51 Dollar Store DIY Easter Decoration

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The Easter Bunnies will come hop hop hop soon! It’s time to start planning the decorations, and we are here to help you with that!

Like Peeps and Jelly Beans, DIYs are mandatory for Easter. Even on a tight budget, you can get some stuff from the Dollar store and craft typical Easter decorations out of them.

From banners to candles to wreaths to egg sticks (yes, that’s a thing that you’ll learn soon), you will find a number of DIY ideas that cost just a few dollars.

Move ahead to check out some of the most creative, cleverest, and certainly the cutest Dollar store DIY Easter decoration ideas that you’ll ever come across.

51 Dollar Store DIY Easter Decoration

1. Easter Egg Wreath

via apumpkinandaprincess

The typical Easter wreath! You’ll be appreciated for this creativity. Glue some greeneries to a grapevine wreath, then some easter eggs and flowers. Bow-tie a pretty ribbon and hang the wreath up. Display your beautiful craft on the front door.

2. Bunny-Eggs Wreath

via diycuteness

Make this wreath by gluing Easter eggs and a Bunny face to a wreath base. You can replace the pinks with faux greeneries too. Bow-tie a ribbon at the end to complete the look. 

3. Egg Topiary

via sandandsisal

For this topiary, you can get plastic or paper mache eggs for gluing to a styrofoam cone. First, glue some moss or faux greeneries to the cone. Paint the eggs blue or pink and glue them to finish!

4. Spring Eggs

via abeautifulmess

Literal Spring eggs! Glue some painted plastic eggs to a set of springs for spelling the word SPRING out. Your guests will love the humor goin’ on here.

5. Easter Bowls

via craftberrybush

Turn those boring Dollar store bowls into Easter ones by fingerprinting on them! Dip your index finger in paint and mark on the bowls. Add features to the prints with a marker. Remember to have fun with it! 

6. Easter Egg Tray

via designimprovised

Get an oval platter from the Dollar store and convert it into an Easter Egg tray! You need craft paints, glue, and colorful tissue paper for the job. 

7. Bunny Treat Jars

via happinessishomemade

Get some mason jars from the Dollar store and paint them. For the Bunny outline, you need vinyl and a Cricut maker. If that’s not convenient for you, you can use a bunny sticker while painting and remove it afterward. Be a lot careful with this technique though!.

8. Peeps Wreath

via lisafrost

The season of Peeps! Glue some to a wreath base along with some faux grasses. The only tough thing about this DIY is trying not to eat all of them while making this wreath.  

9. Deco Mesh Carrots

via mardigrasoutlet

The Easter Bunnies also need their favorite carrots! Make some out of Deco Mesh and wire. Shape the wire into a carrot and cover it with orange Deco Mesh. Make the Deco Mesh top and the inedible carrot is ready!

10. String Eggs Wreath

via simplejoy

Are you bored of the same old plastic eggs wreath? Then make one out of string eggs! Dip the string in glue and wrap it around an inflated balloon. Once it dries, pop the balloon. Glue the eggs in the form of a wreath.

11. Peeps Jar Candles

via confessionsofaplateaddict

Apart from satisfying your cravings, Peeps are pretty useful for Easter decors too! Get some mason jars and glass votive holders from the dollar store. Place a holder in a jar and stick a wax button inside. Surround it with bunny peeps and you’re done with the candle!

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12. Egg sticks Centerpiece

via ribbonsandglue

Let the kids do this cute and inexpensive craft! Give them some plastic eggs, sticks, faux greeneries, a pot, ribbon, glittery paints, and glue. Let them dive into work while you supervise and relax!

13. Jute Easter Eggs

via tarynwhiteaker

You don’t wanna paint the eggs? Then wrap jute string around them. Rustic Easter! To top it off, tie it with vintage ribbon, lace, and a jute bow-tie.

14. Easter Eggs Light

via diypartymom

Combine the Christmas string lights in your attic and some cheap plastic Easter eggs to make Easter Eggs light! To put the bulbs in, you need to drill holes in the eggs, so be very careful with that part.

15. Easter Centerpiece

via aliceandlois

An elegant, creative but not OTT Easter centerpiece – seemingly out of a magazine cover, but made out of cheap Dollar store items. Paint the easter eggs and a bunny with gold. Also, add some candles and treats to the tray. 

16. Napkin Rings

via craftberrybush

Who would think of making napkin rings for Easter? You should! Get the regular rings from the store, along with some mini plastic bunnies. Glue the bunnies to the rings and paint them gold. 

