store shoe organizer for items that are falling off those shelves and countertops. They’re an ideal fit for your toiletries, first aid supplies, and even grooming essentials. You can also use them for storing your hair styling tools as well.  

21. Medicine Cabinet Organizer       

Via Oldsaltfarm

Is your medicine cabinet a mess like mine? Then buy clear plastic boxes from any Dollar Tree and label them so that the medicines will be easily visible and accessible. 

22. Window Box Bathroom Storage    

Via Ourfifthhouse

Dollar Tree never runs out of items to help you manage your home. Use these decorative and practical window boxes to hold your towels, bathrobes, body wash, and other bathroom supplies. This will give your bathroom a rustic look too. 

23. Soap Dispensers And Wire Caddies     

Your clutter-free dream bathroom isn’t unachievable anymore. You just have to get experimental and pull off these amazing DIY Dollar Tree soap and lotion dispensers and wire caddies. Find the supplies at your nearest Dollar Store and get cracking this weekend.

24. PVC Pipe Hair Dryer Holder    

Via Onceuponafamily

A hot hair dryer could create major havoc in your home as it’s inflammable and poses severe safety hazards. However, by constructing this PVC pipe hair dryer holder, you can reduce such risks and systematically store those heated appliances. 

25. All Smiles

Via Lizmarieblog

Sterilized mason jar lids could be a nice option to store all your smile-keepers (toothbrushes and floss). This method would empty ample space on your countertop and make it look a lot better than before. And all this for just a few dollars? Definitely worth trying out!

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You can also store other small items like Q-tips in these jars.

26. Curtain Rings To Organize Hair Ties    

Via Shadytreediary

If you have long hair, you must be familiar with the struggle of keeping those hair ties and rubber bands in place. Ditch your regular cardboard boxes and get curtain rings from the Dollar Store to manage these hair ties that go missing on a regular basis. 

27. Over-the-door Hooks     

Hang wet towels and bathrobes on your bathroom door using these over-the-door hooks. These hooks will provide you twice as much space and will fit over most door sizes. And the best part? You don’t have to drill any holes. They are easily removable too.

28. Dollar Tree Basket Storage    

Via Homemadeginger

Stash your bathroom supplies in these Dollar Tree baskets. These baskets are extremely portable and would allow you to manage a ton of stuff. Besides, a couple of dollars is an easy amount to pay for such a convenient organization method.

29. Wine Rack For Organization    

Via Pinterest

If you’re searching for a legitimate place to store your towels, go vertical with this Dollar Store wine rack. These racks are an offbeat storage unit for all your towels and even bathrobes. Just install one in your shower area, sit back and relax. 

30. Use Lazy Susan    

Via Goodhousekeeping

Lazy Susans are quite functional items, don’t get discouraged by the name! Use a Dollar Store Lazy Susan to store things in a way that they’re easily accessible while keeping your bathroom clutter-free. 

31. Wire Baskets For Toilet Paper    

Via Makingniceinthemidwest

Grab some tools and some Dollar Store wire baskets to construct a cutting edge toilet paper organizer all by yourself. Apart from toilet paper rolls, you can also arrange towels and bathrobes in these baskets. I wonder why I never had one of these before but it’s on my to-do list now! 

32. Tiny Wooden Crates    

Via Burlapkitchen

To amp up your bathroom’s tidiness, you can get these tiny wooden crates from our favorite place, the Dollar Store. It’s judicial and will provide you endless options to organize your endless belongings. They will give your bathroom an aesthetic look too.

33. Large Vacuum Storage Bags      

Get these vacuum storage bags to store everything from towels, wipes, napkins, and bathrobes. These bags are tailor-made to store things that require protection from moisture and create a lot of extra space in the drawers and cabinets. They’ll also protect your belongings from insects and dust.

34. Hang Another Curtain Rod    

Via Teruterus/Reddit

One prerequisite for fantastically organizing your stuff is to get creative. Hang an extra curtain rod in your bathroom and say “no” to clutter. This will drastically change the appearance of that itsy-bitsy space and help you stay organized. 

35. Collapsible Storage Containers     

I’m presenting you with an amazing product from the Dollar Store to store an innumerable number of items.

These collapsible storage containers with handles are great for any room in your home. Put all your dirty clothes in this instead of just leaving them hanging around in the bathroom. They’re pretty spacious and you can easily shift them from one place to another. 

36. DIY Tiered Tray     

Via Lizmarieblog

Head over to your nearest Dollar Store and grab candlestick holders, metal trays, super glue, and a sponge brush. Construct this DIY tiered tray to assist you with your bathroom organization. You can place a variety of stuff on these trays without worrying about their safety and the availability of enough space. 

