31 Dollar Store Fall Decor Ideas

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Are you ready to ditch the summer decorations? The air is getting crisp, kids are going back to school, the cool breeze rolling over and it is Fall! 

If you are not super excited to spend a fortune for all the seasonal decorations, switch to cheap and easy decorations. You can get them done in a few dollars and trust me, they look so good. 

Calling out to all the dollar store shoppers this time because you need to collect Fall elements and yes, foam pumpkins. From burlap wreaths to kernel candles and unique DIY pumpkins, here is a roundup of all the seasonal decorations anyone can complete in a few dollars. 


1. Pom Pom Pumpkins

Via Akaiochiclife

Fall is almost here and you must buckle up for the seasonal decor. Make these cool pom-pom pumpkins with yarns and wood sticks. You would also need a metal cookie sheet for wrapping and you have a colorful pumpkin ready! 

2. DIY Sunflower Wreath

Via Grillodesigns

Fall and sunflowers are kinds of synonyms and I am sure you would agree with me. Let’s try a sunflower wreath for the front door this fall.

It is cheap because you just need poly burlap, some wires, and a stiff plastic canvas. Be careful with the mesh cutouts and use a rotary cutter to avoid mistakes. 

3. Dollar Store Tablescape

Via Blesserhouse

This one is a beautiful table setting with fall elements from the dollar store. Those fall candles, faux pumpkins, burlaps, and placemats look so good. You can also place some acorns and plastic leaves to enhance the beauty of this thanksgiving tablescape. 

4. Glitter Glam Pumpkins

Via Thinkingcloset

If you find faux pumpkins are costing an arm and a leg, try out this easy DIY which is perfect for dollar store seekers.

Just buy some fall goodies, including plastic pumpkins and some pedestals as well. You just need spray paints and glitter to transform the ordinary goodies to fancy and glam candlesticks! 

5. Pumpkin Planters

Via Remodelandolacasa

If you think I am obsessed with pumpkins, I won’t disagree because we are exploring cheap and beautiful fall decor options. Switch to pretty pumpkin planters right away and adorn your garden with some color.

You can also repurpose the Halloween pumpkins to make a fall tablescape or a centerpiece. 

6. Twinkling Twigs

Via sugarhousefarmhouse

Wanna transform your fireplace mantel in a low-budget? Get some twigs from the garden and fairy lights. Place them in a galvanized vase for a rustic set up. You can complete the decor with pumpkins, a banner and yes, faux eggs in a bucket with golden straws would do wonders! 

7. DIY Roped Vase

Via Sparkandchemistry

Recycle an old oatmeal container to make a beautiful roped vase this fall. Collect some autumn florals and pines if you want the rustic vibe and place them together with artificial flowers in the vase. You just need jute ropes for this one and it won’t even cost you 5 dollars! 

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8. Fall Porch Decor

Via Ourvintagehomelove

Did you ever think that something as cheap and unimportant like hay can raise eyeballs with its show? With a beautiful wreath hanged by a coffee sack in the front door to the porcelain sink filled with pumpkins and twigs, the whole decor is charming and you have to spend almost nothing for this one. 

9. Dollar Store Leaf Bowl

Via Thecraftpatchblog

You must have come across this autumn leaf bowl at Dollar tree. Give this one a quick makeover with white spray paint and you have a ceramic bowl! You can put this on display or fill it up with Fall elements like acorns, mini pumpkins, and pines! 

10. Gourd Candles

Via Revelblog

Taking a break from pumpkins, I will now talk about how grouds are great for fall decorating. You don’t have to fill in wax to make it a candle, just cut a spot into your gourd and place a tealight candle. It would be an onetime use but who cares? Let’s have that autumn candlelight dinner! 

11. Cozy Sweater Pillows

Via Stonegableblog

Since fall has arrived, winter is not far away and you must have taken those sweaters out. Recycle the old ones and transform them into pillows. You don’t have to be a pro in stitching, just some minor stitches here and there and your cozy ‘fall’ pillow is ready!

12. Origami Fabric Balls

Via Kollabora

Try making these fabric deco balls this fall, and trust me, you won’t regret! Use old fabric scraps to make these decorative pieces and place the color balls in a vase or a bowl. You can also try some fall colors like yellow and brown to fit in the seasonal decor. 

13. Fall Wreath Chandelier

Via Practicallyfunctional

If you went head over heels for this one, I can relate with you. This DIY is so gorgeous and I can’t help admiring it. You need a grapevine wreath, fall flowers, decorative accessories, and candle holders for this chandelier. You might make this as a seasonal decor item, but you would want to hang it all year long! 

14. Wheat Bundle Centerpiece

Via Uncommondesignsonline

Available at almost every dollar store in the Fall, the wheat bundle wrapped with a floral wire looks so creative. Tie a big ribbon around the wire to customize the looks and adjust the wheat to look pretty. Just like the picture, this one would make a cute centerpiece. 

15. DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Via Adiamondinthestuff

You just need those $1 pumpkins from your favorite dollar store and spray paint them to achieve the perfect look. Use them to decorate your fireplace mantel this Fall and you can also scribble some letters in it for that thanksgiving vibe! 

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16. Antiqued Dollar Store Pumpkin

Via DIYbeautify

In this one, we will just make the antique version of the famous dollar store pumpkins. Spray paint those foam pumpkins with light gray or beige and let it dry.

Then whitewash it with a foam brush to give that vintage effect and you need to wipe some white paint back to reveal the brown paint and you’re done! 

17. Bandana Pumpkin

Via Sadieseasongoods

You can also call this fabric pumpkin and they look so chic. Get some bandana fabric and cut out a wide, rectangular piece. Stitch it perfectly to make a fabric bag and once the sides are sewed, stuff it generously with fiberfill. As you complete the final stitch, you will surely be proud of your work! 

18. Popcorn Fall Decor

Via Passionatepennypincher

Dollar store glass containers look good and they can be used for easy Fall decor. The painting on the glass has been done with etching cream and is so unique. Finally, fill them up with popcorn kernels and complete the Fall look. 

19. Plastic Pumpkin Snowman

Via Craftymorning

Repurpose those Halloween plastic pumpkins or buy 3 from a dollar store together with a black, plastic hat. Spray paint the pumpkins white after you stick the pumpkins on top of each other. After some minor detailing, your work is done! You can also place fall flowers above to complete the look. 

20. Popcorn Candle Holder

Via Passionatepennypincher

I can never imagine popcorn kernels can look so good but here they are! Buy two candles and two candle jars from Dollar Tree. Get some unpopped popcorn kernels and you have this custom look at a very low price. By the way, the popcorns can be replaced with coffee beans and peas and it would still shine! 

21. Fall Dinner Candles

Via Juniperhome

We did talk about gourd candles, you can DIY similar customized candles with an apple. Buy some apples of different colors and it won’t be a difficult job in Fall and use a melon baller to cut space for the tealights. You can combine gourds and apple candles for a Fall themed dinner party! 

22. Fall Candle Centerpiece

Via Thatswhatchesaid

Get a bag of fake leaves from a dollar store and you can do some fun DIY with them. Decorate some white candles with burlap ribbons and fake leaves to bring home the rustic Fall charm with this easy decor idea. 

23. Candle and Wreath Decor

Via Mygoumetconnection

Decorate a table this Fall with a beautiful wreath and statement candles. You would need a grapevine wreath, a glass candle holder, and an orange pillar candle. Get some silk autumn leaves for the elegant wreath design and your table decor is complete! 

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24. Fall Coffee Filter Wreath

Via Recapturedcharm

The name might have stunned you but trust me, it is possible! Your nearby dollar store must have unbleached, basket coffee filters and you need to get those. A foam wreath and autumn elements like a white flower would complete the unique DIY. Easy, right? 

25. A Beautiful Fall Jar

Via Craftingintherain

This stunning Fall jar was made from dollar store flowers and it looks gorgeous. You would need clean jars, recycling peanut, canning, butter, any jar, and some lace and burlap. Use chalk paint for better looks and it won’t even take an hour to complete this one! 

26. Tipsy Pumpkin

Via Birdsandblooms

Highlighting outdoor decor, this is a fairly inexpensive project made from plastic pumpkins from the dollar store. You need a sturdy garden stake to hold the pumpkins, a medium planter with soil, and drill. You can use live or artificial flowers to adorn the tipsy pumpkins and repeat the process to complete the setup. 

27. Fall Floral Arrangement

Via Theyummylife

Using Indian corn for decorations wasn’t conventional but not anymore. Place them vertically in a basket or vase and with minor detailing with flowers and accessories like red berries, you will make something amazing. 

28. Leafy Luminary Craft

Via Cleverlysimple

Cool-weather is here and it’s time for fall parties and flickering lights! If you are swooning over those Pottery Barn lanterns, this DIY is for you. Take an empty tin can, an autumn leaf shape, tea light, and spray paint. Little dedication and you have a homemade lantern! 

29. Fall Harvest Wreath

Via Passionforsavings

I don’t think Fall decor would be complete without pumpkins and wreaths, so here is another wreath idea. You need wire wreath form and burlap ribbons for this one. Make loops with the burlap ribbon one by one and you can also finish it off by pasting some buttons on the ribbon. 

30. Dollar Store Leaf Pillow Cover

Via Sparklesofsunshine

Grab a fall leaf decoration from the dollar store this weekend and place it on pillow covers. You just need fabric glue to complete this simple project and adorn your couch this Fall and some pop of color to the room! 

31. Fall Window Box

Via Ohmycreative

This Fall-themed window box is looking so good with those silk greens and orange pumpkins and you must add this to your seasonal decor this year. You can also spray paint the dollar store pumpkins to customize the look! 

These were some easy DIY projects for Fall decorations. Thanks to dollar stores, Fall decors are cheap and beautiful. Try out some this weekend and I am sure you will nail it!