17. Rae Dunn Easter Eggs

via simplemadepretty

If you can’t get the actual Rae Dunn product, you can certainly imitate it! Simply paint the plastic eggs and write words on them using a Cricut maker. If that’s expensive for you, you can use a marker – an “imperfect” imitation!

18. Pom Bunny Garland

via createcraftlove

How cute is this? Inexpensive, simple, and safe for the kids to do. Simply glue foam ears to white poms and string them together with baker’s twine. 

19. Easter Eggs Ornaments

via peanutblossom

Decorate a house plant or some branches from the yard with hanging Easter eggs. Paint and design the eggs according to your desire and glue ribbon hangers on each.

20. Golden Bunny Place Cards

via thesweetestoccasion

Get those cheap small bunnies from the store and paint them gold for making Bunny place cards! Carefully drill holes to put in a wire holder, and the place cards are ready.

21. Jelly Bean Topiary

via craftysisters-nc

Hot glue jelly beans to a styrofoam ball and make it stand using a straw or a stick. Insert the thing in a foam base inside a mini pot and top the topiary with a ribbon bow. Fill the pot with moss and it’s ready!

22. Surprise Bunny

via triedandtrueblog

The kids are absolutely gonna LOVE it! Fill a plastic egg with treats and toys and wrap around tissues along with some more treats. Keep wrapping until it becomes a giant white ball. Now add cardstock ears and boom it’s done! A decor as well as a surprise! 

23. Felt Bunnies

via thehappierhomemaker

These are cuter than real bunnies! Simply shape white and pink felts into bunnies and make the noses with mini pink pom poms. It couldn’t get cuter than this!

24. Carrot Treats

via thehappierhomemaker

Make carrots out of scrapbook paper and fill them with treats! Take an orange paper and shape it into a cone. Then take a green one and cut it into fringes for the leaves. Fill them with treats and the kids will be ecstatic!

25. Easter Glass Candle Holder

via craftymorning

Get a toy duck from the store, place it on a dish and cover it with an inverted wine glass. Surround the holder with faux greens and plastic easter eggs. This is beyond adorable!

26. Eggs Table Runner

via thehousethatlarsbuilt

This one uses boiled eggs but you can use the Dollar store plastic ones and paint them, it won’t make much of a difference! Although, you will need the egg cartons that only come with real eggs. You can either make some modifications there using cardboard or if you can get your hands on those cartons, dun-dun-dun!  

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27. Bunny Basket

via sisterssuitcaseblog

Get a fruit basket from the store and paint it bright white! Make the ears using white pipe cleaners and the tail with a white pom. Mark the facial features. Fill the basket with plastic eggs and faux greens.

28. Clothespin Egg

via onelittleproject

Peek-a-boo! I see you. Convert the regular old clothespin into this cutest little thing. Glue glitter foam to make the eggshell, and yellow paper and craft foam for making the cutest little chick. 

29. Bunny Bait

via cleanandscentsible

Make a tray of Bunny Bait for trapping the Easter bunnies! Fill some mason jars with treats and make a carrot or two out of yarn (or get some faux ones!). You can buy the tray from the Dollar store too.

30. Sock Bunny

via apumpkinandaprincess

Imitate our Phoebe Buffay’s creation – a Sock Bunny! Stuff rice in a sock and tie it with rubber bands to make the body. Cut the top remains in half to make the ears. Add googly eyes, a pom tail, a felt mouth, and a ribbon bow. Go a step further and give it a name!

31. 3D Eggs Ornaments

via thelifeofjenniferdawn

Use decorative paper to make the 3D Eggs ornaments. Take four egg cut-outs, fold each into half, and join one’s half to another such that you get the 3D shape. Before gluing them together, stick a yarn loop to the middle.

32. Picket Fence Basket

via acultivatednest

If you got a small cardboard box lying around, reuse it to make this basket. Paint the box green and glue popsicle sticks to the sides. Fill the basket with faux greens, treats, plastic eggs, and goodies. So much Easter goodness!

33. Peeps Tulip Bouquet

via thelawsofmylife

Make a simple Tulip Bouquet base with yellow Peeps and other yellow treats. Put the tulips in styrofoam and put it in a Dollar store vase. Fill it with the treats! 