37. Suction Cup Bottle Holders    

Via Dollarstorecrafts

Did you know that you can make your own bathroom bottle holders using suction cups and hair elastics? It’s as easy as it sounds and you can pull off this DIY project in a day. You just have to make a quick trip to the Dollar Store. 

38. DIY Hair Tool Organizer    

Via Iheartorganizing

Construct this chic hair tool organizer to systemize your accessories in no time. The best part of this is that most of the supplies will be readily available at your local Dollar Store. The appearance of this box is aesthetic and it will amp up your bathroom decor. 

39. Utilize Carabiners    

Via Hiitsjilly

Carabiners are generally found lying around in your home as they’re of minimum or no use these days. They can single-handedly organize all your hair ties and rubber bands. These items can easily get lost and thus intertwining them in a carabiner would be an apt choice. 

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And if you don’t have any carabiners, head over to the Dollar Store!

40. Under Bathroom Sink Organization      

Via Pinterest

Install an extra tension rod under your bathroom sink to judicially use that space. Hang your toilet bowl cleaners, disinfectant bottles, etc. on the rod. This hack is quite clean and hassle-free, just a little bit of your time and effort will suffice. 

41. Spice Rack To Store Nail Polish   

Via Lizmarieblog

Do you struggle to find your favorite nail polish each time you wish to put it on? You ain’t alone and luckily we have a viable solution to cure this problem. Use those underutilized spice racks from the Dollar Store to put your nail polishes on display. They’ll be easily accessible too.

42. Bath Toy Organizer

Via Hellocentralavenue

This bath toy organizer with suction cups is one of the best things you can make using Dollar Store products. All you need for this are suction cups with hooks and a mesh laundry bag. Install this in your kids’ bathroom and store their bath toys in one place. 

43. Pants Hangers For Storage    

Via Hip2save

Hangers aren’t new to organizing stuff but have you ever thought of using them in your bathroom? That’s right! Use multiple coat hangers with or without rings to manage your everyday scarves, towels, etc. 

44. DIY Mason Jar Toothbrush Organizer    

Via Lollyjane

Are you looking for a functional way to manage your toothbrushes? This DIY mason jar toothbrush organizer is here to your rescue. Mason jars are really versatile and never fail to amaze me with their usability. Include this functional jar in your bathroom and give a nice place to your toothbrushes and even toothpaste tubes. 

Everyone will have their own personal toothbrush holder now!

45. Magazine Holder For Bathroom   

Via Iheartorganizing

Magazine holders, as we all know, are typically used in the living room or bedroom. How about using them in the bathroom too? They can be used to store hair appliances like flat iron and dryers in them. Besides, you can also store toiletries and toilet paper rolls in them any day. 

46. Organize Toothbrushes & Toothpaste Out Of Sight

Via Livingwellmom

Sometimes tiny but significant items like toothbrushes and toothpaste bring down the aesthetic look of our bathroom. Fret no more, using inexpensive Dollar Store plastic cups you can keep these essentials out of sight. Attach them to the inside of the cabinet door.

47. Dollar Tree Farmhouse-style Storage    

Via Littlehouseoffour

Give a farmhouse-style make-over to your bathroom’s decor while organizing the clutter as well. Make this two-in-one Dollar Tree farmhouse-style storage unit for your bathroom and you’ll never run out of space to accommodate most of your essentials. 

48. Command Hooks For Hairstyling Appliances    

Via Homestoragesolutions

There’s almost nothing that can’t be organized using command hooks, they are literally my go-to solution to curb any unmanageable mess. You can use these Dollar Store command hooks for hairstyling appliances. Mount these hooks on an empty space in your bathroom wall. 

49. Bathroom Drawer Organization 

Via Onekingslane

Do you store toiletries and stuff under your sink but don’t want your guests to see them? All you need to do is hide them by dressing up your sink. It’s pretty easy!

Head over to the Dollar Store and grab items like velcro tape, fabric, needle and thread, etc. Your bathroom is going to look pretty unique very soon.

50. Under The Sink Organization  

Via 320sycamore

Have you ever checked up on what’s lying under your sink? Oh boy, it’s utter chaos down there but this organization hack using nesting bins and a shower caddy will help you declutter that. Just a quick trip to the Dollar Store and a little bit of time is all it takes. 

51. Use A Step Stool To Store Bath Toys

Via Builtbykids

This is probably the most unconventional and underrated Dollar Store organizational hack on the list. Buy a hollow step stool for your kids’ bathroom and store their bath toys in it. You’ll find this interesting item in the toys section.

As this list has proved, all these undiscovered gems from Dollar Store can help you profusely to organize your bathroom within the budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab ’em soon!