31 Dollar Store Fall Crafts Ideas

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Do you ever scroll over Etsy or move to a Hallmark store and absolutely fall in love with a decor item? But of course, you read at the back of the product and it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

People are literally using items that you own and work with every day in such creative ways that they become an exquisite fall decor. But we have an idea for you for this Autumn season. Perhaps, we have 31 brilliant ideas.

These ideas just take us back to the first question- if the products are so comfortable and inexpensive to make, why don’t you DIY? So here’s a list of fall decor ideas made of items you’ll find in the store or at low prices on the Dollar Tree store.

The Dollar Tree seriously has such a large variety of items at hard to believe rates. And people have been making use of it to make unique and adorable decor items. 

We are sharing a unique list with you. You might fall in love with the first idea but don’t forget to go through it and creating a harmonious look for the Falls.

31 Dollar Store Fall Crafts

1. Large Pom Pom Pumpkins

Via Akaiochiclife

We all know how much effort it takes to carve pumpkins, and they head towards trash in days. Opt for a permanent option this fall by making this woolen pumpkin carving. You can keep these warm carvings on the dining table or over the mantel for an aesthetic finish.

2. Cut and Tuck Wall Wreath

Via thehomeicreate

Wall wreaths are some of the most expensive yet temporary decors items. But this one here would cost you less than $20. You won’t even need to put in hours of effort to craft it. A few dollar store supplies and half an hour of crafting is enough to make it.

3. Jack-O-Lantern Cans K Cup Holder

Via Janinehuldie

Show some love for your favorite Starbuck Caffe Latte by storing then in these quirky and useful K Cup Holders. It’s a great way of repurposing old tin cans, and you can also find new aluminum cans at Dollar stores. The Jack O Lantern also gives the vibe of the fall.

4. Fall Candle Centerpiece

Via Thatswhatchesaid

Is the Fall your favorite season of the year like me? If yes, then you’d love this Fall themed centerpiece candles that contain the serene orangish leaves. You can use it as a centerpiece as well as enhance the sheen of your fall mantel with it.

5. Popcorn Candles

Via Passionatepennypincher

If you don’t want to compromise on your fall decor but are running low on budget, this $6 candle is worth every penny of it. It’s amazing how people use seemingly worthless items to such brilliant use, and this gorgeous masterpiece is a great example.

6. Halloween Bandana Pumpkins

Via Sadieseasongoods

Fabric pumpkins may now be an old fad, but the idea has been rejuvenated with the use of bandana. If you have a variety of these bandana fabrics at your home, it might be a great idea to make these long-lasting pumpkins that exude the Halloween vibe.

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7. Fall Mason for Luminary

Via Createcraftlove

You can’t just resist the temptation to have the soothing colors of fall all over your mantel. This simple glass jar decor will help you add a gorgeous decor piece at the price of peanuts. You can have these in multiple colors if orange is not your black.

8. Dollar Tree Farmhouse Pumpkin

Via Thelatinanextdoor

The dollar tree pumpkins offer so many options to tinker with. Take a look at this creative example of setting up a farmhouse style decor. It will make your house look complete without costing you the price of a chocolate bar!

9. Storage Jar Pumpkins

Via Thelatinanextdoor

The three things best describe the Fall season- pumpkins, falling maple leaves, and, of course, cold weather. And you can get the pumpkin-shaped jars at little cost from Dollar Tree. It won’t take more than an hour, and you have great storage space for candies, pins, and whatnot.

10. DIY Sisal Twine Pumpkins

Via Thenavagepatch

If you are worried about how plain the walls look when guests arrive in Fall, here is a viable solution. These pumpkin-shaped twines cost less than 50 cents each, and you can use it in almost every corner of your home. This is just the right answer for your obsession with pumpkins.

11. Succulent Wreath

Via Rachelteodoro

The walls look incomplete without a new wreath in the fall season. Having this succulent wreath on your wall will make your decor look complete and natural without burning a hole in your pocket. The succulents do cost $5 each, so you’d have to collect it over time.

12. Distressed Dollar Store Pumpkins

Via Thekimsixfix

Distressed items strangely attract us and give that vintage vibe to our decor. If you’re a fan of falling leaves and distressed natural decor, this distressed pumpkin is the first thing you should have. And of course, you’d only need readily available items like acrylic paint, toothbrush, and a glue gun. Check out DIY glue gun crafts.

13. Plastic Pumpkin Bucket Makeover

Via Thebreadboozebacon

It’s hard to imagine a pumpkin bucket better than this. And the fact that they have used items from Dollar store makes it an irresistible proposition. You can use burlap fabric for a cost-effective way to create the same look, although the ribbons will make the task easier.

14. Wine Cork Pumpkins

Via Loveourreallife

I have stored wine corks for years, but this tutorial just made me use them all to create a fantastic decor item. You can also buy wine corks from the Dollar Tree at cheap rates. They certainly look as cute as my dog, if not more. Check out other DIY wine cork crafts.

15. Terracotta Pumpkins

Via Realhousemoms

Terracotta pots make for great storage spaces. If you have one at your home or looking for a small storage jar that blends with your Fall decor, this is it. You can store candies, pickles, butter, and whatnot in these cute jars that never fail to grab attention.