34. “Happy Easter”

via joyintheworks

A banner completes the decor in every festival. Make one for Easter out of decorative paper eggs. You can easily make some eggs using the craft supplies, or you could get a packet of them at the store. Mark the letters, punch holes in each of them, and hang them up!

35. Easter Tree

via mooshujenne

If you still have your old Christmas tree, turn it into an Easter tree! You can make hanging egg ornaments out of the plastic ones, some pinwheels with easter paper and lollipop sticks, and wrap an Easter style garland around the tree.

36. Digging Bunny Pot

via southerninlaw

Simply glue a white pom to the edge of a mini pot, felt legs to the pom, and an ultra-mini white pom tail, and you get a bunny trying to dig inside the pot! Fill the pot with faux greens and mini eggs. 

37. More Neutral Bunnies

via theprojectpile

You want something more neutral than an already white bunny? Paint the entire thing, even the facial features, with white chalk paint! Clever and unique, right?

38. Popsicle Sticks Bunny

via makeanddocrew

You need a LOT of popsicle sticks for this one. Glue some sticks together in the shape of a life-like bunny. Then add several layers to it. Paint it your favorite color after it dries, or just leave it to add a rustic touch!

39. Bunnies Garland

via diycandy

Make some adorable little bunnies from scrapbook paper, add little pom tails to each of them and glue them to a single string. Ta-da! Your garland is ready to be displayed.

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40. Eggs Candle Holder

via twosisterscrafting

Grab a packet of plastic eggs from the store, some glitters, wood dowels, and wood discs. Drill holes in each egg and pass the dowel through them. Glue the dowel to the discs and your stand is ready. For a better finish, sprinkle a lot of glitter all over the eggs and paint the discs.

41. Bunny Burlap Canvas

via domesticallycreative

Pick up a bag of faux moss, foam bunny silhouette, and a burlap canvas. Glue plenty of greens to the foam bunny and attach the green bunny to the canvas. How stunning!

42. Illuminated Bunny

via kimspireddiy

This will be a great Easter centerpiece. Buy the glass containers from the Dollar store and the other craft supplies as well. Sprinkle glitters in the containers, outline the features on them, and put in battery-led string lights. Finish with a ribbon bow. 

43. Easy-peasy Centerpiece

via thediymamablog

Fill a glass jar with plenty of plastic eggs, and add some purple faux grass to it as well. That is all you have to do! The next step is to admire your colorful creation.

44. Frugal Centerpiece

via morethanamomofthree

You know those tin planters the dollar store sells? Use that to make this frugal centerpiece. Fill it with faux flowers and eggs-on-sticks (just glue each of the decorated eggs to lollipop sticks.

45. Glittery Eggs

via highstylerestyle

Get your hands on the giant egg that the store sells and turn it into a shimmering egg filled with treats and a cute little chick. If luck favors you, you may even get a bunny carrying an empty basket where you can fit the egg. But if not, zero problems! 

46. Jelly Beans Candle

via passionatepennypincher

Instead of peeps, you can also fill the jar candles with jelly beans! It’s all about creativity – you can do anything you want with it. The possibilities are endless!

47. Split Peas Wreath

via modpodgerocksblog

Your door will stand out the most if you make this split-peas wreath! This is such an extraordinary idea – get a wreath form and glue split peas to it. Try to get a green base ‘cause the spots that may not get the peas will hide.

48. Deco Mesh Wreath

via 100things2do

Get some rolls of deco mesh and cut them into pieces. Pinch together three pieces. Take all the triplets and attach them to a wire wreath base. Add easter eggs and bunny ears. This one will beautify your door or even a tabletop!

49. Egg Bouquet

via ellemariehome

Did you know that the store also sells fabric bunny baskets? How adorable! Fill the basket with faux flowers and egg sticks, and also a “Happy Easter” sign.

50. Cotton Bunny

via thebestideasforkids

This one is a kids’ project – get them some cotton balls, pipe cleaners, colorful cardstocks, and other craft supplies. The process is to cut the cardstock into a bunny-head, glue cotton balls to it, and make the features with googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

51. Egg Spring Decor

via lifeonlakeshoredrive

Let’s end the list with a pretty little Easter bouquet. Use a colorful planter from the store to fill it with tall grass (faux or real), egg sticks, and the letters EASTER. 

Now that your brain is filled with creative easter DIY decor ideas using Dollar store items, you are ready to plan the Easter decor for this year. Feel free to modify the ideas according to your convenience. Most importantly, enjoy the process! That’s the best part.