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16. Scarecrow Mason Jar

Via Easypeasyandfun

If you are tired of watching pumpkins everywhere, try something comical like this scarecrow jar. It will be just ideal for quirky decor that your kids love to have in their room. Keeping a sunflower in it will make it an excellent classroom or office decor item, too.

17. DIY Buffalo Plaid Fall Decor

Via Sincerelyjackline

Why not be straightforward and opt for colors other than the regular orange in your fall decor. Maybe you’d want to have different color combinations for different corners.

Here they have used the trending buffalo plaid of black and white colors to suggest FALL is at this moment carving alphabets. You can use orange-colored clothes too if that’s your central theme.

18. Pumpkin Wire Wreath Form

Via Thissoutherngirlcan

If you manage to grab the pumpkin wire wreath from the Dollar Store, here is an excellent decor idea for you. You can keep a variety of flowers in them and use them as a hanging basket in your balcony and on the doorways.

19. Faux Fall Leaves

Via Creeklinehouse

If you are looking to organize a party or function around the wall, the decor has to match the vibe. Faux leaves can come in very handy, and they are reusable too. Instead of scattering them all around your house, throw them intelligently around the porch, as discussed above.

20. Frugal Etched Glass Jar

Via Passionatepennypincher

Etching cream can be expensive but trust me, one bottle will last forever. This etched glass jar will earn you severe compliments for a craft that took just minutes to complete. If you have a packed schedule on weekends, this quick craft is just for you.

21. Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Via Thegardentherapy

Good flower arrangement is all about design and detailing. And this flower arrangement pumpkin design lets you use your fresh pumpkins to significant effect. And of course, falls have to be about pumpkin and orange, and this is an excellent decor in that regard.

22. Glowing Pumpkin Lanterns

Via Makinglemonadeblog

Some ideas are so simple and perhaps obvious, and yet you don’t remember them at the right time. The pumpkin lanterns can never get old, and it’s stupid not to have one in your fall decor. Moreover, you’d get most of the items required at low prices at Dollar Tree.

23. Pumpkin Jar Flower Pots

The color combination of green and black first attracted me towards this super simple crafting recipe using Dollar Store Items. You can use these jars as decor items for the fall season. These can also come in handy for gifting your friends and family during the Fall season..

24. Cookie Carving on Pumpkins

Via Tasteofhome

This simple carving technique opens the door to a host of ideas. Indeed carving pumpkins is one task a lot of us have struggled over the years. And this pumpkin carving technique is simple to use. You can use glow lights and put these pumpkins in dim areas for a bit of horror that comes naturally with Autumn.

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25. Pumpkin Kegs

Via Kegworks

Parties are incomplete without booze, and this pumpkin keg will shoot two targets at once. It provides for a viable decor idea for Autumn while also making it easy for your guests to fill up the glasses through the night. The tutorial is quite easy to use, and the pumpkin will also be useful in holding juice for the conversations in the yard.

26. Wheat Bundle Centerpiece

Via Uncommondesignsonline

If you love to remodel your decor with seasons, you’d know how much focus has to be put in centerpieces. These centerpieces can be glamorous, but the Autumn season demands something laidback and cozy. These wheat bundles combine well with Burlap and put you into the holiday mode immediately.

27. Fall Coffee Filter Wreath


Via Recapturedcharm

Coffee filters are incredibly inexpensive, especially when you buy them from the Dollar Store. A combination of these filters with sunflowers provides just the relaxing vibe we try to bring to our decor during Fall. But don’t blame us if these wreaths make you feel relaxed and sleepy all the time.

28. Heart-Shaped Leaf Lanterns

Via Rhythmsofplay

Are you prepping for your latest date and Fall is already here? Then these heart-shaped leaves might be just the perfect dining table decor. Yes, romance is in the vintage, and lanterns never go out of fashion. The orange hearts exude the Fall vibe to match with other parts of your decor.

29. Tipsy Pumpkins

Via Birdsandblooms

It’s your birthday, and the Fall has also arrived. What could be an ideal representation of both in your backyard party? Tipsy pumpkins!

Moreover, you would need large decor items to fill up space in the backyard, and this one is massive. And each of these cost less than a dollar at our favorite Dollar Tree.

30. Metal Pumpkin Topiary

Via Birdsnadblooms

Orange colors won’t make the best combination with an industrial interior design that includes sharp cut objects and metallic shines. You can opt for this topiary design using $1 pumpkins and make it look like an expensive item. It would effortlessly blend in with your countertops and would look great around the fire too.

31. Stenciled Clay Pots

Via Diycandy

My parents love to have decor filled with flowers. So when I decided to remodel my decor for the Fall season, I decided to use clay pots in abundance. These stenciled clay pots seem an excellent idea for anyone looking to use orange flowers for their Fall decor.

As is with all craft items, these ideas aren’t exclusive. Moreover, there’s no ideal way to make these accessories. You can always add your own dash of finesse to them. And it’s vital that you customize the decor to blend in your space.